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Summary: InnerVerse is a podcast dedicated to prying open your Third Eye portal to the infinite and keeping you in perpetual synchronicity. Join Chance Garton for inspired interviews with conscious creators from all paths. INjoy conversations that recognize your limitless potential, and pierce beyond the veils of illusion to bring you into sovereignty and creative freedom. Tune in to respect and celebrate life's core Truth: that we are all One Consciousness, expressing itself through our individual uniqueness. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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 Karl Pfeiffer & Connor Randall | Hellier, High Strangeness & Spirit Investigations | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:48

It's time to get weird with paranormal investigators Karl Pfeiffer & Connor Randall, producers of the hit new documentary series, Hellier. But hunting ghosts and goblins isn't all these two do, Karl Pfeiffer is a brilliant photographer and published novelist, and creative dynamo Connor Randall has a long history with sleuthing spirits, and he also plays drums for group of punks called The Ghoulies. If you love high strangeness then make sure you don't miss this one!Tune in to the Extended Episode (2 hours) - available here! Become a Plus+ member to unlock the archive of extra InnerVerse content!Find More of Connor Randall & Karl Pfeiffer online Watch Hellier at  Tune in to Spirits of the Stanley  Greg Newkirk's article about the Estes Method  Check out Connor's band - The Ghoulies  Photography and novels by Karl Pfeiffer -   “The next best place to investigate is where ever you are right now. You can investigate in your own home. If you send the beacon out there, I think the ghosts will come to you. You don’t necessarily have to be in an abandoned prison or an old hotel.” - Connor RandallEpisode Topics  Karl and Connor tell their stories of getting involved with the haunted Stanley Hotel The origins of the Hellier documentary -  The “Window Area” hypothesis and inter-dimensional rifts Chasing down goblins/aliens/mythical creatures that seem to live in caves Jungian synchronicity storms  Being led along by a mysterious coincidence creating intelligence How Karl and Connor innovated The Estes Method for speaking with spiritual entities Merging technology and intuition to open up to psychic ability What motivates these guys to do paranormal research? The guys recall some of their best physical spirit interactions  How studying paranormal activity can open up latent psychic ability The ongoing relationship with a spirit named Eddie Categories of spirits, ghosts and tulpas (thought forms) Why Supernatural experiences can reduce the fear of death Only In The Plus+ Extension - SUBSCRIBE! Familial spirits  Speculations on how spirits create synchronicity to get noticed How imagination ties in to spiritual contact Getting scratched by spirits Contemplating whether paranormal activity is more physical or mental Precautions taken before facing potentially unknown spiritual forces Karl’s spider-sense slash spooky sense and how it feels to detect weird juju The reasons why the Connor and Karl’s Spirit Investigations team were forced to give up their work at the Stanley Hotel Considering whether or not investigators should try to guide ghosts or spirits on to the next world or if it’s even possible to do that The 440 mystery from Spirits of the Stanley revisited 3 years later Psychic Spies and remote viewing A teaser about what to expect with Hellier Season 2 Connor and Karl talk about why weirdness inspires them and how to stay grounded while going down the rabbit hole Music This Episode Intro - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders  Outro - "Parasite" by The Ghoulies  See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Bradley Philpott | The Fool's Journey: Reiki & How To Be A Shaman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:55

