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Summary: You’ve Got 5 Options is a biweekly Radio Talk Show, hosted by two childhood friends, who once had a DD (“Drunken Dream”) of starting a podcast with a mission to help people getting out of seemingly hopeless situations. Our specialty is solving real life challenges of our listeners. For each problem we receive, we provide five different solutions to chose from (which means, that over the past 3 years, we have come up with at least 500 different options!) Join us if you want to learn about alternative problem-solving techniques and listen to our extraordinary and unorthodox guests. And if you’d like us to solve your problem, don’t hesitate to contact us

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  Ep 182: Good Bye...For now? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

With sadness and great amounts of love, Anna and Marta are saying goodbye to You've Got 5 Options. It's been a truly amazing journey. Challenging. Inspiring. Creative. Fun.  The time has come to take a break. Or break up. That we do not know for sure just yet. Thank you for being with us through 3,5 years of a hell of a podcasting journey. If you want to stay connected to us, find us on Facebook: If you believe we should continue in the future, let us know which topics you'd like to hear about, here.

  Ep 181: How to free yourself from an abusive relationship? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In this episode, Marta and Signe, interview a beautiful woman, Eesha Samad, who has managed to free herself from an abusive relationship. Eesha entered an arranged, promising marriage when she was just about 17 years old. The relationship quickly turned out to be a real nightmare. After years of depression and a suicide attempt, Eesha has found her strength to free herself from the toxic marriage and start her life from scratch in Denmark. Our Conversation Eesha takes us through the story and the innocent beginning of the relationship. She tells us about the first signs of the abuse and how quickly things start spiralling down. She tells us about her depression and suicide attempt which serves her as a turning point. She then needs to keep on surviving the abuse for 2 years more before she finds the solution to finally escape the marriage. She tells us how she starts her new life in Denmark. We find out what helps her heal from the trauma. In the end, she sends a message to all women who find themselves in an abusive relationship. ———— Eesha’s Story in her own words My name is Eesha. I turned 30 this year. I moved to Denmark 4.5 years ago with the intention to start a new life. Recently I moved to Aarhus for my work. I work as a Regional Manager for UNICEF Denmark. Back in 2016, I took a plane in search of happiness to the happiest country in the world! DENMARK. The day I took a plane to Copenhagen, Denmark where I did not know what the universe will bring to me, I was about to start a new life in a new country where I do not know anyone so the fear of crying alone for the rest of my life was on one side as I won’t have my family, friends or anyone that I know there so I decided to take out all the emotions and grief I had of leaving everything behind. For the first two hours in the flight I cried and cried and cried like a baby, without caring about the crowd and people surrounding me, I was telling myself ‘You can cry as much as you want right now because the moment you leave this plane, no crying, no sadness, you are going to be headstrong and ready to work your ass off for your dreams as this is the only chance you get to make things happen and to create a life for yourself.’  After seven hours there is an announcement that the plane is landing at Copenhagen international airport in 10 minutes. I quickly grab my bag and go to the toilet to fix my face, put on some makeup and get ready to explore a brand new journey of my dreams. Everything was seeming so unpredictable yet so exciting, an end that was unknown but I have always loved and enjoyed the unknown rather than worrying. I still remember that feeling so fresh in my mind when my plane landed at the Copenhagen international airport I felt like a newborn baby it was as if I was given a new life, I was super ready for a brand new life; a life that I will be living on my own terms further away from all restrictions, social and cultural pressure and a life that I’d live only for myself and for all the things that would bring me joy & happiness. On one side it was this massive pressure of starting a completely new life, on the other hand, it’s the grieve of leaving my family, friends and homeland and literally EVERYTHING that had been a huge part of my identity and existence. How to get in contact with Eesha: Eesha’s email:

