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Summary: Lance Scurvin is a Social Media Activist who takes pride in tackling the current issues of the day head on that the mainstream media are deathly afraid to touch.

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 Would You Marry Someone Who Earned Less Money Than You? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

Many years ago in our society and culture it seems as though the dating/marriage guidelines were so much simpler than they are today. We are forced to ask so many questions that were not even on the scope yesterday and it seems just as tedious in connecting with someone wholeheartedly as it is in signing a thirty year mortgage commitment. As a matter of fact, while the results of our bad choices or lack of being aware of the many crucial relationship components time and time again prove disastrous, we seem to not understand the seriousness and far reaching ripple effect of consequence that will be felt in our lives because of our lack of paying attention to these very important compatability factors. One of these such factors that still stand no matter what time period one thinks of is the ability to be a good provider as a man. But with the sagging job market and career choices of women blossoming so much more than it was decades ago, many men find that the woman that they are seriously involved with may earned far more than them! Depending on the parties involved, this non traditional monetary pairing just might put a tremendous amount of stress on the relationship and even kill its chances of survival. You might have an insecure man who feels emasculated when he cannot provide the lifestyle that his mate has a chance of enjoying if she had someone that could match her earnings just as well as well as having the frustration of having a man with good intentions who loves her but cannot pull his weight in the manner of the people who match or surpass her earning who she must constantly deal with in her professional career inner circle. Ladies, does love hinge on how much money your man makes or do you refuse to allow materialism to enter into your emotional realm and view the collective earnings of both parties as one big pot to draw your financial sustenance from regardless as to who makes more?

 Sexual Fetishes: Are We Afraid To Share What Makes Us Tick? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

How many of us know that we have an advanced turn on that the world may night understand completely that we also might be too ashamed to share with our partner/mate or spouse? Sexuality is more mental than many of us care to admit to and the first stirrings of arousal almost always start in the mind! What specific things stoke YOUR fires of passion? Breaking that down for the purpose of this article - a sexual fetish is something that has its roots in something that is not necessarily sexual but still brings on the arousals of sexual excitment to the one who gets turned on by it. Whether you admit it or not, there IS something about your psycho-sexual dynamic that is unique all unto you because we are made to be different as are all human beings in everything that we do, sexuality falls under the same forces as all other categories. While it all comes down to the same thing eventually, we all take a different road to the same place. I have found that the more intellectual an individual, the more intense and user specific their sexuality will be when it comes to jump starting their libido because of the various mental options that their mind affords them. Maybe you may not have understood that previous statement but it comes down to this ------- when you have a higher mind and capacity for a deeper understanding of the world because of your education that you have been programmed with as well as the basic intelligence that you have been born with then you have a higher propensity to possess the capacity for the more advanced sexual turn ons and thoughts that others who may be of a lower education and intellect level may not possess because of their limited mentality. Tonight we will reveal a few of our own turn ons as well as challenging YOU to share what you may have been afraid to explore all along!    

 Is The Marriage/Relationship Finished When The Sex Is Gone? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:01:00

This is a question that has been asked by many while never really receiving a definitive answer in most cases. First off, many who are in a sexless relationship are just too embarrassed to say so or even admit it to themselves in order to be emboldened and empowered to take the next logical step to seek professional help. Professional help? Yes, but for many that is a taboo subject and an admission of failure. While this couldn't be further from the truth this is how most individuals who are suffering under the weight of their various dysfunctions deal with the problems in their personal relationships. They do nothing about it while the danger signs and erosion only amplify. While everyone may not have the same frequency, creativity and intensity in their sensual expressions, to not have any form of erotic release or expression (barring major health issues) at all in a monogamous relationship is the ultimate sign of disaster. Can a fully functional relationship be achieved after falling into the groove of no sex at all? Or is it just a matter of time before that lack of feeling destroys what is left of a connection that is slowly fading into nothingness? It's a question that I am quite sure many of you who will be listening would love to have answered! Tune in and let's explore the options!

