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Summary: InnerVerse is a podcast dedicated to prying open your Third Eye portal to the infinite and keeping you in perpetual synchronicity. Join Chance Garton for inspired interviews with conscious creators from all paths. INjoy conversations that recognize your limitless potential, and pierce beyond the veils of illusion to bring you into sovereignty and creative freedom. Tune in to respect and celebrate life's core Truth: that we are all One Consciousness, expressing itself through our individual uniqueness. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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 Joakim Häggström | Sound, Frequency, Lost History and the Legendary Bock Saga | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:44

Hailing from Sweden, Joakim Häggström is a musician and a researcher of lost mythology & history. He's also been involved with music, sound and frequency for many years and in this episode we weave between discussions of sonic phenomenon and correspondences, legends from Northern European lands, the Emerald Tablets of Hermes, and much more.In the Plus+ Extension we get into various elements of the Bock Saga, an orally transmitted knowledge that describes a very different and extremely ancient history of the human race, going back potentially millions of years.VIDEO VERSION OF THIS EPISODE INNERVERSE PLUS+Get extended episodes by supporting the show on Patreon, including the second hour of this show LINKS Joakim's Youtube Channel: Hermes Emeraldo - The Inner Musiac - e.0 - 432hz Meditation [Full Earth Cycle] by Joakim Häggström - The Bock Saga: An Introduction - Bock Saga: Welcome To Hel - Documentary - The Emerald Tablets - CHAT WITH THE INNERVERSE TRIBE ON DISCORD IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Close To Me" - by AtYyA See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Yerasimos Stilianessis & Sophie Fletcher | The Need For Touch, Integrating Shadow, & Psycho-Somatic Health | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:28:43

Yerasimos Stilianessis and Sophie Fletcher are a bio-dynamic duo with a huge amount of holistic health knowledge. Yerasimos is a transformational bodywork coach who incorporates the Human Design system into his approach, and Sophie is a PHD student in Depth Psychology with a strong grasp on the connection between emotional, mental, and physical health. These two brilliant beings combine knowledge of spirit and soma to form a powerhouse of health wisdom. Video Episode Here: this episode we talk about the power and necessity of touch in a world of social distancing, the mind control manipulation of big-pharma, and the answer to the question of whether trauma needs to be remembered in the mind to heal, or if it can be healed through the body. SUBSCRIBE TO INNERVERSE PLUS+In the Plus+ Extension we look deeper at medical colonialism, the spiritual perspective on addiction, how to stop self-sabotaging and exercise willpower, and the alchemical perspective on alcohol. All that and a lot more! DISCORD SERVERJoin our growing community of creative truth seekers and chat with us on Discord! WITH YERASIMOS AND SOPHIE Yerasimos' Website:  Sophie on Instagram -  Yerasimos on Instagram -  MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders  Outro: "Steps" - by Kadela See for privacy and opt-out information.

 John Ech | The Electric Universe, Mystery of the Sun, & Secrets of Light | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:17:36

John Ech of Aether Force returns to educate us on alternative perspectives about the Sun, the mysterious nature of light, and moral technology. We also discuss Rudolf Steiner and other thinkers, pondering the possibility that we may communicate with cosmic luminaries through the etheric filaments that connect us, and through the imagination portal within. Video version of this episode here - sure you've checked out John's first appearance on the show - Get the second hour of this conversation by joining InnerVerse Plus+ Full show notes & links - FROM JOHN ECH Aether Force Website  Aether Force Discord Chat  Aether Force Pintrest  Aether Force Facebook Group See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Gematrinator (Derek Tikkuri) | Gematria, Numerical Cyphers, & The Program Code of Reality | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:35:03

