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Summary: InnerVerse is a podcast dedicated to prying open your Third Eye portal to the infinite and keeping you in perpetual synchronicity. Join Chance Garton for inspired interviews with conscious creators from all paths. INjoy conversations that recognize your limitless potential, and pierce beyond the veils of illusion to bring you into sovereignty and creative freedom. Tune in to respect and celebrate life's core Truth: that we are all One Consciousness, expressing itself through our individual uniqueness. See for privacy and opt-out information.

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 4.7 - "Peace, Love & Animals" with Greg Cipes (Voice of Beast Boy from Teen Titans) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:11

Greg Cipes loves everybody, regardless of what species they may be. An extremely creative individual, Greg has worked on cartoons, movies, TV shows, and he's performed as a professional surfer and musician. With his presence in any type of media, Greg brings a high-energy and loving perspective, and this podcast is no exception. With his best friend Wingman at his side, who is also a radical dog, Greg uses the magic of words to express how we can find joy in simplifying life to the essentials of taking care of our physical, mental and spiritual well-being, and how this process breaks down the cultural programming that traps people into an illusion of separation from source-consciousness. Entertainment doesn't have to be empty, and in this episode we prove it!Watch this episode on Youtube to see Greg and Wingman in all their glory!Follow Greg online!GregCipes.comGreg's Youtube ChannelGreg on TwitterGreg on InstagramEpisode Topics - View on IP Website Greg talks about his life with his dog Wingman amid the throngs of humanity at Venice Beach, CA Making friends with all kinds of people regardless of their income status Getting off the phone--The energetic damage we self-inflict with technology addictions Finding joy in simplifying life Booyakasha! - An ancient Irish exclamation meaning "all glories to the most high" - which is also the teenage mutant ninja turtle's new rallying cry thanks to Greg! The magic of words and casting your vision with the right thoughts, speech and action Avoiding finite definitions and decisions, the Wu-Wei path of active non-action Breaking out of family and culture's programming and becoming a blank slate and therefore open and free to receive and become what your soul desires Nothing real can be threatened and nothing unreal can exist Change starts from within and spreads out to the world in layers "You need to be selfish, so you can be overflowing with love and abundance for others." "The most important decision you can make in your life, every day, is what you put in your mouth." The vital importance of surrounding yourself with others who aspire to be mentally, physically and spiritually healthy Finding balance in the reciprocity of giving and asking for help Greg shares thought about Osho and his tremendous wisdom i Ching reading for the episode: 22 - Grace How the energy of substance abuse shows up in physical life as experiences Greg's raw vegan recipe videos - Cipes Super Food Salad Greg gives brilliant reasons to stop eating animals How gut bacteria create food cravings more than actual personal preference The dark unity of toxicity created by cabals of controllers and how animal murder energizes that apparatus of evil Things Greg hates: leaf blowers, car sounds, & cigarettes Gaining super powers by learning to co-create with reality and the power of fully utilizing the body with disciplines such as Kundalini Yoga How idolizing super heroes robs us of our imagination and true human powers, and sells it back to us as crappy entertainment "If you really want to find peace... be your breath." Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ and support your favorite podcast while getting sweet rewards! the song at the end of the episode? Look up Greg's band, Cipes & The People, for more uplifting tunes!Background music in this episode is from Itzadragon. See for privacy and opt-out information.

 4.6 - Self-Health with Kyler Brown (Elderberry & CBD Education) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:56

