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Summary: A podcast featuring entrepreneurs that have failed or are failing. This weekly episode podcast will have interviews with top entrepreneurs and will explain in depth the biggest failures in their businesses. Some say that failing is the way to success, so make sure to fail fast, get up fail again and run all the way to the success finish line. The host Quin Amorim has his share of failures in is online entrepreneurial life and will share his failures along with the entrepreneurs he interviews.

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  • Artist: Digital Marketer, Advertising and Social Media Expert: Quin Amorim - Amazon FBA Seller & Online Marketing
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 #33 Digital Nomad and Travel Photografer, Mike Holp | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:25

Mike Holp is a digital nomad and travel photographer from Austin, Texas. He’s been traveling in South America for over a year, capturing photos of beautiful destinations, and meeting new friends from all over the world! Mike is offering a coaching program to other aspiring digital nomads with the proven techniques for long-term travel on a budget. He recently launched an online course and free eBook on how to generate passive income with Airbnb every month without owning property or renting out your space. It’s now possible to work from anywhere in the world on your laptop. Mike is encouraging people to escape the 9-5 corporate rat race, follow their passion, get out of their comfort zone, experience different cultures, and travel the world! Life is short so you might as well do what you love. To find Mike Holp and his training go to: Instagram @mikeholp

 #32 Tom Libelt Founder of Smart Brand Marketing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 58:45

Born in Communist Poland, Tom Libelt moved to the US in the 90s Tom Libelt He’s had over 1500 blogs running google ads, he launched over 5000 books (yes 5000), he did a documentary and was number #1 hip-hop artist in Poland and had 4 more songs in the top charts! A sound engineer in New York who became the top Hip Hop artist in Poland and controlled the charts for over a year By the age of 7.. he was smuggling liquor back into the country (was supposed to cry and scream if the immigration wanted to check). Tom Libelt’s first computer was a Commodore 64!!! FIRST BUSINESS VENTURES Tom Libelt ran a record store with two older friends. Became a DJ and played at colleges, bars, radio stations, clubs, and raves got an internship at Unique Recording Studios in NY. In NY created a group, rapped and engineered the music. Had 3 hits in the top 10 on the local polish radio… one was #1 for almost a year. Read the 4 Hour Workweek and couldn’t get the idea of being location independent out of my head. Moved to Atlanta and bought a coffee shop in the suburbs. Ran that for almost a year but… Tom Libelt was browsing the web and heard about Adsense Niche sites. Created a couple… made a few dollars and started pumping out around 50 every month. “Six months later I made my first $1,000 and after that had months where I hit close to $10,000…” “One of the blog networks that I used for SEO became too popular and Google shut it down. That left me with 1,500+ blog posts and a team of writers with nothing to do. I told them to start writing books and left them alone. That became profitable and we went on to writing 5,000+ books and making $250,000+” Tom’s businesses were running well and he became bored. Got a great team together and we made a documentary about the realities of building/running businesses when on the road. Watch it here:   PODCASTING Over the last few years, I got into podcasting. Smart Brand MarketingWe Create Online CoursesCrypto Moon Radio Interviewed JLD and Ezra Firestone, Ryan Danial Moran NEW VENTURE I took my new marketing skills to help others build online courses and market them We can create an online course for you in 14 hours of your time.     Questions What platform do you use to get clients? How many people do you have working for you? All Vas? Do you sell physical products or all digital? Do you have your own courses or just promote clients courses? Ask about creating courses in 14 hours Best course platforms (CF, Udemy, Thinkific, teachable, etc) Have you heard of google course builder ( what is it? Pre-selling what the best way to pre-sell, how can you show guarantees Reviews testimonials and feedback on the course before launching? Keywords: online course creation, online course marketing, online courses, market online courses

 #31 Abusive Relationships at Home and Work - Jen Moff | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:58

