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Sex is Medicine with Devi Ward

Summary: Join the sexual evolution and get ready for Sex IS Medicine! Sex Is Medicine is your #1 resource for Holistic Sex Education. Formerly known as Better Love and Sex with Devi Ward, Sex Is Medicine is a one hour radio talk show, that explores the connection between sexuality, spirituality, pleasure- and the impact that has on the health and wellness of your body, mind, and spirit! Every episode is dedicated to awakening your heart and mind to the true purpose (and power!) of human sexuality. Get answers to your questions about all things sexual and spiritual, and learn the most practical and effective tools for living a life of sensual fulfillment, happiness and joy! Discover the art of using pleasure as medicine, and reclaim your birthright to more joy, more pleasure, and more satisfaction in every area of your life, every week on Sex Is Medicne with Devi Ward. Find out more at

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 How To Keep The Sex HOT and Passion Alive with Tantra! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:19

Have you ever asked yourself why you are spending so much fighting instead of enjoying each other? If you are a man, are you tired of hearing that she’s too tired to make love? If you are a woman, are you angry that you are expected to make love when your mind and heart are not turned on? Join Devi and her Tantric Mentor, Carla Tara as they share: Secrets to create the space in which intimacy is a preparation for a higher sexual expression of love Secrets that will ensure your lover can’t wait to make love to you The number one block to passion! Carla Tara has spent the last 20 years helping people transform their sexual relationships into sources of great pleasure, boundless energy, and deep intimate connection..

 Food, Sex and Health! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:40

Find out how food, nutrition, and toxic living can affect your sex life, and enhance (or impede) your mind/body/spirit connection! Get the scoop on: * How to improve your sex life by detoxing your body and mind through nutrition and NLP. * Why your nutritional balance can affect every aspect of your life and emotions! * The relationship between toxic body and toxic relationships * Better nutrition for better health, more love, and better sex. Brittney Kara is an Author, Certified Master NLP Practitioner, Hypnotherapist, Nutrition Coach and Mother. Her mission is to inspire people to take control of their health, search for truth, live life with passion, and discover the greatness within them. Brittney specializes in teaching people how to detoxify their lives through cleansing and super foods. Brittney lives in Los Angeles with her family and speaks at various Nutrition and Wellness seminars across California.

 Masturbation Tips, Vaginal Orgasms & Jump Starting Your Libido! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:19

Devi shares her top tips for ecstatic self-pleasure, expanding your "pleasure potential", and the number one key to having vaginal orgasms. Also find out her favorite tool for jump starting female libido! Masturbation tips are for women AND men, so guys you'll get a boost from listening too! Find out more about having the orgasm and pleasure you desire at

 Extended Massive Orgasm! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:56

Who wouldn't want one of these?! Devi speaks with Author, Steve Bodansky about what Extended Massive Orgasm is and HOW you can have it in your life! Learn: *How to give and receive sensual pleasure with manual stimulation *How any woman can focus her attention on her pleasure to have the orgasms they desire, right now! *How to "peak" your pleasure Steve and his wife Vera studied and taught at More University thru 1992. They then branched out and created their own group with some friends and former students that they first taught called The Welcomed Consensus. Vera and Steve stayed with the W.C. for a few years and then Vera and Steve taught as a couple and started writing books. Steve has written and had published together with his wife Vera 4 non-fiction books. Their first book titled Extended Massive Orgasm was published in 2000. It sold very well; top 100 list on Amazon for its first 4 months and the rights were sold to 6 countries. The second book called The Illustrated Guide to Extended Massive Orgasm also has sold quite well and has been translated in French and German. It also was on the top 100 on Amazon briefly. The other two books are To Bed or Not to Bed and Instant Orgasm. All 4 of their books have been published by Hunter House, a small publishing firm in California. This year, their first book was released in its second edition. If you really want to find out more about them, they wrote a memoir of their lives before, during and after Morehouse called Extended Massive Life: A True Love Story and More on Amazon kindle. Steve also published a book of love poems on kindle called The Universe of Love: Poems of Yin and Yang. This year Steve self-published his first novel also called Extended Massive Orgasm: The Novel on kindle and in print. They have trained many people over the past 30 years with courses and personal training and continue to do so, especially the personal training sessions. A number of their former students have become sensual facilitators themselves. Find out more at:

 How To Stop Faking It (in Your Life) with The Self-Love Guru, Jennifer Masters | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:06

Being Authentic is an important part of being. Many people are still not being real with themselves never mind their partners or in bed. Join Devi Ward and Self-Love Guru, Jennifer Masters as they discuss: How being "authentic" means to be honest with yourself and others. How being authentic can assist you to be REAL in relationships The relationship between vulnerability and intimacy! Why women fake orgasm in sex, and the damage that causes to relationships Steps for deepening connection to yourself and your pleasure, and getting your needs met!

