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Movember Podcast

Summary: We talk about the real shit. The everyday reality faced by the modern man. In conversations with inspirational people from across the globe, we hear real stories about dealing (and sometimes not dealing) with life’s challenges, drawing out the tools that lead to a happier, healthier and longer life.


 Ep 33: Owen Sharp | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1552

In this episode of Movember Radio, we chat to long-time Mo Bro and Global Director of Programs for the Movember Foundation, Owen Sharp. Owen oversees a number of the Foundation’s global initiatives including True NTH, which is the largest single investment in prostate cancer interventions and programs in the world. He started his career as an emergency nurse in Glasgow, and as a result, Owen has some amazing stories to tell. We chat to Owen in time for this year’s World Cancer Day. On February 4th, the world will unite to show that we can do something about cancer. Check out to find out how you can show your support World Cancer Day.

 Ep 32: Steve Robertson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1907

In this episode of Movember, we chat with Professor Steve Robertson who specialises in the study of gender, men and health. Steve's interested in social theories of gender and masculinity and he researches why blokes go to the doctor and why they don’t go to the doctor. It’s a fascinating insight into what goes on with men and their health.

 Holiday Replay: Richie McCaw | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1729

In this special edition of Movember Radio for the holidays, former captain of the New Zealand All Blacks rugby team, Richie McCaw, shares how seemingly bulletproof men aren’t immune to the physical and mental struggles life throws everyone’s way and the role mates play in keeping you grounded. Richie details the pressures and expectations of captaining the Rugby World Cup champions as well as how he built in ways of managing the stress of such a role. Richie got involved with the Movember Foundation to help spread word that it’s ok for men to talk about what’s going on and it’s also important to check in with friends to see how they’re doing.

 Holiday Replay: Dom Purcell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2020

In this special edition of Movember Radio for the holiday season, we revisit our chat with actor and Mo Bro Dom Purcell. Best known for his role as Lincoln Burrows on Prison Break, amongst many others, Dom’s on-screen persona is as tough as you can get. But underneath this tough exterior is a man who has had his own struggles. In this episode, he shares how he has struggled with anxiety, depression and alcohol problems and also reveals how, by opening up and taking action, he was able to take control of his life and thrive at the same time.

 Holiday Replay: Emily Morse | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1621

This holiday edition of Movember Radio takes us back to our chat with sex therapist, relationship advisor, author, SKYN ambassador and Mo Sista - Emily Morse. Tune in as Emily dishes the dirt on how men can have a healthier sex life as well as look after their general health and wellbeing.

 Holiday Replay: Marshall Dunn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1751

In this special holiday episode of Movember Radio, we revisit our chat to Marshall Dunn - an author, speaker, suicide-loss mentor and coach – about his experience with suicide to coincide with World Suicide Prevention Day. In October 2002, Marshall’s older brother took his own life. To deal with his grief, Marshall started writing and with the help of a mentor, had a breakthrough and is now working with others to share what he has learnt and help them in their own journey following the loss of someone to suicide.

 Ep 31: Matthew Wade | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1727

Matt Wade, Australian cricketer and Mo Bro, shares his story in this episode of Movember Radio of the challenges he has overcome in his sporting and personal life. Matt talks about how he was diagnosed with testicular cancer at just 15 years old, which is one of the reasons he is so passionate about men’s health and spreading the word to encourage men to take action. The Movember Foundation is the official men’s health charity partner of Cricket Australia and Matt has been a Mo Bro for three years.

 Ep 30: Lance Armstrong | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2409

Lance Armstrong speaks openly and honestly with Movember CEO, Adam Garone, about how he’s been coping with life in recent years, how experience has shaped him, and what he wished he would have done differently, as well as what’s next for the controversial sports icon.

 Ep 29: Craig Cooper pt. 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1867

In this special second episode of Movember Radio with Mo Bro Craig Cooper, he talks to us about how important it is to focus on relationships and social connections, which have a significant impact on your overall health and wellbeing. Craig also chats about how to have better sex in 30 days. Tune in for some Mo wisdom…

 Ep 28: Craig Cooper pt. 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1685

Tune into this week’s episode of Movember Radio as we hear from Craig Cooper – the first episode of a special two part series. Author, Mo Bro and former pro skateboarder, Craig is originally from New Zealand and moved to the States at 38 years old to cofound Boost Mobile. He’s passionate about advocating for men’s health and fitness and is redefining what it means to be middle aged.

 Ep 27: Lou Silluzio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1824

Mo Bro Lou Silluzio opens up about his life’s ups and downs in this episode of Movember Radio – from losing it all in the recession to building a new business, and battling health difficulties at the same time. In 2011, Lou was diagnosed with prostate cancer and has since battled the disease three times. In his journey to beat prostate cancer, Lou realised his passion for writing children’s books, spurred on by his love of reading to his grandkids. Tune in as Lou shares his story, and works towards growing his Mo this Movember.

 Ep 26: Cleto Escobedo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1153

Tune into this episode of Movember Radio as Mo Bro Cleto Escobedo (leader of Cleto and the Cletones, the house band for Jimmy Kimmel Live!) talks about relationships with his band mates, who have been making music together for 20 years. He also speaks about his lifelong friendship with Jimmy Kimmel, and how his relationship with his father, who plays with the Cletones, changed once he became a professional musician. Cleto plays on the WholeWorldBand charity single Changes - anyone can create their own version of the song by downloading the WholeWorldBand app!

 Ep 25: Ashley Boddy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1471

Listen to this episode of Movember Radio as 9-year Mo Bro Ashley Boddy chats about raising awareness for men’s health through his work in animation. Ashley is a Senior Story Artist at Aardman studio in the UK, and has worked on films like Shaun the Sheep, the Pirates and rubbed shoulders with celluloid royalty like Wallace and Gromit. Ashley speaks openly about how his training and career has taught him to observe and replicate human behavior. He’s learnt a thing or two about how guys think and act around their health too. This has inspired him to make videos for Movember including a new one about manliness.

 Ep 23 : Emily Morse | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1624

On this week’s episode of Movember Radio, we chat to sex therapist, relationship advisor, author, SKYN ambassador and Mo Sista - Emily Morse. Tune in as Emily dishes the dirt on how men can have a healthier sex life as well as look after their general health and wellbeing.

 Ep 22: Josh Beharry | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1582

In this episode of Movember Radio, listen as Mo Bro Josh Beharry takes us on his rollercoaster of a journey from being suicidal and attempting to end his own life by jumping off a bridge, to surviving the fall and turning his situation around and becoming a passionate mental health advocate. Josh has since teamed up with the Movember Foundation to develop a website – HeadsUpGuys – focused on helping guys with mental health problems by educating them on the signs and symptoms and showing them how to take action.


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