The founder of Magical Mindfulness Jen Moff in on the show today! Jen empowers burned-out, professional women to invest in themselves so they can step out of the shadows and into the spotlight. She’s the author of The Mindful Life Map Jen Moff A learning and development professional by trade, she most recently worked with Toast, the all-in-one restaurant technology platform (one of the fastest growing SAAS companies in the US according to Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500™). Less sugar and more spice, Jen is a former actor with on-point comedic timing. A domestic violence survivor and mental health advocate, her areas of expertise include the intersections of leadership and employee experience, play and personal development, as well as relationships and spiritual growth. Self-proclaimed foodie, Jen loves breakfast buffets, ques, and Japanese hibachi. In her spare time, she enjoys horseback riding and using makeup as a creative outlet / self-care tool. Jen currently lives in Boston, Massachusetts with her six indoor plants. Some questions asked and some meant to be asked: Tell us who you are and your story There are a couple misconceptions some people have about abuse 1- Abuse is normally physical when in reality it can be worse than that 2 – Anyone that is in an abusive relationship had a choice to leave immediately when in reality it’s not that straightforward How do you use what you learned the hard way, to help other women? Are there any signs when starting a relationship that it could be abusive? Someone that is on a first relationship has nothing to compare to, so there’s a chance they don’t know its abusive? How about your parent’s relationship, could you use that as a comparison? In some situations a bad parent relationship can make your bad relationship seem normal, do you agree? Going through abusive relationships, it would have been very easy for anyone to just assume, “I am not enough” or ” I deserve this”… So, how can someone going through that right now, find self-love and know that nobody deserves it, and you have the power to stop it Besides abusive relationships, there’s also work relationship abuse. Like mentally abusive bosses. I’ve been through that and it took me many years to even realize I was in Extras Jen Moff has a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication and Public Relations. Jen Moff also received a Certified Relationship Specialist designation from the American Psychotherapy Association. Jen Moff’s website : Jen’s Linkedin: Jen’s Book: The Mindful Life Map

 #30 Internet Lawyer to Online Businesses, Richard Chapo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:00

Internet Lawyer to Online Businesses, Richard Chapo I am super excited today because Today’s guest is someone every online entrepreneur needs, but most don’t even know they do. He is a lawyer, but not any lawyer, he is an internet Lawyer to online businesses. Richard Chapo is a business lawyer in San Diego who has been practicing for 25 years. Richard advises small and large online businesses on how best to comply with laws such as the DMCA and FTC regulations applicable to conducting business online. Richard Chapo is a massive hockey fan and avid traveler having lived in such exotic locations as Siberia. Some questions: * How did you get started? Was it always your plan? When did you realize you wanted to be an internet lawyer? * What is the most common case of online lawbreaking? * copyright and trademarking, is that something you do? * What can people trademark? * Do online business owners need insurance? what kind of insurance? * Buying an online business, what do I need to know? * Have you worked with any amazon sellers yet? * As an internet lawyer, Richard Chapo do you just need to know the law or do you also need to have a deep understanding of web development coding, e-commerce, etc? * Everyone has heard of GDPR, do you think most online entrepreneurs are aware of what it means? * If an online business has 2 or more founders what do they need to have as contracts? * Entity formation, we all hear advice about forming an LLC in Delaware, is that legit advice? * Terms of service and privacy at the bottom of our websites, is it mandatory?   Richard Chapo can be reached through his website or on LinkedIn at Thanks for listening and reading, please subscribe and review the show

 #29 Fail Fast Story With Amazon FBA Expert Quin Amorim | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:17

Fail Fast Story With Amazon FBA Expert Quin Amorim (host of Fail Fast Podcast) Fail Fast, get up and start running This is one of the failure stories of Quin Amorim while creating brands and private label products to sell online on Amazon Fba. Please make sure to listen to the whole episode and make sure to subscribe to the Fail Fast Podcast. Quin Amorim is the host of this podcast, a professional Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) seller and an amazing marketer. He is also my boss lol Back in 2015 Quin created a brand of baby products and started by launching a few Baby swaddle blankets, but something was wrong. After almost a month of preparing a great launch, the product stopped selling and he couldn’t figure out why, until he decided to “kill” the brand and told his wife. Allison told him that she wouldn’t have bought them either, because the mother always needs a bigger quantity of these swaddles because the babies get them dirty very often. Quin decided to give up the brand anyway since his efforts were better of spent elsewhere and he could use the cash flow on the more successful brands. This is one of Quin Amorim’s Fail Fast Stories. Thank you and make sure to subscribe to the Fail Fast Podcast          

 Founder of The Massive Action Movement Prinston Hicks | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:19

