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Summary: InnerVerse is a podcast dedicated to prying open your Third Eye portal to the infinite and keeping you in perpetual synchronicity. Join Chance Garton for inspired interviews with conscious creators from all paths. INjoy conversations that recognize your limitless potential, and pierce beyond the veils of illusion to bring you into sovereignty and creative freedom. Tune in to respect and celebrate life's core Truth: that we are all One Consciousness, expressing itself through our individual uniqueness. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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 112 - Ethan Indigo Smith | Meditative Movement & The Matrix of Four | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:10:47

The author Ethan Indigo Smith returns to IP to discuss his book The Matrix of Four. Join us for a rousing conversation about the spiritual significance of four and the path of the righteous rebel. Guaranteed to get your chi flowing!MORE ETHAN INDIGO SMITH IP EPISODE 4.5 - FLOWING WITH THE FLOW READ THE MATRIX OF FOUR - AMAZON   Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Minds  And you can also check out his blog at Wake Up World Become an InnerVerse Plus+ Member Join at Unlock a private feed with extended episodes - get early release access and an extra hour each week! Support your favorite podcast - funded exclusively by listeners (Did you notice there are no ads?) Episode Topics The basics of the matrix of four - thesis, antithesis, synthesis, nullesis Deep breakdown of the Taiji, or "Grand Ultimate" a.k.a. the yin and yang Maintaining individual principles in a dogmatic & chaotic world The worldwide spiritual significance of four Developing the unknown knowledge within Don't kill the ego, root the ego in awareness Learning about the power of opposites with Ganesh Using the Matrix of Four to sharpen your Occam's Razor Why it's good to try and be graceful and "stop the plop" The wisdom of sustained 70% effort in all areas of life Only In The Plus+ Extension (Check it out!) Plato's Allegory of the Cave and what it teaches about how people process information Saying No and the power of the Sacred Masculine within ourselves The story of Miyamoto Musashi, swordsman and philosopher Activating your own placebo power through meditative movement like Tai Chi and Qi Gong Experiencing the chills of signification when perceiving divine order in the cosmos Visionary experiences and the 8th lesson of natural law, which is care Buddha's Four Immeasurables & the 70's sci-fi show The Prisoner 1984 and how media causes us to think in cliches Maintaining the beginners mind and always asking questions Music In This Episode - Living Light  See for privacy and opt-out information.

 111 - David Whitehead: Sovereignty via Self-Esteem & Shadow Work (Host of Unslaved Podcast) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:40

David Whitehead is the creator of Way of the Truth Warrior and co-host of Unslaved Podcast. In this empowering episode we discuss how to cultivate self-esteem, perhaps the most important aspect of enlightenment. This dynamic conversation demystifies the processes of shadow work and psycho-somatic healing, and we also discuss the importance of individual sovereignty in a tyrannical world. Possibly the most powerful InnerVerse transmission yet!Become a Plus+ Member and unlock the full 2 hour podcast with David Whitehead. Support InnerVerse and dive in to the deep end of creative consciousness conversations!Episode 111+ for Members @ out David's Work: Truth Warrior  Unslaved Topics & Links: The enlightening aspects of martial arts David's hero's journey from Truth Warrior to Unslaved Wilhelm Reich and Listen, Little Man! (Audiobook Link) "Martial arts isn't just about learning how to fight, it's about learning how to be a victor in life, and not a victim." David's collaborations with author Michael Tsarion and the future of Unslaved - "The Female Illuminati"  The creative mental fortitude of the spiritual warrior The three foundational aspects of self-esteem: rationality, reason, and freewill How we can know we have free will Recommended reading: Nathaniel Brandon - The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (Audiobook Link)  Defining authentic shadow work and embracing the body's intelligence for healing psycho-somatic trauma and tension Only In The Plus+ Extension (Become A Member) Why Philosophical and Political Anarchy aren't compatible How capitalism has been compromised The nature of true free markets Healthy Self-hood & individualism Tyrannical Government - a reflection of collective darkness Real talk about immigration and borders An Unslaved perspective on multiculturalism Growing the spine of a warrior in the fight to know yourself Music in this episode: OMNI  See for privacy and opt-out information.

