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Summary: InnerVerse is a podcast dedicated to prying open your Third Eye portal to the infinite and keeping you in perpetual synchronicity. Join Chance Garton for inspired interviews with conscious creators from all paths. INjoy conversations that recognize your limitless potential, and pierce beyond the veils of illusion to bring you into sovereignty and creative freedom. Tune in to respect and celebrate life's core Truth: that we are all One Consciousness, expressing itself through our individual uniqueness. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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 3.15 - Eclipses & UFO's (Darkening of the Sun Festival Recap) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:08:41

The total solar eclipse was truly a magnificent sight, and the Darkening of the Sun festival near St. Louis, Missouri where I witnessed the celestial event, was a wonder-filled love-bonanza and I am extremely grateful for all the friends and family who attended and made the event as special as it was. In this episode I speak to a few friends during the festival about some weird stuff, like UFO sightings. In fact, I had a sighting myself, the story of which is also in this episode. The latter parts of the episode feature a great conversation about "The Great Work" of consciousness evolution with my buddy Nathan from Nathan's Freedom Zone, followed by a rare solo speech by me at the end where I speak about my thoughts regarding the event, the eclipse, and the awakening of unconditional love in the collective human heart. Calling for listener support on Patreon! Your financial aid to this show is what allows InnerVerse to grow. There are rewards available to subscribers too! out my new website: https://www.innerversepodcast.comDOTS Festival: https://www.darkeningofthesun.comNathan's Freedom Zone See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.14 - Flight of the Lightning Bug (with Visionary Artist EmJae Lightningbug) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:32:05

EmJae Lightningbug is a rising star in the visionary art world of live-painting festival performers. Join us for a conversation that explores the infinite Self of which all life is but a singular expression. We speak about EmJae's journey to being able to support herself through her artwork, manifesting one's intended potentialities, and expanded consciousness experiences like astral travel and finding oneself outside their body (or in someone else's body!). Check out the video version of this podcast for some sneak peeks at EmJae's current work-in-progress directly from her studio!Youtube Version: out this episode from my new website: https://www.innerversepodcast.comTopics:   EmJae's recent experiences at Future Dream Fest including rapping on stage with Drewphoria   The economics of manifesting your intended potentialities   Finding balance between effective hustling and harmonious existence   The influence of friend groups on creative inspiration   The experience of being everything around you simultaneously   The battle to crack the armor of the pineal gland (third eye)   Astral projecting into other people's dreams and accidentally waking up as them in physical reality   Emjae's (meticulous) process of personally building her canvases for painting, under layer painting, and crafting the incredible top layer detail in her art   Tips from the great visionary painters like Morgan Mandala and Randall Roberts   Emjae's journey as a self-taught artist, learning by watching others   In-studio views and sneak peeks of EmJae's work in progress (video only!)   Exploring the depths of the infinite Self through creations Support InnerVerse through Patreon and get rewards too! IN THIS EPISODE IS BY WOLF-TECH See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.13 - Soular Source Power | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:19:16

Jeremy and Gilda work in the solar power industry and are helping people every day to take the steps needed to live with clean and renewable solar energy. We speak about the much needed evolution of our energy paradigm and the information that needs to be shared for others to see the light of a solar powered future. Want more info about going solar? Topics:  +I'm going solar powered in my home thanks to Sun Solar -  +How solar power saves people money  +Trying to catch Missouri up with other states on solar power knowledge and usage  +The ongoing legislative battles between the solar industry and the regulatory bodies of government and power companies (isn't it called fascism when the state and corporations gang up on people?)  +The need to talk to people about solar power and clear their misconceptions  +Solar costs are lower than ever as manufacturing has improved  +Why it makes sense to go solar now more than ever  +The simple truth of right and wrong with energy practices (hint: stealing the earth's blood is not our right)  +Banks control of our energy paradigms including people's access to solar  +The Declaration of Energy Independence (from the Tesla Science Foundation) -  +Taking the next evolutionary steps as a human family by shedding energetic control systems  +The Golden Rule applies to Earth and all living beings, not just people  +Social harmony isn't about rules and punishment, it's about everyone knowing right from wrong together  +Cultivating love for our world to make our responsibility to change easier to exercise  +Self-respect as a required ingredient for catalyzing love  +Choosing to change the hard things now so the things don't come down harder on you later  +Did you know nuclear power is crazy and is all over the planet?  +Coal and oil industry employment has been surpassed by solar people, maybe you should look for a job in solar if you're hunting?  +Love as the recognition and encouragement of a greater potential in yourself and all othersThis show is ad-free and totally listener supported by kind and loving humans like you! Join our growing tribe of subscribers on Patreon and contribute to InnerVerse's energy source, and even get rewards! Thank you to all our lovely patrons, you are helping this show grow and reach more hearts and minds. in this episode:Pure Colors - Get Down Wit' It - - Luminous Beings - Love - We've Just Begun - See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.12 - The Universal Great Work with Nathan (Host of Nathan's Freedom Zone) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:59:37