My good friend Kyler dropped by the studio for a chat about natural self healing medicines that are scientifically proven to have a big impact on keeping our bodies balanced. With experience in the elderberry, CBD and medicinal cannabis fields, Kyler has tons of information to share about these easily integrated methods of keeping yourself well.Check out the companies Kyler works with for resources on these medicines! Bloem CBDs THC Firm Elderberry Depot Episode Topics (More on IP Website): The difference between harmful helping and helpful helping Being inspired by others but not influenced Marketing madness and the trickiness of getting truth to the people Elderberry winery raided by FDA (Wyldwood Cellar) Elaboration on the endo-cannabanoid system The ignorant destructiveness of the animal sacrifice cult in the name of carnism and scientific experimentation The barrier of the knowledge gap in philosophical discourse Health benefits of elderberry explained in depth Liposomal Vitamin C and how awesome it is CBD health benefits Raphael Mechoulem: A cannabanoid researcher worth checking out. Chance interviewed on The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast InnerVerse T-Shirts with new Sun & Moon Logo Design Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon!Get early access to shows, monthly hangouts, and extended episode content while supporting this podcast project!Music in this episode:Create Culture - Vibratory FieldsSpirals - Ancient Instruments & Today's Electronica See for privacy and opt-out information.

 4.5 - Flowing with the Flow ft. Ethan Indigo Smith (Author) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:15:14

Ethan Indigo Smith is a spiritual rebel who helps others find personal sovereignty through his many excellent books on spirituality, meditation and society. The episode focused primarily on the theory and practice of meditation, and is so jam-packed with invaluable insights and terrific techniques that I can hardly believe it all fit into an hour. There are infinite ways to think about nothing, and in this talk we cover some of the most transformative ideas and concepts that one could ever contemplate.Find Ethan Indigo Smith online: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Minds  You can find Ethan's books on Amazon and they're available for e-readers!  And you can also check out his blog at Wake Up World Books: The Geometry Of Energy: How To Meditate 108 Steps To Be In The Zone The Little Green Book of Revolution Episode Topics (View on IP Website) + Self-Directed Placebo Effect -> Using Imagination to Learn To Feel One's Internal Energy+ Evidence that consciousness influences material reality+ The Universal and Spiritual Language of Mathematics+ Tricking Your Inner Trickster Into Helping You+ Transferring the posture of yoga and meditation into life+ The Geometry of Energy -> Point, Line, Plane, Solid+ Many ways to Focus on the Point -> Yantras, Mantras, Asanas, Mandalas+ Opposing the "I don't know/I don't care" culture+ Ethan's Adventures in Sedona, AZ that inspired him to write The Geometry of Energy+ The artist as righteous rebel+ The lost wise monkey called Do No Evil (or Fear No Evil) - He holds his dantien (abdominal region)+ Changing up postures and practices to prevent discomfort & stagnation+ The Tai-Chi concept of always moving from our center point+ The innumerable health and energy benefits of grounding -> connecting your bare feet to the earth+ Healing human relations through conscious awareness of life's singular unity+ Wisdom from Bruce Lee: "The stillness within stillness is not the real stillness; only when there is stillness in movement does the universal rhythm manifest."+ Practicing calmness in a metaphorical burning building.+ Mentally, Emotively and Physically posturing yourself for success (practicing this will trick your body into producing good chemicals instead of bad ones).+ How mindfulness practices help one use less mental energy and therefore feel more rested at all times+ Getting comfortable with the breaking part of breakthroughs.+ Infinite methods to think about nothing.+ Balancing our Self by balancing our breath (inhale, exhale & pause of equal lengths).+ Mindfully considering the Walter Russell philosophy of Rhythmic Balanced Interchange. Plus+ Extension (Subscribe!) As if this episode wasn't epic enough already, in the Plus+ Extension we take things from mindful to magical. The real wizards-in-training out there won't want to miss the ideas that come up because a true initiate knows that one's power is only limited by their imagination, so expand yours today by signing up for IP Plus+! Abraxis and the physics of how stillness creates motion, or nothingness creates everythingness.+ The Secret of 70% & the paradox of Relaxed Effort.+ Being a seeker instead of a believer.+ Ethan's history of shifting between life in New York and life far out in the country.+ Maintaining the perspective of the outsider to cultivate awareness of awareness.+ Practicing your ability to feel Chi, which is your life force energy.+ Expanding the boundaries of the imagination as it correlates to increases in consciousness.+ Getting into the physical posture that supports your desired mental posture, like making yourself smile more, or using mudras (hand gestures that impact your meridians and mindstates).+ Buddhist monks doing Tai-Chi long forms with their hands to reduce the suffering and ignorance of others+ The hands as a microcosmic representation of the body.+ The infinite distance between ourselves and perfection, and the journey that never ends.Music in this Episode Seamoon - The Center of the Mandala  Symbolico - Symbolic Expression See for privacy and opt-out information.