 110 - Deni Van: Heartfelt Awakenings & The Spiritual Physics of Inner Space | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:21

Inner Space is a Vital Nutrient…Deni Van is a healer and mentor who helps people find heartfelt awakenings and expand their own inner space. The result is less stress, more peace, and an invigorated attitude about intentional attention. Spirituality isn't mystical, it's physics!Find Deni Online:  Heartfelt Awakening Podcast @Blog Talk Radio Heartfelt Awakening Village (Facebook Group) Deni Van on Youtube  Instagram @heartfeltawakening  Support InnerVerse and become a Plus+ member to unlock the extended version of this episode and gain access to the full archive of 2+ hour InnerVerse Plus+ shows!Topics: Deni's story of beating cancer and past of working with the deaf and communications The benefit of strengthening the mind and body connection with yoga Using simple techniques to unblock our suppressed energy, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) "Inner Space is a vital nutrient!" a deep discussion about meditation Who is the you that thinks about yourself apart from yourself? Matt Presti on InnerVerse - Walter Russell and the Secret of Light - Episode Link  Using free will to be empowered by our past traumas instead of victimized by them Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!) How to cure NPS - Need to Please Syndrome Changing yourself instead of trying to fix others Money as an energy flow and shifting perspectives away from its negative associations  Pythagoras, Music and the quadrivium of classical self knowledge Analyzing the Chakra system and Maslow's hierarchy of needs to find fulfillment in life Harnessing your own power of belief for healing, the self-initiated placebo effect A discussion on Energy Healing (Reiki) that could teach you to do it yourself Episode Music: ATYYA See for privacy and opt-out information.

 109 - Laurel Airica: Word Magic and the Secret Spells of Language | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:07

Get the wax out of your third ear and prepare to expand your vocabulary with the secret spells of the English language! In this conversation, poet and punster Laurel Airica is going to teach us about the magic in everyday words. Here you will hear a fascinating foray into the metaphysics of your mouth-sounds!Affectionately known as the metaphysical mother goose, Laurel reveals occult meanings hidden before our eyes as unconsciously uttered linguistic white lies. And by exposing the programs inserted in the sentences that make up our lives, she has helped many magical beings break free of language slavery and put spirit back in its place in our hearts and our words.Join InnerVerse Plus+Support your favorite podcast and get access to the ever-growing archive of extended episodes.Unlock the full 2 hour interview with Laurel by becoming a member at with Laurel AiricaJoin the fun with Laurel Airica at Word Magic Global and help usher in an upgraded English language! - Collaborate with Laurel by getting in touch at Topics & Links The joy in playing with words instead of being played by them Deceptively negative words to watch out for  "Secret Spells of the English Language - Laurel Airica's viral video from Collective Evolution on Facebook - VIDEO LINK  Soul Harmonics and amplifying each other's energy with heartfelt words The Oddity of Theodicy in our Odyssey Magnetic Rhymes and the synesthesia of poetry Did you know you're omnificent? Laurel suggested that I share some my artwork - check it out  Our unconscious linguistic collusion with dark forces of world control  "Taking Command of the English Language - Laurel Airica - VIDEO LINK  Join Laurel's Word Magic forum and help us create new conscious language with a literary lotto - LINK HERE  The Language of the Birds - Article by Laurel Airica PLUS+ Extension (Join Here)  Speculation on how English evolved to its current form Synchronicity and cloud paintings, how everything in the world sings and dances Laurel's work on "The Book of E - A Book of Alphabet Alchemy" and how you can get a free copy on her website Getting in sync with higher vibrations instead of sinking into lower frequencies Awesome book recommendations from Laurel The philosophy of finding truth by seeking beauty Opening up your third ear and evolving from human kind to human kindness How to ask higher powers and parts of yourself for creative inspiration Episode Music: Soohan See for privacy and opt-out information.