  Ep 180: Reinventing Organizations- How will the future organizations look like? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In this episode, Signe interviews Marta about a topic she’s passionate about; Evolutionary Organizations. Marta brings about the work of Frederic Laloux and his break-through book “Reinventing Organizations” and they discuss how this new paradigm works. Can you really run a business without managers, where people bring their whole selves into the picture and there are no budgets and strategies, but evolutionary purpose? Our Conversation What is wrong with the way we run organizations today? How do the red, amber, orange and green organizations operate? What’s special about evolutionary (teal) organizations? Do they already exist? How does self-management look like in practice? What is wholeness all about? How does evolutionary purpose work? And if you’re not working in a teal organization how can you move forward in your consciousness?- “Braving the Wilderness” Brené Brown ———— Books mentioned in the show: “Reinventing Organizations”- Frederic Laloux “Braving the Wilderness” Brené Brown “Drive” Daniel H. Pink “Start with Why”, “Find your WHY”- Simon Sinek

  Ep 179: Do you actually come from another dimension?- With Rasmus Jensen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In this episode, Marta interviews a good friend of the show, Rasmus Jensen, who brings along yet another fascinating topic to explore: do we actually come from another dimension? Rasmus tells us about 9 dimensions and what each dimension represents, as well as he explains which dimension plant Earth is now on and moving forward to. We also talk about stars and galaxies and reflect on how to find out if you’re from one of them. Last but not least, Rasmus takes Marta on a small journey to another dimension :). Our Conversation What are the 9 dimensions and what each of the dimensions represents? Which dimension are we on now? Are we moving to a higher dimension as we speak? Do we always have access to all 9 dimensions? Do some of us come from another galaxy? How to know if you do? What are some of the techniques to travel to another dimension/ galaxy?   About Rasmus Rasmus has already been present on the show: Ep 168: Unconventional Professions: What can a Soul Guide do for you? Ep170: Soul-guiding session live on air   How to find Rasmus? Rasmus' website Rasmus' FB page

  Ep 178: Young Love- with Aistė Palsgaard Mačys and Jonas Panico | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In this episode, Marta interviews Aisté and Jonas, a couple who seem to have found the one and only love at a very young age. They are already married and on a quest for making their dreams come true, the common ones and the individual ones. They truly support each other and have fun together. They are here at the studio to uncover what makes their relationship extraordinary. Our Conversation Our guests tell their love story and how they ended up knowing that they’ll want to spend their lives together. In secret from each other, Jonas and Aisté prepare a statement about what they believe makes their relationship extraordinary - and they reveal it live on air. The share their aspirations and future plans. And Jonas shares his music with us… Your Shadow Bound To Break  Find Aiste Facebook Instagram Email: Find Jonas Facebook Instagram YouTube Email:

  Ep 177: How do you fully move on from addicition? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In this episode, Marta interviews Jørn and Signe, both known from previous episodes, to find out how they have managed to move forward after physical addiction is gone. We talk about mental and emotional addiction and what does it mean to become sober in that sense. We touch upon the spectrum of addiction and explore the question; can one become fully addiction-free? Our Conversation Nuances of addiction What happens after the physical addiction is gone? What are the next steps in getting back to life? What does it mean to be mentally/ emotionally addicted? What does it take to be mentally/ emotionally sober? Spectrum and Exchange of one addiction to another What is the spectrum of addiction? Why do we exchange one addiction to another? Is it possible to get out of this cycle? How? Can it sometimes serve us to maintain some of our addictions? About Jørn Find out more in the previous episode How to get in contact with Jørn? Jørn's email: About Signe Ep 54 SPECIAL: Listen to your heart with Signe Bjerre Ep 139: Money, Money, Money, a Poem and a friend of the show Signe Bjerre Ep 176: Suicide. How to get in contact with Signe Signe’s Instagram Signe’s email