 4.4 - The Source of Inspiration with Matt Presti | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:31

Matt Presti is the current president of the University of Science and Philosophy. In this episode we discuss the dynamics of self-discovery and divinely inspired illumination by exploring the ideas of great thinkers like Walter Russell, Nicola Tesla, and other spiritual avatars of history. Matt's strong grasp on philosophy makes him a powerful teacher of self-directed development, and his eclectic artistic expressions range from musical masterpieces to video presentations, and that's just the tip of the Presti-burg. For sure one of my favorite episodes of IP yet and you won't want to miss it if you're looking for a little inspiration yourself.See more of Matt's work at MattPresti.comCheck out Matt's music and philosophy videos online! These are a great resource for the aspiring idealist philosopher. Enroll in the University of Science and Philosophy at https://philosophy.orgEpisode Topics (View on IP Website) The connection between art and science     The Divine Illumination of Walter Russell: The Secret of Light     Definitions of Source: Perfect Stillness & All Knowing     Unlocking the Genius within     Integrating horizontal sensing with vertical knowing     The illusory nature of the motion universe     How knowing proceeds creating     The meaning of divine illumination and beings who may have attained it     The limited but beneficial potential of psychedelics to teach one to tap into source     Channeling music from dreams into recorded track     The story of Walter Russell's spontaneous realization of cosmic consciousness at the age of 49 in the year 1921     To express the authentic self is the purpose of existing     Matt's mission leading the university of science and philosophy     "In the wave lies the secret of creation"     How materialism causes pollution in both the earth and especially human relations Graphic of the Cross of AwarenessIf you want double the episode content and other subscriber perks, subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon!This episode had a wealth of wonderful topics that are exclusive to the Plus+ Extension, you won't want to miss Matt's ideas on "raising vibrations" because I bet you've never thought about it in quite this way before.Plus+ Extension Topics:    +   Conceptualization of the thought structure of the creator+   The fulcrum of equilibrium for manifesting the higher mind    +   Becoming "nonjective" instead of subject/object deluded    +   The dynamics of self-development    +   Why we are geared for original thought instead of group think    +   Transcending hedonism within festival culture and creating paths to truth   +   The physics explanation of why "raising your vibrations" is more dangerous than enlightening    +   The absurdity of what's really going on at the Large Hadron CollidorMusic in this episode is by Matt Presti! See for privacy and opt-out information.

 4.3 - The Rabbit Whole with Peter Marek (Jewelrycrafter) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:08:26

Have you ever seen something so cool that you had to try and make it for yourself? That's how Peter Marek got into creating wire wraps and other forms of jewelry, and he's a great example of how following the whims of your passions can lead you to create a beautiful and unique life through imagination. In this episode we talk about where Peter's craftsmanship has taken him since we last spoke way back in Season 1 of IP.Check out Peter's work online: See video of this episode: EPISODE TOPICS ( Shifting focus from custom orders to personal expression+ The variety of skills Peter has been learning+ Why independent creators belong on Steemit+ Turning scraps into unique art+ Peter shows off projects and his studio+ Finding a job that supports your passion+ Prioritizing art over social comfort+ Finding the proper pace while going with the flow+ How artists decide their own identity+ The story of how peter got into making jewelry+ Festival synchronicity and self initiated rites of passageAnd tons more in the Plus+ Extension!Want the full length version of this chat? Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ for extended episodes, early access, live hangout chats and much more!Music in this episode: Umphrey's See for privacy and opt-out information.