 108 - Don Karp: Psychedelics & Psychosis, Wisdom From The Woodstock Era | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:41

Don Karp, the psychological sage from the hippie age, joins InnerVerse for a chat about overcoming the physical and spiritual trials that lead some into temporary psychosis. Don's experience in both conventional and alternative mental health help has led him to provide personalized peer-to-peer support for people who are dealing with paranoia or other stressed out mental states. Don's Website  Don Karp on Medium  Check out the extended episode exclusive for InnerVerse Plus+ members and get double length interviews and early episode access by joining! Support your favorite show! :)Topics:⦁ Don's experience in the emerging counterculture of the 60's⦁ Overcoming generational trauma cycles⦁ Advice for set and setting and using psychedelics wisely (or not at all)⦁ How young Don developed paranoid delusions and wound up in psychiatric treatment⦁ The genocide being enacted through big pharma's distribution of deadly drugs⦁ Paranoia vs. Pronoia (the feeling that the universe is conspiring in your favor) and spiritual emergency⦁ Discovering and reintegrating the alien parts of our self ⦁ The three things Don did to break out of the revolving door cycle of going in and out of professional psychiatric care⦁ How Don rewove his identity after recovering from psychosis⦁ Rainbow Gatherings and The New World Culture ⦁ Don describes some of the mental issues he's helped coach people through and the books he's working on⦁ Plans to create an international co-housing community for elders⦁ The Icarus Project -  Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!) ⦁ Don tells about the values he learned from his experiences at Woodstock⦁ Learning to be a good listener and healing through compassionate conversation⦁ What was and wasn't adopted from the Iroquois Confederacy by the United States Constitution⦁ The disease gene myth: epigenetics and how our consciousness and environment control gene expression. Look up the work of Dr. Bruce Lipton ⦁ The problem with long term psychiatric medication and the thousands that die from prescriptions ⦁ Breaking Psychic cataracts that cloud our spiritual awareness by doing creative activities⦁ How our food choices impact our energy and sanity levels ⦁ Advice for dealing with hazardous environmental energyEpisode Music: Ichisan Come out to the Darklight Revival - Oct. 13th - Downtown Bentenville ArkansasI'll see you there! See for privacy and opt-out information.

 107 - Spirits, Seances & Spells: Recap of the Gathering Mountain Festival | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:54

We debuted our first ever InnerVerse booth at a magical festival last week and we have some fun stories to tell about what we experienced there. Tune in and expand your imagination about how magic works and perhaps even get some good ideas for your own exploration of extended consciousness phenomenon!Episode Music: Flintwick Support your favorite podcast and unlock the archive of extended episodes!Become a member - Topics:⦁ Real magic wands and having fun with spell-casting practice⦁ Learning how to see energy through the imagination⦁ What it's like to act as a medium for a seance⦁ House spirits and the Russian folklore concept of the Domovoy⦁ Recording of a genuine Electronic Voice Phenomenon from Ghost Hunters - Link⦁ Learn more about spirit possession research from this year's season of Mysterious Universe podcast⦁ Come see us at the Springfield MO Metaphysical Fair on November 3rd⦁ Live mini-podcast from TGM Festival with Renee Johanna - See Video Version See for privacy and opt-out information.

