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Summary: Lance Scurvin is a Social Media Activist who takes pride in tackling the current issues of the day head on that the mainstream media are deathly afraid to touch.

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 Robin Williams RIP: Days In Laughter, Nights In Depression | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:39:00

The sad news of Oscar winning Actor Robin Williams passing has been a shock to many, especially since he was a person who has given so much to his countless fans around the world in a career that seemed as though it had no bounds. The reality that this could happen to someone who had shined a light so bright over the world with his comedic skills and acting ability has made this a time for deep reflection indeed. While I hope that most would respect the wishes of his family and not turn this sad period into a circus of inappropriate inquiries into what actually happened in what the authorities have deemed a suicide, I would ask that we all reflect and reach out to those in our midst who may be suffering from depression. But in the meantime I thank you Robin Williams for the dedicated life that you lived to bring a smile on the faces of those who may not have had a reason to do so! RIP Robin Williams - We will never forget you!

 Midnight Confessions: Real Relationship Talk! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:59:00

Midnight seems to be the time when all confessions come to the forefront. It's when our subconscious mind opens up like a brand new "all you can eat buffet" restaurant and our conscious mind comes rushing in hungry to figure out why we do the things that we do. This is when we are faced with the reality that we are not that picture perfect portrayal of a person that the world sees and that we need a break from upholding that very heavy paper thin facade so that we can simply drop our guard and let out true selves out. Midnight Confessions is where we speak on all of those things in our private world that we know we cannot openly reveal even though we know that everyone has something hidden deep in their personal closets. The aim in our conversations is to get to a solution to an issue in our relationships anonymously while receiving feedback from the world in a brutal honest fashion without sticking our necks out and remaining in the safe zone. So if you want relationship advice and feedback from the listening audience that will be brutally honest, you have reached the right place to bear your soul. LanceScurv will never reveal the identity of his callers and if you have an issue that you want to address anonymously in your relationship feel feel to text or call 407.924.8793.

 The Uncensored Words Of Mr. Chang: Truth Teller Or Racist? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:13:00

LanceScurv goes in on the viral words of one Mr. Chang....... There are so many written postings on social media that are not verified so we've learned to take them with a grain of salt. But like the infamous Willie Lynch Letter, there was something lethal in the words of Mr. Chang that rattled those who absorbed them either good or bad. While I can't even vouch that this particular person named Mr. Chang even exists, it's irrelevant as the points spoken were compelling enough to get a rise out of those online who passionately responded. Listen in to our conversation as we speak on the points brought up by Mr. Chang and do leave your comments below!  

 The Gantt Report On The LanceScurv Show # 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:41:00

I had the pleasure of speaking with the internationally known journalist and mastermind behind The Gantt Report, Mr. Lucius Gantt. In this episode of The LanceScurv Show Lucius zeroed in on a few things that he felt was important for the masses to focus on as well as speaking on the issue of the lack of support of Black Media, politics in Florida, the dumbing down of our Black youth and why the oppressive administrations of many Black Colleges would never allow a revolutionary voice to reach the students. It was a very interesting conversation indeed and definitely the first of many here online. Please leave your thoughts, comments and feelings on this dialogue below. Connect With LanceScurv: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Blog: Google +: iTunes Podcast: Phone: 407.924.8793 The LanceScurv Hotline: Leave an uncensored voicemail message of your opinion to be played on the upcoming shows! Call anytime around the clock @ 407.731.2945

 An Interview With Robby Robinson: The Legendary Black Prince Of Bodybuilding | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:10:00