Bradley is a self-published author, crystal wielding Reiki Master, and shamanic guide to seeing through the dark sides of life. Tune in to hear about Bradley's book The Fool's Journey: Raise The Vibe - Heal The Tribe and learn about several practical techniques for advancing on your own spiritual journey to the infinite within. Join InnerVerse Plus+Get the good stuff by joining on Patreon! Five bucks a month gets you the entire archive of double length shows!Find the extended version here.Connect With Bradley Philpott Online  The Fool's Journey: Raise The Vibe - Heal The Tribe  Wildfire N Earth Reiki The Human Experience  Stuff We Talked About... Bradley kicks things off with a shamanic guided visualization for us to try The shaman as one who “sees in the dark” Using a dream journal to reveal your unconscious psychic powers The sacredness of the body What it means to “know thyself” The personal accountability that is required to help clients with Reiki  Following the white rabbit Human Design and the Bradley’s Galactic Soul Blueprint The light body, Merkaba Building the multi-dimensional ascension vehicle How to protect yourself in astral journey situations A lesson from Deer Spirit about conquering the fear demon with love A method for creating a magical circle, or sacred space, to enhance and protect during journey work Constructive advice for new-age spirituals and recovered religious dogmatists  Realizing life has no one-size-fits all narratives Bradley previews his book and its upcoming sequel  Connecting with familiar ancestor guides Only in the Plus+ Extension (Join For Instant Access!) Bradley’s journey from southern baptist worship minister to Tarot reading Reiki shaman Accidental Kundalini awakening Out of body experiences The details about what its like to give and receive Reiki healing Detoxing our parasitic side with a love cleanse The art of using crystals with Reiki practice Automatic writing and other ways of contacting Spirit  Power animals and ideas on connecting with and honoring them The shamanic role of psychopomp and the guidance of deceased spirits  Soul alchemy  The ways spirits may be speaking to you through syncronicity Deep advice from Bradley about finding and following joy Music This Episode Intro Segment - "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders  Outro Song - "Guurl" by Kadela X Chad Downing  Great Quotes from this show “True grace is letting people be free to be who they are.” “A Shaman is change in motion.” See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Madalyn Elizabeth | Ceremonial Cacao & Conscious Intimacy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:12

The Lunar Priestess of Love, Madalyn Elizabeth, returns to the show for a chat about changing the consciousness of the planet by bringing awareness to our relationships. Madalyn also shares an educational explanation of ceremonial cacao (raw chocolate), and how to use this plant medicine to open hearts. Intimacy means "into me I see," so get ready to step through the looking glass into the wonderland of divine love.Join InnerVerse Plus+ and unlock this full 2 hour podcast and all other episodes! Madalyn Online  Instagram @madalynelizabethlove  Facebook @madalynelizabethlove  Synchrogalactic Shamanism - Last Time Madalyn Was on InnerVerse   FEB 2019 - ARTIST AID MONEY BOMB! Donate to InnerVerse in the month of Feb for a chance to win 50% of the money raised!More info at Things we talked about... Grounding Meditation to come into our hearts The massive transmutation process the Earth is going through  Questions about spiritual bypassing of emotional issues Revelations about the rapid reincarnation of people leaving the planet these days Using Cacao (raw chocolate) for spiritual healing and heart opening The difference between social and ceremonial cacao and dosage advice Why chocolate is often a gift between lovers Legends about cacao’s off-world origins Dynamics for maintaining conscious relationships of all types How we actually begin our physical life as eggs in our grandmother’s womb Recognizing ancestor trauma in our own lives “We tend to attract who we are.” Using our relationships to advance the consciousness evolution of the planet Only In Plus+ (Subscribe!) Madalyn reads my numerology and explains the system for figuring it The meaning behind the 7 life path and calculating your personal numerology for the current year The plan to attain personal sovereignty by 2020 A breakdown of my Galactic Signature reading via the Law of Time system (White Magnetic Mirror) Check your own galactic soul blueprint at The Mayan 13x20 calendar system based on the moon Madalyn explains my primary soul energy as intuited through the Akashic Record Learning not to be paralyzed by perfectionism Madalyn talks about her musical project, Beyond Duality and infusing songs with the power of cacao And the revealing of which star system my higher self comes from, including an anomaly about my soul’s origin, according to Madalyn’s divination Music This Episode  Intro Segment - Foggy Dreams by WisdomTraders  Outro Music - DrumSpyder See for privacy and opt-out information.

 121 - Ras Ben | Ancestors, Star Nations & Crystal Technology | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:18:08