 106 - Orgonite, Chemtrails & The Power of Thought with Goey Smith of the Self Discovery Center | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:52

Goey Smith joins the show, a teacher and co-founder of the Self Discovery Center in Springfield, MO. This extremely kind instructor of metaphysical development talks about the chemtrail conspiracy and how to beat the toxicity in our environment with physical tools like Orgonite, and the importance of directing our thoughts towards keeping our bodies healthy.Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for the full 2 hour interview with Goey! Your support helps me improve the show! Members also get early episode access and other nifty Discovery Center WebsiteSelf Discovery Center on Facebook & Phone Number: 417-894-2577Music in this episode: Han-Kha Topics- What is orgonite and how did Goey get into creating it?- What's going on with chemtrails, and what can you do about it?- The problems with artificial EMF radiation - Scalar waves and the earth's natural forms of orgonite- "The human body was created to vibrate with the planet that it lives on" - Goey's experience with the power of changing thoughts to change one's life- Healing psycho-somatic bodily ailments with the mind- How being an empath can be hard to cope with until one learns their power to project love instead of receive fear- Using creative hobbies to resonate with the Self and acting out one's ideal purpose - The energetic potentials of crystals and thoughts on their purpose as part of Earth- The intelligence of so called non-living natural materials- The history and mission of the Self Discovery Center, Goey's school of metaphysics in Springfield, MO- Universal Law as a part of the SDC's curriculum and thoughts on some of these principles- Analysis of the anatomy of consciousness & identifying its components- Thoughts on how meditation can make one's connection to Self more powerful- Make your own orgonite at the Self Discovery Center  Plus+ Extension (Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+)- The relationship of personal responsibility to freedom and external controllers- Our relationship to darkness as we're awakening- How following things that give you good energy always leads you to good places- Being "sacredly selfish" and knowing that self-betterment also helps others- More about the arts and attractions at The Metaphysical Fair put on by the Self Discovery Center, and its future goals- Reasons for adding musical performers to the Metaphysical Fair- A discussion on recommended movies and how great works of art reflect ourselves back to us- A taste of ideas and advice about dreams, one of the class topics at the Self Discovery Center See for privacy and opt-out information.

 105 - New Haven Freedom Fest with Nathan Crabtree & Aubrey Molica | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:13:35

It's important to keep asking ourselves the philosophical question of "Am I really free?" and to explore the ways in our lives that we can become less dependent on outside establishments and more responsible for our own well being. Nathan Crabtree returns to the show with Aubrey Molica, a pair who is putting on a new annual festival in Ava, MO called Freedom Fest. This event will be a free gathering focused on sharing skills and solutions for the many problems we face as a society. Empowerment through knowledge, truth, and love are the mission for this awesome duo and I'll be sure to bring InnerVerse to the event.Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for an exclusive hour long extension on this episode access to a growing archive of Plus+ shows!Become a supporter @ Fest event page on Facebook (website coming soon)Dates: May 3rd - May 5th 2019 @ New Haven Event Park in Ava, MOAlso check out Nathan's Freedom Zone for more of Nathan CrabtreeMusic in this episode: GriffTopics:⦁ How cannabis can be a gateway medicine to free thinking⦁ What to do when you can no longer live with the discomfort of tyranny⦁ Gun ownership as a natural law right⦁ Pillars of Freedom - the Divine Feminine principle of non-aggression and the Sacred Masculine principle of self defense⦁ Mark Passio - What On Earth is Happening and the Free Your Mind Conference⦁ Exposing truths about government and anarchy⦁ Philosophical breakdown of the master/slave dynamic in culture⦁ Extinction as the result of living outside of natural law and universal morality⦁ Gathering solutions to society's problems at Freedom Fest⦁ Defining aspects of the conspiracy against life on earth⦁ Why we must fight to change in consciousness, not physicallyPlus+ Extension (Subscribe!)⦁ How our commerce system steals our energy and pits us against each other⦁ The potentials and flaws of Cryptocurrency⦁ Community skill sharing to establish individuals with practical sustainability and survival skills⦁ Organic foods and the danger of letting corporate distributors tell you what's safe to eat⦁ Killing spiders and how irrational fears of natural life slow us down⦁ Fundamental mental pillars of living and Freedom Fest⦁ Getting requests for help from giant green nature gods while on DMT⦁ A call to artists to create posters or promo art for the event and to come out and share performance gifts⦁ Demystifying the nature of shadow work as it pertains to healing the body See for privacy and opt-out information.