Founder of The Massive Action Movement Prinston Hicks Digital marketing, Search engine optimization, business development, online marketing He is a digital marketing expert who has consulted with million dollars companies and started his business from the back room of his mother’s house. He is dedicated to creating a future where people have total control over their life. He is the Founder of The Massive Action Movement Prinston Hicks How did you get started as an entrepreneur? What do you think entrepreneurship will mean to society in the future? What do you think is important for any aspiring entrepreneur to know? Who are some influencers that have helped you? What impact do you want to leave on the world? Website: Instagram: @prinstonhicks   Favorite book: An Iron Will Book by Orison Swett Marden

 "Little Me, Big Business" A small voice for a powerful woman, Nadia Finer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:38

Nadia Finer “Little Me, Big Business” A small voice for a powerful woman Today’s guest sounds like an 8-year-old kid, but Don’t be fooled by her sweet appearance and adorable voice. Nadia is a feisty, fearless, Hay House author and coach who has helped hundreds of business owners to scale. She’s even an amateur boxer! Nadia Finer Nadia Finer sounds like a kid. But rather than let her little voice hold her back, she turned it into her secret weapon. Don’t be fooled by her sweet appearance and adorable voice. Nadia is a feisty, fearless, Hay House author and coach who has helped hundreds of business owners to scale. Rather than hide behind her insecurity and lack of confidence, Nadia has learned to kick fear in the face, and now she helps other struggling business owners burst out of obscurity by embracing their unique voice. Stop playing small, its time to bring your BIGness to Business. Tell us who you are, your story People call your house and ask to speak with your mom You have your own podcast and public speak (Facing fears) managed to succeed despite sounding like a little kid How to get BIG BALLS and go big even if you’re scared as hell How to go global in your pajamas Women all over the world love you, is your niche female entrepreneurs How to banish your sabotaging self-doubts Little Me Big Business Feast or Famine Cycle Link to book:

 Selling On Amazon Since 2003, Chief Amazon Officer Darren Saul | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:06

Today I interview the Chief Amazon Officer of Vendo: Darren Saul Darren Saul has extensive E-commerce background ranging from Affiliate marketing to marketplace selling. Darren Saul sold my first item on Amazon back in 2003 before FBA and all the private label expansion of recent years. Darren Saul currently leads a team of 20 plus Amazon experts helping to protect brands and sell more on several Amazon marketplaces including USA, EU, and Canada.   Questions asked to Darren Saul: What are some trends you are seeing on Amazon? What is your approach to launching on Amazon? How does your team help brands sell more on Amazon? What are your thoughts on counterfeits, brand gating, and overall channel protection on Amazon? Should brands embrace Amazon or fear Amazon? What are some Off Amazon marketing strategies such as chat bots and influencers?   Links to find Darren Saul: email:

 #25 Healing Hands, Hollow Hearth, Draconians and Reptilians | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:13

Today we have a different interview that involves Healing Hands, Hollow Hearth, Draconians and Reptilians, Aliens and more! Stick around and listen to this Fail Fast Podcast interview Healing Hands, Hollow Hearth, Draconians and Reptilians

 #24 Why You Need To Set Goals To Become Successful | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:10

#24 Why You Need To Set Goals To Become Successful Goals Goals Goals

 Billion Dollar Businesses to Machine Learning that Increases Conversions #23 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:11

Today’s guest is a Subject Matter Expert (SME) in Chemical, Pharma, Bio-tech Manufacturing, Finance, Bio-Energy, Nano-Technology, SAP/SCM, Machine learning and Big Data. He provided expert system consulting services to companies like Bechtel, Coca-Cola, URS in the fields of water and wastewater treatment design and engineering. Our Guest SRINIVAS KILAMBI was Chief Technology & Knowledge Officer of companies in the TATA group. This group generates over 100 Billion per year! He is also: • Founder of Sriya Group • Founder and 1st CEO Renmatix, Inc • President & CEO of Reliance Bio-Refinery • Did successful US IPOs with over $100MM raised including “Green Shoe” • Did Successful M&A with over 9X returns. Investors include Bill Gates, John Doer and Bill Joy • 1 Successful Turn-Around business experience • Chief Technology & Knowledge Officer of Tata Chemicals (>$25 billion global corporations) • Expert in prescriptive analytics, predictive analytics, machine learning, math-stat algorithms, modeling, simulation, and optimization • Business Process Innovation, Re-Engineering and Automation Expert • Expert in Supply Chain, ERP, Manufacturing, Financials, BAM, DSS • CXO of Commodore Separations, Inc. (CXOT) • Adviser & team member, Commodore Applied Tech. (CXI) IPO • Clean-Green Industry expert especially in water, bio-refineries, solar, and fuel cells   TEACHING INTERESTS Process Engineering & Design Process Intensification Nano Technology Combustion Synthesis Membrane Technologies and Separations Super Critical Fluids Bio-Refineries and Green Chemistry AI and Machine Learning   Questions: What is Digital Experience Index (DXi)? How is DXi measured, and computed? How is DXi used? How is DXi unique? Which industries/markets does DXi serve most? What is the value proposition of DXi to these businesses/industries/markets; What is the competitive landscape and how is DXi unique? What types of Data can DXi handle and sources? What is its pricing? Why is the management/Founding team of DXi unique and capable?   Please listen to the podcast to get all the replies and to know more   Thanks Quin Amorim  

