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Summary: A weekly round table discussion, featuring a variety of automotive subjects, interviews, special guests and stories, hosted by the Round Six Gearheads: Brian Stupski, Brad King, and Alex Welsh.

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 Design Driven Down Under with Ziggy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:05:40

“WE HAVE A VERY UNIQUE FLAVOR OF BUILDS.” The Gearheads were honored to jump a half day into the future and visit with Ziggy Sadler of Ziggy’s Design Driven. Joined by guest host Carson Lev, the talk runs  from SEMA involvement on Australia to four-door hot rods and historical race cars. Ziggy Sadler is directly involved with SEMA’s push to help develop the Australian aftermarket, and we explore that in some detail.Talk naturally turns to Carson’s passion for the Jocko streamliner, and this kicks a number of fun doors open. The gang explores racing history, a number of delicately-interconnected events and people, and even hatches a plan to tour the car in America once again.From humble, early days of sneaking into car shows, Ziggy parlayed that love for cars into a career. Eventually traveling to America in the late-1980’s, his exposure to builders like Boyd Coddington and Troy Trepanier and Chip Foose, he set a benchmark for the work to come out of Ziggy’s Design Driven. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * The wonder of time travel * Australian passion for hot rodding * SEMA’s involvement with the Australian market * The deal with four-door vehicles * The Commodore market * Differences between Australian and American cars – Floor pan depth differences – Midsize track and wheelbase differences – Brian explores the exponential price differences in selling twice as many billet hinges and door handles – Trimming a four-door versus a coupe * Asbestos removal on imported project cars * Brian pitches The DelaHyundai, a pontoon-fendered Sonata swan song SEMA AUSTRALIA, THE AFTERMARKET AND BEYOND * The shortages in the Australian aftermarket, personnel-wise * An exploration of import tariffs – The fifty-percent hike in price just in taxes * The high level of fabrication skill abroad * Working with what you have versus importing parts * The “imprinting” of vehicles leading to a resurgence in the restoration/rest-mod markets – Early Commodores with LS swaps – The popularity of this has lowered price points to make the process affordable * Regulations presently hindering the Australian aftermarket chassis market * The push to change regulations to allow for more aftermarket parts production * Challenges facing builders with regard to chassis swaps * A market primed for innovation THE JOCKO CAR * Discovering a historic race car in a McDonald’s * The story of the Extremeliner * “The body flicks off out of the way, and the chassis finds it and lands on top of it.” * The gang devises a plan to get the Jocko car to Pebble Beach * The Don Garlits connection– Early aerodynamic explorations in drag racing– The blow-overs * The Chip Foose connection via his Dad Sam having worked on the car * The differences between a Top Fuel and Funny Car * A discussion of aerodynamics ZIGGY’S CAREER AND THE FUTURE * Early influences * The Spellbound VW as seen in Hot Rod Show World

 Art School the Disney Way | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:20:37

“SQUEEZE THE TRIGGER AND PAINT COMES OUT…” The Gearheads have some cool friends and colleagues, and all have some superhuman talent, making our relationships that much more incredible. Art Alvarez is one of those gifted people, and the gang finally found a few minutes where schedules aligned, and we get the full Art school treatment. One of the pioneers of the early-1980’s airbrush movement, Art Alvarez forged a path and a name for himself by pushing to learn the airbrush after seeing one in action at a car show. From there, it’s a legendary rise through the ranks, touring with Ed Roth. Where some may have been satisfied at that, Art continued, landing a gig at Disney, drawing custom big rigs, rendering amazing cars, illustrating children’s books and traveling the world as a Fine Artist. Oh, and that’s just a part of the story. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * It all starts with a love for cars and drawing in class * Art’s brother’s ’55 Chevy Gasser * Managing a Foot Locker leads to a career with an airbrush * Growing up in San Ynez and Solvang * Learning the airbrush on his own * The venerable Paasche Model H * Earning a living with the aibrush– Moving back home– Making it big at the La Mirada Swap Meet * A chance meeting with Ed Roth– Touring with Ed * A portrait of Jackie Gleason opens the door to Disney– Working on backgrounds for Beauty and the Beast– Learning how to brush paint * Working with Badger to develop the Crescendo * Rehabbing rides like Pirates of the Caribbean * Using a dagger brush for all manners of line work * Building a portfolio between the Disneyland gig and working as Eddie Young’s apprentice * Getting a foot in the door by being driven * Making the shift to digital PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to learn more at Round Six Podcast listeners get 10% off by mentioning the podcast when ordering by phone, or by entering “round six” in the discount code box at checkout on the website.