 104 - Space Fruit Truck: Bri Schott & Kelvin Pearson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:01:10

Intrepid InnerVersal Entities, prepare for contact with the coolest intergalactic food truck on lot, Space Fruit. Kelvin Pearson and Bri Schott are the duo that deliver this delicious and nutritious all-fruit desert to festival-goers around the country. This one is a sure-fire inspiring chat with entrepreneurs who are doing great things with their platform. SPACE FRUIT ON INSTAGRAM  Episode Music: ENTHEO Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus at and experience the extended version of this episode. In addition to the extra hour every show, you'll gain access to the archive of previous Plus+ Extensions, early access, and you'll be helping me make this podcast better.Topics:- Just what the hell is space fruit anyway?- The satisfaction of serving nutritious treats instead of junk- The weird dynamic our culture has with how service industry workers are treated by customers- Bri and Calvin's prolific traveling this year and some places they've been- The story of how space fruit was invented- The obvious signs that nature wants us to eat fruit- How nature color codes the medicinal effects of fruits and vegetables- Future creative dreams for Space Fruit food truck- Strategies on staying stoked about life Plus+ Extension (Subscribe) - The festival doppelganger effect- Living the traveling nomadic dream life- Influencing the world through authenticity instead of brute force- Developing as an individual instead of following the crowd- Exploring our infinite potential as artists of our own lives- The potential of Space Fruit travel & festival videos in the future- Upcoming festivals this year that we're excited for See for privacy and opt-out information.

 103 - Desiree Fultz: The Gathering Mountain, Psychic Insights & Sidereal Astrology | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:34

Psychic entertainer, artist & professional astrologer Desiree Fultz joins us for a conversation about magic, divination, and an upcoming event for mages of all persuasions called "The Gathering Mountain" near Eureka Springs, Arkansas this September.The Plus+ Extension features an analysis of Chance's birth and solar year charts and some good general explanation of the mechanics of sidereal astrology. Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon for double length episode extensions, early access to the show, and more!SUBSCRIBE TO INNERVERSE PLUS+Connect with Desiree Fultz! Psychic Insights Astrology Join us at this upcoming event in Eureka Springs, AR on September 14th thru 16th!The Gathering Mountain: Festival of Magic & LoreEpisode Music: Council of One  Episode Topics Traits of the planet Uranus Desiree's personal birth chart reflects interest in astrology The difference between tropical and sidereal (Vedic) astrology Studying the occult and accepting an honest knowledge of ourselves The intuitive nature of divination arts The mythological story of Chiron and its astrological significance Tools for tapping your free flowing creativity Divination as a modality for inward focus How astrology is like having a GPS map for life that gives you traffic updates Discovering your abundant personal resources through astrology and appreciating the less tangible types of wealth we possess Upcoming Magic Festival discussed - The Gathering Mountain How magic works in different ways for everyone See for privacy and opt-out information.

 102 - Supreme Being & Defeating Inner Demons with Comic Artist Ethan Nichols | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:14:21

This episode features Ethan Nichols, a comic style graphic artist of superb skill who weaves spiritual stories inspired by psychedelia and the infinity of the supreme self. In this podcast we're going to talk about Ethan's comic "Inner Demons," about dreams, consciousness, and the nature of reality.Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for access to the full 2 hour conversation! Ethan's work on Instagram @artofethan Support Ethan on Patreon  Music this episode: Beedkraft Episode Topics⦁ How religion holds people back from power and responsibility⦁ "Suffering is a really big push to help you figure out your life"⦁ How mythical characters can show paths to truth⦁ Giving out hugs during lucid dreams⦁ Is there such a thing as nothingness?⦁ How consciousness exploration influences Ethan's art⦁ Going Beyond Society, Philosophy and Psychology⦁ Ethan's Patreon where you can get new comics pages on the reg!⦁ Our shared fandom for comic artist Ron Rege Jr Plus+ Extension (Subscribe) ⦁ Learning to let others come to truth in their own time⦁ The eternal source of consciousness⦁ Discussions on DMT beings⦁ The magic of photons and the timeless quality of light speed⦁ The meaning of meaning and what's true beyond the filter of our perceptions⦁ The possible connection between UFO beings and ancestor spirits⦁ Reaching the spiritual maturity to always recognize the peace within See for privacy and opt-out information.