Derek Tikkuri joins us for a math-magical show to decode the spells of language and mass-media manipulations. Better known as Gematrinator, Derek reveals numerical riddles and teaches the trippy coincidences that multiply once one begins using letter/number ciphers (Gematria) to analyze names, dates, headlines, and all the words that make up our world. This episode has video components.Watch it here: this episode we discuss Derek's personal story and Gematria destiny, the theory of Gematria and how it can be used to expose conspiracy, discover organic synchronicity, and even predict outcomes of major sporting events. We also discuss natural law, the controlling forces behind our culture, Derek's eclipse/crucifixion code theory, and the 666 cypher connecting Kobe Bryant, Coronavirus, and more. JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+ - In the Plus+ Extension we continue the Kobe/Corona deciphering, postulate more on the organic vs. artificial gematria phenomenon, discuss the manipulations going on with current events, look at the secret society significance of 74 (4th of July), and use the number 26 to see unity between the source of creation, our body/temple, and our imagination. All that and tons more!FOLLOW GEMATRINATOR  Youtube - JOIN THE CONVERSATION ON THE INNERVERSE DISCORD SERVER WE TALKED ABOUT The origins of Derek's destined journey to find and teach Gematria Zachary Hubbard (Gematria Effect), one of the first teachers of numerical codes hidden in language How Derek created the Gematrinator cypher calculators Predicting the outcome of professional sports games through Gematria Gematria synchronicity that exists in all our lives naturally (Organic Matrix) Predictions for 6/20 based on the numbers Derek's finding with that date How Derek innovated the use of Reverse Gematria ciphers that are crucial to the research Why "conspiracy research" can be part of spiritual work on ourselves Karma, the nature of dark synchronicity (aka conspiracy) and Mark Passio's Natural Law Seminar The non-creativity, non-innovation and non-imagination of the darkside Cult of Scientism and the "appeal to authority" logical fallacy Fear-oriented & manipulative media spell casting (modern MK Ultra) Dr. Andrew Kauffman and disputing the germ theory of disease Kobe Bryant, Coronavirus and how major league sports connect to mega-media manipulation agendas The eclipse/crucifixion code - Derek's presentation at Anarchadelphia Arithmancy - divination through numbers The extreme gematria significance of eclipses PLUS+ EXTENSION (Subscribe!) Derek finishes up his 666 riddle between Kobe Bryant and Coronavirus Looking for the dividing line between artificially conceived gematria and the organic number matrix of reality Evidence that the George Floyd video isn't what it seems - manufactured divide and conquer narratives Mysticism & accepting the never-ending unknown - loving and pursuing the mystery Dark occult & mind control symbolism in mainstream music and infiltration into festival culture Independence Day (July 4), Jesus, eclipses, and the occult significance of 74 Gematria of the human body, the universe as God's game & the number 26 Derek's theory about why media events are coded by the numbers Mercury/Hermes and the astrological connection to the media conspiracy events The numerology that links government with mind control Massive significance with the last and next total solar eclipse over the United States Gematria encoded in the US and ancient world's distance measuring units MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders  Outro: "Space Face (Human Music)" - by Illusive Tuna See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Matt Landman | Unmasking The Truth and Breaking The Hex On Our Breath | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:46

Matt Landman returns to bring a little silver lining to our perspectives. In this episode we talk about his EMF shielding apparel (Spero Protection Clothing), the 5G rollout, and why wearing a mask as we've been instructed to do is not in our best interests. We also cover the deep importance of breath, some of the symbolic/historical significance of masks, and the accelerating plan to divide people through mainstream news and social media. Plus+ Extension - the 2nd hour, we talk about the weird and disturbing trans-human future, the potential for an orchestrated civil war, predictive programming in popular "fiction" about California breaking away from the US, and some of Matt's favorite truther-friendly movies and books. SUBSCRIBE TO INNERVERSE PLUS+For a $5 monthly donation you get... 1 hour interview extensions Early Access to Shows Patron-Only Perks! Join at MATT LANDMAN ONLINE Instagram -  MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders  Outro: "Stand Up" - by Nasa Funk See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Occult Priestess | Detoxing Spiritual Materialism & False New Age Teachings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:14:10