 4.2 - Stopping the Doom Train with Ross Cessna (Host of The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:11

As life progresses, we all feel the steady assault on our sanity that modern society has unleashed, and it's often been said that everyone these days is "a little crazy in their own way." The creative individual knows that madness and genius are but sides of the same coin, that by going through our traumas and neurosis and directly confronting them, we come out the other side with a new spiritual self awareness. Ross Cessna of the Spiritual Phoenix podcast is no stranger to the reality of mental illness, but has realized that to be sane in an insane world is really a form of insanity itself, and has dedicated himself to being the change the world needs, starting with Self-Healing and reflecting the journey to others by way of podcasting.The Spiritual Phoenix Podcast(Available on iTunes and many other platforms)Episode Topics (more at Hereditary paranormal awareness+ Positively framing the loco-motion of life+ Tarot: "XII The Hanged Man"+ Filling the hungry void inside oneself with Truth+ Balance and boundaries with giving and self-care+ Ross recounts ripples from childhood events and the mentality of addiction+ Psychedelic rites of passage & shamanic data download+ Walter Russell - The Secret of Light+ Projecting into other selves+ Opening the door to psychedelic reality without substances+ Knowing and being instead of thinking and trying+ More about the Spiritual Phoenix podcast's mission+ The Truth about Magic: it's the alteration of one's consciousness through a symbolic act of Will+ Everything is still, so chill+ Reading of the poem "Time Works Like Acid" by Jim MorrisonGet the full length episode by donating to IP on Patreon!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ Plus+ Extension Topics+ Giving up the idea of "fixing" others and working on the Self instead+ Magic as the synthesis of art and science+ Self-initiation into higher truths+ The reality that nobody is control of reality+ Meditation, The left and right brain and finding balance+ Chance explains why he cut off his gorgeously nappy dreadlocksMusic in this episode: Wu Wei See for privacy and opt-out information.

 4.1 - Anarcho-Veganism with Kenny Palurintano | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:14

Season 4 of IP kicks off with a conversation about the convergence between veganism and anarchy. Kenny Palurintano is a traveling teacher who helps communities to integrate solutions to society's problems, especially in the kitchen. Don't miss this consciousness expanding episode!Check out Kenny's work at Kenny's Conscious Kitchen See our smiling beard-faces in the video version of this episode. Glorious!Episode Topics (more at  The quest to be the change that the world needs+  Law of Attraction and Taking Action+  Crypto-currency from an Anarchy perspective+  The wrongness of taxation+  Corporate fiction and the straw man conspiracy+  Knowledge of Nature and Self as the keys to Life+  Kenny's psychedelic journey to veganism+  Consciousness, epigenetic evolution and the reshaping of reality through imagination+  Toxic mental and physical diet - the cornerstones of mind control+  Why you can't outsource personal responsibility+  Anarchapulco - Make Anarchy Great Again! - for more? Double your weekly dose of InnerVerse by subscribing to Plus+ today! For your voluntary donation you'll gain access to a plethora of perks, early access to episodes and extended content, nearly twice as much podcasting pleasure for your ear holes! this Plus+ extension we get more of Kenny's personal story and sychronistic events in his life, an explanation of cooking as a flow state, and mucho metaphysical mindfulness of the connection between present moment awareness and the imagination. Music in this episode: Martin's Garden See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.30 - Becoming the Legendary Version of YourSelf with Jamie Seed (Festie Photographer) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:15

