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Summary: Every few weeks, Adam and McKee sit down to catch you up on some industry news and get you thinking about a theme or two in the latest release.

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 Episode 29: To Boldly Go Where We’ve Been Before | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

What's this? Is it possible? Could it be? Did we actually get an episode out in a timely manner? That's right, folks...fasten your seatbelts and put your tray tables up, because, apparently, pigs are going to start crashing through your windows any second now. This week, we tried our hands at the newest Pokémon titles, Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire. For the first time in more than fifteen years, the compulsion to catch 'em all overtook brave heroes Adam and McKee, who quickly succumbed to their love (and hatred) of the cute little beasties. What's new and different? What's proven to be a classic staple in the series? What hasn't changed at all and annoys us to death? Tune in to find out! Aside from how awesome Torchic is, we talk about: Evo 2015 and which games are going to be included a whole bunch of Nintendo goings-on, including a healthy misunderstanding of the Amiibo craze the apparent onslaught of microconsoles and how Mad Catz' MOJO is going for cheap! Hatred, Hotline Miami 2 and video game ratings in general What we thought was going to be one of our shorter episodes ended up being quite a long one. A little bit of off-topic conversation and us being at odds will do that to you. Hope you guys enjoy! Like before and likely from here on, the MP3 can be found below. It is also on iTunes for people that might find it easier to get it from there. Twitter is definitely worth checking out, as we update it once or twice a year. Facebook updating is a lot more common and, really, that's probably where you saw this from anyways! Thanks for liking us there. Questions, complaints, recipes and how-tos should be sent to our email, which you can get to by clicking right here. Next time we get together, we're going to be talking about an adventure game doubleheader. Grim Fandango has got itself a shiny new remake and Life Is Strange is waiting for us to take it for a ride. Tune in and we'll let you know just how awesome Grim Fandango is and probably something about the other one, too!

 Special 03: 2014 in Review | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

You guys had forgotten about us, hadn't you? Be honest. Out with it. It won't hurt our feelings, not too much anyways. We'll survive, shoulder the weight and carry on, just as we've always done... We're back! We know you guys missed us and we missed you, as much as two talking heads can miss and be missed by a bunch of nameless, ethereal internet denizens. What's even better news ("you mean, there's more?!" you say, with a look of surprise) is that we've got another special episode for your ears to listen to: The 2014 Year in Review! What that means is that Adam and I look through our crystal balls, backwards in time to see what all we reviewed this year and tell you what our thoughts are about the games, with a more experienced, sagely perspective. How do the games fare? Are any previously thought of gems tarnished? Have any sour grapes turned to fine wine? Tune in, listen up, and find out. Besides re-evaluating our reviews from the past 12 months, we also talk about: being purchased by Amazon and Mojang, of Minecraft fame, being bought by Microsoft and what it might mean the uproar that caused GamerGate, that which followed it, and the relative quiet since a few games that we wish we had reviewed, perhaps some Game of the Year candidates Goodbye 2014, you really weren't so great. Hopefully 2015 will be a better time for games and the world at large, but we won't know 'til we start plowing through it. Some things never change. You can still, as ever, find the MP3 link below. iTunes still has us on file, 'cause without us, who's really going to use it? Mosey on over to iTunes and subscribe. Twitter and Facebook might be able to survive without us keeping them afloat, but we all know they don't want to see us go. If you want to borrow our crystal balls (you know you do), ask questions, send comments or anything else where you speak to us, use this handy link. We'd love to read them. Next time we all get together (which should be before the end of January, we swear), we'll be talking about the newest additions to Nintendo's adorable creature hunt: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Pokémon Alpha Sapphire. They're from the distant, distant past of 2014, but neither Adam nor myself have played one in a long, long time so there's nothing you can do to talk us out of it. Don't even try.