In this episode I speak with my close friend Nathan Crabtree, who is also the host of a great podcast called Nathan's Freedom Zone. We talk about many aspects of evolving consciousness through what we call "The Great Work," of self-improvement and helping others.Check out Nathan's Freedom Zone!iTunes: few Topics (there's lots more):+ Raver culture and the meanings of Kandi jewelry and P.L.U.R. (Peace, Love, Unity, Respect)+ The skeleton in my podcast studio (needs a name, help me out) - Picture: Gift economy as a way out of scarcity/slavery culture+ Orgonite and Orgone energy, Nathan crafts these high-energy vortex creation devices and they're powerful! - Picture: Chemtrails and geoengineering+ Carnism (the religion of eating meat) and why it's harmful to consciousness+ Natural Law Principles and universal Truths that can be integrated to help one evolve in the right direction+ Mark Passio - What On Earth Is Happening Podcast (great source for occult initiation) - for supporting the podcast by listening, if you don't mind helping out with a 5-star review on iTunes, here's a link you can use to subscribe and rate the show! - you REALLY want to be a super-friend and ensure this podcast grows, pledge some currency on Patreon and you'll even get exclusive rewards! Featured in this episode:Obsidian - "Hyperdrive" - Nights 1984 - "Sunseeker" - - "Night Cruisin'" - See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.11 - Cultivating A Healthy Consciousness with Richard Sacks (Host of Lost Arts Radio) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:31:29

Richard Sacks is the host of Lost Arts Radio, a live-broadcast internet show. We riff about various favorite InnerVerse topics, such as vegetarianism and the potential benefits and difficulties with a raw food diet. Richard is an seasoned researcher of the juxtaposition between spirituality and health and his experiential wisdom is welcome information. We also speak about his past life memory and the hidden/esoteric teachings of the Essene Gospels. Find Richard's beautiful and enlightening work at or on Youtube at on iTunes (and please leave us a 5-star review!) on Youtube and get VIDEO episodes! Here's a link to this one:'t forget we need your support on Patreon to grow this podcast! We love you and want you to be happy, so why not help us get better equipment with a $3 monthly pledge? Thank you to all our InnerVersians who are already on board! See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.10 - Technodelic Novelty with Mr Kristopher | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:30:05

Mr Kristopher (Kristopher Grey) returns to the show to speak about his Brooklyn adventures, new music, and motivation to stay healthy and keep on track with creative goals. It's a perfect InnerVerse conversation where we climb the ladder of consciousness and peer down at our universe through the sunglasses of truth. We discuss science, materialism and idealism, and the alchemical law of correspondence, just to name a few fun things. Subscribe to InnerVerse on iTunes (and pretty please leave us a 5-star review!) - out Kris' music online:MR KRISTOPHER: https://www.mrkristopher.netSOUNDCLOUD: thanks once to Aaron & Mary Rose from Kind Brilliance - Go check out their shop for the most magical crystals around. https://www.kindbrilliance.comYoutube Version of this episode - Topics:+ Moving to New York and working 12-15 hours a day making records + “Brooklyn Trilogy: Part One” – Kris’ new EP+ Psychic European Techno Ravers unconsciously influencing Kris’ new music+ Meditating For Peace – Research “The Cosmic Serpent” Jeremy Namby - Quantum Teleportation - Materialism (Matter generates Consciousness) vs. Idealism (Consciousness generates Matter)+ Evolution of life from energy to matter to human… to machine?!+ Is reincarnation a type of quantum teleportation?+ Effects of the Law of Correspondences: As Above, So Below; As Within, So Without+ “Maybe we’re just cells of a giant human sitting on a couch”+ Is the ONE source of human consciousness actually multiple?+ Thought-forms, Karma & addiction+ Battery-free cell phone - Li-fi: Light-based wireless signals instead of radio waves - Original Thinking and the subjective infinite singular consciousness + Balanced Intelligence (intellect + creativity = genius)+ Playing Life as Chess instead of Checkers+ Kris recommends Purple Carrot - Kris’ healthy diet and exercise kickCalling for listener support on Patreon! Your pledges help us grow. If you want to see better quality videos from InnerVerse, crowdfund us and it'll happen! You can also get rewards for pledging, like exclusive access to older episodes of the show, including the first ever episode where I spoke to Mr Kristopher for the first time. Infinite thanks and psychic high-fives for our loyal supporters! See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.9 - Igniting Hearts with Linda Clay (Intuitive Mentor & Strategist) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:54