Korinne Wilson, AKA Occult Priestess , is a psychic, energy healer, and investigator of mystery, with an emphasis on ancient wisdom traditions. In this eclectic conversation we talk about the variety of misleading teachers, anti-gurus, and materialistic/dogmatic trap doors in the world at this time. She also sees and communicates with an ancestral spirit guide of mine, which she had no way of knowing about but somehow could see and hear. All this and a lot more!Sign up for InnerVerse Plus+ for access to the 2nd hour of this interview, and unlock the archive of double length shows!See this Plus+ Extension: FROM OCCULT PRIESTESS WE TALKED ABOUT... Taking advantage of COVID-1984 house arrest to break routines and go within Patent 60606, HR 6666, Luciferase & "quantum dot vaccines" and Melinda Gates wearing an upside down cross Tarot Card 20 (Judgement) and how in 2020 politics and "science" are the biggest false religions Spiritual masters/teachers vs. "householders," corporate shills, and false teachers The fake secret space program disclosure scam and the savior vs. the scary other motif Detoxing the Gnostic meme out of our spiritual worldviews Jung, the timeless, archetypes, ancient occult knowledge, and the gods Extricating from dysfunctional family dynamics to find your soul's mission Synchronistic and spontaneous stone/crystal breakage Korinne sees my ancestral spirit guide, which she's never had happen in a podcast interview before Sleep paralysis attacks from negative spiritual entities ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!) False new age teachings like the supposed spiritual "critical mass" that will fix the world More messages come through from the spirit guide in the room Science fiction and the mass manipulation of society into materialistic beliefs about the cosmos Psychic viewing of the higher and lower realms and spiritual entities residing there The severe shortcomings of the Law of Attraction cult Kundalini awakenings at around age 30 Thoughts on the New World Order Demons, ghosts of our past lives, and soul retrieval What real gurus are here to do for humanity MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Low Rider - War" - by Soohan See for privacy and opt-out information.

 John Ech | Aether Force: Spiritual Science & Suppressed Technology | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:52:26

Video presentation of this episode here: Ech is a researcher who explores the borderlands between spirituality and science, and the webmaster of Aether Force. In this episode John presents the case for a variety of theories and technologies from the fringes, rejecting mainstream several theories and revealing the occult mechanics of the universe, from the non-materialistic perspective. This huge podcast is too big to describe, but inside you'll discover ideas from illuminated thinkers like Walter Russell, Rudolf Steiner, and many more. This is probably the longest and most informative episode in InnerVerse history!In the Plus+ Extension, John presents concepts from Radiesthesia (advanced dowsing and energy manipulation), Biogeometry, and Radionics, demonstrating techniques and technologies that blend the magical and the rational into perspectives and systems that we can easily use to improve our lives, energetic potential, and the world at large.JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS - MORE FROM JOHN ECH Aether Force Website  Aether Force Pintrest  Aether Force Facebook Group  WE TALKED ABOUT... The deep history of Aether Force and the Borderlands Research Journal What is the ether and what's the difference between it and Aether? How copyright laws restrict the free flow of knowledge and prevent progress Walter Russell and the fractal heartbeat of the universe Electricity as the primary animating force of the universe and our bodies  Balancing concentration and decentration to open up to the knowing state of universal consciousness The foundational dynamics of vortex motion Walter Russell's beautiful recreations of the periodic table of the elements The intersection of cubes & spheres and revising the concepts of particle physics Walter Russell's free energy device inventions The secret dynamics of light and the illusion of "light speed" Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy and the response to Luciferian Theosophy The materialistic Arihmanic assault on the consciousness of man to project his probable future to live in a pre-manufactured matrix or 8th sphere Steiner's seven stages of human evolution with seven types of ether Bringing the information/power from the stars into technology Biodynamic farming and aligning agriculture with the cosmic clock ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!) Wolfgang Von Goethe, the art of Clay Taylor and revising the ROYGBIV color wheel model Coral Castle, a modern mystical monolithic structure Wilhelm Reich, Orgone, energy accumulation devices and weather manipulation Radiesthesia, advanced dowsing techniques for observing esoteric information & influencing energy Radiation detecting pendulums for mapping detrimental or beneficial qualities in the environment Biogeometric mapping of energy spectrums & physical radiesthesia techniques to enhance health Problems with common shapes of orgonite that generate toxic negative green spectrum energy BG3 emitters, a technology to transmute harmful vibrations and cleanse auras  The science of Radionics and devices for storing and broadcasting vital energies Marcel Vogel's crystal technology that syncs to the radionic rate of the owner MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders  Outro: "Radio Magik" - by Kadela See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Becca Tarnas | Re-Enchanting The World And Tales From The Perilous Realm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:20:25