 Episode 22: You Have My Transistor | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're talking about the highly, highly anticipated Transistor on today's episode! What's more, we even have a guest star, the ever lovely Red, protagonist of the game we're reviewing this week. Unfortunately, as you all well know, she's mute and can't speak. That didn't stop us from setting up a mic and letting her sing all of our music though! She manages to make everything sound the exact same as before. What a gal! Comparisons to Bastion aside, we also talk about: Sony's profitability and Microsoft's decision to ditch the Kinect Steam's ever-growing library, and the woes of early access gaming YouTube buying out Twitch and what it might mean for content providers some app that was pulled from the store because Adam's a pervert Check us out on Twitter, like us Facebook! If you feel like it. If not, and you just want to listen to our almost-Logan-Cunningham-but-not-quite voices, then you can just subscribe to us on iTunes and listen to us there. If you're feeling more on the supply side of the art of conversing, drop us a line and send us an email or write us a comment? It makes us feel so warm and so special! Okay, so these last few weeks I've got you guys to play games that we ended up not reviewing. Listen. I'm sorry. Times are hard and things come up. This time, though, I can promise you, with one hundred percent certainty, that we will be reviewing Watch_Dogs next time we meet. I swear! We hope to hear from you all then!

 Episode 21: Do Androids Dream of Analog Synths? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Returning to a more regularly scheduled 'cast, we're back to talk about our experience with FRACT OSC. Going in, neither of us knew what it was about. Coming out, I don't know that we are much the wiser. Tune in if you want to hear us babble about it for a bit! Let us know if we made any sense at all! Aside from talking about synthesizers and expectations of Myst, we discuss: the gamification of fitness and the quantified self Ars Technica's Steam Gauge and Metacritic's effect on Steam's sales numbers the next iterations of the Super Smash Bros. series the E.T. landfill and how it's no longer (or perhaps never was) an urban legend Kind of a light news week. Or month. Or quarter. Seriously, there's just not a whole bunch going on!! Follow us on Twitter and subscribe or like or whatever it is this whole Facebook thing is about. If you're just looking for our quality podcasts without all this fluff, you can do no better than by looking us up on iTunes and downloading straight from there. Questions, comments, suggestions and criticisms all fit nicely into our inbox, so why not shoot us an email? We pretend to read it every fortnight or so. Next episode, we're going to be talking about Cave Story+ and how it will melt your cold and dead heart. Be sure to read up on it and play it through if you've not done so in a while, as I'm sure we'll have plenty to talk about. See you all then!

 Episode 20: Banished and Famished | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

What better way to start out our second season of Friendly Fireside Chats by taking a small hiatus for recording? No no, we still love you. We've been busy! We swear! But fret not, because we are back. There haven't been a whole bunch of releases, so we've cast our eyes into the distant, distant past of February to bring you a review of Banished, a city-simulator made by just one guy. How does it play? How does it function? You're just going to have to tune in to find out. (Or buy the game. We're not picky.) Aside from planning labor for all our newly made ten year olds, we discuss: how AWESOME McKee is for conquering Dustforce! Oculus being 'bought out' by Facebook and why it might not be the end of the world the Metaverse and other apparently not sci-fi ramblings Adam gets mad about people wanting morals and idealism from businesses That's that! What we thought was a light news week ended up being a bit longer winded than we expected. Oops! We just like talking at you guys, is all. And we like it when you talk at us, too! Why not send us an email? Don't wanna? That's fine, heckle us on Twitter and Facebook instead! If you're just looking to listen to our sultry voices, then a simple subscription to our iTunes feed will do that for you, though you're missing out on a lot of fine harassment. Again, we're not quite sure what we're going to be talking about next week. Age of Wonders III has been thrown out, but if there's something else you'd like for us to discuss, don't hesitate to let us know! See you guys next time at a hopefully more punctual date!

 Episode 19: Here’s to You | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Good afternoon everybody and welcome to another episode of Friendly Fireside Chats! I was going to write up a paragraph about stealthing about and being all sneaky, but it turns out we did that for Thief last time. I'm getting less and less clever with these things. I'm getting old! It's like I'm from a time before these new fangled video games, from a time when war...when war was about some other guy still named Snake doing something very similar to modern day Snake doing stuff. Aside from talking about Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes (you did get all that, right?), we talk about: Valve's Free to Play documentary and what we think about it the revving up of new engines, and their falling prices the new Direct X 12 and AMD's alternative to it While this may be the start of our second season -- wait a second, let me write that out all fancifully. Ahem...While this may be the start of Friendly Fireside Chats: Season TWO, our lovely artist friend is out and about exploring Germany, so we don't quite yet have new art. But we will! Thanks for tuning in this week. We really appreciate it and we love hearing back from you guys. Send us an email and let us know what you're thinking! Check us out on iTunes and make sure to follow us on Twitter, as Adam's starting to stream a lot more with his fancy PS4. This might be why these casts take so long to get up these days. Like us on Facebook so you can be the first to hear everything you might kind of want to know about FFC. We're not exactly sure what game to play next, so we're open for suggestions. Feel free to drop us a line or comment on any of our various web presences to let us know what you're interested in seeing. Whatever we play next time, we'll also be streaming some of the new Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze game, so be sure to check that out over on our Twitch. And since we're on the subject, we beat Chrono Trigger last time! And I actually remembered to save the highlights! You can catch those over at Twitch or at our Youtube channel. See you guys next time!