The occult historian and Philadelphia philosopher Ras Ben joins the show to discuss staying true to your own spirit. We also riff on ancient ancestors and crystal technology, UFOs and the non-human beings described in ancient texts and modern stories, and the idea that nations of the stars and humanoids from the inner earth might be playing a part in the prophetic timelines we're living through.Find Ras Ben Online  Ras Ben on Youtube  Ras Ben on THC Check out Ras Ben on The Higherside Chats talking about his newest book Great Mystery Philadelphia JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+Get the 2 hour extended episode, early access to future shows, and the huge archive of Plus+ episodes by supporting InnerVerse on Patreon! FEB 2019 - ARTIST AID MONEY BOMB! Donate to InnerVerse in the month of Feb for a chance to win 50% of the money raised!More info at We Talked About... Why obedience to your spirit is its own reward How Ras Ben came into the knowledge of crystals Creating sychronicity with your inner voice  Use of crystal technology in the ancient Nile Valley civilization (Egyptian) Mystery cults, inner earth beings and extra terrestrial star nations Lovecraftian “Old Gods” frozen in Antarctica and the Moon masons Ras gives ancient scriptural context to a UFO sighting I had in 2017 Differences between inner Earth vs. extra-terrestrial ships The reason humans are quarantined on earth is not yet following omniversal natural law Evidence of star nation collaboration with humans in 13th century Ethiopia Link to the Rock Hewn Churches of Lalibela Only in Plus+ (Subscribe!) Emperor Haile Selassie and the origins story of Rastafari culture The prophecy of opening the book of life in our DNA The connection between the Philadelphia Experiment and the Mandella Effect  How the music industry, the Pope, and the NFL used geomancy and ritual to regain popularity Mass sporting events and the occult harvesting of human energy Manipulating prophecy & the power of aligning with omniversal natural law Intro Music - Wisdom Traders Outro Music This Episode - Bluetech See for privacy and opt-out information.

 120 - Pharoh Tahar | Alchemy, Arcadia, and The Human Experience | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:13

Wake up and smell the apocalypse, it's the end of the Matrix World as we know it, and we feel fine. Pharoh Tahar is the mind behind the Arcadia Project, a sustainable community building mission with the health of our mind/body/spirit system as its primary concern. Join us for a veil-lifting conversation with this extremely bright healer and alchemist, and move through the gates of fear into the kingdom of heaven. Links to Pharoh Tahar• The Human Experience LLC • Healing Alchemists Join InnerVerse Plus+ to unlock the archive of 50+ double length shows!Subscribe on PatreonFEB 2019 - ARTIST AID MONEY BOMB! Donate to InnerVerse in the month of Feb for a chance to win 50% of the money raised!More info at Things We Talked About... What means to be living through the apocalypse (lifting of the veil) Exiting the false society death Matrix by entering unconditional love The Arcadia project’s four directions of sustainable community pillars Strategy for ending centrally controlled currency Gatekeepers of the DMT portal and the fear of being powerless Why your higher self wants you to sing and dance more Tapping into past life learning and knowledge Creating a new lexicon to empower intentions instead of muddle them as language often does Getting out of the pressures created by human time constructs Redemption through Gnosis instead of external saviors 7 Hermetic Laws -  Only In The Plus+ Extension (SUBSCRIBE) How Youth Pastor Darryl Garth transformed into Alchemist Pharoh Gnostic awareness and reality transmutation alchemy Serving the higher self instead of the ego The para-psychological research of Dean Radin - Link  Influencing the past present and future with imagination Discussion of the illusory nature of fear Relaxing the schedule and deprogramming from the idea that activity equals productivity Activating the chakras by learning what limits their expression The 5D future and life beyond time The story of how Pharoh realigned my spine when we first met Intro Music by Wisdom Traders Show Music by Nico Luminous See for privacy and opt-out information.

 119 - Paul Lenda | Creating A Consciousness Shift | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:05:59

Writer and spiritual activist Paul Lenda joins us to discuss his book, The Creation Of A Consciousness Shift. Join us as we find a healthy definition for spirituality and learn more about the nature of the universal mind we live in, and how to protect and strengthen your delicate biology while you're here.Find Paul Online Shift.Is - Paul's Website Turquoise Memories - Paul's Mixtapes The Creation of a Consciousness Shift - Paul's Book Youtube  Twitter  Facebook  Get the second hour of this conversation with Paul Lenda by subscribing on Patreon, or purchase the Plus+ episode from the IP website. Support your favorite podcast and enjoy the enlightening entertainment! Subscribe for Episode 119+ On Patreon Purchase Episode 119+ for $2! This time we talked about... Spirituality defined as the connectivity between all being Consciousness research by Dr. Fred Alan Wolf - LINK  Meditation techniques and inner paths to outer space Ervin László – Science and the Akashic Field Protecting your biology from EMF signals and the vibes of the artificial and fearful Why you might want to start speaking out against the spread of the 5G network Redefining our lives as our own, reclaiming sovereignty The serotonin connection to spirituality Ideas about nutrient supplementing, the 9 essential amino acids & more Visionary art and magical music  Only in the Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!) Paul’s December 21st 2012 adventure at the ruins of Chichen Itza Pyramids and ancient structural free energy technologies Reincarnation and mapping higher self source field consciousness Paul describes various personal meditation practices you may benefit from Advice for empaths to not feel drained by the world Learning to create energy “psy-balls” like Goku in Dragonball Z Training yourself to see more of the reality, like aura energy Hyper-dimensional parasites and artificial intelligence  Opening Music by Wisdom Traders See for privacy and opt-out information.

