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 Locally Grown Flowers and a Flower Shed with Pretty Flower Farm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:32:18

Have you ever met anyone who just sparkles? Those people are few and far between, but you’re in luck because Zhanna Andreyanov of Pretty Flower Farm is one of them, and she’s on the podcast today! Zhanna’s floral journey is sweet and centers around her father, who now gets to watch her grow flowers of her own! From a childhood amongst fields of tulips, she’s moved countries and had children and now has a farm of her own! We’re talking about her unique business model—The Flower Shed located right at the front of the farm. She’s sharing the process for setting up, pricing, and design, as well as some touching stories of interactions with the local community. Finally, you’ll hear the gratitude in Zhanna’s voice as she talks about all of the flower friends who have helped her along this journey. The floral industry is a beautiful place to be, and when we spread a bit of kindness, there’s no doubt it’ll come back to find you. Pretty Flower Farm is a small scale flower farm that has been growing for the past 4 years. They serve the local community by selling flowers out of The Flower Shed located right in front of the farm. The Flower Shed has become a local community go to place for fresh cut flowers. They have also become known to the local designers and florists and have established many wholesale accounts. What started as a dream has become a reality and a beautiful thriving business! Find more of Zhanna’s story online at or in Instagram @prettyflowerfarm.

 Lessons Learned in Flower Farming with Fleur Flower Farm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:15

Marlee Imbarrato of Fleur Flower Farm has been growing a short three years, but she has a large capacity of knowledge to impart upon growers and non-growers alike! She fell in love with dahlias one day and decided to start growing them. Thus, her flower farm was born! She poured over books and resources and is sharing some of her favorite go-to places for quick knowledge. You’ll also learn the definition of some farming terms (like “deadhead” or “harden off”). We’re talking all kinds of practical knowledge—from seed starting to what happens after a frost. On top of all of the lessons Marlee has learned, she’s also sharing some insight on her business practices and what works best for her farm. Grower or not, you don’t want to miss this episode! Marlee is a gem! Fleur was born out of the absence of locally-grown, gorgeous flowers and inspired by Marlee's discovery of dahlias. They offer seasonally-inspired floral designs, lush hand-tied bouquets, and dahlia tubers grown on their small farm in Upstate NY. They just had their first online tuber sale and it was wildly successful! For the past three years Marlee has been working full time as a Registered Nurse and spending every other waking moment learning and growing with flowers. Follow her journey with flowers on Instagram @fleurflowerfarm and visit her website at

 REPOST: Edible Flowers with Loria Stern | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:33:16

Loria Stern is the owner of Eat Your Flowers and is a Los Angeles based chef, baker, botanist, gardener, and artist. Loria first gained fame as the originator of the botanical pressed cookie (just LOOK at these gorgeous—and delicious—cookies). Her journey with flowers and baking is relatable: it started with jobs that were okay but just didn’t fit her passion, and culminated into discovering that passion and pursuing it. Loria has become a master in her craft. Did you know she also grows many of the flowers she uses in her shop recipes? Talk about a renaissance woman! Tune in to hear how Loria creates a new recipe. You might be surprised by her driving factor. (Here’s a hint: Loria says, “You feast with your eyes first.”) You’ll also hear about some of her shop’s best selling items, as well as how Eat Your Flowers is making strides in cutting down on waste and conserving water. You might even hear about a new bucket-washing technique! Since 2016, Loria has created a thriving bakery and catering brand that values local community, sustainability and inclusivity. She harvests from her own abundant flower garden, works alongside local farmers to source seasonal and organic produce, and implements creative waste reduction and water conservation practices whenever possible. With her natural, often plant-based creations, Loria celebrates the nutritional and medicinal value, as well as the inherent aesthetic beauty of botanical ingredients and celebrates them in her botanical studded food. Loria is excited for her first cookbook, which will be out in Spring 2023. Follow Loria on Instagram at @loriastern and find her online at