Becca Tarnas returns to talk about the esoteric wisdom in JRR Tolkien's works. These "Fairy Stories" aren't your Mother Goose nursery rhymes--in the Perilous Realm, you'll find mystical enchantment and mortal endangerment in equal measure. Tune in to hear about legends of the hidden folk, the mythic consciousness of our ancestors, and how the love of language, magic of words, and the archetype of the inner child can help you recover the beauty and wonder of life. In the Plus+ Extension we discuss the mis-enchantment of culture through media and materialistic belief systems, Tolkien's final tale, the fairy queen at the heart of the imaginal realm, and the elvish mediators between spirit and matter. All that and much more!JOIN INNERVERSE PLUS+ FOR EXTENDED 2 HOUR INTERVIEWS!MORE BECCA TARNAS Website: Instagram: @becca.tarnas Archai: The Journal of Archetypal Cosmology Book: Journey To The Imaginal Realm WE TALKED ABOUT... By chance happenstance, or the whims of destiny? What are "Fairy Stories" according to Tolkien? (Not Your Mother Goose) Legends of the hidden folk and their connection to the environment The mythic level of prehistoric consciousness that found significance in natural phenomenon Philology - the love of language, the magic of words and the enchantment of abstract adjectives How language and grammar drives our mental operating systems Poetic Diction by Tolkien's fellow Inkling member Owen Barfield - LINK "Spiritus" and the mystical quality of the Air of Fairy The archetype of the inner child and the consciousness of wonder Protecting one's child-like innocence and Frodo's encounter with the evil within Saruman compared to Gandalf and why good ends don't justify evil means Different forms of escapism and the recovery of enchantment that Fairy Stories provide ONLY IN PLUS+ Tolkien's critique on drama and how media creates illusory worlds that people inhabit The mythological mis-enchantment of malefic modern belief systems Gollum, aesthetic philosophy & the relation of beauty to goodness, and ugliness to evil Esoteric ideas in Tolkien's final tale, Smith of Wooten Major The fairy queen at the heart of the imaginal realm, embodying nature itself Dancing between bittersweet bereavement and mystical remembering Parallels between Lord of the Rings and other Tolkien stories not set in Middle Earth Understanding Tolkien's elves as the mediators between spirit and matter Gandalf's wisest words: "All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us." MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "KOUNT ON ME" - by MioWnize See for privacy and opt-out information.

 David Whitehead | Way Of The Truth Warrior: Becoming The Hero Archetype | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:31:53

Sensei Dave returns to InnerVerse to help bring out the Truth Warrior in all of us. In this eclectic conversation, we examine the "defining myth of our time," JRR Tolkien's LOTR trilogy, and finding spiritual guidance for our strange times through the archetype of the hero. We also look at the One Ring and what it says about the nature of fear and evil, the link between the Hero's Journey and the creative flow state, and a lot more. In the Plus+ Extension we explore some of the ideas that feature on David's Unslaved Podcast, revealing clues to the occult history of our world and the deep corruption of both ancient and modern day religious structures, governments, and dogmatic institutions. JOIN INNERVERSE"When you seek truth and knowledge with the purpose of forming a relationship with it, as opposed to trying to own it like the Ring of Power, unseen forces come to your aid."MORE FROM DAVID WHITEHEAD InnerVerse - "Sovereignty Through Self-Esteem & Shadow Work" Unslaved Podcast with Michael Tsarion Youtube: Way Of The Truth Warrior David Whitehead on Patreon @dwtruthwarrior on Instagram WE TALKED ABOUT... Creating the great awakening and combating increasing internet censorship Tolkien's "defining myth of our time," & David's new LOTR video series with Loralee Scaife - LINK  Being spiritually guided by the powerful archetypes represented in LOTR Defining what archetypes are and where they reside within and without ourselves and the world The ideas and foundational principles about Western Civilization that are worth fighting to save Examining the nature of evil and what the metaphor of the One Ring tells us about heroism How fear in well-meaning people brings out unconscious evil  Understanding the link between synchronicity on the hero's journey and the creative flow state The distinction between liberty and freedom ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!) The secret war of the early Catholic church against the ancient Nordic-Finnish civilization - LINK How Fear-based worldviews like the concept of Hell were manufactured to enslave humanity, and the original location of the real hell on earth, not a scary or evil place actually More esoteric history, like the original historical figure who was turned into the characters of both Jesus and King Arthur - LINK The pros and cons of modern day Christianity and other religious philosophies  Communism and the Vatican's cozy relationship and the religions of atheism, scientism and the state Martial Arts, working with the body to evolve the mind and spirit, and David's training at home video series on Patreon Staying grounded and balancing the proverbial earth and sky energies within Reawakening the warrior and the armor of truth and moral virtue SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPS Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness" Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "A Mindful Gitdown" - by Michael Tsarion See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Michael Wann | Etheric Pathways, Inception, & Decolonizing The Imagination | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:31:33