 It's Booger Time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:15

“THE JONATHAN GOOLSBY…” Jonathan Goolsby of Goolsby Customs joins the Gearheads for a very interesting episode sixty! We celebrate with talk of Dusters, late-model racing, red boogers and the only aftermarket wheel you’d really like to hug. A Goodguys Trendsetter for good reason, Jonathan talks early influences, development of a build style, and the value of not pigeon-holing a shop.The guys get into a talk about nostalgia, flipping trends on their ear, and under-car neon lighting. If you thought that you were safe from ever hearing about the Aquarius wheel again, well, find your safe space… THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Episode SIXTY! * The Kasper Duster– The interesting history behind the car– Taking design risks– Stepping outside of the comfort zone by using factory stuff on a custom car– “Not the typical Pro-Touring Car” * Talk turns to the lack of an overwhelming new trend– Where things are going– The segmentation of trends– Subtlety and modernization are more popular– Drivability versus a show-stopper– Finding balance in the patina trend * A discussion on horsepower * Brian proposes the flipped trend: Fiero-bodied supercars– The Fiero 4M4, a mid-engine, crew cab concept is pitched * The Lightning Round! * Guiding a client on a project * The ever-growing prices of G-bodies and third-gen Camaros * Goolsby and the Funky Bunch * Sticker Wars! * SEMA Thrash talk– Scheduling, show floor visibility and passion collide with no time– The current “multi-car build for SEMA” trend– SEMA build horror stories– The multi-trailer standby backup plan– Brian pitches the “Build it on the Road TO SEMA” competition– Alex comes up with an interior so tasty you’d eat it * Shop management– Building and maintaining a team– Having a team of eleven versus a one-man shop– Planning for expansion– Working within a talent pool * Involvement with the Goodguys YoungGuys Competition– A discussion of the passion of the young guys– Young welders and amazing TIG welding * Composite materials– Where to go after Carbon Fiber– Spot putty as a trend and re-hydrating bondo dust– Brian pitches carbon fiber teeth for Hockey and Boxing * The rich racing history of Hueytown– “I enjoy it greatly” * Asphalt VS dirt racing * A line of Goolsby Customs parts?– “Your silence is very telling”– “Come cuddle my wheels” * The Cobra Kai-fan wheel * Glue huffing meets interviews gone awry * “Drawing cars and making stupid puns”– “The Weeping Willys” * A discussion on when we may see the first late-model Street Machine of the Year * Things get sexy   PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to learn more at Round Six Podcast listeners get 10% off by mentioning the podcast when ordering by phone, or by entering “round six” in the discount code box at checkout on the website.

 A Circus of Paint and Lettering | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:22:56