How do I change my life so that I spend my time creating what I dream about instead of just surviving through nightmares? That's the primary question of this episode, and it's definitely one that should resonate with listeners. Join us for a conversation with life-mentor Linda Clay about how she has made her own transformation and is helping others do the same, each in their own unique way. If you're feeling altruistic, why not support InnerVerse on Patreon? We are 100% listener funded, no ads and no agendas. Give as much or as little as you wish! Eternal gratitude to those of you already pledging to the podcast! You will be rewarded in the next life with your choice between unlimited cotton balls or infinite high-fives. Pledge over at of our chat with Linda: topics:+ Our chance meeting with Linda on a plane from San Francisco to Phoenix+ Linda's background and personal trials that led to her awakening+ Strategies for rediscovering one's inner child and soul passions+ Getting direct, shared experiential evidence of a supernatural connection to passed on loved ones+ Conscious perspective re-alignment to learn from hardships and growMake sure to follow Linda for a constant stream of innovative motivation! https://lindamclay.comFacebook: See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.8 - Freedom to Fulfill Our True Natures ft. Daniel Belt (Life Coach) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:41:52

Independence Day just happened and so what better time than now to ponder the nature of personal freedom? Join us for a discussion with Life Coach/Mentor/Philosopher Daniel Belt as we explore various ideas related to aligning your Self with the forces that create and sustain our universe, and how this leads to true Original Thought. Subscribe to InnerVerse on iTunes! "The Secret History of the World" - Mark Booth - Why you should get a chlorine & chemical filtering shower-head (Amazon Link: Intrinsic qualities of water, bacteria and minerals, & how it affects the body+ Original thinking as the most important part of being a human being + Aligning with natural forces to benefit from them instead of being harmed+ The invulnerability of Truth+ Check out the personal journals of Leonardo Da Vinci -> Experimenting/Experiencing the principles of Natural Law+ The infinite value of the individual+ Distilling down to the Original Self+ Logos: the Wisdom of Mind-to-Mind interfacing+ Harmonizing personal truth with universal truth+ What is Natural Law? (Easy enough for a 5 year old)+ Health through fulfillment of one's true nature+ Putting physical health and athletic wellness first+ "Genius" is finding a way past your personal impossible obstacle+ The "Moment" of Truth and ACTING on realizations in the Now+ You can't negotiate with Biology+ Enthusiasm will always overcome exhaustion+ Getting away from identity politics and partisanship+ Harmonius Order through free individuals vs. dark order through control institutions+ The Daoist perspective of True Leadership+ Many hands make "light" work+ To be truly great individuals, we need one anotherThanks for listening, and extra big thanks to all of you who are pledged to support InnerVerse on Patreon. Because of your help, I am able to acquire new equipment as it's needed and keep improving this podcast every week.Go to to pledge and get some rewards, too! See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.7 - Defying Expectations ft. Flintwick a.k.a. Brady Cagle (With Exclusive Music Previews) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:46

Brady Cagle is an up an coming musician out of Arkansas, who pretty much does it all. Skillfully proficient in many instruments and styles, Brady performs live-looping music as a solo act, plays keyboard in a band called Deep Sequence, and also produces INSANE electronic music under the name Flintwick. Brady provided some awesome tunes he's been working on for us to enjoy in this episode, so I hope you enjoy the neuro-scrambling, bass squishing, freaky funk-ness.Find @flintwick music here: to InnerVerse on iTunes! Topics:+ Why you should get a chlorine & chemical filtering shower-head (Amazon Link: Brady's background as a lot kid (he's only 20)+ Going from dubstep to bluegrass and mandolin to whatever the fuck this Flintwick music is (it's so good)+ Brady explains creating some of the sounds and textures he uses+ Flow arts & toys that Brady's good at (dragon staff, poi, contact staff)+ Going to the school of real-life instead of college (I think Brady is a natural autodidact, a self-taught person)+ How to stay in the flow of daily practice and commitment to one's craft+ Performing as an introverted person+ Brady's musical influences, like Zebbler Encanti Experience ( and Emancipator ( The Floozies ( and moreThanks for listening, and extra big thanks to all of you who are pledged to support InnerVerse on Patreon. Because of your help, I am able to acquire new equipment as it's needed and keep improving this podcast every week.++Go to to pledge and get some rewards, too!++ See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.6 - Whole Heart Healing (Traumatic Brain Injury Documentary Preview) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:59

