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Summary: Funny, Addictive and On-Demand, it's The Dave Ryan Show featuring the hilarious antics of Dave, Falen, Jenny & Tina! Get your daily in-take of 101.3 KDWB's Dave Ryan Show right from your computer or iPhone!

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 Sweet Home Indiana, Where the Skies Are Filled With Smoke | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 01:59:43

The Privacy Game, Theme Park Price is Right, Two Truths and a Lie, One Note Game, Is it a good or bad thing to grow up being spoiled?, and more!

 And Gotler Takes the Gold! | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 01:23:36

Chubby Bunny with Tina, Mixtape Game, Falen, Jenny, & Tina attempt to call an Olympics race, and more!

 Mixtape Game: A Different Point System | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:17:09

Mixtape Game: A Different Point System

 You Want To Go Look Through Their Junk Drawers?? | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 01:37:11

IDK The Words Karaoke, Butthurt, Bad Partner Poker, War of the Roses, What would Falen, Jenny, & Tina all do if they were invisible for a day, and more!

 War of the Roses: Twins That Are NOT Close | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:21:01

Morgan thinks her twin sister Maddie might be cheating on her Maddie's boyfriend Dalton. Morgan saw something on Maddie's Snapchat that is causing her to be curious. Morgan and Maddie are not that close and Morgan really likes Dalton so she does War of the Roses on her sister to figure out what's going on.

 You Ever Seen That Crocodile Dundee Movie? | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 01:57:43

Facebook Fights, Think Fast, Winning Song Wednesday, One Man Band, Worst Date Wednesday, we try Oreos & Salsa together, What is your claim to fame?, and more!

 Worst Date Wednesday: The Cough Syrup Bandit | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:04:01

Britt has a bad date story about her Sadie Hawkins date. It all started with him not wanting to be at the dance so he left early. When Britt found him at the after party, she couldn't believe what he had done!

 Think Fast: You Uncultured Swine | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:05:32

Think Fast: You Uncultured Swine

 Facebook Fights: The Dropped Cookie | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:04:13

Facebook Fights: The Dropped Cookie

 I Was Pooh Bearin' It | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 02:00:21

Little Jenny vs Drunk Jenny, Confessions to Father Dave, Morning Show Olympics, Group Therapy, The Duck Game, What are you doing instead of working right now?, Dave guesses your age, and more!

 Confessions with Father Dave | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:05:58

Tina, Jenny, & Falen step into the confessional to confess their sins to "Father Dave".

 Group Therapy: She Doesn't Want To Go On The Family Cabin Trip | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:08:27

A listener is dealing with a mother-in-law situation. Basically she doesn't see eye to eye with her mother-in-law and the MIL has been rude on multiple occasions and now she's trying to figure out a way to get out of going on the family cabin trip to avoid spending time with her.

 They're Like Crispy Green Crack | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 02:06:09

Paula Abdul "plane crash" she was involved in is going viral on TikTok and Dave was the first person to first point out that she was lying about it, we chat with Nelly and get him to agree to do something with the show this week, Weekend X Factor, Dave's Big Bus to Valley Fair, a very controversial Am I the Jerk involving celebrating someone's death, Think Fast, and more!

 Think Fast: Can we go back to the taco dip? | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:07:17

Think Fast: Can we go back to the taco dip?

 Weekend X Factor: He Bought Water Pills and a Hatchet | File Type: audio/mp4 | Duration: 00:10:33

Weekend X Factor: He Bought Water Pills and a Hatchet


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