“THE STREETS WERE LINED WITH FUNNY CAR BODIES…” Bert Quimby, the multi-talented, laid-back and very-hyphenated sign, lettering and graphics master from New Jersey joins the Gearheads here on episode fifty-nine! Bert was one of the guys putting down pigment on some of the most memorable funny cars of the golden era at Circus Paint, and has been a trendsetter ever since. The gang sits down and talks about the transition from paint to vinyl, and how to combine the two using modern techniques, as well as sharing insight on the technology and trends of the present day. Bert Quimby is one of the leading lettering, sign and graphics painters in the world, plying his craft in his shop, Bert Graphix in Riverdale, NJ. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Early inspirations * SignCraft Magazine * Social media and putting work out there – Global versus regional reach * The vinyl VS paint argument * The $19 Badger airbrush sparks a career * First steps in lettering race cars * A foot in the door at Mr. J’s * The days at Circus Paint * Painting Top Fuel dragsters for Joe Amato * The difference between East and West coast landscaping trucks * The power of improvisation on a tight deadline * The fickle nature of reactions to work on social media * Bringing back the classic 1990’s dry brush graphic– Brad’s acid-washed jeans– Brian ruins his Dad’s garage floor * Traditional lettering on a vinyl wrap * Opinions on striping a Corvette * “You can’t always tell what the public wants” * Taking on jobs just to keep the lights on * The unfair treatment of vinyl wrap installers * On making a vinyl job look like paint * Dennis Ricklefs * The tale of 3,800 Schwinn bikes * Lettering boats– Boat names better left unsaid– “I don’t want anyone’s Grandma mad at me” PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to learn more at Round Six Podcast listeners get 10% off by mentioning the podcast when ordering by phone, or by entering “round six” in the discount code box at checkout on the website.

 Shredded Belts and a Howling Rear End | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:14:13

“IT’S SO… FLAMMABLE.” Elana Scherr from Edmunds joins the Gearheads for an evening of laid-back conversation. From first cars to new cars, phone connectivity to all wheel drive buggy design and all points in between, this one runs in all directions. If you were a reader of Hot Rod Magazine over the last eight or so years, you no doubt recognize the name Elana Scherr from her byline and her occasional tales of daily-driving a classic car in LA traffic. We discuss careers in journalism, dog ownership to breeding Lamborghins, we go places so that you don’t have to. That said, buckle in an enjoy the ride here on episode fifty-eight. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Covering races in Baja– Riding chase though the desert * The gang pitches a new brand of motorsport– Elana goes full-size 1970’s car autocross with it– “Carts and Cones” * Elana’s career– Sculptor’s assistant to composite fabrication– Working in PR– Freelance writing to Hot Rod Magazine– Current gig with Edmunds * Elana’s humble hot rod beginnings– Didn’t learn to drive until twenty-one– The ’73 Duster that started it all with a starter * The first engine rebuild– Marrying your engine builder * The episode goes from Mexico to Canada, then to LeMans– Pantsless Germans and carnival rides, oh my– “What is the French word for Tilt-a-Whirl?” * Crafting a career in Public Relations * Networking and the .3-degrees of separation in the hot rod world * Alternative career choices * Brian pitches a passive-aggressive car magazine * Elana’s daily driver troubles– Shredded belts and a howling rear end * Alex suggests the banana peel fix for the rear diff noise– “Bananas and ninety-weight”– “Holistic hot rodding” * Looking back on vintage new car reviews * The “lens of modernity” with regard to old car reviews in the present day * A discussion of new car features * Talking new car impressions and opinion-changing test drives– Design and luxury versus cost– How cheaper cars “punish” the frugal * Vipers and male attraction * Working on the Prudhomme biography * Talking Lamborghini Muira design beauty PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to learn more at Round Six Podcast listeners get 10% off by mentioning the podcast when ordering by phone, or by entering “round six” in the discount code box at checkout on the website.

 C-10's, Hollywood, Delmo and Art Heists | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:11:45

