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Friendly Fireside Chats

Summary: Every few weeks, Adam and McKee sit down to catch you up on some industry news and get you thinking about a theme or two in the latest release.

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 Episode 10: A Tale Of Two Games | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Excited to get your weekend started? We are too. And now that we've got our tenth (!!) episode out, you can start it with a blast! (No, really, go hang out with friends. We'll be here when you get back. Forever waiting....we're watching you.) On this week's podcast, we face off against a story-driven double-header, first exploring Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and then diving into the creepy-not-so-creepy-but-actually-really-creepy Gone Home. Lend us your ear and discover how it was that Adam managed to give McKee insomnia in the short span of twenty minutes. Besides ruining cute little games for you, we also talk about: the Ouya and its PR troubles (I'm still not convinced we're saying that name right) the PS Vita TV Steam library sharing some TF2 nostalgia that warms McKee to the very core Ten down, who knows how many more to go? If you're still tuning in, you might as well subscribe to us on iTunes by this point. Kick your feet up, stay a while. You're a regular. Follow us on Twitter and like us Facebook, too. As always, you're welcome and encouraged to send us an email. Leave us some comments if you played Brothers or Gone Home, let us know what you think about it! Next time we record, we're going to be talking about Grand Theft Auto V and all of its man-shooting and car-stealing. Go out and buy it, it's already making records! Play it, get well read and we'll see you next time.

 Episode 9: Go With the Saints Flow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Shockingly close to maintaining some kind of schedule, Adam and McKee are back to discuss the craziness of Saints Row IV. Do they love it? Do they want to stay in the Dominatrix? Does Zinyak have a lovely singing voice? Have a listen and find out on this week's episode of McKee's Health Hour! Also on this week's 'cast: StreetPass and the way you can play it forever if, y'know, you want to. Or are supremely bored the next generation of consoles and whatever that 2DS thing is all about the mystical 'fifteening' of the video game industry Final Fantasy XIV's rebirth, Hotline Miami 2 and Mighty No. 9 (!!!!) And that, as they say, is that. The MP3 is embedded below for your listening pleasure. Why stop there though? Go download the 'cast on iTunes! Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook. Be sure to check out our YouTube which, dare I draw attention to this waking dream?, even has a video on it! But what's this? 'McKee, you great stallion of a man, I want to communicate with you directly!' you say? Well, feel free to drop us a line.  Until next time!

 Episode 8: Be A Good eSport | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  Don't call it a comeback! Adam and McKee erupt from the lazy days of the summer long game recession to talk about The International 2013, which happened just recently. While it's not a full-blown review, you do get to hear McKee talk about a game he loves so much, as well as Adam's fascination with the competitive scene and the foreign-ness of competitive gaming in general. Other topics include: Hotline Miami, Blood Dragon and other 80s-soaked games how the Last of Us isn't sexist. For real. We promise. a little bit of news, but not too much! Phil Fish, gamer entitlement and gaming journalism As always, thanks for lending us your ear. The MP3 is below for your listening or downloading pleasure. You can listen and subscribe to us on iTunes as well. Like us on Facebook and be sure to follow us on Twitter. As always, if you're feeling particularly chatty and want us to listen to you (a nice turn of events!), send us an email! Expect us to be more active from here on out, now that the gaming slump has passed. We'll be taking a look at Saints Row IV next time, so be sure to tune in!

 Episode 7: Of Zombies and Men | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hope everybody had a good Fourth of July, or as it's known internationally, Thursday. This is a big one folks. McKee and I have very different opinions about The Last of Us. As a result, this 'cast is a little longer than previous episodes, as we delve into specifics on the plot and whether or not Naughty Dog is successful in creating a zombie game that's more than just another zombie game. Also on this cast: McKee finally gets to talk about Dota, the International, and the future of eSports We discuss our latest escapades in Animal Crossing Microsoft's pulls a 180 on Xbox One's DRM policy Todd Hollenshead leaves id Software Thanks for listening. The MP3 for this week's 'cast is below as well as on iTunes. You can like us and subscribe to us on Facebook as well as follow us on Twitter. If you'd like to complain to or compliment us, you can email us. See you next time!

 Special 01: E3 Extravaganza | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hold on to your hats, ladies and gentlemen, as we've got two episodes in two days. As you might expect from the image above, as well as our posts elsewhere, this episode is all about the news that came out of E3.  With all the E's we've used, we've had to start saving them up; no more freebies.  We may not have hit everything, but we tried to get to the big stuff without rambling on and on. Topics include: Xbox's One way into the living room and their PR debacles Sony's apologetic PS4 and their attempt to woo gamers back into their camp Nintendo being Nintendo, with a strong but safe software line-up a handful of other exciting titles, including The Division and Mirror's Edge 2 (!!) Also, the game that I was referring to was Rez, and not Zone of the Enders.  Either way, it absolutely came with a vibrator.  Look it up! That's it for this week (really, no more after this!), so do us a favor and subscribe in the usual places: on iTunes, Facebook, Twitter and on YouTube.  If you're not feeling up to it, you can always shoot as an email to let us know how much you despise us.  See you all next time!

 Episode 6: Dust to Dust | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Rising from the ashes of laziness and the ever-inflexible life, like some kind of super penguin, Friendly Fireside Chats is here to present you with our newest 'cast.  Our apologies, once more, for the delay.  This week we find our heroes reviewing Dust: An Elysian Tail and saying things nice and not so nice about it, ranging from 'hey, it's pretty good' to 'well, maybe the writing could've been better.'  Gripping stuff.  Tune in to get the scoop! Aside from rambling about Dust (hey!  It's pretty good!), we also bring up: the Steam trading card beta and why you should give me your cards the Oculus Rift and how 3D makes things better (and worse!) the joys of flash farming fruits in Animal Crossing: New Leaf some problems with the 3DS and how they might be solved And that's all for this week, unless of course there was a special episode recorded exclusively for E3.*  The MP3 for this week's 'cast is below, as always, but we'd much prefer you check us out via iTunes.  You can like us and subscribe to us on Facebook as well as follow us on Twitter.  The Oculus Rift video that we've been talking about will be showing up on YouTube in the next week or so, so do get excited for that. If you're feeling non-committal about liking, following or subscribing to us on all this newfangled social media, a simple email should be enough to get your fix 'til our next episode. *uh...that thing I just said.  Up there.  Should be up tomorrow or Thursday at latest.

 Episode 5: Dear Minerva | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week on the 'cast, Adam and myself go over the finer points of Dear Esther and talk about how, man, we really just don't understand it at all. After grasping for epiphanies, we turn our attention to the less cerebral of the games we cover this week: Minerva.  Make note of it on your calendars, for this game is the first to divide the opinions of your lovely podcasting duo.  Turn on your ears and let us know who you agree with.  (Totally me, don't lie.) Besides the aforementioned duo of Source mods, we also talk about: Nintendo and their continually changing E3 tactics YouTube's new policy concerning ad revenue on Let's Play videos EA's distaste for the Wii U and changing business tactics Warren Spector's School for Gifted Not-So-Youngsters As Roberto Durán would say, no más.  Like usual, the MP3 is below for your easy listening.  That being said, we'd appreciate it if you would check us out on iTunes.  And since you're checking us out already, why not mosey over to Facebook and like us there, as well as follow us on Twitter?  Perhaps not this week, but in the coming weeks we will have our look at the Oculus Rift, so make sure you know where that YouTube channel is located. If you're somehow not tired of clicking links by this point, go 'head and click this last one and drop us a line!


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