Michael Wann is a synchromystic researcher who uncovers occult correlations and connections between cultural phenomenon and our individual experience. In this episode we look at the movie Inception and what it reveals about the digital dream-world that humanity has mistaken for reality, the relationship between human neural pathways and macro-cosmic patterns in the universal mind, and the harvesting of the mass-imagination for the manifestation of a totalitarian age. In the Plus+ Extension we question A.I., 5G, and the frequency war, the influence of group belief on the coronavirus event, the power of becoming self-regulated, and the occult history of human civilization. All that and a heck-of-a-lot more!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ at MICHAEL WANN ONLINE  WE TALKED ABOUT The lockstep narrative between mainstream media, government, and global organizations What does it mean that our collective dream streams through screens? The as above so below relationship between human neural pathways and universal etheric patterns How PTSD creates and influences our physical bodies, nervous system, and behaviors Examples of popular flow arts and athletic pursuits that demonstrate etheric pathways The inevitability of total and utter transformation in all aspects of life and the universe Inception (the movie) and how our society consists of an artificial and circular dream-within-a-dream structure Realizing the dream-like nature of reality itself & controlled awakenings The deeper you go, the more symbolic things become Occult power of culture controllers to harvest the human imagination & create the world in their image Why our technological powers are often part of the dream of decay and how tech plagiarizes and supplants natural spiritual abilities Understanding the etheric pathways as being correlated to rivers or our body's veins ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!) Questioning the nature of Artificial Intelligence that invades our psychic and physical space The frequency war, hypnotic technology, 5G, and numerological connections Recognizing the power of the imagination to create either disease or health based on belief, and applying that knowledge to how we look at things like 5G The fractal nature of the breath and waking up from the dream that we don't have control of our bodies, by becoming self-regulated Tartaria, the mud-flood, and the likelihood that our historical record is mostly fictional from a few hundred years ago and back Divination, I Ching & Tarot, and inventing your own system for tapping in to the imagination to gain information Becoming the King of Truth hide and seek with the creative intelligence of the universe  SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPS Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit  Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness" Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "A Mindful Gitdown" - by Kadela See for privacy and opt-out information.

 The Cosmic Egg & The War On Imagination: Chance Interviewed On The Chronspiracists Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:25:08

Last week I hung out with the Chronspiracists, Niko and Clark. They gave me lots of time to explore the Cosmic Egg concept, a syncretic synopsis of an ancient idea. Although I'm not personally sure that it's a completely true theory, I think it's one of the most fascinating ways one can look at our universe, and as a worldview, it's far more empowering than what we get from NASA, astrophysicists, and materialist/atheistic science.There are some supplementary materials that will help you visualize this idea much better than words alone can do, so check out the links below as you get started on this epic podcast. Cosmic Egg Artwork by our old friend and previous guest Hakan Hisim NORBz Theory - Graphical Video Summary of Cosmic Egg Theory If you like what these Chronspiracy guys do, make sure and subscribe to their show and check out what they've been researching! See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Laurel Airica | Linguistic Ascension, Upgrading Language and Uplifting The World | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:20