 118 - Nancy Byrne | Choices, Consequences & The Call of Spirit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:13:33

Nancy Byrne uses her experience with horrific hardships to initiate herself on a path of intuitive healing, writing, speaking and living that helps others learn to trust themselves. Nancy is the author of Choices, a soul-touching memoir that mixes humor and compassion into her intense life story. Join us for a conversation about learning to listen to the still small voice within.Find Nancy Online:  Choices on Amazon  Become a Plus+ Member to unlock the 2nd hour of this show and the full archive of extended episodes!Join here: you to Wisdom Traders for the music in this episode and the awesome new theme song for InnerVerse, "Foggy Dreams"Notes & Topics Remembering difficult past experiences in order to grow in the present  Changing faulty beliefs that we inherit If you’re remembering something that was repressed, it’s because you’re now strong enough to heal Why even the most unthinkable suffering is still valuable to the soul Stories from working with the police to help people in distress Previews on Nancy’s next book What it’s like to go from a strict Catholic upbringing to intuitive psychic reader Symbolic methods to help one hear the inner still small voice of intuition Empowerment through personal responsibility for our choices and actions Learning the spiritual lessons from injuries and accidents Only in the Plus+ Extension (Tune In Here!) Miracles while herding kids in hailstorms Signs and Direct Contact from Source in the darkest corner of life’s experience Learning to love your own self for all you’re worth War stories from the rape crisis center  Spiritual protection for the virtuous Getting Reiki from a tree to escape the Lost Woods Becoming best friends with your higher spirit Healing from a judgmental mindset Soul Contracts and pre-birth agreements See for privacy and opt-out information.

 117 - Charles & Desiree Fultz | Astrology, Twin Flames & The Art of Relating | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:17:46

Super-powered creative couple Desiree & Charles Fultz join the show to talk about the spiritual side of relationships. This duo makes music, jewelry, awesome live events and more, all with a magical awareness and highly positive vibes. Join us for a chat about the nature of relating to the Infinite Self Fractal Matrix we call reality.Find The Fultz' online Gate & Key: Sidereal 13 Sign Astrology by Desiree Fultz INNERVERSE 103 - Desiree Fultz Full Moon Metaphysical Bazaar on 1/21 in Rogers, Arkansas Psychic Insights Astrology Wire Wraps By Charles Fultz Festival of the Fairies on 4/19 & 4/20 near Eureka Springs Arkansas Darklight Revival Blacklight Art Party Zombie Go Boom on Youtube Music This Episode: Illusive Tuna Things We Talked About... The intention for more personal sovereignty and freedom by 2020 Desiree's upcoming book tour The meaning of weaknesses and conflicts in astrology and relationships Overview of the houses of astrology Charles Fultz' story with the massive Youtube channel Zombie Go Boom Twin Flames and various ways these relationships manifest Meeting people who are just like fictional characters you're writing about Genealogical Astrology & personality traits that are passed from parents to children Lighting the candle of consciousness for humanity How to take advantage of the inspirational flashes from Uranus in 2019 Only In the Plus+ Extension (View on Patreon) General Mark Milley's strange warning about aliens to military graduates in 2016 - Video Link Jeremy Corbell's documentaries - Extraordinary Beliefs Invisibility charms Magical protection from unwanted police encounters The connection between morality and magical abilities Our varied origins from different worlds Flying saucers and alien implants How you may likely have almost met your twin flame in passing The gears and architecture of consciousness Our electric body and the universal divine spark Ancient ether powered & magical technologies Megalithic structures and an alternative view of history Creatively working out a difficult planetary alignment in your birthchart by exploding fake zombie heads The Wrap Charles Gifted me - Picture Link See for privacy and opt-out information.