“I’M TRYING TO CHANGE THE WORLD WITH EVERY BUILD.” Del Uschenko, better known in the C-10 and hot rod worlds as Delmo joins the Gearheads to talk trends, relocation and international art heists. Known world-wide as the man behind the “Delmo look,” conversation runs wild from the early days in Canada to what’s on the horizon. A lot to be learned and adopted to any small shop, whether just starting out, looking to re-brand or move… It’s all about recognizing value in relationships a partnering with good people. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * The move to the mountains – Burbank to Prescott * Del’s Canadian roots * Shop decorating – The General Lee painting – International art heists – The stain on the wall * Starting trends – Adopting the brand that fans created from you work – Going at things backward * The Round Six connection to the Delmo brand * Hijacking your own brand * “Forums” and other antiquated methods of communicating in the car community back in the day * The AccuAir relationship and the value of partnering long-term * Delmo’s hot rod roots * The C-10 thing * Del’s inspiration – Cadzilla – The cars of Troy Trepanier – Foose‘s clean build style * The advantages of being in Burbank * Keeping things movie-themed, Brian goes Tarantino with the timeline * One-hundred percent organic, word-of-mouth growth * The Del S3 vintage-look LS engine * The infamous Y-block LS engine post * Brian proposes the “DELephant” late-model Hemi * Instant gratification on social media with regard to building a brand– Working at creating an audience * “Evil Del Wednesdays” * More great reality TV show pitches * Passion VS Effort * The value of deign and creativity when working with a budget * Re-purposing and bringing in unique items from all walks of life * The million-dollar build VS a restrained and intelligent build * The Philosophy and sheer terror of being turned loose, design-wise * Building a Street Freak– Brian becomes a lifestyle/style coach– Music selection– 8-tracks * The truck trend swinging in a new direction– The “too soon” move from Squarebody pickups to OBS * Trends, or the lack of any new ones * Tailoring your brand to a demographic and vice-versa   PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to learn more at Round Six Podcast listeners get 10% off by mentioning the podcast when ordering by phone, or by entering “round six” in the discount code box at checkout on the website.

 A Thumb and a Half Away: Shine Speed Shop | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:10

“TWO STEPS FORWARD, NO STEPS BACK.” Jimmy Falschlehner, better known as Jimmy Shine, the man behind Shine Speed Shop joins the Gearheads on a freewheeling episode loaded with road trip tales, hot rods, history and a re-imagining of where the brand as a whole is headed into the future. Oh, and an explosive Conan O’Brien set. There’s that, too. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Talking projects in the shop * Jeff Allison concepts for shop projects * Early days and getting into the industry– The “Shine” nickname– “Flesh Hammer”– The first car, nearly thirty-four years to the day * Exercising restraint on a build * Billy Gibbons’ Whiskey Runner – The 24V landing light– The SEMA Ignited traffic story– The Conan O’Brien explosion * The ’56 Monterey New Orleans road trip * The new shop * Future projects in the wings – A lakester * The red hat at Bonneville with Tony Thacker * Surfing and hot rods * On taking the hot rod thing seriously * The TV years * Getting a foot in the door at So-Cal Speed Shop– The interview with Pete Chapouris– A tattoo bond– A veritable who’s who of hot rodding at So-Cal in the 1990’s– Bunking with * Taking a bigger hand in the business side of things * “Losing him is like gaining two good people”   PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to learn more at Round Six Podcast listeners get 10% off by mentioning the podcast when ordering by phone, or by entering “round six” in the discount code box at checkout on the website.

 Trust Me, Doug, it'll be Fun | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:18

“WE’RE JUST GOING TO SHOW THE CAR AND DRINK BEER.” Doug Jerger of Squeeg’s Kustoms joined the Gearheads live in The Round Six Experience at the Grand National Roadster Show. He brought along good friend Tim Benedict, who shared some great stories from the old days of hot rodding. The gang had a great Sunday afternoon talking hot rods, history, and the incredible story of the accidental AMBR. If you don’t know it, you’re going to love it. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * The ride to Pomona from Phoenix’s East Valley * Tim’s 331 Hemi swap story from the 1960’s * The days when even junkyards didn’t want Flathead engines * From Ohio to Arizona * The Engle Brothers manage yet another cameo appearance * Kenny Gartman’s contribution to greatness * The 1934 AMBR winner – The incredible history – First go-round – Selling the car in Florida – Tracking the car down in Texas – Rebuilding Dad’s creation – The even more incredible AMBR win – “Somebody in their mother’s basement didn’t like it” * The Lithuanian hot rod show scene * Almost owning the Jim Ewing coupe (yes, the Super Bell Coupe) * The Doane Spencer roadster * The Nash Bridges ‘Cuda – The Ray Barton Hemi * Comparing the eras of AMBR contenders * The value of building a team you can count on * Making a living VS making a killing * The Round Six $600 Lacquer special * Thirty-three years as an employee of Squeeg’s, and running the show since 2004 * On never giving up or giving in, and appreciating what you do every day * A lively discussion on bringing color back   PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to learn more at Round Six Podcast listeners get 10% off by mentioning the podcast when ordering by phone, or by entering “round six” in the discount code box at checkout on the website.

