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Summary: Being a SuperDad is not about being perfect. It's about having a growth mindset and striving to become the very best version of ourselves. Each week we interview our SuperHero guests about how they deal with the everyday pressures of being a parent, partner, and provider. We discover new ways to further develop our real life skills. We learn new strategies to help us to make massive growth. Subscribe now, listen in, and become an active part of our world-wide community of SuperDads. Now without further ado... Let's get on with the show!


 #45 Parenting Modern Teens With Louise Clarke | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:00:04

Experts say that the interactions between parents and their children are more often about the way in which the parent responds than about behaviour. And that is why it's vitally important that we understand our patterns and triggers so we can work on changing them. If we can understand the trigger, the pattern, and be aware of the story we create around it, then we can do the work to move through it. Until we can shift out of a triggered mindset, the blame we put on our kids FOR triggering us will continue to sever our connection to them. This is an excerpt from a book called Parenting The Modern Teen written by our guest on The SuperDad Show, Louise Clarke. Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show.

 #44 The Integral Alpha With George Katsiouras | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:49:51

The true definition of a powerful man is...A man who defines himself. When your goals, actions, and results come from an extension of your values and character you become more powerful, when they don't you create the illusion of power. Today we are joined by the man who wrote this, George Katsiouras. He is the founder of The Integral Alpha, which, essentially helps men to become iresistable to love, and live from a place of integrity. Some of the questions covered on this podcast: •What does the word power mean in relation to being a powerful man? •What are the strong values that George feels are important for men to express to the world? •If every man is inherently powerful and it's not learnt, it's revealed, how is power revealed to us? •How does a Dad who has been burnt by his previous relationship with the mother of his children, who is perhaps experiencing a lot of trauma and insecurities now, regain his confidence to put himself out there and try again, without making the same mistakes again? •What are the two things to base partner selection on? •What are the 4 things that are necessary for men and their partner to have for a successful relationship? •What is George's advice to Dads who have lost everything financially? Had a failed business that has sent their family into a place of major financial hardship? •Why should we celebrate our wins and become our greatest encourager? •What are the 6 levels of powerlessness? •How can we communicate more effectively with our partner? •What drove George to become a dating coach, tantric teacher, learn NLP, and deep dive into personal development of many different forms? Join George's Facebook group, Integral Alpha here: Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. If you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at If you're a Dad, join our Closed Facebook Group now at

 #43 Emotion Coaching With Stephanie Wicker | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:15

Stephanie Wicker is a child behaviour expert, parenting educator, counsellor and speaker - who has successfully guided families through early childhood for over 15 years. Through her experience with private consultancy, as a preschool teacher and special needs therapist - she has worked across the many facets of early childhood behaviour. Stephanie's evidence-based programs are grounded in behaviour science and her passion for Relational Frame Theory (RFT), Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) and developmental psychology all play a big role in her programs. Let's get the big words out of the way first... •What on earth is Relational Frame Theory and Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and how do they relate to parenting? •Breaking the behaviour management wheel by introducing emotion coaching •Acting not reacting to the behaviours of our kids •Understanding the brain and why kids (and adults) flip their lid •Small stressors that trigger our emotional brain cause a fight/flight response •Separating our child from their emotional response and not taking things so personal •What to do when kids push our buttons •The brains No. 1 job is to keep us safe •What does it mean to be an emotion coach? •How do we teach our kids to deal with failure and adopt a growth mindset? •The 3 step strategy that Stephanie uses to teach her client to check in with their emotions •Are you like me and too quick sometimes to jump in and try to fix things for others? •Practice a willingness to feel how they feel •Create a bridge for them to cross •Following the emotions we want to feel •What are Jarrod's Top 5 Family Values and why? •Stephanie's building blocks for raising resilience in our kids •Helping our kids navigate the big questions of life •Family time and how to make the most of it •Quality VS Quantity •Meeting our kids where they are at and enjoying their interests with them •10 minutes of playing with our child is more therapeutic than 10 minutes of journalling To get in touch with Stephanie, you can go to her website or follow her on social media. Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. If you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at If you're a Dad, join our Closed Facebook Group now at