 Honest Conversations with Bloom & Burn | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:29

Flowering in today’s world is hard. Especially because it’s easy to forget that so many of us are in this together. Our conversation with Graeme Corbett of Bloom & Burn is a good reminder that what you see is not necessarily what you get. He is very humbly and vulnerably chatting about the current difficulty of his business and his outlook on it all is incredibly inspiring. You’ll hear firsthand experience on what it looks like to take a pause to focus on your creativity and find the avenues which bring you fulfillment. Work is something we all must do to make a living, but when you reconnect with why you enjoy your work, it becomes life-giving rather than depleting. Graeme is also chatting about his brand-new cutting garden. It’s been quite an adventure! He’s sharing some things that he’s learned (and learning!). Bloom & Burn is a floral studio based in the Kent. Graeme teaches one-to-one and group classes as well as floral styling. Recently, he collaborated on the new Jamie Oliver cookbook! And in the last year, Graeme has moved his business from London to the countryside, so he’s also in the process of setting up his first cutting garden and growing his own flowers! You can follow along his journey on Instagram at @bloomandburn and find him online at

 Running a Flower Shop with Rococo Floral Co. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:08

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own and run a flower shop? Well Claudia Lapena and Julia Conrad of Rococo Floral Co. are doing it—successfully, I might add—and they’re here telling us all about it! They’re sharing their heart behind the meaning of their slogan and how it impacts everything they do. They are passionate about connecting with their community in Somerville, Massachusetts, and have so many fun ideas to do so! Tune in to hear about some of their favorites. You’ll also hear the following: Julia and Claudia’s roles within their business What stems they’d put in a $20 bouquet Items they ALWAYS have in their shop The number one client “impulse buy” Magic moments with flowers and more! Rococo is a retail and event florist, whose style was born out of love for the femininity and playfulness of flowers. Claudia and Julia show this love through their designs which are lush and bloom heavy with minimal greens, and lots of delicious layers. They specifically chose to be a brick + mortar shop because one of the most exciting aspects of their business is being involved in their community. Their slogan is 'Life through flowers,' which encapsulates how they share their lives and passion with our customers through our work with flowers (and plants). Flowers are the bridge that help them connect to their community and start conversations about life, from small daily moments to major life events. Julia and Claudia also take pride in making flowers accessible to people of all budgets, ages, and interests. Flowers should be fun and their hope is that it shows through our brand every day! Follow along their journey on social media @rococofloralco and find them online at

 Incorporating Color Theory with Tinge Floral | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:34:03

On this episode of the Team Flower podcast, we’re talking with Ashley of Tinge Floral. We are diving into Ashley’s passion—color! She is sharing her knowledge and philosophy behind the role of color in floral design. Ashley walks us through her process of utilizing various tones when working with clients and how these design elements play out. We are discussing life as a flower mom, and Ashley is telling us all about her Color Theory Workshop!

 Working with a Blank Slate with PepperHarrow Farm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:31:25

Adam and Jenn O’Neal grow flowers on 7.5 acres (soon to be 8.5 acres) of their 20 acre property. They're known for their lavender fields and the lovely lavender products they produce from the farm. Their other main crop is dahlias and they sell their tubers all over the domestic US and coming next year, to Canada. Recently, their farm was hit and destroyed by a tornado. It touched everything but their house. This was a devastating blow to their thriving business. So how have they navigated the changes? What goals are they hoping to meet as they start over again? Tune in to hear how Adam and Jenn are gracefully taking one step at a time in rebuilding PepperHarrow Farm. You’ll also hear some practical growing tips on choosing direct sow or indoor seed starters. And of course they’re sharing a few fun facts about growing and harvesting lavender—a well-known and deliciously fragrant herb. (Fun fact: They even host lavender workshops!) We’re so excited to celebrate the release of their first book release: Small Farm, Big Dreams—which was released on May 15th, 2022 ! Give them a follow on Instagram @pepperharrow_ , on TikTok @pepperharrow, or you can find them online at