 The Backstreet Boy of Pro-Street | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:52:27

“I’VE GOT MY KARAOKE SHOES ON.” Matt Hay, Pro-Street legend, Indy car parts mogul, Doritos Super Bowl commercial precision driver and all-around nice guy stopped by the Problem Child Kustoms/Round Six Podcast Studio. We had a fun night of laughs, a cruise or two up and down memory lane, and set up a sequel so well that even Peter Jackson would take notice.As conversation moves from the early Street Freak days to the early Pro-Street movement, the gang latches onto what will become a running joke throughout the episode, and the reality of garage-built trendsetting cars get some well-deserved attention. If you missed out on the first wave of Pro-Street, this is the next best thing to having been in the thick tire smoke of it. And if you’re just discovering what was arguably one of, if not the most fun and dynamic eras of hot rodding, well, strap in and hold on, because we’re going for a ride. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * The gang goes off of the rails with reckless abandon * The Doritos commercial– The Gary Coleman costume– Learning the ways of production– The on-set experience * The brightest of whites * The episode goes decidedly Tarantino-esque * “The Relics of Pro-Street” * The return of the ‘Bird– Restoration and repaint at Squeeg’s– The fortuitous timing of the Revell re-release of the model kit * Taking the gamble on reliving the old days– A second generation appreciation for the car– When a thirty year old build wins “Best Engineered” * The overhead garage door as metal bending tool– “Flapjack fingers”– “Identify as an amphibious American” * Definitive proof that the show isn’t scripted * Why Matt headed toward street machines versus street rods– “What’s up with the zeros?!” * The first car, a ’69 Mustang– Matt’s first engine swap– The great driveshaft hang-up * The ’66 Mustang– About those gold Centerlines…– A Chevy-powered street freak– The ’78 Street Machine Nationals * The loan that secured a narrowed rear end– Debbie becomes the prime mover behind the Pro-Street Hay-days * The coining of the term “Pro-Street” * The Competition Engineering “rules”– When first through third place were separated by one point * Competing against Scott Sullivan, Rick Dobberton, Mark Grimes, Rod Saboury and Rocky Robertson * The whole “Dare to be Different” thing * The ’79 Mustang– Budget building * The Olds– Building a world-famous ride in a rental house– Alcohol and Thrush mufflers– “…but you were buying every round!” * The golden age of sponsorships and co-marketing– A fantastic primer on the realities of starting out, building a name and then seeking support– The power of networking– The corporate mentality of trading ad space for feature car coverage * The Indy car parts business– The buy-in from Reynard– The power of networking and being timely * NCIS leads to a traffic stop * Doing some good and giving back with old parts   PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to learn more at TrailerTug.