 116 - Ura Soul | Getting Real With Healing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:49

The winter solstice holidays are upon us and it's a great time to put our perspectives on love and compassion. The being known online as Ura Soul returns for a third InnerVerse chat to help us create mass-christ consciousness this Christmas. A prolific content creator and founder of free-speech social media network, Ura Soul is a heart-centered individual who always has helpful knowledge to share with us in our journey of balancing, healing & evolving. Links to Ura Soul Online Join the conversation at Ura Soul: Decentralising the World (Wide Web) | Presentation Ura Soul: "I Challenge Anyone To Watch This And Prove Meat / Dairy is Not Evil"   Become a Plus+ Member and unlock the full 2 hour episode!Join at to support your favorite show and enjoy extended content!Things We Talked About Thoughts on the documentary Vegan 2018 (Video Link) Healing, Balancing, Evolving video series by Ura Soul (Video Playlist Link)  Car Accidents and Quantum Immortality "If you don't get real with your emotions, they will get real with you." Emotion = Energy in motion Self Healing by getting emotions unstuck in the body Celluar voltage and boosting your body's energy so it can heal Overcoming pain by paying the body the loving attention that it deserves Ura Soul's recent talk at Bases Project (Video Link) Bob Lazar - Area 51 & Flying Saucers - (Video Link)  The Day After Roswell - (Book Link) The Whistle Blowers Series by @ura-soul  Only in the Plus+ Extension (Subscribe) How big corporate internet companies censor and control information in sneaky ways Google and Facebook vs. Steemit & other cryptocurrency companies The connection between our bodily health habits and the external manifestation of controllers and poison peddlers Inherent problems with democracy and how voting on blockchain would at least add transparency to the procedure "You can't have absolute freedom without absolute responsibility, so becoming more self-empowered is absolutely necessary" The two diverging paths humanity is splitting between and what it means for the future of the species How cryptocurrency backed social media has the chance to help people in the poorest countries to make ends meet more easily An awesome detour into talking about the energy leylines that grid the Earth The incredible ruined temple of Angkor Wat and how such areas create chakra opening experiences through unknown architectural technology (Video Link)  Evidence of a world-spanning peaceful & spiritual global culture, hundreds of years in the past, not thousands - New Earth on Youtube  Music This Episode: Symbolico  See for privacy and opt-out information.

 115 - Brandon Arnold | The Third Eye Hustle - How To Stay Inspired | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:13:43

Transcendental tinkerer and artist-of-all-trades Brandon Arnold joins the show to talk about doing what he loves, which is creating all kinds of magical artifacts and psychedelic paintings. Check out Third Eye Jewelry online to see wonderful wizard tools and fashionable festie fabrications, including super-sweet steampunk sunglasses and copper-plated honeycombs. Brandon is a great example of what being constantly inspired looks like, and in this episode he helps us define the meaning of being a full-time artist. Find Brandon OnlineThird Eye JewelryBrandon Arnold Art on Instagram Join InnerVerse Plus+Unlock the 2nd hour of this chat and gain access to the growing archive of extended content episodes! Support your favorite podcast and double your inspirational conversations! Join at we talked about... Harnessing the power of crystals with wearable art How a relaxed back symbolizes creative freedom Getting hooked on music festival culture  Feeling the call to become an artist Zen and the art of paintballing Learning to seize the moment Life as a full-time artist Doing what you love, not what makes the most money Disappearing object phenomenon and super charged crystals Painting on stage with Alex & Alison Grey Using intuition to know what crystals are best for you Infusing intention into art to bring good things to the life of the receiver Only In Plus+ (Subscribe!) A cool synchronicity with Brandon that led him to be on the show Mental tools to stay grounded and how black tourmaline can help The excitement when a creation finds its perfect owner The importance of putting proper value on your art  A positive perspective about money Staying stoked about life and the opportunities that flow Learning by asking yourself how your inner and outer experiences relate What its like to be constantly inspired, even in dreams The possibility that stress from not living your intended life may suppress your dreams "I get excited about what I do every day--that's the most powerful way to manifest." Diversifying your artistic outlets and how eclectic interests can converge as your unique combination of creative skills Getting literate with symbols to be empowered by them instead of manipulated Music This Episode: Drumspyder See for privacy and opt-out information.