 #42 All The Rage With Darcy Lockman | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:32

Why do so many good Dads think they're doing enough around the home and their wives don't? If you were to take a stab at it, out of 100, what would you say is the amount that you do around your home compared to your wife? Making sure there is food in the fridge, healthy cooking is done, the kids have clean clothes, your kitchen and floors aren't a breeding ground for nasties, school fees are paid, bills aren't left overdue, and permission slips are returned so your kids don't miss out on their school excursion? Now go ahead and ask your wife like I did. Today we are talking to Darcy Lockman. She recently released a book called All the Rage: Mothers, Fathers, and the Myth of Equal Partnership. She is advocating on behalf of Mothers everywhere for a 50/50 split in parental and household chores when both parents work. According to studies, the average Dad is only doing around 35%, and women are quietly (or maybe not so quietly in your home) holding resentment that is affecting relationships. This is an important episode for both Mums and Dads to listen to. It will hopefully open up a tough conversation that needs to be had for the benefit of our home lives. If you're interested in learning more, you can order Darcy's book here: Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. If you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at If you're a Dad, join our Closed Facebook Group now at

 #41 Mind Power Training With Nick Emms | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:06

On this episode, we are joined by SuperDad member Nick Emms, who opens up about the massive growth that occurred for him after breaking up with the mother of his children. We learn about Nick's life journey including: •Where Nick was born. •How he dealt with his Dad's expectations being different to his own. •What happened when Nick met an Australian girl in the UK and moved to Australia to be with her. •How he dealt with the breakup of his relationship •Being alienated from his family and the impact on Nick. •How Nick learnt to defeat his own worst enemy, and become his best friend. •Learning to meditate and look inwards. •What it was like being in Nick's head in the depths of depression over his breakup. •How he replaced his negative thoughts with gratitude for the smallest and largest of things. •Focusing on his passions and rediscovering himself through art, writing and study. •How Nick learnt to protect his emotional side. •Nick's biggest turning point, quitting his job and focusing on himself. •What Nick learnt from studying ancient history and philosophy. •Egyptians wisdom on the third eye and energy. •Learning to communicate deeply. •The story of the tree called Humanity. •How Nick changing himself has affected his relationship with his ex and kids. •Releasing resentment and accepting that he can't change anyone else's behaviour but his own. •Compassion = Evolution •Self awareness came from becoming personally responsible for the conditions of Nick's life and choosing how wanted to feel rather than being controlled by others. •Break societal conditioning •Learn to control the mind •Everybody wants to live in a happy, joy-filled world. •How it all starts with changing ourselves! If you resonated with Nick story and would like to follow him, go to Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. If you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at If you're a Dad, join our Closed Facebook Group now at

 #40 Brain Training Our Kids With Ali Lankerani | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:19:18

On this episode, we are joined by Dr Ali Lankerani. He helps us to at least begin to understand better the importance of correct brain development - how by correcting imbalances early in our children's lives, conditions like ADHD and autism won't develop. This is an area I will certainly be doing more research into. Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. If you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at If you're a Dad, join our Closed Facebook Group now at

 #39 Pull Your Finger Out With Craig Harper | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:23