In the culture of Bodybuilding and Fitness there are many who have impacted this lifestyle with their presence but none has created a legacy that comes anywhere close to that of The Black Prince Robby Robinson. Known worldwide as The Black Prince, Robby’s start in life was far from auspicious. Bodybuilding was not a natural path for a black man born in the deep South in 1946. Thanks to TV’s Jack La Lanne, he began training at twelve years old, and by fifteen he was a high school football and track star. Robby learned early on that his body responded to weights and began bodybuilding in earnest while still a teen-ager, constructing his first set of weights from scrap metal salvaged from a sawmill. In spite of racial jeers and questionable judging, he competed in over 300 amateur events while attending art school and later working at the Tallahassee Democrat. Bodybuilding was his avocation until he got a letter in 1975 from Joe Weider, luring him to Venice, California. Robby arrived just in time to see Venice become the mecca of bodybuilding, thanks to muscle beach, Gold’s gym, and a dawning health consciousness movement. For Robby, who had never seen blacks and whites holding hands, Venice was paradise. He trained with the greats and was one of the stars of the “Pumping Iron” documentary. He competed professionally for twenty-seven years, winning titles including the IFBB Mr. America, Mr. World and Mr. Universe. However, he has always stood apart from the bodybuilding community, having spoken out for decades about the corruption of the business and later about the dangers of steroid abuse. That defiance earned him another moniker: the Bad Boy of Bodybuilding. Be a part of this LanceScurv interview where we will go deep and explore the mind of a man who has so much valuable information to share from experience!      

 Briana Holland: Dumped Newborn Infant In Trash & Resumed Work! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:00:00

So many thoughts and feelings were triggered when I first read of the unthinkable deeds of the 22 year old Indianapolis mother named Briana Holland who gave birth to her son at work and stuffed a tampon in his mouth while covering his head in a bag expecting him to die after dumping him in the trash. .......and after doing all of that she resumed work like nothing happened at all. Thank God a maintenance worker found the baby boy and stopped the bleeding from his umbilical cord which in itself would have been fatal. She admitted to police that she couldn't support a child because she was working and in school. So you mean to tell me that not being able to support a child is a reason to try to kill it? And while I believe that this was an unthinkable act I also feel that it is a direct reflection of the moral standing of a society that has countless abortion clinics dotting the landscape at every turn. You just never know WHAT people have in their hearts to do and what they are capable of doing right up under our noses while acting just as normal as can be. I feel that many in the younger generation are desensitized and detached from any and all emotion until they need something from someone and can feign compassion and emotion until they get what they want. How else could one explain doing something so cold-hearted while at work of all places? Shw gave birth at the workplace and no one heard her making any noises while pushing her child out? How could she have completed the act of childbirth in such a covert manner? Even her boyfriend didn't know of her pregnancy and had to find out about it on Twitter of all places! Senseless killings like this are unfortunately becoming the norm and we need to figure out what changes need to be made in order to reverse this trend before it's too late!    

 The Covert Elements Of The Gay Agenda In The Black Community | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:59:00

Tonight we will have an open freestyle discussion on a topic that has been the elephant in the living room in the Black community for a very long time. The Gay Agenda. We are going to speak on every aspect of our observations in a very honest, gritty and raw manner without restraint so that the masses can be clear on how many of us feel about this controversial topic. Why does it appear that more of our Black men are subconsciously being encouraged into the Gay lifestyle at a time when our women need men who desire to raise children, families and build communities that are strong. Who appears to benefit from the fact that our Black men are moving into the exploration of the Gay lifestyle at such a rapid fire pace and what makes it so appealing that so many are leaving our Sisters all alone with no one righteous to love? Someone knows that to remove the man from the home weakens the family structure and therefore an entire community. Think about that. While homosexuality has always been around why does it appear that a disproportionate amount of our Brothers are involved in it over and above many other communities that are in much better shape? Why is it that no one really wants to face what is oh so obvious and will our reluctance to speak on it come back to bite us in a very bad way? Make sure to tune in and let's get down on an issue that has been avoided for far too long!  