 Monogamy NOT Monotony! How To "End Boring Sex" with Erica Grigg | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:15

Get the scoop on Get Lusty's mission to End Boring Sex! Find out more about HOW and why they do what they do, and what you can learn from their commitment to fun and exciting monogamy, NOT monotony! Erica Grigg is the Co-Founder of Prior, she spent around a decade crossing over between the world of sustainability and social media marketing. Launching in August 2012, GetLusty has seen widespread success in Chicago and beyond with 1000s of couples from across the USA members of the website.

 Date with Devi ~ Devi's Birthday Bash! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:02

Devi is celebrating her birthday with her Non-Violent/Compassionate Communication Mentor, Isa Maria. Join the fun as they answer your questions about sexual communication, asking for what you want in bed, how to quite that inner critic, and letting go of painful relationships. isa Maria facilitates NVC practice groups and gives private sessions. She enjoys seeing individuals make profound breakthroughs and troubled relationships transform into authentic intimacy and mutuality. For isa, NVC is a spiritual practice that fosters ecstatic living and deeply satisfying interconnection. "isa is a miracle worker. We could never have gotten through that conversation without her, not in a million years. I am eternally grateful. Her combination of skillfulness, heart, sensitivity, and deep devotion are consistently amazing." ......Joan Levy, therapist "isa has an incredibly deep connection to herself and to Spirit. She is genuinely happy." ..... Fernando Severi, Mankind Project Find out more about Isa at: KauaiNVC

 Sex and Self-Growth! Crawling Into The Light with Marni Spencer Devlin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:16

Join Devi as she speaks with Bestselling Author, Marni Spencer Devlin about the power of sexuality to connect us with our Soul. People are in pain because they live lives that are too small for who they really are. They are caught up in in surface level while their spirit underneath is dying. We are more than what shows in the mirror. We are more than our body and our mind – we are Consciousness and it is in Consciousness that our destiny is written. We must make contact with what lies beneath. There are many ways in which we can make contact with our own Presence. Listen is as Devi and Marni discuss the intersection of sexuality, spirituality, and personal growth.

 Explosive Sexual Healing = Getting What You Want From Life! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:44

Join Devi and Explosive Sexual Healing Founders, Ben and Jen Rode, as they discuss how awakening a woman's orgasmic potential can facilitate awakening in every other area of her life!

 Swinging Both Ways! Bisexuality in Female Erotica | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:44

Join Devi and Female Erotica Writer, Spencer Jones as they discuss bisexuality in women's erotic literature, (and life!), the difference between Erotica and Porn, and celebrating sexuality.

 Date With Devi & Jacques! Sex During Your Period, Mutual Masturbation, and Female Ejaculation! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:38

Go on a date with Devi & Jacques! This is your chance to get answers to the questions you have always wanted to ask about sexuality, sensuality, and relationships! This week Devi & Jacques answer questions about having sex during your period, navigating the realm of mutual masturbation, female ejaculation, and multiple orgasms for men.

 Sexual Fantasy Exploration for Better Sex and More Passion! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:00

Join Devi and Tammeron, Host of "Figure It Out!" on Voices America, and Holistic Health and well-being specialist as they discuss “Sexual Fantasy Exploration.” Listen in as they explore Devi's secret sexual fantasy and uncover her Erotic Personality Archetype! Discover your own sexual personality, and perhaps unveil an archetype that you didn’t know existed!

 Sexy Challenges ~ Spice Up Your Sex Life With Spiritual Nourishment! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:00

Join Devi and Sexy Challengers Janelle & Rob Alex as they share ways to spice up your sex life with spiritual nourishment. Blending the sacred and the sensual offers couples the opportunity to deepen the bond between them, experience transcendental sex, gain access to the Divine, manifest wonderful things into their lives, connect with their partner in a much deeper way, and move their sex life to the next level. Rob and Janelle Alex teach you how to recognize your boundaries of pleasure and then how to begin to expand beyond them.

 Boosting Your Business Libido: Pleasure = Success! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:00

Join Devi & Allison Braun, "The Business Joyologist" as they talk about bringing the sexy back to your business, and how pleasure can be the key to accessing your creative flow and financial success!

 Does Size Really Matter? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 59:00

Join Devi Ward and sexual health and fitness expert Montique Stephon, as they discuss the benefits of SoTight Sexual Fitness! Montique is a Personal Trainer and Holistic Nutrition Coach who is based in the Washington D.C area and has been helping people gain a higher level of self and fitness and health for over 10 years. He is the founder of Zenity Fitness programs which can burn hundreds of calories, while building Core Strenth, Balance, and Flexibility. The secret of Zenity's irresistible appeal is the integration of sensual rhythmic movement with deep activation of the Psoas muscle, best identified as the core of your core muscles.


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