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 Contentment in Singleness: Why You Should Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:36

Are you content in the single life? Do you compare yourself to others? Our podcast for the day just on this subject.  Contentment in singleness is a real gift. So how much contentment do you have living this Christian single life? Does your single life consist of daily drudgery, loneliness and boredom, or do you live with joyful contentment and a positive expectation of what today may bring? If we were honest, most of us would say it’s pretty much a “mixed bag” of both extremes. Contentment in Singleness Story Recently I spoke with one of my single Christian friends. She stated earlier that day she had experienced lots of contentment, just lounging in her backyard, and worshiping the Lord for all the beauty around her. Yet, less than four hours later as she was walking on the boardwalk with friends, the mere sight of a dating couple walking hand in hand caused all that contentment to ooze out of her. As my single friend recounted the incident she stated: “I immediately started getting these negative thoughts like, ‘What could he possibly see in her?’ and ‘It’s just not fair; when is my turn coming?’ I started the day in such a contented mood; I returned home that evening a discontented and depressed single woman, thinking I was doomed to be a childless old maid.” Does this sound familiar? In the Scriptures Paul writes: “Not that I speak in regard to need, for I have learned in whatever state I am, to be content”. (Phil. 4:11) Hello? The guy was in jail when he wrote this. Is that remarkable or what? So just what does it mean to be content? The gist of this word means to have a sense of sufficiency and contentment with one’s lot, regardless of external circumstances. Wow! I wish could I could have the kind of contentment Paul spoke of, but too often I allow circumstances to choke it out of me. Like my single friend with her story, many Christian singles, men and women alike, also tend to struggle in this area as they wait on the Lord for a mate. When we don’t see anything happening externally, we fret and worry. Yet, our Lord desires us not to react to every single twist and turn of life, but to proactively step out in faith, expecting His grace to be sufficient for us. Contentment and Single Life Tips If contentment is a touchy issue for you, here are some practical points that may help: Don’t compare what others have, or what they are doing. In John 21, Peter made this mistake when he looked at John’s life. “Hey, Lord, How about this guy?” Jesus’ response? “Don’t worry about John. You follow me.” When we stick close to Jesus, and stay focused on Him, He’ll take care of your every need. Be thankful in all circumstances (1Thes. 5:18) It’s really simple:You can’t have discontentment and be thankful at the same time. Remember, contentment in singleness  is a learned response. (Phil 4:11) It’s a mindset you need to practice, so don’t beat yourself up when you fall. It didn’t happen over night for Paul, it won’t happen for you. Are you a Christian single with something to share about contentment and the single life. Help other singles by making a comment. Related Posts: Single Christian Parenting Christian Dating and Waiting on God Christian Podcasts

 Christian Dating Without Losing Your Brain | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:37

Don’t you just love that title? I do. Christian dating without losing your brain. Now there’s a novel thought. How many Christian dating singles have acted irrationally in pursuit of their perfect date? From Christian single girls who date bad guys, to dating mistakes by both guys and girls, it seems many need a little help in this area. And it’s especially the case with internet dating. Well. here’s some good news: in our Christian dating podcast of the month, Pastor Bob Gibson, of the Vineyard Church in Ithaca, NY, delivers a message entitled, you guess it, Christian Dating Without Losing Your Brain. Enjoy! Oh yeah, this Christian dating message has a musical intro of 40 seconds, so be patient.

