Succeed with ADHD Anyway! show

Succeed with ADHD Anyway!

Summary: Life is a treasure hunt for moments of victory and never more so than when you live on the Autism Spectrum and struggle with ADHD. Join Brian R. King, LCSW adult, parent, coach and adult with ADHD, & Asperger’s as he explores the latest and greatest strategies for building a life purpose that allows those with Autism or ADHD to have their challenges and Succeed Anyway.


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Welcome to succeeding with ADHD anyway I'm your host and fellow scatterbrain Brian King. In this, our pilot episode, I want to give you a sense of how I got here and what you and I are going to accomplish together in future episodes, sound good? In order to take full ownership of my life and create the life of purpose that I wanted I needed to focus on developing four core attributes in myself. Those attributes are ; 1. 4R’s Responsibility 2. Resourcefulness 3. Resilience 4. Reciprocity Please text or call 815-310-3179 and leave your name and email. Agree to the terms and conditions then you are ready to submit questions you might have or additional topics you would like me to cover.


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