  Ep 176: Suicide. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In this episode, Marta is interviewing one of the best friends of the show- Signe, on one of the most difficult topics- suicide. Signe opens her heart and vulnerably shares the story of her own suicide attempt and how she survived after her mum ended her life. Image by Heather Plew from Pixabay   Our Conversation: In our touching conversation, Signe fully opens her heart and vulnerably shares: How she attempted suicide. What brought her to the place where she saw no other option. How she survived and begun the process of healing. How her mother ended her own life. How she survived that traumatic event. Her ongoing journey of healing. How to talk about suicide. How to support someone who has suicidal thoughts. I am in awe of Signe’s strength and vulnerability and I am truly grateful for her willingness to talk about the topic that many people find too difficult to handle. Yet, it is so important to be able to talk about it.  It could save lives. How to find Signe: Signe’s Instagram Signe’s email

  Ep 175: How to make Christmas special in 2020? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:59

In this episode, Marta and Anna investigate how to make Christmas special in 2020. 9 friends of the show have sent voice greetings with their Christmas wishes and sharing on how they plan to turn Christmas into a beautiful experience (or fun one!). We had great comments from the audience and two musical surprises, one from Dave and one from Signe. What a treat! Image by ksyfffka07 from Pixabay   Recordings from the friends of the show Lasse Lønsgaard Randrup Our first technician, present with us quite a bit in Season 1 and 2 (after his recording we can't stop wondering Who the F*CK is Steve!?)   Fatema Barot Ep 169: Moving forward through grief 75 LIVE SHOW SPECIAL: The Universe falls in Love with a Courageous heart - with Fatema Barot and YvG5O Ep 73: 5 key ingredients to make a captivating presentation (PART 1) - with Fatema Barot and Anna Niescieruk from YvG5O Ep 74: 5 key ingredients to make a captivating presentation (PART 2) - with Fatema Barot and YvG5O   Katarina Pedersen Ep 172: (Fast) Manifesting and Joyful Meditation with Katarina Pedersen   Judy Wanjiku Ep 129: The Kimberleys, Urban Legends and can men suffer from postpartum depression (with Judy Wanijku Jørgensen)? Ep 108: The Art of Letting Go with Judy Wanjiku Jørgensen and YVGO   Morten Bonde Ep 167: Sentenced to blindness. Now what? Ep 107: How to find the essence of who you really are with Morten Bonde and YVG5O   Rasmus Jensen Ep 168: Unconventional professions: what can a Soul Guide do for you? with Rasmus Jensen Ep 170: Soul-guiding Session Live on Air with Rasmus Jensen   Klaudia

  Ep 174: Can you cure addiction? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In this episode, Marta and Anna, together with their guest Jørn Jessen, explore a very important question: Can you cure addiction? Jørn shares openly and vulnerably his own experience of going into, through and out of addiction. Jørn explains what are the elements of addiction and how they impact you and your life and tells us what helped him most on his way towards freedom.Our ConversationWe deep-dived into: • How does addiction begin?
 • What may be the signs of addiction?
 • What are the elements of alcoholism and how being addicted differs from being a user?
 • What are the ways to get support on the way out of addiction?
 • Can you fully cure the addiction?
 • How can you know if you're completely free from it?
About JørnJørn is quite an uncommon person, he is not on social media, he doesn't have his website and he was not much into describing his BIO. He was though happy to let Marta share how she sees him, so here you go...Jørn according to Marta:I will be honest with you, Jørn is one of my favourite humans and a dear friend. The Universe has sent him my way to enrich my journey called life and this I am profoundly grateful for.The way I see it, Jørn is a wise man. An existential or spiritual teacher if you like. What I find most special about him is his ability to convey even the most complex concepts in a relatable and digestible way. I will never forget the way he explained his take on the Purpose of the Universe. No one has ever managed to tell this story the way he did and respond to all my scepticism and questions with this amount of ease and clarity. That is a true gift.When you converse with Jørn, he takes you on a journey. He connects the wisdom of science, philosophy and spirituality in a unique and clear way. He knows how to bring the big and often fluffy topics down to earth and make them relatable to a regular human. And he brings his vulnerability and loving presence along, turning the conversation into a beautiful experience. Despite the fact that Jørn is not a public person (just yet), he is already impacting the lives of many people, among others through being a dedicated Sponsor and facilitator in AA.I believe that it is only a matter of time before Jørn is ready to step even further into his potential and bless even more people with his unique gifts. I am sure happy to see it coming.How to get in contact with Jørn?Jørn's email:

  Ep 173: How to start dating when being 100% single mum? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In this episode, Marta and Anna are solving a challenge sent by Anne, a single mum of a 3-year old kid, who is getting ready to start dating again. She’s wondering, how to make it all happen since she's almost always alone with her son? Anna shares her previous single parent dating experience and some great tips.   Challenge description:   I´ve been alone with my now almost 4-year-old son since his birth, no contact to his father. I am ready to start dating life again... but how should that work? First, finding time to get to know someone and then the actual dating, the first months of relationship until being ready to bring a new person in my son’s life, when actually not having much alone time without my son.   5 aspects of dating for single mums: 1. Getting ready What do I want from a relationship: Things I Have To Offer How Do I Want To FEEL With My Partner What do you want your perfect relationship to be like Dealbreakers My partner Anything You Want Your Perfect Relationship To Be Like   Five Things To Ensure Before You "Get Back Out There"   Why clearing your emotional and physical space is important and how to do that? How to be mindful of falling back to the "old ways" (and old "type of guys") Why doing something in a different way can be a good idea? What does it mean to open up for a new relationship?    2. Getting to know someone Dating for single parents ideas: 3. Dating Some ideas: Choos

  Ep 172: (Fast) Manifesting and Joyful Meditation with Katarina Pedersen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In today's episode Marta and Anna, together again in the studio, interview Katarina, an amazing lady that turns out to know a lot about meditation and manifestation, at the same time being able to bring it quite down to earth, with processes and even a form of spiritual engineering. Our Conversation During our conversation we dig into: What is meditation? Why is it a good idea to pause thinking? Are all the thoughts we think our own? What is manifesting all about? Is there a difference between manifestation and creation? Can we create from the mind and from the heart? Which one serves us most? Are we manifesting all the time? Why sometimes we aren't able to manifest what we want? How to get the whole manifestation business right? About Katarina Katarina started meditating about 15 years ago, and 7 years ago she joined the supervised practices at School of Creation. She started her teacher's training 4 years ago, and she continuously develops herself. She is also Chopra Meditation Center member.In her work with people, she combines many of the techniques she has learned with the focus on experiencing emotions, feeling the body, following intuition as well as connecting to the Divine within.She teaches 10 steps process that has roots in practices of ancient cultures. It’s a method of expanding consciousness which results in better connection to yourself and gradual healing of all your humanly aspects by seeing them, acknowledging and accepting.She co-creates with her husband and lives the life she consciously creates on an everyday basis. She is both a student and a teacher. How to find Katarina Joyful Meditation's FB Katarina's Instagram

  Ep 171: THIS IS HALLOWEEN!- with Candace Stephens and Scary Stories From Our Listeners | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

Welcome to our Annual Halloween Special where Anna is joined by guest co-host Candace Stephens and Dave, the Radio Technician, to tell you about the history of Halloween, its celebration in different countries and to read scary stories from our listeners! Hop in with us on a Spooky Wagon and get some proper chills as things are about to get really creepy! After all, THIS IS HALLOWEEN!   Halloween “BEST STORY” Voting 2020! Remember to visit our website at and vote for the best story!