 Stop Blaming The Devil For The Poor Health That Came From Your Bad Eating Habits | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:00

LanceScurv shares a few of his unconventional approaches toward the practice of maintaining good health in ways that are not taught in our flawed deficient educational system that grooms us for a life of sickness and disease. Connect With LanceScurv: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Blog: Google +: iTunes Podcast: Phone: 407.924.8793 The LanceScurv Hotline: Leave an uncensored voicemail message of your opinion to be played on the upcoming shows! Call anytime around the clock @ 407.731.2945  

 If The Truth Be Told: Food For Thought For The Black Community! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:28:00

Michael Taylor is the guest speaker on this riveting episode of The LanceScurv Show and takes no prisoners as he shares his knowledge with all but especially the Black community in America. It was one of the most awe inspiring conversations that I've had while on Social Media. His delivery was not only impeccable but sincere. You could hear the passion in his voice and the logic of his words in my mind was indisputable. As Michael spoke, I began to ask myself where had all of the sensible men vanished to in the Black Community who speak like this? It appears that they have been slowly but surely phased out by design and made obsolete. As a young kid - remember I'm 51 years old - I can remember a vast amount of clean, strong, hard working men just like my Father sitting at the barber shop having discussions such as this. They were charismatic and very much aware that they were a part of a mighty legacy with a keen awareness that what they were discussing was being absorbed intensely by me. They knew that one day that they won't be around forever and no matter how imperfect anyone of them might have been, they knew that they had a responsibility to the future as it pertained to grooming the minds of the youth. So kick back and enjoy the raw truth directly as it has been shared by our Brother and compare it to the watered down foolishness that the television offers as well as the buffoonery shared on the internet. On The LanceScurv Show  we will always bring you what the enemy does not want you to hear to awaken you and cause you to take back control of the life that God gave to you to execute YOUR MISSION on this earth!  

 An Interview with Bodybuilding Legend Bill Grant | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:25:00

Bill is a Mr. America and Mr. World, President and owner of Bill Grant Nutrition and the Next Generation of Sports and Performance Nutrition. He has over 40 years of professional experience in bodybuilding, health and fitness. His multi-faceted and enthusiastic approach and concepts for building a total fitness package that appeals to every athlete, from novice to professional. His lifetime commitment is dedicated to maintaining a healthy lifestyle in today’s world. Bill’s many credits include producing and hosting his own successful Comcast Cable television fitness program and radio show on WEVD 1050-AM “Fit for Life” with a combined monthly audience of over 1.5 million people. Each show focused on all aspects of fitness, sports medicine, and diet while incorporating expert guest speakers in the areas of total fitness and nutrition. He has appeared in numerous movies (ABC’s Friday Night Movie of the Week, Hustler of Muscle Beach and the new release of Pumping Iron starring Arnold Schwarzenegger), theatrical productions, television shows (Runaway Train and Smokey Robinson Review) and commercials (Toyota, McDonald’s, Bally’s/Jack Lalane). He has appeared on ABC, CBS, CNN, WOR, ESPN, Fox News, "The Big Story" with Rita Cosby and is also featured in a new ebook called “Fit Over 40” . His articles and interviews in health and fitness magazines worldwide easily identify him as the perfect spokesperson for a vigorous exercise program, proper nutrition and a healthy attitude. Bill received a lifetime achievement award from for his dedication and never ending contributions to the sport of Bodybuilding and the Muscle Beach Hall of Fame award presented by Iron Man Magazine. Bill is active in numerous community and charitable organizations including the Metropolitan YMCAs of the Oranges Kids Care Club and many more!    

 Author Mahogany Brown: "My Soul Looks Back And Wonders How I Got Over!" | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:30:00

I had the absolute honor and pleasure to indulge in one of the most compelling conversations with author Mahogany Brown who has completed her dynamic book, "My Soul Looks Back And Wonders How I Got Over" What make Ms. Brown's work so touching is that it doesn't contain any false superficial facades as it shoots straight from the hip about the many phases and levels of her existence grabbing life by the horns and letting the chips fall as they may. Mahogany bares her soul in the bravest manner and places her life up as a sacrificial lamb in order to free those brothers and sisters from those same shackles that caused her to deal with a wide range of the demons that are so ready to become a part of ones life when a person appears to be down. Enjoy our exchange and feel free to leave your responses, thoughts and comments below. Connect With LanceScurv: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Instagram: Blog: Google +: iTunes Podcast: Phone: 407.924.8793 The LanceScurv Hotline: Leave an uncensored voicemail message of your opinion to be played on the upcoming shows! Call anytime around the clock @ 407.731.2945  