Laurel Airica returns to the show for another round of word magic fun! As a professional performance poet and etymological explorer, Laurel reveals the unknown significance of everyday verbage, and makes phonetics fun again. In the beginning was the word, but it's up to us to make sure we have the last word when it comes to the neuro-linguistic programming of our minds. In this episode we overview some vibrant vocabulary that sheds light on humanity's current condition(ing), entering the god zone vortex, the computer code driven colonization of our consciousness, and connecting with the universal source field. All that and lots more!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon to get access to the awesome 2nd hour of this episode, and unlock the huge archive of extended shows! - LAUREL AIRICA ONLINE Book: WordMagic: WordPlay That Puts a New Spin on the Whirled Patreon: WE TALKED ABOUT... Vocab for 2020: The Global Kakistocracy is responsible for the juggernaut that has brought us this insuperable degringolade Linguistic tricks, word magic and hidden meanings, and original poem readings How language creates the holo-grammatical dream of our collective reality  Entering the vortex, flow state, or god zone Re-imagining the words that make up the world, and the literary lotto on The many thinkers and philosophers who have posited that the decay of language corrupts society AI and the English & computer code linguistic subjection/colonization of the world The loving and intelligent universal source field Saturn's bars and barring the bards from speaking truth "The Aye That Is Oui" by Laurel Airica Seeking ascension as we plunge into epic uncertainty   ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!) The new religion of scientism and Rupert Sheldrake's book, The Science Delusion Healing the words of our worldview and the  The invasion of cloned personalities and opinions in our culture  A mystical way of etymologically defining the phrase "conspiracy researcher" The way human nations have had a history of operating at a level of consciousness akin to ants Enantiodromia, the tendency of all things to inevitably become their opposite Becoming intelligentle and reuniting our intellect with generosity and the generative principle What it means that you are omnificient Laurel gives a reading of the lyrics from her musical collab with rapper Truth Seekah - "Speaking Beauty" The mean meaning of mean and determining significance and magnificence instead of definitions  SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPS Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit  Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness" Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Boreal Hymn: Banner of Grief" - Remix by Drumspyder See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Dr. Shelley Kaehr | Meet Your Karma: Past Life Hypnotic Regression Therapy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:29:48

Dr. Shelley Kaehr is the author of several books, and in this episode we discuss her newest: Meet Your Karma: The Healing Power of Past Life Memories. As an experienced hypnotic regression therapist and energy healer, Dr. Kaehr is a timeline technician who helps clients find relief from trauma, compulsions, and soul contracts that sometimes hide in our unconscious minds. This interview explores theories about karma & reincarnation, the lessons we receive from pain and discomfort, and example cases from Shelley's practice with clients.SUBSCRIBE TO INNERVERSE PLUS+In the Plus+ Extension we look at negative entity attachment & curses, ET contact and alien abductions, cultural hypnotic programming, spontaneous past life recall, past lives in Atlantis, and the importance of healing ancestral trauma. You can enjoy all this and much more in the excellent second hour! DR. SHELLEY KAEHR ONLINE Website:  Book: Meet Your Karma: The Healing Power of Past Life Memories  Instagram: @shelleykaehr  WE TALKED ABOUT How Shelley got into past life stuff and The Search For Bridey Murphey (Book) Why pain and discomfort are some of our greatest teachers The importance of grounding on a regular basis, especially if practicing energy healing work with others Shelley shares a guided grounding visualization practice Multiple theories about what past life experiences signify about universal mechanics Hypnotic progression into a future experience where the client can feel the positive results of their insights Beyond Reality: Evidence of Parallel Universes (2005 Book by Shelley Kaehr) Shelley's RELIEF method for clearing past life problems and setting up a better future for clients Cases where personal relationships with past life acquaintances had to be rectified How common our psychic communication with one another actually is Who needs past life regressions and how often are they useful? Does karma sometimes skip a lifetime or two until we're ready to confront it? Historical data that verifies the past life memory of a child or patient Building a bridge to our intuition by opening our imagination  ONLY IN PLUS+ (SUBSCRIBE!) Realizing that pure imagination and the source of reality are the same thing Origins of Huna: Secret Behind the Secret Science (2002 Book by Shelley Kaehr) A practical theory addressing the problem with belief in negative entity attachment or curses  Cases of ET contact, abduction and soul contracts made with Grey Aliens with some of Shelley's clients Hypnotically incepted false memories and fear programming How technology induces trance states and can influence and subvert our minds Spontaneous past life recall, and how it can be triggered and recognizing it when it happens (I watched this happen to my partner the night before the interview) Clients who believe they've experienced past lives in Atlantis Healing our ancestral trauma and repairing the timeline of all their descendants Exploring the space our souls inhabit between lifetimes Guided journeys in Shelley's book and gaining the tools to help yourself Creating a personalized happy place on the astral plane to use as a launch pad for inner journeys SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPS Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit  Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness" Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Cry For Roots" by Wolf Tech See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Heather Elizabeth | The Year of the White Wizard: Mapping Galactic Synchronicity | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:24:33