On this episode, we are joined by the amazing Craig Harper. I've been following Craig since I began my journey in the health and fitness industry almost 18 years ago. He has helped to shape me into the coach I am today. It is therefore an absolute privilege to share with our listeners today this episode where I get to unpack so many of the great things I've learnt from Craig. On this podcast: •How does Craig get paid to do what he loves? •Take the thing that you are passionate and curious about and turn it into something you can make a living from. •Craig has always been interested in how people think and human performance •Craig was involved in gyms for 32 years •He realised it was not a body issue that was stopping people from achieving the health they wanted •He began to help people to create the space to gain more self-awareness •His audience relate to his no nonsense approach •Craig is renowned and loved for giving people the kick up the bum they need to pull their finger out •The enlightenment ladder •The story of the monk who climbs the mountain •Our constant challenge is our humanness •Being present, of service, and giving value rather than being caught up on our own shit •It's not about external validation and approval •What drives Craig is who he is and who he's becoming •The ongoing challenge is how to help people to help themselves •Be a resource in other people's space that helps them get where they want to go •Is helping people about becoming a marketing guru? •Do people need to hit rock bottom before they take action •There's a big difference between wanting to be different and being willing to take action and do the work now •The big question is are they willing to get uncomfortable? •Work, discomfort, self awareness, humility, hard work consistently for an extended period of time •Craig gets paid well by corporate clients to follow his passion of reaching large groups of people. •Working with addicts to overcome long held bad habits •Do you have to have been an addict to help an addict? •What doe Craig mean by us having an internal sat nav? •What matters, what is right, what is important for us to live up to •What is success really? •Jarrod's metaphor for the home and his upcoming book, The SuperFamily Plan around the concept. •Using metaphors to teach and make things memorable •Be relatable, stand out •Express our uniqueness and communicate in a way that builds communication •The story of the hill •When we are different, life is different •Craig's upcoming workshops - pull your finger out and get to one! Visit Craig's website now to buy one or all of his books, and get your ticket to an upcoming workshop Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. If you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at If you're a Dad, join our Closed Facebook Group now at

 #38 Tame Your Temper With Jackie Hall | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:29:20

Do you sometimes feel like an angry parent, who as much as you try to remain calm, find your frustration bubbling to the surface all too quickly, all too often? Maybe you had this idea when you became a parent that you were going to be the king or queen of discipline. That your kids would respectfully obey your desires, and learn the lessons you aim to teach with polite gratitude... But the reality is a little bit different. Our children were born with unique personalities, every day throw our way a rollercoaster of emotions, and are on a developmental journey that simply doesn't bend to our will like we sometimes want or need it to. I've been that angry Dad, who feels so incredibly guilty that I have lost my cool at the smallest of things which in the grand scheme of things really don't matter. I've caused myself more stress as a parent beating myself up for my outbursts than is healthy, and all that did was exacerbate the problem. My reactions.... 6 months ago, I came across a program called The Tame Your Temper Challenge. It was a 28 day audio program that aims to reshape the mindset of parents, and find more calm within the chaos. Well today, we are joined by its founder Jackie Hall. She is a qualified counsellor who has helped over 20,000 Mums and Dads through her business The Parental Stress Centre. What we cover on this episode: •Jackie's Story •From breakdown to breakthrough •The little voice that said "No-one can change the way you feel about your life. Only you can." •Applying all of Jackie's personal development to parenting. •Training herself to think and feel differently. •Changing our perspective •How to acting not react •Perception VS Reality •Stop rolling around in our 'pit of shit' •Accept what is right in front of us so we are not in conflict with reality. •Explaining to our children how to help us manage our emotions better •Helping our kids to understand the difference between perception and reality •"Mummy you need to change your mind" •How to tame our temper in the moment •Don't try and change something that is happening in the moment when you are both in a stressed state •When calm, have conversation about the situation and how to handle it better together next time •Breathing in and out through the heart •Change your feeling centre •Bring yourself back into emotional balance •Be a solution finder when you are in a rational state of thought •When it comes to our kids, be what we want our children to be, do and think •A measurable electromagnetic field radiates from us towards our kids •Are the bad behaviours our kids are engrained in right now there for life or can we teach them to overcome them too? •Knowledge, repetition, consistency to help them to change •What would Jackie say to a parent who is feeling like a failure as a parent? •What's coming up for The Parental Stress Centre? Visit to view the courses and purchase your membership. Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. If you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at If you're a Dad, join our Closed Facebook Group now at

 #37 Freedom From Addiction With Jeremy Walker | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:35