Haley and I just returned from a two week trip to California where we have been filming for a documentary that Haley is directing. The story is about our friends Colin and Fin, who have been working closely together for almost two years on Fin's recovery from a traumatic brain injury he suffered in a long-boarding accident. After being rendered paralyzed and unable to speak, Fin's family contacted their friend Colin who had previous experience with helping others recover from TBI. Together with Fin's family and his own, Colin has been able to lead the way for Fin back towards his old self. In this episode we recap all the fun things we did with these two awesome guys, from camping in the redwoods to climbing into an abandoned WW2 bunker on the coastal highway of California. No guest this episode! Just Haley and me recapping the incredible journey we've been on, and previewing what's to come with our film later this year. Thanks for listening, and extra big thanks to all of you who are pledged to support InnerVerse on Patreon. Because of your help, I am able to acquire new equipment as it's needed and keep improving this podcast every week.Go to to pledge and get some rewards, too!Music in this episode is by Kadela, featuring Adam Johnston on guitar.Check them out here! you next week! See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.5 - Syncrenlightenment - Santo Daime & Psychedelic Spirituality | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:18:58

Tyler, a member of the Santo Daime church of psychedelic healing, dropped by the studio to talk about his experiences with the organization. It was a fascinating chat about the potentials and realities of shamanistic tools such as Ayahuasca, and how religious symbol structures can be a useful scaffolding for bringing people to higher states of consciousness without strict dogma. Support InnerVerse by pledging on Patreon and I will make sure you get some cool rewards. Listener support is the only way this show grows! Thanks to my 46 (and counting) patrons so far! in this episode is by Barclay Crenshaw - See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.4 - Pac Strikes Back (#idontknowyoutellme) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:23:15

The Pacman is a smart dude I recently befriended (not the ravenous ghost fighting semicircle). He and his wife Amy, who I spoke with in episode 3.2, are genuine freedom fighters. Not violent revolutionaries, but activists of the heart and mind. As in, speaking with them will activate your heart and stimulate your mind big time! As it turns out, Pac has been involved with the truth seekers of these here internets in the past, but after betrayal by double agents like the operative who calls himself Alex Jones, and the building pressure of health problems, Pac went dark for a few years and focused on self-healing. Now he's back online, starting with our conversation here, and it's a mile-a-minute tour of various "conspiracy" issues that are worth investigating. I can't say I've done all the same research as he has, and I don't make any claims about the issues we discuss. Instead, I leave it to you to go find out for yourself. "I don't know, you tell me!"The Pacman's Website - me on Patreon! funky awesome music in this episode - Pure Colors: Topics & Links:  +Tooth soap from Opabox, Pac's company with his wife Amy -  +Fukushima nuclear disaster and weather modification -  +The story behind Pac's disappearance from web activism (spoiler: Alex Jones is not a good dude)  +Occult Numerology & Attacks/Disasters -  +Weather Manipulation -    -HAARP -    -Chemtrails -  +Iodine deficiancy -  +The Secret rollout of 5G networks -  +Jesuits and the Jihad against Earth -  +"Controlled Awakenings"  +Natural Law & Common Sense (same thing)  +The story about local police messing with Pac's kid recently  +Why you should teach others (especially your kids) what their rights are  +"Green Language" -  +Taxes are theft, you don't need a government to "provide" things  +Why is your name in all CAPITALS on "legal" documents?  +CIA in Panama -  +Mandela Effect and Luke 19:27 -  +CERN and the Internet -

 3.3 - Contacting The Unconscious ft. Matt Blystone (Theta Float Spa Owner) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:28:31