  Ep 170: Soul- guiding Session Live on Air with Rasmus Jensen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

Here's yet another, out-of-ordinary episode, where our radio technician and Anna's life partner Dave courageously steps into a Soul-guiding session with our favourite Soul Guide, Rasmus Jensen.  Tune in for a real treat; an unpredictable, unplanned, guided session where Rasmus facilitates Dave to explore his blockages, beliefs and his past (a surprisingly old past).  Experience an uncommon level of courage, vulnerability and softness. About Rasmus Rasmus has recently told us a lot about himself and his unconventional profession. You can listen to our soulful conversation here: Ep 168: Unconventional Professions: What can a Soul Guide do for you? How to find Rasmus? Rasmus' website Rasmus' FB page

  Ep 169: Moving forward through grief | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:44:24

In this episode, Marta alongside with a guest co-host Signe, receives two vulnerable testimonies from mothers moving through their child-related traumas. While Anna finally feels ready to open up to the world to reveal the story of baby Gaby’s traumatic birth, Fatema courageously unlocks her heart to share the story of her baby Kyler passing away just a few hours after he was born. Fatema in her humble, graceful and deeply vulnerable way tells us how she manages to move through the unbearable tragedy of losing your own child.   About Fatema Fatema is a  beautiful and inspiring woman with one of a kind presence. Despite the tragedy she is still moving through, she emanates love and grace. In her every-day life, she’s an artist, working as a Senior Art Director at Lego, married to another quite amazing human, her husband Arun.   Our (undescribable) Conversation: Anna, who couldn’t be at the studio personally, in a recording, shares the story of Gabi’s birth and how it has changed her and her life Fatema shares the story of Kyler coming to life and soon after passing away Fatema puts words into the unbearable pain, shock and state that can’t really be described in words Fatema explains how her mind and her body attempt to cope with the trauma Signe shares her beautiful and deeply touching poem Fatema shares how the grief evolves with time and that it is not a linear process Fatema shares some of her fears of baby Kyler being forgotten and how she decides to honour his presence in her life We speak about the father’s grief and how we can sometimes forget that fathers feel the pain just as deeply Signe tells us about a beautiful concept of Kintsugi, which literally means to join with gold; to highlight the cracks instead of hiding them. It can also be an approach for life; a philosophy. How to get in contact with Fatema If you're a parent moving through grief you can contact her by Messenger: Fatema Barot Fatema's LinkedIn Signe & her beautiful Poem Signe’s Instagram   “On Water & Grief”   grief has a way of bringing you to your knees Again and again  Without warning A wave crashing in Cracks your heart open Like sand exposed By the gentle touch of the aftermath  Of silent waves that comes  after, The tsunami Leaves you open, Raw, cleansed Completely surrendered And it whispers in your ear; Look at you, Look at you How beautiful you have become  See,  How you survived yet another wave   sharp edges on rocks Water made you soft, Made you gentle Water from your tears Streaming through your body All the way down to your feet And back again Passing through trauma of you

  Ep 168: Unconventional professions: what can a Soul Guide do for you? with Rasmus Jensen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

In this episode, Marta interviews a very special guest- Rasmus Jensen- who defines his work as being a Soul Guide. While Anna is taking care of baby Gabi, who is ill, Marta is finding out what such an unusual person can do for humans.  About Rasmus Rasmus is a grateful, loving and patient person, an ex-golf player and businessman, who has embarked on a journey of becoming a healer. Rasmus' mum's disease and death served him as a turning point, from which he has started to grow into being a Regression Therapist and eventually a Soul Guide.  Rasmus in Marta's eyes: one of the people I am truly grateful for meeting on my journey and having in my life. A very approachable guy with an amazing gift. A person with a beautiful heart ready to share unconditional love. Someone who can really help you when you're feeling stuck and can't figure out why. A real Soul Guide. Our Soulful Conversation After going through Rasmus' journey we dove into: What is Tao? And how does it work? (Tao Te Ching) What does a Soul Guide do and how he can help you? What is the true healing and who heals whom? What does freedom mean and how to get there? How to be happy? How to find Rasmus? Rasmus' website Rasmus' FB page Artist of the week Mambe & Danochilango “Cumbia Universal”


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