Do you have an addiction that is impacting your relationship with people you care most about? Is it impacting your work and finances? Is it affecting your physical and mental health? Why do people do things that they don't want to do? Is it a lack of impulse control? Is it related to self-worth? Is it a force of habit? Has the addiction become part of their identity? Today we are joined at SuperDad HQ by my good friend Jeremy Walker. He is a qualified hypnotherapist and Demartini Method expert who has worked tirelessly to support many of our SuperDads Online members since it all began back in 2016. Jeremy has helped thousands of people over the years through his private practice on the Northside of Brisbane. He has just released a new book sharing his wisdom and experience, aptly titled, Freedom From Addictions - A Hypnotherapists Guide To Overcoming Addictions and Compulsions. On this episode: •Just because we're Dads, it doesn't mean we are all free having addictions and compulsions come back to bite us. •Does judgement play a role in reinforcing addictions? •The heavy emotions of guilt and regret •Are there benefits to addictions? •Are there other ways to receive those benefits? •What habits are we role modelling to our kids? •What is hypnotherapy? •Why is Jeremy so passionate about working with the subconscious mind? •How can we overcome an addiction without using willpower? •Stress and it's role in our life. •Stress is there to get us to take some sort of action or get perspective on something going on in our life. •What would it be like if you dealt with the stresses in your life instead of trying to escape your problems with addictions? •When intense feelings come up, they should not be dealt with using substances. •On a bad day we need to learn to look after ourselves better. •We need to treat ourselves with kindness on bad days. •Jarrod talks about his addictive tendency. •How does our identity get create and what power do we have to change it? •Jeremy educates us on the Walker Addiction Removal Process •A person is not their addiction. •Your true identity is unlimited potential. •At what age and how should we broach the subject of drugs with our kids? •You want to be the first point of contact in making them aware about drugs. •Aim to give excessive education rather than excessive threats. •Have a balanced opinion that keeps communication open with our children. •Give them the truth so they don't have to find out for themselves. •Food addiction and how it is created in us as kids. •Why is healthy food the challenging things and the reward the unhealthy food? •Are our kids bribing US with sugar? •Strategies for a healthier home. •What is a parent goal? •What steps can someone take who is feeling guilty, embarrassed, ashamed, afraid to talk to those around them about their addictions? •What do I get out of the addiction and how can I satisfy those needs in other ways? Get your copy of Jeremy's new book, Freedom From Addiction here: Enrol in our new Freedom From Addiction Support Program For Dads here: Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leav...

 #36 Forging Excalibur With Michael Lauria | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:41:25

On this episode, we are joined by Michael Lauria, a man with a lot of experience diving into the deepest oceans of what it means to be a man. He is a father, husband, coach, and author. He's about to launch a book that will capture through the use of ancient wisdom insights into masculinity, success, mindset, money, relationships and parenting in our modern world. 1:20 The Story of the Legend of Excalibur 3:50 Tying the symbology of legend into the Masculine Initiation 4:50 The Forging Process of a sword as a process of Male Self Discovery 5:25 The Societal pressure on Men to achieve "Success" and how this toxic success driven society we live in, contributes to increased male suicide rates. 6:14 Michael's journey of exploration understanding the male process of self discovery 6:30 Michael shares the most difficult time in his life and how the struggle motivates him to now help Men understand themselves at a deeper level. 7:35 How "toxic success" is linked to white collar workers and how it is damaging Men Sacrificing Relationships for "success" and how achieving it is not fulfilling. 10:40 Michael explains what he believes "Masculinity and Being a Man actually is 11.35 How having a sense of purpose and contribution positively affects other areas of a Man's life 12:34 Parenting as a Dad and how to be the absolute best role model for our children 13:35 How lack of presence in parenting is responsible for children growing up to be Damaged adults. 14:40 What does is mean to be a "Man" 15:15 Rights of children and what children should be able to expect as an experience of Life. 16:45 Why children need the influence of both a mother and father to have the best chance of becoming a well balanced adult. 17:38 Michael shares his experience of "parental alienation" 18:25 Michael talks about conscious parenting and how not to parent from a place of control and ego 21:05 Michael shares how he re-connected with his son after a period of being alienated from him and how he is working to do the same with his daughter and explains how one simple thing can help you to re-unite with your own children. 25.27 Michael talks about how what he would have done in the past as the person he is now, and why. 27.30 Jarrod asks Michael who he is now and how he has changed from the person he was. 28:25 Everyone is a "walking mind" and how this awareness can help you to perceive your reality differently 30:35 Michael explains his professional journey in the context of self-development 31.27 "The counselling process" doesn't work, but understanding the mind does. Also, what counselling and psychology is good for and how having a coach can take you to an entirely different level of awareness. 35.05 How looking at your results honestly will show you where you are in life and where you need to look at changing. 35.40 Men become better partners, fathers, brothers, and men when they live a life of purpose and contribution. 36.40 Men/Dads are tough nuts to crack, Michael shares how difficult it can be for Men to reach out for help, even when they know they need it. 37.27 What are some of the unhealthy emotional aspects of being a man and how to change these aspects to more healthy ones. 38:48 Michael's personal message to all Men. Get access to the online launch of the book at Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. If you love what I'm...