Matt is a radical dude who runs the sensory deprivation float spa in my hometown. We recently hung out to go to see a dream interpretation psychoanalyst give a lecture on Carl Jung and his work with dreams. It sparked us to contemplate the nature of dreams, our unconscious minds, and what the difference between lucidity and unconsciousness really is. It's a deep talk with a wise brother, and I am positive you'll enjoy it. His float spa is found at https://www.theta.lifePlease help me get new equipment and feed my cats by pledging support on Patreon. Thank you to all who listen to the show, and EXTRA thank you to my generous patrons!Topics and Links:Theta Float Spa (Matt's float joint) and sensory deprivation tanks - Sherwood PH. D. - Jungian Dream Analysis - variety of inner experiences people have while floatingIntegrating negative stories of one's past into positive realizationsLucid dream speculations and apocolyptic dreamsMartial arts, MMA & spiritualityMatt's boot camp experienceBook recommendation: Tribe - On Homecoming & Belonging by Sebastian Younger - of passage & secret societies (Freemasonry; Skull & Bones)- briefly touch on 9/11 truth and government lies -  Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth - and messages from the collective unconsciousMatt describes a dystopian future sci-fi novel he's writingThe singularity & AIStolen Burning Man Tickets & Buffalo Hugs (Matt's synchronicity story)The Law of Attraction - You get what you giveThe Seven Sermons to the Dead (by Carl Jung)-   Music in this episode: Dreamer's Delight - for listening! Please subscribe, share, and show love to yourself and others! :) See you next week. See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.2 - The Tooth Solution ft. Amy Savvenas (Opabar) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:35:33

Amy is a model human being. She expresses a harmonious balance between the physical, mental, and spiritual strengths that are within all of us. I wanted to speak with her because she has invented products that have changed my life for the better with her company, Opabox. In this episode, join Haley (my wife and co-host!) Amy, and myself as we explore the rabbit hole that is your mouth, and effective solutions to improving one's health, both orally and beyond. It's a fun and imformative conversation, especially regarding the chakra system in our bodies, which I explain in significant detail at the beginning of the show. For anyone who hasn't studied the chakra systems, you can learn about them here!Youtube Version:'s website: Check out and use coupon code "Opa" for a 10% discount!Support InnerVerse on Patreon because you love it! Chart: Topics:  How and why Opabars were invented  Wildcrafted ingredients explained  Chance's healing experience with Opabars    They reduce cold sensitivity and gum deterioration!  Why toothpaste is inferior to tooth soap  Flouride and the WW2 pharma-nazi connection  Opa flavors, colors and chakra healing  Tumeric: the super medicine!  "Oil Pulling" to detoxify the mouth and body  Getting past ignorance and doing the right thing  Why Opabars are great for travel and the environment  Combating the sad reality of younger (and older) people needing denchures  Amy's physical/spiritual journey to truth (and healthy eating)  The insanity of using PASTE to clean something, especially teeth!  Definition of Opa! (it means hooray!)  Potential secondary medicinal benefits of Opabars and the positive domino effect on health  Opabox's worldwide reach!  Looking at the possibilities of truth instead of the limitations of lies  3rd eye, flouride, and the opening of the pineal gland  Changing nueral pathways and creating new, good habits  The Declaration of Energy Independence (read at the end of the episode)Get amazing art and organic gear from my friend Marina at and use coupon code "innerverse" for 12% off at checkout!Music in this episode by METTA WAVE: out Lords of Consciousness for more interviews with people who are saving the world! See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.1 - The Divine Blueprint (Krystleyez - Visionary Artist) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:26:24

I'm incredibly excited to present this episode with Krystle Smith, known in the visionary art world as Krystleyez. I highly recommend you watch the YouTube version of this episode, so you can see some examples of her incredible work. I'm kicking off Season 3 with this episode because it's the epitome of what I like to do on InnerVerse. We talk metaphysics, sacred geometry, the nature of the divine and consciousness, and music festivals. Krystle is a heart centered person, who is totally connected to her own spirit of genius. We are lucky to have individuals like this pointing the way towards the unity of all things through their beautiful expressions. I hope you enjoy our conversation as much as I did.Topics:  -Planting trees on Arbor Day  -Fusing the energies of the Yin and Yang  -Creativity as a way of life  -Awakening the Imagination through transformational festivals  -Krystle's live painting career at magical music events  -Krystle's upcoming visit to Reincarnation Village at Electric Forest  -Kryslte's love for Rootwire Festival (She'll be painting there this year)  -Befriending caterpillars, moths, and an albino tarantula  -Seeing the unity in all life  -Discovering sacred geometry (MORE INFO ON  -Archetype, shape, and the code of realityInterested in the Hermetic Philosophy that I talked about in the Intro? This audiobook is a great resource for diving into positive occult philosophy. InnerVerse by pledging $1 or more on Patreon! Listener support is the only kind I've got! Many thanks to all who listen and who donate! in this episode: mioWnize See for privacy and opt-out information.


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