 #22 Black Belt Keto Tutor CEO at Ketonifi | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:08:54

Andrei Tarasenco, born in East Europe, educated in Sweden, and living in Canada since 2007, his life has been stimulating, challenging, and full of business adventures. Over the years Andrei Tarasenco has created a number of entrepreneurial startups from consulting services, restaurants, software, international trading services to Oil Sands industry company. Establishing and growing businesses in various industries provided a great wealth of knowledge and skills that he is able to share and contribute to as a business advisor, public speaker, and leader. Having to move so many times through Europe and America, Andrei believes in the power of starting over, the continuous opportunity for reinvention, and the joy of pursuing life. What he also learned is that to accomplish great things we must not only dream but also act, not only believe but also plan.   In 1987 at age of 8, Andrei Tarasenco started his 1st business, car washing service with a bucket and soap. since that time Acquired over 20 million investments in different startups 31.5 years in, Andrei Tarasenco the Keto Tutor has: ♥ Over 100 successful business build ♥ Over 100 million in sales ♥ Been in Love for the last 20 years with the same wonderful woman ♥ Father of 3 Kids ♥ Pro Athlete. Grappler/ Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt   keto coaching The story behind Ketonifi! Why KETO? Keto in Business! Why Keto Coaching? My Keto day! Andrei’s Books: Miracle Mornings     Some juicy keywords: keto diet, keto diet menu, keto coaching, ketogenic, weight loss   Where to find Andrei:  

 How he created the worlds most trusted Apple trade-in company | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 39:40

Ceo of the World’s most trusted Apple trade-in company – Brian Burke Brian Burke is currently President and CEO of (SYM), the world’s most trusted and highest independently rated Apple trade-in company. Tags:  #Apple, #Mac, #Macbook, #Macbookpro, #selliPhone, #selliPad #sellmac Brian Burke is the President of At the age of 6, he started his first business selling jewelry on the street. At 13, he graduated to trading stocks. For the past decade, Brian’s company has been helping people earn extra cash by making it fast, safe, and easy to buy, sell, and service their Apple products. SYM has paid out $20M and has helped over 100,000 customers. Brian is a dynamic and ultra personable individual who strives to help his community through business and service. He is always on the cutting edge of technology and loves helping other individuals and organizations stay up to date on their Apple products with his company Brian is striving to reach new heights and educate himself on topics he finds interesting. Brian has become a Sommelier, an Apple Certified Mac Technician, a Notary Public, an Ordained Minister, a Certified Scuba Diver, and has received his Boating license. Brian truly loves learning and sharing his knowledge with others! Brian volunteers his time to the Professional Leadership Network, Adopt a Class, and Cincinnati Youth Collaborative, three local non-profits. Some Questions for Brian Burke: – Why did you decide to start SellYourMac? – How does the trade-in process at SYM work? – What are the top 1-3 actionable steps you have used to achieve the revenue model you have described in this episode? – What can we look forward to, in the near future, from you? – What do you do to help the community? – Was there a challenging time or situation that could have devastated or even ruined your business but, you overcame it?   Brian Burk’s Book recommendations: Vivid Vision by Cameron Herold Scaling Up – Book by Verne Harnish CEO Tools 2.0: Book by Jim Canfield and Kraig Kramers Where to find Brian: LinkedIn Facebook: Thanks for reading and listening Quin Amorim