 Debt Advice for Christian Singles Worried About Finances | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 35:24

After looking for a mate, getting some good financial  debt advice is next on the “to do” list for many Christian singles. For example, we get lots of folks looking for debt advice geared Christian single parents, or college aged singles looking to eliminate debt with their financial school loans. That’s right,, Christian singles worry more about getting some great financial debt advice than getting dating or relationship  advice. Can we be real here? Financial debt is a big turnoff to many singles, Christian or not, and barrier for those seeking a dating and/or marriage relationship. Debt Advice Tips Whatever the state of your personal finances, you will benefit from the following quick debt advice tips. Most of this debt advice is just common sense. Now if i could only listen to it as well! * Don’t spend if you don’t have the means (duh!) * If possible always use cash instead of credit cards * Learn how to manage your money by using a financial planner, or checking out some great free online Christian services like Dave Ramsey Financial Debt * Be proactive by contacting your creditors, and negotiating with them. Yes, most companies do this! Debt Advice Podcast In line with all this debt advice, our Christian podcast of the week comes from Pastor Nelson Searcy of the Journey Church, and is entitled: Pirates of the Carribean-Escaping the Bonds of Debt. As a single Christian looking to get out of debt or simply avoid it, this is some debt advice you simply don’t want to miss. Blessings! Related to Debt Advice: Managing Transitions Money Saving Worries and Singles Single Mom Working and Struggling Child Support Payments and Christian Single Parents Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service

 Finding the One |Find the Right Person | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:18

Looking for or finding the “one, that special soul mate you wish to spend life with can be a tedious experience, especially if you’ve been through a couple of bad Christian dating relationships that have left you heart broken, burnt out or rejected. Finding true love is never easy, but the things in life that are worthwhile are worth the investment of time and effort. In today’s Christian podcast, Pastor Randy Smith of Discovery Church in Vorhees, NJ, discusses how we can have hope  as single Christians in the process of finding that one soulmate you’ve been looking for to share that special Christian dating relationship leading to marriage. Overall, whether you’re waiting on God at home or actively pursuing a dating relationship through online Christian dating services such as eHarmony, you will definitely get something out of this message entitled, “Looking for the One”. Enjoy!   What is a Soulmate Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service

 First Kiss Tips for Christians | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:16

Who can forget that first kiss? Remember? I know some of us have yet to experience that first kiss but be patient. A first kiss is well worth the wait if done at the right time, place and way. Many unbelievers and not a few single Christian singles may be surprised to find first kiss tips in the Bible. Fact is one of the most romantic love songs ever, the Song of Solomon, speaks about the thrill of that first kiss and the first signs of attraction between and man and a woman. Listen, you can never go wrong if you follow the Lord’s way to kissing and romance. First Kiss Tips Podcasts Our church singles podcast of the week, “The Adventure of Attraction and the First Kiss” comes from Emmanuel Baptist Church in Danville, Kentucky (KY). I hope you enjoy this biblical message on kissing and attraction. By the way Christian Dating Service Plus! now has a FREE singles forum where you can connect for fellowship, penpals and more. We set up the forum where you can send started it this week so get in on the ground floor now by registering and filling out yopersonal messages or just post whatever you want, including first kiss tips…LOL. We justur profile with text and a pic and introducing yourself in the forum. Remember you are 14 times more likely to get contacted back with a picture. Enjoy! Have first kiss tips for single Christians? Christian-Dating Service

 Christian Single Sex Addicts Anonymous | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:23