 Do Some Men Give Their Woman No Other Choice But To Cheat? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

This is the flip side to the awesome show that we experienced last week and I have been unindated with requests asking that I make this happen, so for the ladies to vent their side, HERE IT IS! Ladies, I know from experience that many of you have cheated (Please don't ask me how! LOL! But trust me, I KNOW!), and to be honest, although the situation from the outside was that of a sexual nature it wasn't really about the sex that got you into that position in the first place. From what I've experienced from my perspective, it was more about the intangibles that the world couldn't see but the woman in need was made to feel from the lack of fulfillment and that void that was always there. A void? Yes. A void that was put into place because of that man to whom she committed to who didn't live up to his responsibilities, obligations and positioning. Not only that, but the void could have been put there from the revelation received that this man is not really supporting his woman like he should. It's a silent transformation that a woman goes through. Most times this change goes undetected by the male in the situation who never took the time to pick up on the blatant hints that his woman put out there for him to heed. Her frustration built up over the years as she desperately wanted him to take his place as a fully developed man for her. And this is what hurts the women and makes her receptive to the next man, the fact that he really doesn't care enough to try to be the man that she KNOWS that he could be for her! Are you as a man give your woman no other choice but to cheat?  

 Was The Legacy Of Dr King Just One Big Waste Of Time? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:59:00

If Dr. Martin Luther King were to return today on his birthday in 2012, how would he feel about the state of the world after he gave his life to the struggle of human rights which began in his challenges for equal rights as an African-American individual right here in the United States? Would he feel as though the dream has been abandoned? What advice would he give to a world that seems to reject anything of a righteous nature that would allow his message to fall on deaf ears? The incarceration rates, the poverty, the ignorance, the disrespect and disregard for all that is good seems to be even worse than it was before his assassination back in 1968. Would his message remain the same? What might he say to the leaders of the world today and what might he speak on to the all powerful media? While some specific issues are unique for today they all come down to the same basic thing, submission to the divine laws of our Creator. The question is, while we say Happy Birthday to Dr. King after his death, how far off of the mark of his message have we gone and would we embrace him if he were still alive?

 Do Some Women Give Their Man No Other Choice But To Cheat? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

Affairs. Hook ups. Friends with benefits. Booty calls. Jump offs. Side piece. Secret lover. Whatever you call it, the phenomenon of professing to being in a committed relationship yet secretly living a secret double life by having another person to whom you have broken your commitment or vows to seems to be the norm and not the exception these days. The sad part is, is that it is almost expected and somewhat accepted! Well, let me correct this, it's generally accepted as long as the person getting hoodwinked isn't the one who accepts it in another persons situation. It's no problem when it is the next woman getting cheated on, it's almost a joke or a great beauty salon story to share in order to pass the time quickly up under the hot dryer. But when that victim of the infidelity is YOU, then it is a whole different ballgame and it would be appropriate to shout out the infamous words of the big fight announcer Michael Buffer, you know my favorite on our talk show.......LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLEEEEEEEEEE! We do have some women who no matter what you do good as a man, they will inflict upon your soul a loneliness that cannot be explained that pales in comparison to a prison inmate dealing with the stresses of solitary confinement. They seem to take a twisted pleasure in denying you the most basic of affections and even when you have accepted that the physical festivities will not ever transpire between the both of you, you are further broken down and emasculated as man on an emotional level as though you are dealing with a vampire who wants nothing more than to drain you of every ounce of blood that you will ever produce and will not leave you until you are no good for anyone else. So answer me this people: What's a man to do?

 The Deceptive Predatory Tactics Of The Child Molester! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:59:00

As promised, this is the program that I said I would do because too many people are afraid to speak up about being abused sexually when they were younger. This is an all too common phenomenon to say the least! This topic covers so much more than just the mere act, we will speak on the manipulation and sly tactics that the abuser/molester employs to put himself in the position of trust before he makes his move to do the damage to an innocent victim that he craves so much. Many people let these types off of the hook and claim that they are sick but if you are sick then why would one go to such extremes to be sneaky about what they are doing if they were unaware of it? As far as I am concerned that's merely an excuse and cover for the evil that they possess and don't want to change! I would like to hear from the countless individuals who have suffered at the hands of an abuser and speak out on the family dynamics that in some cases provide a cover from which these demonic entities continue to act under. We will discuss the warning signs and speak on what could be done to stop these predators dead in their tracks because this issue is a silent epidemic that must be stopped! Whether you have children or not I believe it is mandatory that you tune in to this program in order to enlighten yourself to a world that many of us are not even aware of through the information shared. While we have fun all of the time on our Friday night show, this particular program will be soothing, nurturing and empowering because we just want everyone who has gone through this silent pain to know that they are not alone and that it doesn't have to continue on from the residual guilt, denial and hurt. Make sure to share the news and let's begin the wholesome journey of healing together in a loving atmosphere from the comfort of your own home! We are just a phone call away!