This episode is all about getting the universe to conspire in your favor by fearlessly and creatively forging your own path through life. Jamie Seed makes his second appearance on IP to close out Season 3 with some heartfelt reflection on the creative community of magical festival folk of which he's a central character, as a renowned photographer of uncommon skill and imagination.See Jamie's work at Episode Topics (more at  + Living with purpose  + Collecting eclectic hobbies to avoid stagnation  + The conscious field that connects all  + Wakarusa and the mythos of psychedelic rites of passage  + Music festivals, flow arts, and the archaic revival  + Responsibility for self-defense and non-aggression  + The deeper meaning behind the Santa Claus lie  + Disneyfication of materialism in culture  + Touching base with the infinite  + The Apophatic Golden Rule: Don't do to others what you wouldn't want done to you  + And more in the Plus+ Extension!Double your dose of InnerVerse!SUBSCRIBE TO PLUS+ FOR HUGE EPISODE EXTENSIONS, EARLY ACCESS, LIVE HANGOUTS AND MORE! Extension Topics:+ Repeating truth into the zero-point field to defeat the dictatorship of lies+ Jamie's last year of teaching photography+ What makes a good festival and Jamie's involvement with Deadhead Productions+ How life repeats your lessons until you learn to care about your perspective on them+ Memory as an aspect of the unified field and thus being potentially limitless+ The magical life of living out of a camper and bouncing between festivals and state parksMusic This Episode: Soohan See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.29 - Evolving With Conscious Intent ft. Ura Soul ( | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:16

The being known in this dimension as Ura Soul has returned to InnerVerse for a conversation about how we direct our own evolution in positive directions. By living from the perspective of the heart, we can ditch the programming and start consciously steering our experiences towards what we intend for the greatest good. Plenty of discussion on crypto-currency, removing cruelty from our behavior patterns, and the ups and downs of Steemit and other new social media options, this episode is sure to be great. See a snazzy video version of this episode.Ura Soul has created a space for heart-balancing social media, come create a profile and share! https://www.ureka.orgCheck out the wonderfully conscious blogs by Ura Soul on Steemit! And while you're at it, why not join Steemit and start your crypto-currency adventure?Ura Soul On SteemitInnerVerse on SteemitEpisode Topics: ( - Anarcho-capatalist, cryptocurrency backed social media+ Compassionate Anarchy and solutions to the brutal game of social monopoly known as commerce+ Overcoming fear and realizing the infinite value of the individual+ Evolution as a personal act of will instead of a product of random external forces+ Debunking the myth that giving up meat will make your brain weak+ Artificial Intelligence and the suppression of the divine feminine+ And tons more in the Plus+ Extension!Double your dose of InnerVerse by subscribing to Plus+ and getting HUGE episode extensions, early access, live hangouts and more! Extension Topics:+ Meditation as the tool for overcoming the illusion of time, and many thoughts on techniques and effects.+ "Green language" integrative understanding of words by their parts+ Speculations on the origins of imbalance in universal and human consciousnesses+ Reflecting on the notion that instead of being drops in an ocean of Life, that we are the entire ocean embodiedMusic In This Episode: Imagika Om See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.28 - Crypto-Culture: Creating Trusting Communities ft. Tim Coomber (Founder of Network 99) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:08:53

Tim Coomber is an adventuring artist from Scotland who is innovating new forms of digital community and human connection through his imagination and passion for creativity. He is the founder of Network99, a social media platform for free expression and a platform for quality art to be valued by an online tribe. He also hosts the podcast Life Is People and frequently interviews up-and-coming positive change makers in the world. This is a very spirited conversation about how our society is changing, and the personal responsibility that will be required to ensure that it changes for the better.Join Network99! (Social Media for Creatives) Is People (Podcast)Episode 3.28 Video VersionEpisode Notes (  + Modifying our behavior through increasing self awareness  + The new Renaissance of human creativity coinciding with the rise of the dark new world order  + Artificial intelligence compared to the infinite inner potential of the sovereign individual  + The power of illuminating your personal environment with a continual creative expression  + Dual pillars of unity consciousness: Dionysian ecstasy as compared to the surrender to Truth, and the middle path between them  + Morality, health and discipline as the keys to creative freedom  + Truth as a oral tradition throughout history by necessity  + Brehon Law - Ancient Irish code of ethics based in Natural Law principles  + The amazing abilities of our ancestors that we have traded for modern conveniences  + Abandonment trauma as a root cause of our collective human issues  + Cryptocurrency positive potentials and dangersJoin InnerVerse Plus+ and get huge episode extensions, early access, and more!   Plus+ Extension  + Origins and modern status of "intelligence agencies" as networks for dark sorcerers   + More speculation about ancient human abilities and our natural potentials  + Thoughts on living in a world that rewards creativity over conformity  + The simple truth that when we are engaged with our inner creative process , we are not destroying each other  + Conscious anarchy eliminating the need for meritocracy and oligarchy  + Redefining the concept of honor to help create a free and trusting society  + Modern humanity as a swarm that needs to reconnect to basic respect and tribal empathyMusic in this Episode - Wisdom Traders See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.27 - The Phoenix Spirit with Linda Clay (Intuitive Mentor & Strategist) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:44

