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Important Chinese Things with Jenny Zhu · Learn Chinese · ChinesePod · Qingwen

Summary: Important Chinese Things with Jenny Zhu is a free podcast from ChinesePod that helps you understand what's going on in China now and learn practical Chinese words and phrases to talk about those things.

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 China to Stop Teaching English in Schools? | File Type: | Duration: 24:37
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Recently speculations surfaced that English would no longer be part of the university entrance exam (gaokao) in China in 2017. Though officials have denied the rumor, heated debate about the importance of English education dominates public discourse. How is English taught in schools in China? Why do some vehemently oppose teaching children English in China? Why despite all the uproar parents still pour money to have young children learn English? Listen to today's show to find out.

 Baijiu and Chinese Drinking Culture | File Type: | Duration: 42:45
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Did you know China is home to some of the most potent hard liquors in the world, i.e. baijiu? It's also a country where excessive drinking is often encouraged and seen as a positive attribute.

 American TV Shows in China | File Type: | Duration: 30:33
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Although China is well known for its strict censorship rules, content on video sites has largely enjoyed more relaxed rules until recently. A few popular American TV drama including Big Bang Theory and the Good Wife have recently been pulled down from streaming sites. But intriguingly shows that deal with more sensitive subject matters such as House of Cards, Masters of Sex are still available for viewing. What's behind the latest move? How popular are American TV shows in China? How and where do people watch them? What were the first American shows aired in China? How do American TV shows influence people's lives in China? Listen to today's show to find out. Jenny also throws a challenge by giving you translations of some American shows' names in Chinese. Listen and see if you can guess what these shows are.

 Chinese Weddings | File Type: | Duration: 27:58
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Chinese weddings are an eclectic mix of the old and new, Eastern and Western, Communist traditions and modern cultural influences. Today we look at weddings in China and the rich variation between weddings in the city and the countryside. We also talk about the pressure of giving hongbao (cash gifts) when you get invited to a wedding.

 It’s Complicated: A Love and Hate Relationship between Taiwan and China | File Type: | Duration: 27:22
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The recent student protests in Taiwan against a service and trade agreement with Mainland China exemplify a very complicated relationship between the two. This week we look at the misunderstanding, antagonism and ideological differences that divide Taiwan and China as well as a much friendlier reality of cultural and population flow that connects the people from these two places.

 Are Chinese More Tolerant of Extra Marital Affairs and Mistresses? | File Type: | Duration: 30:34
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Actor Wen Zhang recently broke the Chinese social media record after his apology for cheating on his wife went viral on weibo. This week we look at why this incident got so much attention in China. We also explore why Chinese seem to tolerate extra marital affairs, why mistresses are sometimes seen as a career option and does this signal the loss of a moral compass in China?

 Chinese Internet Slangs and Their Social Impact | File Type: | Duration: 39:26
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The proliferation of social media has given the Chinese language a dynamic serge of innovation and creativity. New words and phrases are coined and spreading at dizzying speed and changing the way people talk online and in real life. In our show today, we look at some of the most widely used new words in China right now; at opposing views on how these new expressions should be treated; at the cat and mouse game between internet users and censors. Jenny and her guests also talk about Michelle Obama's trip to China and spill the beans on the superstar Chinese first lady Peng Liyuan.

 KTV Time - The End of the Road | File Type: | Duration: 21:33
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Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the grand finale for KTV Time and Beijing Standard Time. In this episode, Tom and David finish up their series on Chinese marriage customs as well as play a few classic KTV songs for the road.

 The End of the One Child Policy | File Type: | Duration: Unknown
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China's one child policy was introduced in 1979 to curb rapid population growth. More than 30 years on, the Chinese government is reforming the policy by allowing couples to have more than 1 child. How does the tweaked policy work? What does it mean to ordinary people in China? Are they excited or hesitant about the new found freedom? Listen to today's show to find out. We also round up the trending topics in Chinese social media this week from the missing jet to a massively popular Korean TV drama.

 Beijing Standard Time - Time to Get Married - Part 1 | File Type: | Duration: 22:16
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It's time to get hitched, Poddies! This episode of Beijing Standard Time kicks off a two-part series on modern marriage in China. Learn about dating, meeting the parents and all the things that lead up to the big day in this episode!

 KTV Time - The Meaning of Your Travels | File Type: | Duration: 10:52
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This week KTV Time explores the music of 陈绮贞 (Chén Qǐzhēn), the self-made Taiwanese pop icon, as well as her hit song 《旅行的意义》 (Lǚxíng de Yìyì, “The Meaning of Your Travels”).

 Beijing Standard Time - Chinese Opera | File Type: | Duration: 17:43
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An acquired taste it might be, but Chinese opera is an essential part of China's cultural heritage. In this edition of BST, learn about the basics of this art form.

 KTV Time - Fairy Tale | File Type: | Duration: 11:45
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This edition of KTV Time covers the KTV classic 《童话》(tónghuà, ”Fairy Tale“). It's a melodramatic love song begging for a group sing-a-long.

 Beijing Standard Time - Park Activities in China | File Type: | Duration: 14:08
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Parks are the center of social life for many people in China. You'll find people singing, dancing and playing games. You'll also find people engaged in uniquely Chinese activities. In this BST, Tom and David discuss these "Chinese" activities.

 Qing Wen - The Right Way to 教 | File Type: | Duration: 7:21
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Dealing with Chinese characters can be tricky when one encounters 多音字 (duōyīnzì), sometimes called homographs. These are characters which have different pronunciations and meanings. In this of Qing Wen learn the two types of the character 教 (jiāo, jiào).


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