 Episode 18: Stealing My Time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Oh, hi. Didn't see you there, you sneaky man you. Maybe you were skulking around in the shadows. Maybe you...something else about thievery. Man. I got nothing. You try writing these things all the time. This week we're talking about the newly released Thief, in which master thief Garrett attempts to steal...well, anything that isn't bolted down. Does he succeed, at least, in stealing our hearts? Take a peek through the keyhole of the internet and peep this podcast...with your ears. Aside from rattling on about Thief, we talk about: South Park: The Stick of Truth and Adam's limited playtime with that how everyone's getting into speed running games everybody is leaving every job they've ever had and the video game industry will soon devolve to nothingness Valve bringing down the price of video games via Steam pricing Pretty good episode, all in all. Then again, I'm a bit biased. Check us out on iTunes, or else! Follow us on Twitter, or else! Like us on Facebook, or else! Send us an email, or we'll be super sad. We get lonely. This coming weekend (sorry it took a while to get this episode online), we're going to be recording an episode for the new Metal Gear Solid game, Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes. I'm not sure if it's multiple grounds, or maybe Ground 00000. All will be revealed, in time. Less time than you'd think, too, as Adam might be streaming it tonight on our Twitch channel. I'm sure we'll update you as we find out more. Speaking of streaming, we'll be finishing up Chrono Trigger over the weekend. We're soooo close. After that, we're going to be streaming some of the new Donkey Kong Country game for the Wii U. Again, our page is located right here. Looking forward to seeing you all there!

 Episode 17: The Rebirth of the Adventure | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Greetings and salutations, sports fan! Depending on what background you have, you may have read that in the voice of a DotA caster or my high school principal. Either way, we're glad you're here. This week, Adam and McKee are taking a look at Double Fine's doubly fine Broken Age, the Kickstarter funded adventure game from the same developer that brought you Psychonauts, Brütal Legend and so much more. How's it hold up? Does it point-n-click into our cold, embittered hearts? Well...use your ear on this podcast to find out how we feel about it. Other than breaking ages, we also talk about Ken Levine leaving an irrationally large pile of cinders Flappy Bird's ascent to glory and its fall from grace Godus and Kickstarting promises Valve's hour-long DotA 2 advertisement, Free To Play Not a full summary, but what else can I do? Below, you'll find the MP3 as usual. We'd prefer you subscribe or whatever it is you crazy kids do on iTunes. Give us a look on Twitter and also on Facebook. Got any questions, comments, suggestions? Please send us an email. We like hearing feedback from you guys. Next time we meet, we'll be talking about the new Thief game.Will it live up to the expectations of older fans? Will it stand the test of seasoned sneakers everywhere? Will Garrett ever step into the warm sunlight and feel the love of a woman? These are the questions we're going answer next time. We hope you'll join us.

 Episode 16: Trouble In The House of Mario | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