Know any Christian single sex addicts? Perhaps they may need sex addicts anonymous? Fact of the matter is if we believe what George Barna writes about the sexual practices of Christians, there are probably many sex addicts in the church who could use a good sex addicts anonymous small group. .For crying out loud, a few years back Focus on the Family estimated that 25% of Christian ministers were sex addicts, addicted to stuff like internet porn and masturbation. Many of these folks have suffered in much pain, shame and guilt, feeling they had no where to dump the burdens of their hearts. Sex Addicts and Christian Singles The great thing about a Christian singles site is that many can share their deepest sex secrets without worrying that they will be scorned. It’s a sad and despicable thing that most churches don’t provide this kind of environment, but just sweep the topic of sex addicts under the rug, making believe the problem is not even in existence. This behavior only encourages singles to hide their own desperate state instead of seeking help in a sex addicts anonymous program. If we as a church really want to shine for Jesus, we need to be transparent to the world, scars and all. Let it all hang out (no pun intended) and let people see what God’s amazing forgiveness and grace is all about. Having dabbled in pornography myself I am familiar with the vicious cycle of the sex addict: Excitement-Guilt-Despair, but also of the way to victory in this area that is literally eating the heart and soul out of the next generation of single Christians. Sex Addicts Christian Podcast Our Christian podcast on sex addicts breaks the mold of what we usually find in most churches and I am thankful for men of God like Pastor Steve Nicholson, of the Vineyard Christian Church of Evanston Illinois (IL) for his sharing. This message on this difficult topic will be sure to help many singles languishing alone in their pain and loneliness. Sex Addicts Signs Are you a sex addict? Rate yourself on these questions: * Do you feel like you’ve lost the ability to control your sex life (went over boundary lines you know you should not have, unable to stop sexual acting out even though you confessed them to God and made promises to Him)? * Is your risky sexual behavior causing your life to be effected negatively in other areas of like health, work, church, present relationships or the law * Do you obsess or dwell over sexual activity even when you try not to? * Do you keep secrets about your sex life fom the closest people in your life? Or would you say you are living a double life? If you answered yes to any of the above you need help for a possible sexual addiction. Related to sex addicts: * Great Sex Tips for Christians * Sex Confessions * Homosexuality, the Bible and Singles * Self Control and the Single Christian Life * Sex as Intimate Communication *

 How To Be Rich as Christian Singles | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:02:06

Wondering how to be rich? Did you know Christian singles  worry more about money than relationships? That’s crazy but true.   In most Christian dating relationships, money issues can cause lots of problems!  Even if we try not to worry about money, it can still find a way to sneak into many different areas of our lives to create stress and even cause relationship problems. How to Be Rich as Singles Podcast  This week our speaker speaks out of 1 Timothy – the first week of a series called “How To Be Rich”  Whether you are  a Christian single in a Christian dating relationship, or married, you will find this weeks message to be encouraging and helpful.  The most important thing to remember is that with Christ, you are rich and financial problems or not, He will provide you with everything you need and more!  It’s all about letting go and putting your trust in Him alone! Christian  Podcasts For Christian dating articles, advice, and online dating service reviews check out  Christian Dating Service

 Single Woman Seeking Man | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:23

Are you a single woman seeking a man? Many single women are seeking a man for a serious Christian dating relationship leading toward marriage. There is certainly no lack of Christian relationship advice out there for single women seeking a man. But doesn’t it make sense that one of the first logical steps for attracting the right guy to date would be understanding what Christian guys actually need and want in a wife? Single Woman Seeking Man Podcast Some people feel the best way to man’s heart is not just food; but to understand what exactly a man is looking for in a relationship. In other words to find his love language. In today’s Christian podcast, from Concord Baptist Church in St. Louis, Missouri (MO), Pastor Bob Werner brings a message entitled, “What Men Want.” This is some good advice for both Christian single men and single women seeking a man. Are you a Christian single with advice for single women seeking a man? Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service

 Lonely Holidays | Holidays Make Me Feel Lonely | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:40

Lonely Holidays and singleness often go hand in hand. Are you single, lonely, and just dreading the upcoming holiday season because they are depressing? I know holidays make me feel lonely.   If you are also in this category of being single and hating the holiday season, you’re not alone. Lonely Holidays Podcast Loneliness during the holidays is tough. The following Christian podcast is our Oasis singles Christmas Eve service. It’s very apropos for those feeling lonely and sad at Christmas. The first few minutes will have a a couple of songs. The message that follows will be very encouraging to singles that struggle with a sense of failure and discouragement  during the holidays. Do you have tips to help those struggling with lonely holidays? Christian Podcasts Redeemed Singles Podcast Christian Dating  Service  

 How to Forgive a Cheater | Forgiving Dating Cheaters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:28