 The Natural Hair Movement: Women Of Color & The Great Divide! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:59:00

Natural Hair. Why is it that the term "Natural Hair" alone brings so much emotion to the forefront of a community? Why should we even have the term "Natural Hair" which in actuality reveals that most sport as unnatural hair. But if one were to mention this to an individual who dyes their locks, straightens them, heats them up and then douses them with all types of substances as though their hair was in a burn unit, you might get a few unkind words thrown your way. So most of us understand this common argument that brews under the surface of the Black hair industry. But in many recent findings we have discovered that even within the natural hair movement their is a separation somewhat of what many feel are the ideals that personify and represent it. Confused? Well let me get straight to the point. There is a great divide within the natural hair movement that is beyond disgusting and baffles the mind over and above any measure. The problem that seems to be ever growing and brewing as we speak is that many women in the Natural Hair Movement seem to want to through shade at anyone who is also in the movement who has hair that is curly and not kinky. Is this immature or what? Here we expect to see a special breed of enlightened woman, who has embraced her natural beauty and has broken the shackles that society has placed on many to turn around and feel so negatively toward another who is supposed to be on the same team! .......and JUST when I thought many of our Sisters were making progress this type of backward thinking rears its ugly head. Is this the reason that it seems that only Black women call their trip to the hair salon "The Beauty Salon?" Why is it that I don't hear other races refer to it in this manner? Does this indicate that many Black women do not feel as tough their natural state is anything BUT beautiful?

 Sexual Assault, Rape, Pain, Denial & The Healing Mission Of | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:05:00

Today on The LanceScurv Show we had the pleasure of speaking with a very passionate Janice and her organization with a vision of helping victims of sexual assault and rape found at, a group of upright citizens who are fed up with society and its feeding of rape culture. Connect With LanceScurv: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Blog: Google +: iTunes Podcast: Phone: 407.924.8793 The LanceScurv Hotline: Leave an uncensored voicemail message of your opinion to be played on the upcoming shows! Call anytime around the clock @ 407.731.2945

 Bold, Raw & Uncut: Late Nights With LanceScurv # 78 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:26:00

Every night on Bold, Raw & Uncut: Late Nights With LanceScurv we always enjoy an open yet laid back mature adult discussion on the various issues and topics that are on our mind at this time. The conversation can and will flow in many directions as there is no set topic to speak on. The beauty of the program is that it will manifest in a truly unexpected manner. Politics, religion, life experiences, sports, relationships, health, current events, sexuality and the full range of the human experience good and bad, accepted and taboo will be welcomed and embraced on this special night! You are invited to join in to buckle your seat belts and get ready for the cerebral ride of your life! Once you get a taste of our style of verbal release, you WILL definitely be addicted! Bold, Raw & Uncut!

 What Do You Think About President Obama's "Crack In The Pie" Statement? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:18:00

President Barack Obama is in hot water once again after making a strange statement during a farewell to White House pastry chef Bill Yosses - who is leaving that position - by saying: “We call Bill the ‘Crustmaster,’ because his pies… I don’t know what he does, whether he puts crack in them, or…” While the individuals in attendance found it to be amusing and many on the blog message boards and social media have downplayed the seriousness of the statement, many were literally outraged that the President of the United States would be so insensitive to an issue that has wiped out entire generations and communities of Black people in America and the entire world. Here we chop it up and dissect this statement as well as many other questions that need to be asked about President Obama and his administration in a manner that might not be to popular with many but must be applauded for its honesty whether you agree with the dialogue or not. Leave your comments, points of view and opinions below as we look forward to discussing this and all future topics here on The LanceScurv Show! Where To Find LanceScurv: Twitter: YouTube: Facebook: Blog: http://www.lancescurv/ Google +: iTunes Podcast: Phone: 407.924.8793 The LanceScurv Hotline: Leave an uncensored voicemail message of your opinion to be played on the upcoming shows! Call anytime around the clock @ 407.731.2945  


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