Heather Elizabeth returns to talk about the climactic significance of our current evolutionary moment, bringing with her the magical map of galactic synchronicity: the 13 Moon DreamSpell calendar. We talk about the initiation of a new 13 year cycle, the archetype of the White Wizard (including Gandalf, of course), the hero's journey, how we're revisiting the energy of 1968 in 2020, staying anchored in yourSELF, and much more.Support InnerVerse to get double length episodes and unlock the second hour of this show! Join at this Plus+ Extension, Heather shares wisdom for staying grounded in an uncertain world, empowering our empathy, leaning in to the universe, how to meet your spirit guides, the imagination portal, creating and using wizardly tools, and helping humanity to shift fear into curiosity. FIND HEATHER ELIZABETH ONLINE Instagram @shineheatherelizabeth Facebook Group: Conscious Dreamers Find Your Galactic Signature (Law of Time) WE TALKED ABOUT... The 13 Moon Galactic Mayan Calendar, its structure and purpose to aid us on our personal journey How to find and use your personal galactic signature & codespell The current climate as a climactic moment and a cardinal shift in collective human evolution Beginning a new 13 year cycle - the White Magnetic Wizard and the medicine of timelessness The glorious Gandalf (as a spiritual guide) and connecting with the wizard archetype That moment you realize life is the combination of all our hero/shero's journeys 9 month/moon cycles and what we've birthed into reality since January 2019 Revisiting the energy of 1968 in the 52 year cycle of the 13 moon calendar, Transcending the illusions of war, inequality, and separation 2001 A Space Odyssey and the prophecy of the black rectangle monolith (the cell phone) The old world isn't coming back--make your own reality or have your life chosen for you Find your Helm's Deep - a place you could survive without connection to the global economy Anchoring to the most real thing you can, your Self Heather's free online virtual circle meetings, available to all The Shine Wizard Academy & the email list you can join for Heather's regular uplifting messages The return of the Galactic Year - 4/12/2020 (White Magnetic Wizard Day) Decoding JRR Tolkien, the visionary Blue Galactic Eagle ONLY IN PLUS+ (Subscribe!) Staying grounded to THRIVE in an uncertain world - Video Link Empowered empathy instead of disempowering feelings that we need to fix or control others Leaning in to the universe to create synchronicity between inner and outer Learning to recognize and communicate with your spiritual guides Why imagination is more important than knowledge, and is a pathway to higher understanding The removal of the veil between the material and spiritual Using creativity and imagination to amplify your intentions, such as with an altar space How artists and musicians are blessing the world with their quarantine-time creations Wizard tools - the wand and the staff, creating and using them for yourself The Mayan Oracle & Occult correlations with galactic signatures, directions, planets, and chakras Assisting humanity through the heightened levels of fear on the planet right now SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPS Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness" Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Inward" by Wisdom Traders See for privacy and opt-out information.

 Matt Landman | Holes In The COVID-19 Narrative & The Great Panic Distraction | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:44:52