 Fabricating in Exile | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:07

“WHAT IS THIS RUBBER SACK?” Mike Jones of Exile Fabrications in Apple Valley, California joined the Gearheads in The Round Six Experience at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show. Mike played a BIG part in making the show display what it was by fabricating the e-newsletter sign-up kiosk stands. And when he’s not over-delivering on incredible favors, he’s creating some of the coolest stuff for everything from rock crawlers to custom cars. Mike talks about his focus on off-road or the past few years, and the transition this coming year to fully-finished hot rods. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * The gang thanks Mike for his hard work and help with the Round Six Podcast show display * Take a kid to a car show * Brian makes a very awkward segue – And then doubles-down with an even creepier transition * Mike’s background and history with hot rods * Mini trucks once again prove to be the gateway * Making the transition from off-road to street cars * The gang goes flat-billing * Current projects in the shop– The twin turbo Lincoln * Mike’s 1965 C-10 project– A test bed for new products from Exile Fabrications * It all started with a Bug– Mike’s first VW– Learning about air bags on the fly– Fist outing with the bug led to a first place at Severed Ties * The Tacoma– From lowering to butchered first mini * Learning to MIG weld and TIG weld * Entry to the professional side at Daytec welding cycle frames– Crash of the motorcycle industry * The move to building drag cars * A jump to Trophy trucks * Mike’s King of the Hammers ride * Billable kilowatt hours * Differences between building for off-road versus street cars   PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to learn more at Round Six Podcast listeners get 10% off by mentioning the podcast when ordering by phone, or by entering “round six” in the discount code box at checkout on the website.

 Bonus: Custom with a K | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:20

“YOU’RE LIKE THE JOHNNY APPLESEED OF KUSTOM CARS” Recorded in The Round Six Experience at the 70th Grand National Roadster Show, the Gearheads spent a few minutes catching up with John D’Agostino. In this special Patreon Supporter-only episode sample, the Gearheads talk about John’s 50th year at GNRS, special awards and traveling the world to spread the hobby of kustom cars. If you’ve ever wanted to ride shotgun all over the world with the Johnny Appleseed of the custom car hobby, here it is. Huge thanks to John for his time, and look or a full-on episode soon, where we’ll catch up on the world tour. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Fifty years of attending the Oakland Roadster Grand National Roadster Show * John’s involvement with the hobby of kustom cars * The Crystal Award * Looking back on the “tent year” of GNRS in 1997– Barely getting into the show prior to cut-off– John invents “traditional racing kustoms” * Rainy show weekends and leaky roofs– Brian suggests an interactive salt rock display * Kustoms (and the women) of Budapest * Car shows in Istanbul * Richard Zocchi as ambassador to John D’Agostino– John’s first ride in the ’62 Grand Prix– The Marcos Garcia/Art Himsl connection– Procuring the Pontiac * The secret to John’s display set-up * On popping a car VS opening all doors– The difference between a first place or a special award * The patronage aspect– Elevating the hobby by commissioning builds * “When he slams his finger in the door, it’s always an even quarter-inch”

 Being Tony Thunder | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:07:59

“YOU WROTE ABOUT WHATEVER YOU WANTED TO WRITE ABOUT” Tony Thacker joins the Gearheads, and the talk runs all over the place, as can be expected. From early days in England to a career in magazines, and eventually becoming a United States citizen, and even Monty Python references. Let’s just say that Tony embodies the can-do, life redefining spirit of coming to America. In an age when so many take what is on offer here for granted, he spells out just what opportunity and freedom mean, even well beyond our hot rodding hobby. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Retired life * Goodwood Festival of Speed– The never-ending fireworks display– Billy Gibbons and flamethrower guitars * Bringing American race cars to England * Discovering hot rods in England as a paperboy in the early 1960’s– Seeing the Mooneyes dragster VS Mickey Thompson * A career as an Electronics Engineer spurs a change * A chance letter to a magazine nets a job– Good fortune in finding a story *  The importance of enthusiasm and passion– On not being a good writer or photographer, but still carving out a fifty year career * Annie Leibovitz’s leg * Brian discovers his new favorite magazine * The Sun and page three * The drunken Dunlop tire test– Run flats and apple brandy * The crazy days of long-term car testing for magazines * The nude Camaro burnout shoot in England * “We kept the prizes” * Mangling a DeLorean * Enzo Ferrari’s secretary– Trading cookies for tours back when the plant was off-limits * On traditional hot rods nearing the end of their cycle– The aging-out of a segment of the hobby– The future of the industry * Rod Millen’s Leadfoot Festival * The GM/SoCal Bonneville cars * On knowing when to say “yes” * An appreciation for the American can-do spirit * “The English version of Smokey and the Bandit sounds slightly less exciting” * Six years as the Director of the NHRA Motorsports Museum * The amazing car collections of Portland– A warehouse full of Ferraris * The future of car meets   PLEASE VISIT OUR SPONSOR We are proud to have this episode brought to you by Trailer Tug. Please visit their website to lean more at Round Six Podcast listeners get 10% off by mentioning the podcast when ordering by phone, or by entering “round six” in the discount code box at checkout on the website.