 114 - Jamie Seed | Shadows of Light - Ethics & Healthy Ego | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:13:28

The festival sage and freelance photographer Jamie Seed returns to InnerVerse for a third visit, this time recounting sychronicities from Burning Man and beyond as we recap a busy year for this prolific artist. Hero worship, the positive shadow and balancing the ego are some of the topics on the table for this one. See Jamie's work at Become a Plus+ Member and get double your weekly dose of InnerVerse! Unlock 2 hour episodes and more by supporting your favorite show on Patreon - Sign Up at we discussed Replacing negative thought patterns with positive podcasts Transmuting mental blocks by releasing tension in the body Energy as consciousness and how food alters our self image Why producing our own food could help save the environment Rethinking our Faustian relationship with convenience and "disposable" items Burning Man Ethics and ego dissolving sychronicities Healthy hero admiration vs. "blinded by the light" hero worship What Jamie has learned from teaching photography classes, strategies for inspiring students Only in the Plus+ Extension (Subscribe Here!) Crossing from festival culture into permaculture Following passion instead of money but also paying the bills Ideas about what living outside the box looks like Elaborate discussion on ecstatic dance and how it connects us to authentic & spiritual self expression Jamie turns the tables on me and instigates a conversation about my rock climbing hobby Jamie reflects on some of the mindsets and evolution he's faced as a full time freelancer over the last year living life without a financial safety net Tips for replacing depression thoughts with gratitude practices The story of how sychronicities with a black tourmaline stone helped Jamie during a time of massive loss and open up to be less cynical  A great conversation about the metaphysical power of belief and why leaving room for the unknown is better than assuming things are impossible Episode Music: K+LAB See for privacy and opt-out information.

 113 - Josefa Savu | Crystals, Cleansing & Creative Energy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:14:32

What's the link between crystals and energy? Find out how to use metaphysical tools to clear the static from your creative inspiration signal in this edition of InnerVerse. Josefa Savu joins the show to take us on a knowledge journey about some of the best ways to truly love yourself. Become a Plus+ Member on Patreon and unlock the second hour of this episode!Support your favorite show and dive deeper with us each week. Journey With Josefa Crystals 101 - JWJ on Youtube   Human Design Chart - Visual Aid for Plus+ Extension Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Topics Physical mechanics behind the energy contained in crystals Bruce Lipton - How Belief Affects Biology  The powers of Hematite, Moldavite, Selenite, and other stones Awesome wire wraps by Jaz  Crazy sychronicity stories involving crystals that seem to have consciousness Human Design System: merging astrology, i Ching, DNA and more Imagination and what's really real about reality Book Recommendation - The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho  Using Citrine and Pyrite and conjuring the yang/masculine/creative/sexual energy Stones that promote rest, dreams and protection - Labradorite, Amethyst Free E-Book - The Code to the Matrix by Seven Bomar  Cleaning the organs and tuning your body to become a symphony of genius  Chakras Explained beautifully by the cartoon "Avatar: The Last Airbender"  How to cleanse and clear energy from crystals and other objects - JWJ on Youtube Only in the Plus+ Extension (Join Here!) Mechanics and methods of grounding and balancing our energy Upgrading your routine into an empowering ritual Human design system explained in depth Strategies for connecting to the Divine within others in any situation More in depth information and encouragement about successfully doing a colon cleanse How trauma is retained in the body in its water and musculature tension and what can be done to release it Severing our ties to the corporate death machine by purging toxins and parasites Hyper-dimensional Warfare and shared personal experiences with intoxicated people who are possessed like Agent Smith in the Matrix Episode Music: Mt. Analogue  See for privacy and opt-out information.

 112 - Ethan Indigo Smith | Meditative Movement & The Matrix of Four | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:10:47

The author Ethan Indigo Smith returns to IP to discuss his book The Matrix of Four. Join us for a rousing conversation about the spiritual significance of four and the path of the righteous rebel. Guaranteed to get your chi flowing!MORE ETHAN INDIGO SMITH IP EPISODE 4.5 - FLOWING WITH THE FLOW READ THE MATRIX OF FOUR - AMAZON   Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Minds  And you can also check out his blog at Wake Up World Become an InnerVerse Plus+ Member Join at Unlock a private feed with extended episodes - get early release access and an extra hour each week! Support your favorite podcast - funded exclusively by listeners (Did you notice there are no ads?) Episode Topics The basics of the matrix of four - thesis, antithesis, synthesis, nullesis Deep breakdown of the Taiji, or "Grand Ultimate" a.k.a. the yin and yang Maintaining individual principles in a dogmatic & chaotic world The worldwide spiritual significance of four Developing the unknown knowledge within Don't kill the ego, root the ego in awareness Learning about the power of opposites with Ganesh Using the Matrix of Four to sharpen your Occam's Razor Why it's good to try and be graceful and "stop the plop" The wisdom of sustained 70% effort in all areas of life Only In The Plus+ Extension (Check it out!) Plato's Allegory of the Cave and what it teaches about how people process information Saying No and the power of the Sacred Masculine within ourselves The story of Miyamoto Musashi, swordsman and philosopher Activating your own placebo power through meditative movement like Tai Chi and Qi Gong Experiencing the chills of signification when perceiving divine order in the cosmos Visionary experiences and the 8th lesson of natural law, which is care Buddha's Four Immeasurables & the 70's sci-fi show The Prisoner 1984 and how media causes us to think in cliches Maintaining the beginners mind and always asking questions Music In This Episode - Living Light  See for privacy and opt-out information.