Matt Landman is an activist and the creator of the documentary Frankenskies. In this super-show we sift through the scientific statistics and ask several important questions that throw the mainstream explanation of the COVID-19 crisis into serious doubt. We cover a lot of ground on this one with the hope of keeping you grounded during the storm. Topics include the unproven theory of the what the virus even is, the enormous flaws in PCR testing (Polymerase Chain Reaction), the facts that impact the death statistics, and the problematic treatment protocols, and that's just scratching the surface. We also look at the global lockdown quarantine, how its effects on the economy could lead to drastic totalitarian action, the evidence of a "plan-demic" plot to capitalize on crisis, corporate CEOs and government insiders cashing out their stocks, and the unlikelihood that 5G is to blame (although its still not a good thing). To top things off we examine some of the super-sketchy anti-freedom laws that are being considered in Congress. All that and much more, so tune in and enjoy a fresh perspective on these strange times.SUPPORT INNERVERSEBecome a Plus+ Member for extended episodes & early access to shows! Crowe's "Coronavirus Panic" White Paper With Official Data Citations & Bibliography - LINK PODCASTS What Really Makes Us Ill, Germ Theory, & The Four Factors - LINK  Coronavirus Chaos, Mr. Global, & The Technocratic Plot - LINK  Coronavirus COVID-19: The Risks, The Testing, & The Treatments - LINK  FIND MATT LANDMAN ONLINE Frankenskies film - SPERO Protection Clothing - Actual Activists - Matt Landman on Facebook  @Frankenskiestour on Instagram WE TALKED ABOUT... Trauma as psychological kindling that can inflame a fearful mentality, but can also illuminate the truth How non-stop scary news keeps people locked in fight or flight mode The big increase of untrue rumors spreading like wildfire through social media Has the COVID-19 been isolated and purified in a lab, to prove it's an infectious virus? Nope! David Crowe - The Infectious Myth & Coronavirus Panic (Research Paper) - LINK Medical Journal Article: A Novel Coronavirus from Patients With Pneumonia in China - LINK The psychological impact on the elderly Finding a way to offer our deepest humanity to others The effect of fear on our biology and health Aggressive treatment methods that are likely adding to the death count - LINK How quarantine has limited activist resistance to 5G implementation The Secure 5G And Beyond Act of 2020 - LINK The biggest-ever mass exodus of insider CEOs in January 2020 - LINK Event 201 - 2019's wargame simulation of a global coronavirus pandemic and economic meltdown - LINK No proof that COVID-19 is caused by 5G, and why it's harmful to spread ideas without proof Making the "end of the old world" be the time you create your own new world The reflection of our situation in the space weather (astrology) 80% false positive rate with coronavirus Polymerase Chain Reaction testing - Link Dr Anthony Fauci (Faust?) predicts "surprise virus outbreak" during Trump Presidency - LINK How our collective mental patterns create the big picture of societal behavior Why the "official" definition of what makes a confirmed case is what determines big or small statistics - LINK The real reason the rate of confirmed cases in China have gone down (it's not because of quarantine) Over-sterilization dangers and hand sanitizers disrupting endocrine systems - LINK Tiptoeing towards fascism, government seeking control over corporations - LINK Anonymous, Q-Anon, David Wilcock & Magical Savior Aliens--comfort culture and the problem with thinking insiders are going to secretly fix everything without us having to act Why things don't go viral organically anymore, Facebook & Youtube censorship The lifting of the worldwide ban on bio-weapons research in 2015 - LINK Disputing the idea of infectious diseases based on real world exposure cases - LINK Materialism as the foundational incorrect assumption at the bottom of our society's problems The Federal Reserve changes its capital reserve rules - LINK More about the Federal Reserve: Century of Enslavement (Documentary by James Corbett) & The Creature From Jekyll Island (Book by G. Edward Griffin) The EARN IT act - attempting to illegalize online encryption & privacy - LINK HR 5717 and the government's desire to get rid of gun ownership in the US - LINK Real ID 2020 (LINK) and social credit scores in China How local and national media simply repeat the same information they're handed from above Frequency-Thinkers worth researching: Masaru Emoto (LINK), Nicola Tesla (LINK), Royal Rife (LINK), Wilhelm Reich (LINK) Alex Jones is Bill Hicks (LINK) The climate change alarmism build up to the coronavirus lockdown 5G being installed around the country and in schools during quarantine when nobody is watching (LINK) The Handmaids Tale - 1990 movie revealing the plan to make humanity infertile (LINK) Spero Protection Clothing and being the hope (not hopium) the world needs (LINK) Pasco FL man surprised to see Florida announce his coronavirus death (LINK)  SUPPORT INNERVERSE WITH SECRET ENERGY POWER-UPS Blessed Herbs Colon Cleanse Kit  Shilajit - "The Destroyer of Weakness" Become a Secret Energy affiliate and generate Karma Free wealth - Link To Spiritech Specialist Program  MUSIC IN THIS EPISODE Intro: "Foggy Dreams" by Wisdom Traders Outro: "Zombishh" by Lusid ft. Phi Lo See for privacy and opt-out information.


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