 Creative Management and Mentoring | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:13:19

“THE COMPANIES THAT ARE WINNING ARE CREATIVE” Part two of the Eric Tscherne interview, guest-hosted by his former mentor at Mattel/Hot Wheels, Carson Lev. In this episode, the Gearheads look long and hard at the importance of management fostering creativity. The discussion works toward the successes in having management with a design background, and leading a creative team. This episode builds upon the last, and contains a wealth of information on navigating the landscape of design in a collaborative environment. Learn how a great design manager or management team can lead and clear a path for, rather than fight or derail a designer.We are beyond thankful to our two friends for joining us and presenting this for your benefit. We hope that you’ll adopt many of the ideas discussed. If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, that you’ll share them in the comments below. And if you’d like us to bring you more episodes, guests and topics like this, please let us know! Thanks for listening. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Birth of the “Audi-Body Experience” off-road ute project * Brian pitches “New Crystal Kambucha” * A serious discussion on why and how creative companies are winning in the new market * The importance of having creative-minded (an skilled) management leading creative staff * How “meaning” has changed in today’s market * Design beats marketing any day * Product development is purely creative– How creative design tells a story, which is what consumers want * Fostering creativity by management– The absolute failure of a company that fails to foster creativity * The change in retail shopping from big stores to direct and internet sales– Good design can lead the charge versus an entrenched, old-school brand– Designers and management must be linked to be successful * Image projection is the most important deciding factor in a purchase, and that is based upon design– Most new cars are sold on phone connectivity and image projection over the model or trim– If you are in management and do not respect your designer, you are dooming your business to fail– Management that won’t take risks never reap rewards– The golden rule of Design Management: Remove the obstacle that prevent your designer from doing their job * How instant gratification has altered he design/creative goals of companies DESIGN AS THE CORE OF THE BUSINESS, NOT JUST PRODUCT * Design is the most intellectual process in any company– The Design Department as the central hub of any successful, modern company * When design is thought of as a utility, and not a commodity * A look at the many facets of design– The discipline of Industrial Design and its many values– “Putting gingerbread on” versus guiding a project from theme to completion– Poor design cannot be saved in the eleventh hour– No part of design is based on “like” * “You can hire me at the beginning for this much, or three times that at the end to fix it”– Hiring on skill versus price point * The recent trend of “designers” who cannot draw and what this means moving forward– Sketching/illustration ability speeds and enhances the process and improves communication– All sketches are important in formulating/communica...

 Directing a Design Career Arc | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:20:05