 111 - David Whitehead: Sovereignty via Self-Esteem & Shadow Work (Host of Unslaved Podcast) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:40

David Whitehead is the creator of Way of the Truth Warrior and co-host of Unslaved Podcast. In this empowering episode we discuss how to cultivate self-esteem, perhaps the most important aspect of enlightenment. This dynamic conversation demystifies the processes of shadow work and psycho-somatic healing, and we also discuss the importance of individual sovereignty in a tyrannical world. Possibly the most powerful InnerVerse transmission yet!Become a Plus+ Member and unlock the full 2 hour podcast with David Whitehead. Support InnerVerse and dive in to the deep end of creative consciousness conversations!Episode 111+ for Members @ out David's Work: Truth Warrior  Unslaved Topics & Links: The enlightening aspects of martial arts David's hero's journey from Truth Warrior to Unslaved Wilhelm Reich and Listen, Little Man! (Audiobook Link) "Martial arts isn't just about learning how to fight, it's about learning how to be a victor in life, and not a victim." David's collaborations with author Michael Tsarion and the future of Unslaved - "The Female Illuminati"  The creative mental fortitude of the spiritual warrior The three foundational aspects of self-esteem: rationality, reason, and freewill How we can know we have free will Recommended reading: Nathaniel Brandon - The Six Pillars of Self-Esteem (Audiobook Link)  Defining authentic shadow work and embracing the body's intelligence for healing psycho-somatic trauma and tension Only In The Plus+ Extension (Become A Member) Why Philosophical and Political Anarchy aren't compatible How capitalism has been compromised The nature of true free markets Healthy Self-hood & individualism Tyrannical Government - a reflection of collective darkness Real talk about immigration and borders An Unslaved perspective on multiculturalism Growing the spine of a warrior in the fight to know yourself Music in this episode: OMNI  See for privacy and opt-out information.

 110 - Deni Van: Heartfelt Awakenings & The Spiritual Physics of Inner Space | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:21

Inner Space is a Vital Nutrient…Deni Van is a healer and mentor who helps people find heartfelt awakenings and expand their own inner space. The result is less stress, more peace, and an invigorated attitude about intentional attention. Spirituality isn't mystical, it's physics!Find Deni Online:  Heartfelt Awakening Podcast @Blog Talk Radio Heartfelt Awakening Village (Facebook Group) Deni Van on Youtube  Instagram @heartfeltawakening  Support InnerVerse and become a Plus+ member to unlock the extended version of this episode and gain access to the full archive of 2+ hour InnerVerse Plus+ shows!Topics: Deni's story of beating cancer and past of working with the deaf and communications The benefit of strengthening the mind and body connection with yoga Using simple techniques to unblock our suppressed energy, such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) "Inner Space is a vital nutrient!" a deep discussion about meditation Who is the you that thinks about yourself apart from yourself? Matt Presti on InnerVerse - Walter Russell and the Secret of Light - Episode Link  Using free will to be empowered by our past traumas instead of victimized by them Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!) How to cure NPS - Need to Please Syndrome Changing yourself instead of trying to fix others Money as an energy flow and shifting perspectives away from its negative associations  Pythagoras, Music and the quadrivium of classical self knowledge Analyzing the Chakra system and Maslow's hierarchy of needs to find fulfillment in life Harnessing your own power of belief for healing, the self-initiated placebo effect A discussion on Energy Healing (Reiki) that could teach you to do it yourself Episode Music: ATYYA See for privacy and opt-out information.


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