Learning how to forgive a cheater is one of the most difficult things in life. When I was a Family Court  mediator teaching how to forgive was one of the most important things we taught Yea, that includes learning how to forgive a jerk, abuser or user. Why? Learning how to forgive speeds the healing process, and prepares for future, healthy boyfriend/girlfriend dating relationships. Conversely, a lack of forgiveness brings bitterness and additional suffering. How to Forgive  a  Cheater Podcast Don Henley of Eagles fame sings about the need for forgiving and forgiveness in his song by the same name. Yet, some Christian singles simply do not want to forgive others for past hurts. Instead of making peace with the past, they prefer to hold grudges. But as our Christian podcast of the week speaker states: “Holding a grudge is like drinking poison and hoping the other person who hurt us gets sick.” What about those folks who want to forgive, but are confused as to what that means or how to actually forgive a past hurt? I do believe the following Church podcast on learning how to forgive a cheater will minster to you, and answer all questions in this difficult area. In closing, I would really hate to leave this topic without speaking to those who are desperate for forgiveness and are living with intense guilt. If you don’t know God offers you total forgiveness and brand new start in life, please read how you can have forgiveness and peace with Him right now. Have a forgive me poem or something to share about learning how to forgive a cheater? Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service

 Great Sex Tips for Christians | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:53

Great sex tips  for Christians anyone? I know some of you may be thinking, “Great sex tips? Why in the world is the topic ‘great Christian sex tips’ on a Christian website?” Just chill, ok? Great Sex Tips-Why Talk About It? First of all, God created sex and He wants us to enjoy it to the max in the way in which he designed it. Second, just because the world has turned something God has blessed and called good into something ugly doesn’t mean we should not broach the subject. Why let the devil and the ungodly monopolize the topic? Third, the best great sex tips are actually found between the pages of the Bible. Lastly, if only more Christian singles (and all Christians for that matter) had a forum or outlet to discuss their sexual struggles in a safe and biblical way we would have less sin and heartache in our lives and churches. Sweeping our sexual impurities under a rug leads to hypocrisy and relationship disaster. Believe me, we get dozens of poor single Christians sharing their secret sins and struggles with us because many churches refuse to confront this issue head on. How sad! Great Sex Tips Podcast Well thank God there are still some pastors who are not afraid of offending people by confronting tough issues in a biblical way. In our Church podcast of the week, Pastor Matt Keller of the Next Level Church in Fort Myers, Florida (FL) brings us some of the best great sex tips you will ever want to need to hear. Other Podcasts Related to Great Sex Tips: Dating Relationships and Sex for Singles Pornography, Nude Women and Christians Christian Sex Talk for Singles Adults dating for Sex-An American Idol Love, Sex and the Bible Sex and dating-Eros Redeemed in Christian Dating Related Articles: Sex as Intimate Communication

 Eros Dating and Christians | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:23

This week our Christian podcast is all about eros dating, sex and Christian singles. Sound interesting? Yeah, I thought so too!  Does eros have any place in Christian dating? Pastor Andre Wallis, of Bristol Vineyard in Horfield, Bristol, England, speaks on eros dating, sexual and relational brokenness in all types of relationships, including C dating. If you’re looking for some straight talk about your sex life in the context of Christian dating life, this is where to begin. Eros Dating Podcast Pastor Wallis’ message, entitled “Eros Dating Redeemed”, comes directly from the Song of Songs, one of the sexiest books of the Bible, and very much misunderstood. If you are a Christian single who has been affected by this eros dating message on sex and Christian dating, or you have another view, feel free to leave your comments. Bristol Vineyard may be contacted directly at Tel: 0117 3731414. Blessings! Related Articles on Eros Dating Sex and Singles: Sex as Intimate Communication Sex Life of Christian Singles Christian Singles and Sexual Impurity Masturbation and Christian Singles Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service

 Dating Tips on How to Prepare for Marriage | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:01:24