What you're looking at now is the first actual, factual episode of Friendly Fireside Chats of the new year! And, don't you know it, we mucked it all up by not having a headliner to play. Well, not us so much as the video game industry at large. We still cover a few games, including Rogue Legacy, Trace Vector, the new Spelunky release and even a bit of Infinity Blade for you feeling nostalgic out there. Besides that, we...well, I mean, what the hell did we even really talk about? Besides nothing at all specifically, we also talk about: how badly Desura treats McKee Nintendo's Wii U woes Valve putting the red light on Steam Greenlight MAGFest and some indie gems from within the fact that McKee totally didn't play more DotA than Adam worked in 2013. Really, I didn't! a billion other things. Seriously, we're all over everywhere this week. Really though, it's worth your time to listen and see what all we talk about. It's a helluva spectrum. Grab the MP3 below or grab it through iTunes. Check us out on Twitter and on Facebook. Also, we're totally interested in hearing from you, too. Information's a two-way street, after all. Questions, comments, suggestions, or anything else, send us an email. We really like hearing from you guys. For next episode, we're going to be taking a look at Broken Age, the latest from Double Fine. Interestingly, this is the game that Tim Schafer went to Kickstarter to fund, which, for many, can be seen as the beginning as the Kickstarter revolution. Viva la revolución! We'll probably also be finishing up our Chrono Trigger run on Twitch. Because McKee's a doofus, we don't have the previous recordings. Sorry about that. All you missed, though, was McKee screwing around and generally being horrible at everything. We'll definitely get these videos exported to YouTube next time.

 Special 02: The Year In Review | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  It's the mooooost wonderful tiiiiime of the yeeeeeear. Welcome friends to what is simultaneously the last episode of 2013 and the first of 2014. Like the other special we've had, we're not going to be talking about one game in particular, but rather a whole bunch of all the games we've talked about. That's right, we go through and give you guys a retrospective look at all the games we reviewed over the years. Not caught up on our 'casts? Well, you will be soon. You're welcome. Other topics include: McKee's continued attempts to introduce gaming to non-gamers PAX's growing acceptance of other cultures and lifestyles the hot new sequel to the Oculus Rift And with that we say, goodbye 2013 and hello to the new year! But just because we're in the future doesn't mean things have changed. You can still grab the MP3 from below. iTunes still exists, so make sure to send us your love by subscribing there. Twitter and Facebook sure as hell aren't going anywhere, so give us some feedback and some fanbase there, too! One cool thing about the future, though, is that you can now send your mail electronically, which, I mean...that's totally awesome. So, send us your questions and comments and musings via this handy link. We'd love to read them. On the same night we recorded this, we had the misfortune of playing through John Romero's Daikatana. Or, at least as much as we could stand. I'd like to send you a link to check out the cast, but unfortunately, due to an error on's part, we don't have it anymore. It's probably for the better. It was a truly terrible experience. Well, the game was at least. The streaming thing was a bit of fun and we might look into doing some more of it. Do any of you have suggestions for games to record/stream? What games did you all enjoy over 2013? What are some games you're looking forward to picking up in the coming year? What game should we review next? Help us out! PLEASE!

 Episode 15: Items, Please | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Welcome everybody to this week's episode! Adam and McKee take a stroll down memory lane as they talk about their journeys in the incredibly nostalgic The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds, or perhaps known better as Super LTTP2 HD Remix Arcade Edition. How does the first Nintendo game we've reviewed hold up? Does Link ever get out of that rock up there? Lend us your ear and all will be revealed. Besides fairy boys in green, we also talk about: fairy boys in blue! And then in red! They're just so fashionable! gaming with a new generation Papers, Please the current state of the new consoles And that, as they say, is that. You can grab the MP3 from below. Or, if you'd prefer a more classic approach to podcasting, you're welcome to grab it through iTunes. Make sure to follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook. Never forget, we like you too. If you've got questions, comments, or want to fuss at us about something that was totally Adam's fault, send us an email. We also give out advice for free, so that's neat. On the next episode, we'll be looking back at 2013 and then, if we have the fortitude, streaming John Romero's instant classic Daikatana. Got a game you think we should talk about or a piece of news that you think is important or not spoken about enough? Let us know! Leave us a comment and let us know what you think.