Linda Clay is a seasoned veteran of the trials and tribulations of life, and spends her time building up others so that they too can withstand the battering forces of loss, grief, and heartache that life throws our way. By empowering other women to chase their passions fearlessly, Linda has been instrumental in many people's transformations from "I can't" to "I will." It's a great continuation of our last episode together and I hope it helps you connect with the spiritual phoenix within!Linda Clay - WebsiteLinda on FacebookEpisode Notes & Links -  + Linda's last appearance on InnerVerse   + The difference between unnecessary suffering and the hardships that make us stronger  + Just because everyone has good in them doesn't mean everyone is a good person  + Society's tendency to rush people through the process of grieving for lost loved ones  + Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)  + Keeping the psychic door open to recognize signs and messages from the departed  + Meditation Application = Calm -  + Remembering our lost loved ones with rituals that remind us of them  + Facing the unknown with curiosity instead of fear  + Making the unconscious mind your helper instead of hater  + Seeing the greater meaning in the tapestry of your life experiences  + Looking at the negative doesn't attract it unless there's fear  + The power of face to face communication to defeat unconscious fear--using compassion!  + Open-heart sharing as the cure for sound-byte single-serving disposable culture  + and tons more in the Plus+ Extension!Dive Deeper Into Your InnerVerse!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreonfor extended episodes, early access, and plenty more patron perks! this episode - Emancipator See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.26 - The Positive Podcaster with Brandon Beachum (Host of the Positive Head Podcast) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:24

Brandon Beachum is the high-energy host of an incredibly inspirational podcast called The Positive Head. With a five-day-a-week episode schedule, Brandon is no stranger to the practices and mindsets that are necessary to stay in a positive intention flow of creativity. In this episode we find many reflections between ourselves and discuss the nuances of spiritual evolution and how to best assist humanity in their own consciousness ascension.See this episode in full video glory on YoutubeFind The Positive Head Podcast at Topics & Notes ( Our shared love of Chris Dyer (we have the same shirt) #chrisdyerisgod+ Agreement that podcasting is the perfect medium for learning about the self+ The magic of using podcasts to change your thoughts and therefore your reality+ Expressing Unity Consciousness in infinite ways to help raise up the rest of our human family+ No matter how far down the path you go, there will always be eternity left to unfold - so keep your humility!+ How we teach best what we ourselves need to learn+ Setting your vibrational tone every day with positive intention+ Intuiting the next step in your infinite to-do list+ Instead of saying "I've got to do something" say "I GET to do things!"+ The link between imagination and intuitive abilities+ Remembering your eternal connection to truth and source/unity consciousness+ The philosophical good and evil and how they add to the creation of novelty+ Positive Head Podcast listeners who became Podcasters -The Spiritual Phoenix PodcastI AM Goddess Collective Podcast+ Intellect tries to change the world, wisdom works to change the self+ Brandon's thoughts on how to face the extreme shadow that exists in or culture+ Fight evil with unconditional love and innovative solutions and to problems instead of beating a war drum of judgment against it+ "What Fear Really Is And How to End It!" By Ura Soul - A musing on the nature of fear (False Evidence Appearing as Reality)Dive Deeper Into Your InnerVerse!Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreonfor extended episodes, early access, and plenty more patron perks! Extension Topics:  + Brandon explains some of the profound things learned from guests on his show  + The possibility that people in our lives who we perceive as difficult are some of the dearest and closest to us on a soul level from lifetime to lifetime  + Synchronicity about Brandon's birthday, business, betrayal and forgiveness  + Brandon's thoughts on psychedelics and entheogenic plant medicines  + The children's book version of the story of the fall of mankind into matter  + And plenty more about the dynamics of fear, control, love and freedom!Music in this episode by @Datakrash See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.25 - The Stars Are Within Us ft. Amma Li Grace | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:49