 101 - Law of Attraction and Coming Out of the Psychic Closet with Renee Johanna | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:28

Renee Johanna is psychic-intuitive life coach and author of Welcome to Awakening: How To Be Free In The Human Experience. Join us for a laughter and fun filled chat as we learn how attract more love into our lives and explore the idea that our lives are, in fact, infinite.Unlock the full 2 hour conversation and the archive of extended InnerVerse Plus+ episodes by subscribing to the podcast on Patreon! Renee on Facebook Music in this episode - Mild West Topics: How writing her book also helped Renee to take her own advice Psychic sensitivity and how rejecting it causes pain and trouble Life as we know it is actually an underworld journey Coming out of the psychic closet "You never "get away" with anything, YOU always know what you're doing" How relationships and partnerships mirror your self back to you and how to engage that as a compass for personal evolution Forging a stronger self by surviving life's trials, and how we decide everything that happens to us on one level or more Strategies for reversing gossip and stopping shit-talking Life after awakening - exploring the unknown/unconscious/infinite  How our destructive relationship with nature creates inner pollution and evil Commerce compared to war as a fractal microcosm Why we should not fear death at all Personalized meditation will help you connect to your own power Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!) Looking at life as a dream "Keep it simple and laugh as much as possible." "True Freedom is when you know your own power, and then you can create the life that makes sense to you." Afterlife communication and how Renee's dad helped her son get over drug addiction, after her dad had been dead for a few years.  The ability humans have to heal one another with loving and positive intentions even from a distance Renee tells her story of a supposedly permanent injury and how it was healed by a sychronicity with a stranger Renee once met a mysterious native American medicine man who pulls poisonous pain out of people's psyches with Reiki Shedding layers to find to the authentic self and discovering new abilities just by having fun and following curiosity More explanation of differences between attachment based love and authentic soul love Thoughts on UFO's and so called extra terrestrials and their possible link to higher dimensional intelligence and childhood abduction stories Embracing the unknown and your own wonderful weirdness  See for privacy and opt-out information.

 100 - Michael Garfield | Imagination, Belief, and Creating Our Future Selves | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:29:55

Today on your favorite far out podcast we have a one man avalanche of creative energy named Michael Garfield on the show. As a live painter AND musician, Michal has a uniquely dynamic perspective on organic culture, not to mention his degree in paleontology, phenomenal podcast called Future Fossils, and a philosophical book in the works called "How To Live In The Future." Join us for a chat about all this and more, as we examine what was and what may be next (hint: possibly superpowers).Links to Michael Garfield's prolific works: Art at  Future Fossils Podcast  Michael's music (you heard it in the intro and outro) Preview "How to Live in The Future" and Michael's other writing on Medium  Michael on Steemit  Michael's Patreon where you can find his huge update from the Interplanetary Festival  Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for the full 2 hour conversation, early access to episodes, and more exclusives! Topics: Michael's been binge listening to Weird Studies podcast Thoughts on the evolution of live painting as a vocation Deconstructing the festival and how we outsource the basic human experience How evolution shifts our fundamental ground of being The one thing we can guarantee is the more we can predict, the more the unpredictable will grow "What lies beyond the edge of the self is the weird... and after that, the fully unknown" John Peterson on Future Fossils -- talking about the lowering of the veil between this world and others Virtual Reality and the colonization of the imagination Consciousness in other species and speculations on how-self awareness emerges Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!) Philosophy of non-dualism and realizing the inner and outer worlds are not separate  The future of the human body and potential for super abilities - see Wim Hoff  The 11 other senses beyond the five that are commonly accepted  en·an·ti·o·dro·mi·a: the tendency of things to change into their opposites, especially as a supposed governing principle of natural cycles and of psychological development. Michael's list of cool dinosaurs to look out for in the new Jurassic Park movie and his thoughts on what humanity has to gain by studying our ancient antecedents Thoughts on enlightenment and maintaining scientific and spiritual doubt about what we think we know in order to stay on the track of evolution Synesthesia of time, the wheel of the year and how keeping track of what you do can demonstrate strange temporal sychronicities, like Facebook memories telling you that 1 year ago this day you were thinking the same exact thing as right now "Even if you think you don't have some sort of belief framework that guides the way that you live your life, you're going to find that invisible framework by looking at the problems that you keep running into over and over again, and the assumptions you're bringing into these situations." The homunculus in the brain and how technology becomes part of our inner body map and discovering sensory feeling and being outside the skin See for privacy and opt-out information.