 #35 Oh The Daddy You'll Be! With Dr. Chris Celio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:29:54

On this episode we are joined by Dr. Chris Celio. He is a devoted husband and father of two, a psychologist, and the author of a number of books aimed at bringing a fun new twist to children's books for Dads. 0 - 3:00 An Excerpt from Dr. Chris's book, Oh, The Daddy You'll Be 3:00 - Where did the inspiration come from for the book? 4:00 - The most exciting and challenging thing he's ever done. 5:41 - He wrote a book called The Very Expensive Baby, a parody to The Very Hungry Caterpillar 6:15 - Did Dr Chris have a good network of Dads around him when his daughter was young? 6:55 - Joining a Dads softball team for fun, certainly not to win to games. 7:38 - Dr Chris's experience as a psychologist 8:37 - Working with adults with serious mental illness 9:10 - A lot of men were self medicating and that was a huge reason for those who Dads losing their family. 9:45 - How does Dr Chris help these Dads to be able to see their families again? 10.45 - Don't aim for perfect, just try to be a little bit better, one day at a time. 11:26 - Finding other ways to be happy, enjoy the quiet times instead of trying to continue to re-live the crazy times. 12.45 - Find people to be healthy influences on your life. 13:25 - Find ways to enter back into your child's life, even if just through social media. 14:00 - Keep the hope, keep working on yourself, stay alive, stay on track. 14:15 - Statistics on kids who grow up in fatherless homes. 15:15 - We all need people who give us hope, provide a support system, don't get together to drink but rather just catch up for fun, bonding activities. 16:18 - Does online connection work as well as face to face meetups? 17:25 - Dr Chris was the only Dad in a Mother's group and learnt so much. 18:10 - Jarrod's experience taking a parenting course at the age of 22 to understand parenting and be less judgemental of his single mother friend. 20:27 - Don't settle for the parent you are now. Keep developing yourself. 20:56 - Connect to strong family values and principles. 21:36 - What is Dr Chris's understanding of what it means to be SuperDad? 22.41 - Dr Chris is reading a book called No Drama Discipline 23.40 - Nights out to himself or with his wife to take care of himself and his relationship. 24:05 - What is Dr Chris's No. 1 Core Family Value? 25:00 - Dr Chris joined SuperDads Online in 2017 26:11 - Dr Chris says SuperDads Online is a fantastic group of guys who truly connect on a deeper level. 27:13 - Dr Chris upcoming book to help new Dads through the pregnancy process. 29:20 - We will continue to step up and be our best selves, our alter ego, SuperDads! Buy Chris's books now on amazon here: Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. If you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at If you're a Dad, join our Closed Facebook Group now at

 #34 Optimised Dad Chats With David Morrison | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:27:30