Amma Li Grace is one half of the mystical musical duo known as Entheo. She is also a teacher of astrology and the Gene Keys system of correspondences through her videos online. In this conversation from 11/11/17, we speak about ditching comfort and diving in to the darkest parts of ourselves to find the fuel we need to burn away and reveal our higher self potentials.Find Amma Li Grace Online with these links:More about Gene Keys Gene Key of The Day - Amma Li Grace Music - ENTHEOFull Episode Notes & Links at: Topics & Links:   + Correspondence between life patterns and astronomical movements   + Gaining spiritual context for physical life through holographic representation in the stars   + The power of enhanced awareness to direct personal spiritual and life evolution   + Getting comfortable with the uncomfortable   + Enlightenment as a shadow destroying process; quitting that which is harmful is more important than any other action   + Link "Cleaning Up the Space Between Us" Amma Li Grace   + 11/11 11:11 intention prayer to transform interFEARance into coHEARance   + Amma's Transmission Art Community called OneDoorLand   + Transmission from source consciousness = Transmission Art   + "The Memory Code" Ancient memory technology at sacred sites -   + Book Link - The Memory Code   + Book Link - "Gene Keys"   + "Terma" (Buddhist Concept) - various forms of hidden teachings   + Gene Keys connection to the I Ching explained   + Specific traits of people based on their exact day of birth   + The Sabien Symbols (zodiac)   + Archtypical Acupuncture - using laser sharp language to reflect the human psyche   + DNA frequency and Gene Keys and mystical spirit science   + Improvised music as a method of self realization   + Theo and Amma's music: ENTHEO   + Amma Li Grace on Patreon    + And more on the Plus+ extension!Want more?Subscribe to InnerVerse Plus+ on Patreon for longer episodes AND early access! Extension Topics:  + More ideas about interference and coherence  + Entheo's history and current direction  + Universal Axiom: Greater Moral Wisdom = Greater Creative Freedom  + Renouncing authority culture and the celebrity of the artist  + Learning not to judge yourself harshly in comparison to the accomplishments of others  + Gene Keys: The Golden Path Sequence  + Remembering your childhood trauma and the "sacred wound" to reintegrate fractured parts of Self See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.24 - Sailing The Sea of Information with Japhy (#WPRPN) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:24

Japhy is a podcasting pirate who scours the high digital seas to help bring wealth to those who are in need, but not in a stealing way. Through projects like Operation Secret Santa and other efforts he puts forth online in connecting people, Japhy has influenced many more charitable acts than the average scallywag. In this episode we speak about his process and the backstory of his World Pirate Radio Podcast Network, the secrets of Operation Secret Santa, and some of Japhy's spiritual side as well.In the Plus+ extension we talk about Japhy's exodus from Canada to South Korea, some of the problematic cultural attitudes that exist in both places, and a long discussion about the oppressive nature of Government, numerous mind control tactics and programs, and the necessity of true personal sovereignty and external anarchy. As usual, the real juicy stuff is in the Plus+ extension, so sign up today for access to all extended episodes and bonus content!Japhy Ryder Links:+ World Pirate Radio Podcast Network (WPRPN™)+ WPRPN On Minds+ WPRPN ON YOU-TUBE+ Japhy's Blog+ Japhy Ryder on MindsShow notes:  (more on  +Chance's appearance on WPRPN Episode 77  +Synergy between conscious broadcasters  +The history of World Pirate Radio Broadcast Network  +Operation Secret Santa – calling all hands for help in this charity venture!  +Minds Group Link  +Facebook Group Link  +The Principle of Volunteerism  +Japhy's looking for a news correspondent for WPRPN  +Jimmy Church's Up And Coming Podcaster Contest -  +Importance of Grassroots Media  +Getting voices out there that aren't often shared!  +The dark night of the podcaster's soul trying to figure out how to make things work by yourself!  +10,000 hours to mastery  +Shoutout to @SatoriD and @adammillwardart on Minds  +Cutting through the illusion of seperation with the connection of technology  +Seperating the wheat from the chaffe with spiritual teachings  +Let your conscience be your guide  +Operation Secret Santa Explained  +Positive charity stories from Operation Secret Santa  +Japhy's adventures wearing a swastika necklace  (the postive ancient spiritual symbol not the nazi logo)  +Symbolic corruption confusing contexts  +And LOTS more in the Plus+ Extension! In This Episode: Owlboy Theme (Savant Remix)The Covenant - Mike | Taylor X FahjahPlus+ Extension Topics  +Why Facebook is evil and controlling  +Japhy's reasons for moving out of Canada to South Korea and avoiding flights  +Korea's terrible cultural outlook on plant medicines  +Government and mind control programs (a lengthy discussion on history and possible bloodlines involved in controlling humanity!)  +And a visit from Captain Long John Sinclair! See for privacy and opt-out information.