 4.17 - Lighting of the Moon with Chris Abert | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:39

Chris Abert returns to the show to talk about Lighting of the Moon, an upcoming festival in Ava, Missouri. This event is being held to raise funds for the development of a permaculture food village, and it's got some very attractive music and art to offer for attendees. We speak about the necessity of creating solutions to the toxic lifestyles that Western civilizations are looping through and how to bring the spirits and wisdom of ancestors back to our modern lives.  Lighting of the Moon Festival Follow Chris Abert's podcast, Dream Nexus Soundcloud  Youtube  Episode Topics:⦁Lighting of the Moon spawning out of Darkening of the Sun⦁Jamie Seed Eclipse Photo and Prints⦁What is Cloud Busting? - READ MORE ⦁Merging the permaculture lifestyle with festival magic⦁Building the bridge back to nature⦁using cryptocurrency to tap into abundance ⦁the story behind Chris' awesome chest tattoo Lighting of the Moon Radio - David from the Human Experience Music in this episode - FLINTWICK Next up on InnerVerse is Michael Garfield! I'm quite excited to be having him on the show, check out his podcast Future Fossils for conversations fusing futuristic possibilities and and ancient ancestor wisdom. See for privacy and opt-out information.

 4.16 - SoulChi - Protect and Purify Earth's Waters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:37

Matthew Durney a.k.a. SoulChi is the creator of Patchwork Hearts Collective. As a passionate but peaceful warrior on the mission to heal Earth and its inhabitants, he's been on numerous adventures to campaign for the cleanup of the West Lake Landfill and to support the Standing Rock movement. Nowadays though, he's working on learning and teaching permaculture with the InterWoven community in Illinois. Patchwork Hearts Collective Music in this episode: WisdomTradersTopics: "Everything we put out, we'll be taking back in one day." Modern technology progression at the expense of future incarnations Redeeming the actions of our ancestors Planning with 7 generations in mind Water holds energy/vibration/information - purify your inner waters with harmonious thoughts, emotions and actions SoulChi tells the story of being spiritually called to help the water protectors of Standing Rock The radioactive Westlake Landfill - why we should all boycott Republic Services Walking The Heart Path (Freedom) instead of feeding the Colonial Mind (Slavery) The Medicine Tribe on Facebook The purpose of InterWoven Permaculture Farms and Patchwork Hearts Collective What is true grounding in both physical and spiritual terms? Support InnerVerse and enjoy longer episodes by becoming a patreon at Extension - SUBSCRIBE! Beta-testing skill share community networks Sorting out your heart's desires from your ego's ambitions Coming out of the separation of commerce and re-inhabiting our world village as family How the energy of large crowds and gatherings is spiritually siphoned when it's not being intentionally directed Practicing discernment to clear what's unhealthy without judging others hearts Seeing the correlation between the plants in our garden and our human family See for privacy and opt-out information.


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