 Are Black Women Too Damaged To Even Know What A Good Man Is? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

Actually, The preferred title that I wanted to utlize for this episode of the LanceScurv Talk Show was "Are Black Women Too Mentally Damaged To Know A Good Man When They See One?" but the BlogTalk service only allows a limited amount of characters and that title was just too long. That being said, is this a valid question that is too be asked since the comments rage on in the beauty salons and social clubs across the land. Women can be heard on mass stating how there are no more good men left that are not taken, locked up or on the down low. The other school of thought is that there ARE plenty of good men but these women who have been raised by their bitter Mothers and Aunts have inherited a mindset that has doomed them from birth in tainted their view of the world before even given a fair shake to be able to make their own decisions and choices for what is best for them. Is it rhetoric or is it truth? While there are definitely a disproportionate amount of Black men who fit that aforementioned category, what are the real statistics and how are the women of the world dealing with what is left out there? Tonight's program will take a real hard look at this mentality and attempt to delve deeper to see if there is any truth to the matter or if it's just a bad case of false in-house propaganda dispersed by those bitter Elders who have been through bad marriages and relationships and make it a point to sharing their poisonous venom with their offspring. Are Black Women headcases or do they have a reason to speak in the manner in which they do. Participation in this episode is MANDATORY! We want to hear YOUR story whether good or bad!

 The 2012 LanceScurv Cyber New Year's Party Countdown! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:59:00

It's a new year and a chance to create a new reality! Tune in and join The LanceScurv Family aswe reminisce and enjoy a warm conversation as the new year rolls in! We know that many may not be going out in the madness and will prefer to stay in the safety of their homes so what better place to be than amongst the cyber family who you've shared many a laugh and deep thought with all year? No topics tonight on the agenda, just a free flowing exchange with lots of shout outs from our listeners and lots of prayers for a prosperous blessed New Year! Be prepared to laugh so hard and think so deep!

 Child Support - Uncomfortable Noose Or Deadbeat Deterrent? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

This is the show that many in the LanceScurv Cyber Family have asking me to do for so long! Child Support - Uncomfortable Noose Or Deadbeat Deterrent? We all know of the deadbeat dad who would rather stay unemployed than to even think about working to provide for the well being of the children that HE helped to bring into the world. Any sane minded person would absolutely NEVER defend a man who thinks in such a irresponsible manner and would feel that enforcing such a disgusting entity into doing the right thing is right on point as it should be. But what about the men who are doing all that they can to make sure that their children are provided for to the best of their capabilities? What about those men who actually sacrifice above and beyond what is expected yet are punished by an insensitive system that automatically takes the side of a woman who in actuality is the deadbeat trying to milk the man of his every last resource and not leaving anything left that would even cover the BASIC necessities that would keep him strong enough to continue to provide without bringing harm to his well being? These are the men who are unsung heros who have to work a full time job or two and live in shelters and eat out of soup kitchens. These are men who want to do everything for their children but are now ruined financially and find themselves castrated in not being able to have a normal life with a woman that he can build with. His frustrations build once he realizes that he really has nothing to build with! Add to this the frustration of losing a deadend job that may eventually land him in jail for non payment of his back support? How can you pay when you are behind bars? For the good guys battling with a monster of a woman in the court system it could turn one's hair gray overnight! Tonight we will share our stories, feelings and solutions to this age old dilemma!

 Has Being Stressed, Broke & Lonely Become The Holiday Norm? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

The Holiday Season - No matter what your method of celebrating it, it might be what we have come to know as Christmas, Kwanzaa or Hannukah. Whatever your personal way of celebration one will have to agree that this time of year is not what it used to be. It seems as though it has become so commercially driven that the heart and soul of what was supposed to be a time of family and reflection has been switched out to becoming a carnal display of who can spend the most as well as who can GET the most material items. In this sagging economy, it's a losing proposition for most who are suffering collectively under the factors that have swept the world's in epidemic proportions to only cause more stress to keep up with others, the loneliness that comes from being disconnected and the drained bank accounts that come from the loss of jobs, mismanagement of personal funds and out of control spending habits. In other words, this is NOT a very happy time of year for most. Suicides, domestic violence, addictions, divorce rates and crime are expected to increase this year as always but in record numbers because of the intensified stresses felt across the land and many desperately want relief from. The masses are waking up to the facade and they want answers! Tonight we aim to explore why the Holidays have become for many the worst time of the year and what could be done to stop the madness!