 3.23 - Healing Addictions with Art ft. Adam Millward ( | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:09:32

I present to you Adam Millward, mandala maker, personality, and visionary artist. This is a conversation about the transformation power that one can tap into when engaging with creative passions. We speak about turning addictions into artistry, and riff on metaphysics, consciousness, psychedelics and sychronicity. Throw in some delicious banter about visionary artists like Alex and Allyson Grey and Chris Dyer and you have a recipe for a real trip of an episode.Subscribe to InnerVerse on iTunes - Adam's Mandalas: https://www.nexusvisions.comFull Episode Notes & Links: Topics:  +Adam's journey from working in a call center to full time mandala artist  +Directing one's own spiritual evolution  +Leveling up through daily practice  +Finding fulfillment from creative work instead of standard jobs  +Putting positive intention into artwork  +Spontaneous emotional healing through experiencing art  +Channeling multidimensional sychronicities encoded in mandala geometry  +Unplugging from the negativity matrix and plugging in to the Infinite Self  + - A free speech alternative to Facebook censorship and propaganda  +Alex Grey's conscious community at COSM (Chapel of Sacred Mirrors)-  +Dreaming of creating a psychedelic art temple  +Connecting with a community to subvert the unsustainable society system  +Streamlining personal needs to be able to make a living from art  +Visionary art influencing party culture and transforming it  +Knowing when you've found your passion and what that looks like  +#chrisdyerisgod - Chris Dyer's Positive Creations -  +Supporting other's art and how it draws more creative energy into one's life  +The moral quandary of engaging in the practice of competitive commerce  +And more in the Plus+ extension! - episode has something special for you loyal Patrons. Going forward, I will be creating episodes that extend beyond an hour into an extra 30 to 60 minutes of interview, which will be exclusive "Plus" content, only accessible through Patreon. Patrons will also get early access to shows, before the main episode goes out. Please let me know what you think of this idea and I hope you enjoy the episode!Plus+ Extension Topics:  +Adam's near death experience and how it changed his life and his relation to psychedelics  +Leaving recreational psychedelic use behind and bringing unity consciousness into normal life  +Adam explains his perspective on the Infinite  +The metaphysics of Rick and Morty  +Musing on microdosing  +Discussion of modern research on LSD and magic mushrooms  +Visionary abilities and diet/fasting  +Gut bacteria and possible effects on consciousness  +Healing unconscious addictions by replacing them with conscious activities  +Social media pros and cons and how Minds is superior to Facebook  +Sympathy for shit postersMusic in this episode:The Funk Hunters & Chali 2na - "FUNK BACK"Man Of No Ego & Logical Elements - "The Original"Man Of No Ego - "Central Source" See for privacy and opt-out information.


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