 On Focusing and Flourishing with Blourish | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:42:59

If you are in the trenches of working with flowers and wonder when you’ll begin to hit your stride, this episode is for you. Daarina is a delightful soul who is full of joy and hope for what’s to come! She has walked her floral journey for seven years and is chatting about her business’s brand and clientele. Let me tell you guys, Daarina has her brand on point! She’s even going into great detail about Shopify, including why she loves it and tips on how to utilize the service it offers. To top it off, we’re talking about outsourcing as well as incorporating systems to make one’s business more efficient. Finally, you’ll be encouraged as Daarina eagerly and humbly shares her heart for the floral industry. Say yes to opportunities that are brought your way! Focus on yourself and your business, and you will begin to flourish. Tune in to hear more proverbial adages from Daarina. Daarina is a floral designer and CEO of Blourish. Blourish is a luxury Black-owned floral design and delivery service based in Atlanta where they are the go-to for gorgeously curated and hand delivered floral gifts for any occasion. And they were recently featured on Good Morning America! Follow them on Instagram @Blourish and shop their blooms at

 The Beauty of the Floral Industry with Abby Garden Floral | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The floral industry is full of beauty. Yes, because of the flowers, but also because of so much more! Courtney has experienced this industry in so many ways and has inspiring insight to share. We’re talking about what makes this industry so special as well as how we can continue to progress on our journeys with flowers together. Courtney is sharing a few practical ways we can love ourselves and one another in giving grace and actively connecting with other floral professionals. You’ll also hear from Courtney about her unique design. What is fine art when it comes to floral design? Tune in to hear Courtney paint the picture for us! You can view her beautiful work on Instagram at @abbygardenfloral or online at

 When Florists Become Flower Farmers with Days of Dahlia | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:55

This episode of the Team Flower Podcast will be a treat to your ears as Lauren beguiles us with her sweet Scottish accent. She’s a flower farmer in Scotland, and she’s chatting all about what it looks like for a floral designer to turn flower farmer! You’ll hear tips for florists and farmers alike on growing cut flowers. Lauren is sharing her own journey with flowers and touching on the learning curve in farming in general as well as in growing specific flowers. Tune in to hear which flower never grows for them in Scotland! You’re sure to relate as Lauren shares about life lessons taught to her by the flowers she grows and works with. There is always much to be learned in the floral industry, so may we all enter this next week with ready minds and humble hearts. Days of Dahlia is a flower farm and floristry design studio based in South West Scotland run by the mother and daughter team, Lauren and Louisina. Lauren is a trained artist and Louisina is a trained florist who work side-by-side growing and designing flowers for weddings, events, home subscriptions, and local shops. In 2020, they opened their online shop supplying beautiful floristry tools and other handmade items such as bespoke ceramics, botanically dyed silks, and garden aprons. Check them out on instagram at @days_of_dahlia or online at

 Finding Reliable CRM Software for Floral Designers with Mayuri Parikh | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:40:02

Mayuri is a force to be reckoned with in the floral industry! She has taken all of the knowledge she’s gained as a shop owner and event designer and created a one-stop-shop CRM system for florists! On this episode of the Team Flower Podcast, Mayuri is sharing some of the many obstacles she faced as a designer and how True Client Pro now solves those problems. If you’re new to the floral industry (or you’re new to systems!), you’ll hear details on where to begin in systemizing your business, as it can be quite overwhelming! Mayuri breaks this down into three categories: Client, Business, and Design. Tune in to hear details on what each of these categories contains! Finally, Mayuri gives us a peek into some of the many tools she keeps in her three (yes, THREE!) toolboxes for event design. Mayuri Parikh is a successful floral designer who ran her own floral, design, and event planning business for almost 20 years. She started True Client Pro in 2018 after years of frustration at not being able to find the perfect business management and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. She wanted something that could grow with her business and adapt to her changing ideas, while still being easy to use and navigate. The result is a one-platform business management tool that is the software embodiment of Mayuri’s entrepreneurial spirit, boundless creativity, and big picture thinking. To learn more, stay tuned visit the website at