On this episode, I invited a fellow Dad of 3 young girls, David Morrison, to unpack his life with me. David grew up in pubs in country Victoria before his parents divorced and he moved to Sydney. He has been a jack of all trades trying his hand at many different jobs and careers including being a project director of athlete liaison and political affairs for the Sydney 2000 Olympics, and working in music PR touring with the likes of The Rolling Stones, U2, and WWE wrestlers The Rock, Rick Flair, Undertaker, Kane. •We talk about the 3 most pivotal moments in David's life. •David shares what caused him to finally leave a job to follow his passions. •He unpacks what changes he made to his mindset and habits when his wife sat him down one day and told him he needed to change! If you'd like to connect with David, you can find him at Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. And if you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at

 #33 Sex Therapy For SuperDads With Helena Nista | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:11

On this episode, we are joined by Helena Nista, a sex therapist, coach, and tantra practitioner. She loves nothing more than helping clients to become the best lovers they can possibly be, overcome any sexual difficulties, and create great sex lives. To learn more about why so many men are unhappy with their sex lives, and find answers a whole host of questions from our community on this important topic, I invited Helena to talk to us on The SuperDad Show. You can connect with Helena by visiting her website, 1:15 The importance of sexual intimacy beyond procreation of our children. 1:30 How much experience does Helena have working with parents? 1:34 Are they the majority of her clients? •Sex is a natural part of a loving relationship 3:05 What are the main reasons they find themselves in sexless marriages? 8:54 Children change a relationship 10:20 Communicating resentments with your partner 10:40 "Non-violent communication" •Distinguish between want or need 13:32 Do women need more of an emotional connection ot feel turned on? 14:20 Is porn the reason that men do not require emotional connection? 16:15 With the difference in feelings and desires how do we connect? 16:34 What strategies can a man use to help his partner heal? 20:11 Juggling different sex drives 23:12 Shame with nakedness and poor body image 26:25 What is the best way to start a discussion about sex exploration with a new partner? 28:25 Partner says she has no desire because of menopause but he suspects that is not the real reason. 30:53 How to have a difficult conversation? 33:10 How much sex is normal? 36:45 Core values of a strong and healthy relationship 39:32 Do men value sex too much? 41:15 Does a lack of sex end a relationship? 43:07 How to contact Helena

 #32 The Strongest Weakest Link With Mickey Kennedy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:30:45

On this episode, we are joined by Mickey Kennedy. It is a raw and honest account of a life filled with challenges that caused Mickey to nearly take his only life. Mickey is now on a mission to spread a positive message of hope and resilience with the World. He shares with us his story and some hard fought wisdom he's gained on how we can support others who are struggling with depression or suicide as well. You can connect with Mickey at Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes or Spotify, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. And if you love what I'm doing, please support the show by becoming a patron at

 #31 Reclaim Your Kingdom With Stefanos Sifandos | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:43:10

On this episode, we are joined by Stefanos Sifandos. He is someone I have grown to know and love online as a positive and powerful influence on my FB feed almost daily. He has impacted and transformed many people's lives, including one who I care about most, a dear friend and true SuperDad in my eyes, Corey Gadzionis. Just to give you a taste tester of the depths of wisdom Stef chooses to share with the world around him, here is a quote I stole from him to share with you - "I believe that the path towards greater self-awareness and living a life of congruency, truth, authenticity and openness resides in beginning with diligent self-evaluation and query." We find out what the 3 most defining moments of Stef's life to date are. We learn what it means to reclaim your kingdom. We talk about THAT Gillette ad, but more to the point, the difference between healthy and unhealthy masculinity. We discuss rites of passage ceremonies, the hiliarious, the cringeworthy, the WTF's, and the meaningful ones. We put Stef on the spot to come up with his wedding vows. Just WOW! If you resonated with Stef and would love to connect with him, go to or locate him on Facebook. Listen in, subscribe now on iTunes, and leave me a 5 star review to help the ratings and reach of the show. And if you love what I'm doing, please support the show and allow me to give you a $5 Off Coupon Code to use in the SuperShop in exchange by becoming a patron at


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