Looking for dating tips on how to prepare for marriage? Our Christian podcast this week is on dating tips, and  Pastor Matthew Ro, of the Journey Church in Atlanta, GA, gives us some dating tips  for marriage preparation. He speaks about finding the perfect dating match, and what true love signs to look for along the way. Speaking from Genesis 2:18-24, Pastor Ro’s dating tips cover the gamut from how to know you’re in a good relationship to courtship and how prepare for marriage. Dating Tips: How to Prepare for Marriage The neat thing for me about this dating tips message is that it comes from a church that is a two year old church plant made up largely of Christian singles and young families. If you don’t know me, this is where my heart is. Anyway, if you’re a single Christian seeking to find true love a Christ centered romantic relationship, or someone just looking for some wise and godly dating tips, this is it! Oh yeah, if you are a single Christian with something to share about dating tips on how to prepare for marriage, fire away! Related Articles: Christian Singles, Singleness and Marriage Dating Plan-Christian Dating Plans Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service

 Marriage Builders for Singles Podcast | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:15

Christian singles can learn a bunch from this marriage builders podcast for Singles on relationships and companionship. This week, Don Neff, pastor of The Worship Center in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, speaks on marriage builders, being single and companionship in a relevant messsage that will be sure to touch the hearts of all kinds of Christian singles. This would include never been married singles in their 20s, 30s and 40s, divorced singles, desperately seeking a mate singles, Christian single parents and widowed singles. Get the picture? Marriage Builders Foundation: The Bible God considers marriage a wonderful love relationship of spiritual, emotional and physical oneness between a man and a woman. Past Neff shares marriage builder advice based on this concept, using Scriptures to back up his points. Awesome! If you have a church, singles/dating ministry site, para-church group, Christian singles group or college campus outreach, this is for you. We will help you reach more singles by podcasting your Christian singles group’s message, music or video, with a credited link back to your address. If you only have tapes or CDs, we will convert them for FREE into an MP3 format for broadcasting. For more info please feel free to contact us. Are you a single Christian with your own tips or ideas on view marriage builders? Related Articles: Marriage Builder Tips for Healthy Relationships Christian Marriage:How Singles See It Commitment Phobia and Singles Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service

 Divorce and Remarriage in Bible | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:03

Divorce and remarriage is a hot issue in many evangelical churches. What does the Bible say about divorce and remarriage? Can Christians remarry? This is a confusing issue because  many Christian singles have been through a divorce. Christian Divorce and Remarriage What are the biblical grounds for divorce anyway? Does God speak against divorce & remarriage in all circumstances? If divorce is justified in certain situations? When is dating after divorce okay? Do the rules change if you are a Christian single parent dating with kids? These are only some of the questions Christian have pertaining to this conflict. Divorce and Remarriage Podcast In our Christian dating podcast of the week, Pastor John Minnema, of Hawthorne Gospel Church in Hawthorne, NJ, tackles some of the difficult issue of divorce and remarriage, speaking out of the book of Genesis. By the way, if you have a church, singles/dating ministry site, para-church group or college campus outreach, we will help you reach more singles by podcasting your Christian singles group’s message, music or video, with a credited link back to your address. If you only have tapes or CDs, we will convert that for you into an MP3 format for broadcasting. For more info about this free service, please feel free to contact us with your thought regarding this very important topic odf Christians =, divorce and remarriage. that faces the church today. Are you a single Christian with your own view on divorce and remarriage? Please let us know Related Articles for Christian Dating Singles: Dating After Divorce Christian Singles Dating Unbelievers Dating Tip Advice: How to Spot a Dating Married Man Christian Single Moms and Dating Tips Related Reading on Divorce and Remarriage Marriage, Divorce and Remarriage in the Bible-Jay Adams Remarriage after Divorce in Today’s Church-Mark Strauss, et. al Divorce and Remarriage-Curtis Hutson Christian Podcasts Christian Dating Service


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