 Episode 14: In Rapture(d) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  Returning to Rapture, Adam and McKee find themselves knee deep in noir as Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth are tasked with saving a little girl. Does the Rapture revival serve as a loyal reminder of what the original Bioshock was? Does adding life to the city somehow dampen the experience of the haunting underwater dystopia? Tune in and give us a listen to see what we think about it! Other subjects include: a new generation of consoles the new Zelda game (just a smidge, though!) and the importance of 60 FPS John Carmack's departure from id Software how free-to-play games are changing the industry and how the playing base is coming around to free-to-play games The MP3 of the 'cast is below, so you can download it and play it LOUDLY from your window as you look down on the masses beneath you. We'd much prefer you get it off of iTunes though, and if you're tuning in regularly, it's probably easiest for you too. Follow us on Twitter to be up to date, like us on Facebook for our lovable personalities. If you want us to love your personalities, don't hesitate to shoot us an email. On the next episode, Adam and I will be discussing The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds. Go seek it out and let your heart melt with nostalgic goodness. That's my plan, anyways. You'll likely hear me gush on and on about it.  See you all next time!

 Episode 13: The Bitstrips of June | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Joining our heroes once again, Hollis discusses The Stanley Parable with Adam and McKee. Lend us your ear and join our three merry adventurers as they recount endless tales of betrayal, love and loss at the hands of the sometimes omnipotent and every so often omniscient narrator. Also, we get to chuckle as Adam attempts to make our microphones all sound not terrible. Alongside having man-crushes on Kevan Brighting, topics of discussion include: more Pokémon and how the SwapNote is not so great a vehicle for delivering crude drawings Square Enix pulling some black numbers for the first time in a long while why Microsoft selling the Xbox brand might not be a good idea a whole mess of numbers, including how Steam has more users than Xbox Live and how console sales are, still, booming MCKEE BEAT DUSTFORCE G-Sync seriously, we talk a long time The MP3 is below for you to listen to as you please, but we'd really like for you to check us out on iTunes. While you're at it, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and continue checking out this site here. That you're on. Right now. Also, don't hesitate to drop us a line or leave a comment on either this page or our Facebook page. We look forward to your input, both about the show and about how Stanley's life has greatly and fundamentally changed your own. Next up, we'll be speaking on Bioshock Infinite's expansion-slash-alternate-timeline-thing Burial at Sea, which came out almost anywhere you looked yesterday. We'll see how the second coming of Rapture fares against the tides of modern gaming standards next time on Friendly Fireside Chats. Look forward to speaking with you.

 Episode 12: Beyond Two Hosts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

  This week's episode, Adam and McKee are joined by a guest, Hollis! Not to take anything away from Hollis, but it's entirely because Adam is a lazy man who can't be asked to play video games. What a terrible person. One more of these, Adam, and we're sending you to Belize. Hollis and I discuss Beyond: Two Souls and how the interactive movie fares in a world of AAA games. Aside from admiring Ellen Page, we also talk about: Steam sharing beta the castAR the booming sales of consoles in the midst of GTA V and Wind Waker HD Heavy Rain! As always, the MP3 is below if you just hate supporting us on iTunes! Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook. Anymore questions or comments, you're more than welcome to drop us a line. We look forward to hearing from you and please, don't forget to post a comment to any of these places, letting us know what you think about us or what you think about Beyond: Two Souls. Next time we record, we'll be talking about The Stanley Parable, recently released on Steam. Grab it, play it, and we'll talk to/at you next time on Friendly Fireside Chats!

 Episode 11: The Big One | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this week's episode of Friendly Fireside Chats, our heroes talk about how awesome FTL is. Also, there's some mention of another sleeper hit, Grand Theft Auto V, that somebody out there may be interested in. I dunno. It's not too big a deal, so feel free to just skip over that part and listen to us talk about how awesome spaceships are and how neat it is to deprive people oxygen. But really, join Trevor, Franklin, Michael, Adam and me for an hour-long 'cast devoted to stealing cars and money. Since it was a bit of light news week, our conversation topics only include: what we've been playing, including FTL and more Street Pass games (somehow) how popular hotcakes are, and how they're now selling like Grand Theft Auto V the various Steam announcements, including SteamOS, the Steam Machine and the brilliantly titled Steam Controller Look for us on iTunes and subscribe to get us automatically downloaded to your iTunes. Subscribe to us via Twitter and like us on Facebook. Still not feeling that you've scratched that Friendly Fireside Chats itch? Shoot us an email. Let us know what you thought about GTA V and how it compared to the earlier iterations in the series. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below! In two weeks time, we'll be recording our episode on Beyond: Two Souls. Steal a friend's copy or Grand Disc Auto it and tune in next week to see what we think about it. See you next time!


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