 #20 From US Marine to Executive Coaching Patrick Schepeler | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:57

While in the US Marines Corp, at 21 Patrick Schepeler started drinking at work with his boss. This led to his boss getting fired and Patrick nearly losing everything, including his family. Listen to the whole story in the Fail Fast Podcast Today, Patrick consults with companies on leadership development and changing company cultures. He refined my leadership style by serving 14 years in the Marine Corps. Patrick Schepeler has experience in the non-profit sector as a Director of Human Resources and in the for-profit sector as a General Manager of a manufacturing facility. He is the founder/author of The Leadership Minute. This is a video and text series that gives daily leadership and self-development advice. Patrick Schepeler has taken this series and is transforming it into a series of books that focus on leadership development for individuals with varying degrees of leadership training. Patrick is an executive coach and corporate training consultant. Patrick analyzes the company culture and turnover rates to develop a management plan using the EPIC leadership method. This method allows him to help companies reduce employee turnover, increase employee engagement and productivity, and save money on yearly turnover. Questions to Patrick Schepeler: * What got you into executive coaching? * What is The Leadership Minute? * What is the EPIC method and how does it relate to executive coaching? * Why is evaluating companies cultures and developing company training important to you? * What are some of the common myths about being a good leader?   Hashtags: #Leadership, #Leadership Training, #Professional Development, #Executive Coaching, #Corporate Training, #Business Training   Patrick’s favorite books: Who moved my cheese – Book by Spencer Johnson The one minute manager meets the monkey – Book by Hal Burrows, Kenneth H. Blanchard, and William Oncken   Patrick Schepeler’s books you can have: * Setting goals  * The art and science to epic leadership Get them here:

 #19 Salena Knight - How to get your product to retail stores | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:12:32

How to get your product to store shelves Today’s guest came from nothing, at the age of 14 she was left by her mother who thought that being a mom was too hard! Well… Some people break, Others bend. Our guest is the one who bends. Instead of going off the rails, she worked hard to do the best she could with what she had been dealt. Today she is a multi-award winning business woman who has built a hugely successful chain of retail stores, a far cry from being homeless at 14. Ladies and gentleman here with us, today is: Salena Knight -Wow, Salena at the age of 14 your mom left how does a kid ever heal from that? -Your dad was gay, but he wasn’t open about it. I’m guessing it was just fear of others opinions? -You moved house over 10 times by the time you were 14, was it due to your parent’s work or business? -You became a The Retail Strategist, can you explain to our audience what that is? -What should I have ready before I approach a retailer? -How can I stand out from other brands and get my products in front of the buyer? -How do I choose which stores to approach? -What do I do if a retailer says no? -How does pricing work, will the retailer want to decide the price? -What are certain mandatory things in packaging? How to get your product to retail After many years working as an arborist, Salena looked 20 years into the future and realized she did not want what she saw. Despite being the only female managing teams of men, she knew she wanted to take charge of her life. Having come from nothing, she knew she had nothing to lose. This is a woman who grew up in a home without a lot of love, with a mother with a panache for drama, a father who was gay (but was unable to express himself) and moving house over 10 times by the time she was 14. One of the biggest moves of her life was when, at 14, her mother unceremoniously dumped her with other family members because she did not want to “mother” anymore. It was “too hard”. Shipped off the interstate with just a suitcase of clothes, to live with her elderly grandparents. She successfully completed high school early, at 15. But when they could no longer care for her, she was truly on her own. She was 16 and having to not only find somewhere to live but also how to support herself… But tenacity is Salena’s middle name and instead of wallowing in self-pity, she began her career as a horticulturist. During the next decade and a half, Salena discovered that she was great at growing businesses. So, she set out to grow her own. In just 7 years, Salena built a hugely successful chain of retail stores, a far cry from being homeless at 14. Now, with a decade of retail experience under her belt, Salena is a multi-award winning business woman, who has been shaped by adversity but always turning these obstacles into profitable and useful ventures. With her straight-talking advice and training, Salena has helped hundreds of retailers around the world, to increase their sales and profits. Book: The Dip – Seth Godin The Book in Three Sentences * Winners quit the right stuff at the right time. * People settle for good enough instead of best in the world. * Being well rounded is not the secret to success.   Links: Https:// Home   Salena Knight’s free products download:


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