 The Importance of a Support Team with Saipua | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:37:58

Sarah Ryhanen joins us on this episode of the Team Flower Podcast for a thoughtful conversation on embracing failure, delayed gratification, and the importance of a support team. Sarah has seen much in her years amongst the floral industry and her perspective is a welcome breath of fresh air as she relates her experience and knowledge in a way that is easily digested yet full of tokens for further thought and meditation. You’ll also hear of her newest endeavor, The Farm at World’s End, and the lovely dreams she has for this incredible venture! Saipua began in 2006 with a Brooklyn studio devoted to the dual crafts of flower arranging and soap-making (Saipua means “soap” in Finnish, a nod to Sarah's heritage and the tradition of Sauna). Through her floral practice, Sarah has cultivated a distinct aesthetic, inspiring a broad movement in floral design. Saipua's work has adorned weddings worldwide, runway shows, and collaborations with artists and organizations. The Farm at Worlds End, founded in 2011, has become the current headquarters of the Saipua team. Follow along on social @saipua and see what’s available in the shop at

 Running a Successful Side Hustle: Cut Flower Farms | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:29

Joining us on the podcast today is a guest with a uniquely run flower farm! Jeri Irby and her husband both have full-time jobs that they love and have a blooming (no pun intended!) flower farm that they run as their side hustle. Jeri is sharing her journey with flowers and why they decided to start a cut flower farm in 2017. Since then, their business has grown so much that they’ve needed to hire employees to help with the running of the farm. We’re talking about all things side-hustle, including how to balance a full-time job at the same time and taking skills from your career job and applying them in your side hustle. Jeri is sharing several tips for making a flower farm side hustle a success! The Oklahoma weather can have significant and drastic changes. You’ll also hear how Jeri and her husband navigate these changes, what a low tunnel is, and their favorite piece of farm equipment.

 Growing Flowers and Children with Rising Hill Farm | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:36:40

If you’ve been in the floral industry for any amount of time, you know that there are countless lessons flowers can teach you about life. In this episode, Amber of Rising Hill Farm is joining to chat about growing flowers—and growing a family at the same time! You’ll hear about: Work-life balance with business and farming Tips for including your kids of different ages Focuses in the off-season Important considerations for sustainable farming And more! Rising Hill Farm is a small, sustainable cut flower farm and design studio located in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. They offer cut flowers for the socially and environmentally conscious consumer. You can find them on Instagram at @rising_hill_farm or online at

 Intentional Design with Film & Foliage | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:34:02

This week we’re joined by Ash Wheelhouse from Newcastle, Australia. Her story with flowers is such a fun (and relatable) one. She has an awesome practice of identifying a technique, style, color, or any other thing she could improve upon and setting aside time weekly to turn it into a strength. She’s sharing about a few she’s recently been working on! We’re also talking about how Ash’s inquiry process has improved over the years as well as the steps Film & Foliage takes to remain a sustainable business. She’s chatting about everything from where they’re sourcing flowers to what they do with all of their rubber bands. Finally, we’re talking about the amazing floral community. Ash has seen kindness grow in the industry over past 9 years, and it has since made a huge impact on her life and in her business. Film & Foliage is located in Newcastle, Australia. Film & Foliage designs richly layered and wildly beautiful creations for weddings, elopements, events and styled shoots. It brings Ash and her team so much joy to create a floral vision in a mindful, eco-conscious and stress-free way. They've also launched an online flower membership where like-minded florists can learn about the tools and techniques of the trade—Wildflower Academy. You can find Ash online at or on Instagram at @filmandfoliage.


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