“I’M SEEING KIDS COMING IN THAT PLAYED WITH TOYS THAT I DESIGNED!” Eric Tscherne, the VP of Design at Wicked Cool Toys joins the Gearheads on the fiftieth episode! You may know Eric as a legendary Hot Wheels Designer, having created some of the most memorable models in the modern era, but he’s more than the sum of those die cast wonders. We discuss the early days as an intern at Mattel, to being a part of some very successful lines like PAW Patrol (yep, the Nickelodeon show) working as Design Director at Spin Master and Upper Deck, and working with licensed toy lines like Monsters University and more. This may be the first time that a podcast has gone masterclass on crafting a Design career arc. And doubles-down by hosting not only a seasoned pro, but his mentor as well. A lot to learn on this one. We’ll be having Eric back, as his career and accomplishments warrant a much deeper conversation. In this episode, we’re concentrating on the beginnings of a successful Design career arc, and the manner in which an aspiring student or Designer can follow their passion. The timeline here is centered between 1996 and 2005, and gets into the value of having Design-minded management, a passion-centric company culture, and what it takes to follow a dream. A lot to be learned and inspired by. HUGE thanks to both Eric and Carson for taking the time to sit and discuss these often overlooked topics and aspects, and we hope that they help you in your career planning. Please feel free to hit us up in the comments with any questions, and we’ll work to get them into future installments of this series. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Our fiftieth episode celebrates a twenty-year friendship between Eric and Carson * Eric’s design sensibilities are noted as early as first grade * A life-long fascination with cartoons and toys * “Toy cars” and tuners/mini-trucks versus the typical hot rod stuff * Alex and Brian’s Catholic school days come back to haunt once again * Finding early guidance at the Cleveland Institute of Art – Life Drawing classes – Animating on an Amiga – Discovering Automotive Design in a basement * “You’ll never amount to anything if you draw pictures all day.” – The hopes that a former teacher is buying Paw Patrol toys for her grandkids * The hurdles involved with following a dream or passion – Relocation – Investment of time and energy * On interning at Hot Wheels/Mattel – Working alongside legends like Larry Wood – The first Carson Lev/Eric Tscherne project with Wings West – Having a mentor who appreciates and recognizes talent… and utilizes it * Getting to imagine future cars without restraint * Matchbox VS Hot Wheels * The mad rush begins for the lost Hot Wheels Probe (and not just the funny car versions) * Walking through the door at Mattel/Hot Wheels for the first time * Building and utilizing the morgue file * The gas station conference room * Having art on possibly one billion pieces of packaging (drink that in for a moment) DESIGN TALK * “Muscle Tone” and the GM Hi-Tech Performance Magazine fifth-gen Camaro article * When toy design influences real-world automotive design – Uncorking the design crew to inspire fresh thinking – Creating a brand that reflected the consumer’s personality

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“YOU DON’T WANT A GRILLE THAT LOOKS LIKE SOMEONE KICKED IT IN WITH THEIR FOOT” Dan Baker of Alumicraft Street Rod Grilles jumps from the road home to the Round Six Podcast and talks all manners of turning aluminum chunks into chips. More than that, we talk starting a small business, career transition, life lessons, and bartering work for a Pines Winterfront grille. Heck, we even touch on the demise of some Schwinn Stingray bikes. It’s got drama, heartbreak and Maytag repair. You aren’t going to find that kind of range at twice the price anywhere else. THINGS COVERED IN THIS EPISODE: * Dan’s involvement in a couple of 2019 Ridler Great-8 cars * The history of Alumicraft Street Rod Grilles * Attending the 1971 Street Rod Nationals * Growing up in the industry * Starting small in the back room of Dad’s house * Using a bandsaw and table saw to craft a grille insert * From Maytag repairman to building custom grille inserts * The ugly 1937 Dodge sedan that started it allRoad trip tales of Dan’s first car * Scavenging parts from a “buck-a-whack” car * The sad demise of that first car (and some Schwinn Stingrays, too) * Life lessons and getting priorities in order * Building everything to order * Watching the most popular grille go from 1936 Chevy to 1937 Chevy car grilles * Having your product ripped-off by one of your dealers * The multitude of grilles for fiberglass-bodied cars * Making sure that a grille fits when it gets to the other side of the world * The Pines Winterfront barter story * When to call in a pro * Keeping up with trends– When discretionary income dictates a trend * Working with a designer versus recreating a factory piece * The importance of setting up at shows * Go-karting * The WD-40 connection * Window-licking and wearing a helmet; Brad takes a shot at Brian * Dan butters us up * Brian sees his shadow and decrees the start of show season * Alex explores early-Springtime fashion on the left coast


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