 An Intimate Evening With Adult Film Star Ms. Prada Thick | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:59:00

The freaks come out at night? Well I guess everyone will be out for tonight's show! First of all, allow me to say first off that tonight's episode will be a very different type of LanceScurv Talk Show. This is for ADULTS ONLY and will feature a very popular fast rising up and coming "Adult Film Star" who is known as Ms. Prada Thick. While many would say that showcasing a "adult film star" is just not the proper thing to do I say that you are wrong! I feel that knowledge is power and that our guest has a lot more going on for her than the few who choose to look down on the adult film industry. Everyone has a right to make a decision on what they do in their lives and I feel that a dialogue with Ms. Prada would be enlightening and informative and just might give many a little more insight into what the possibilities are to raise the intensity and intimacy of their love life. I feel that I am offering to the masses on the LanceScurv Talk Show tonight a very unique opportunity to gain an insight and rare perspective from one who is in the mix of a world that many of us wouldn't dare to tread but have always remained curious to many different degrees. Also what struck me as interesting is that as her name suggests, Ms. Prada Thick is a BBW (A Big Beautiful Woman), and although most might not follow in her aspirational footsteps, I feel as though her confidence is to be applauded in a world that seems to focus only on the media's projected airbrushed photoshopped thin as a rail type standards of beauty. But as Ms. Prada's ever growing fan base reveals, the Big Beautiful Woman is VERY MUCH in demand! Call in with your questions and let's have a good ole time talking with a woman who has a whole lot to share! Again, this show is for ADULTS ONLY and will have zero tolerance for immaturity and buffoonery!

 Is The Institution Of Marriage Just One Big Waste Of Time? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

While an exact figure or statistic is literally impossible to pin down in the ever increasing divorce rates, most would agree that the seemingly doomed traditional institution of marriage in our modern society has not overall been the most popular option utilized when embarking on a committed relationship in recent years. The question is WHY? Why do many prefer to remain single in a day and age when the protection that comes from the institution of marriage almost guarantees that those involved will never be forced to experience the risks of living single in this deceptive disease ridden world that we live in today? Why do many individuals feel as though being married even guarantees this protection as it seems that it is married people who are running around with no sense of commitment more so than their single counterparts? Are there individuals involved in a dedicated and faithful union that have no "piece of paper" between them that are more secure and functional than those who actually have a marriage license yet really don't have anything more than an empty husk or facade of a marriage but is about as real as a cardboard cutout? These are a few of the MANY questions we hope to answer and discuss this Friday night on The LanceScurv Talk Show and we invite everyone to listen in on and participate in this very touchy subject that is guaranteed to not only inform and empower, but also will be extremely entertaining. And if you haven't already heard, on Friday nights, we ALWAYS let it all hang out!

 The Raw Truth Of What Men Really Want In A Relationship! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

For the most part, it's been accepted as a general fact that the majority of men are not as communicative as their female counterparts when it comes to expressing their innermost thoughts and feelings. Of course there are always exceptions to any rule but for the most part most will not dispute this statement at all. That being said, as far as women are concerned, many men have express the thought that they feel that too many women are overzealous in expressing what they what in a relationship therefore diluting their requests by asking in a way that causes their mate to lose focus as to what is really important. This in turn makes most men shut down and not engage in any constructive dialogue at all. Well tonight this won't be the case because we are putting the spotlight on the men exclusively to actually ask what it is that they want out of a relationship! Out of the combination of the many easily seen and hidden intangibles what are the most important? Is it some type of neglected sexual need that would complete his level of satisfaction or is it an emotional aspect that is overlooked? More reassurance? Respect? More cuddling? An unexpected blowjob in the car in a dark corner of the supermarket parking lot before food shopping? More commitment? Tell us! The women need to know! Who knows what the men are thinking and feeling but one thing is for sure that the forum tonight will demand that they step up to the plate and reveal what it is that they have been harboring deep inside for so long! After tonight there are NO excuses!  

 15 Kids? Angel Adams: Master Manipulator Or Entitled Victim? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 03:00:00

You would have had to be living under a rock or in a cave to not have heard the buzz about the woman from Florida named Angel Adams who made the headlines because of her demand for help to take care of her 15 children who have been living below the poverty line recently. Her story has unleashed a virtual tsunami of responses that have encompassed the full range of what you might expect both good and bad. Her attitude of entitlement displayed on television for the world to see really angered the majority of viewers and brought that age old debate up to the forefront of whether the individual is responsible for the well being of their children or is society supposed to foot the bill? Has Angel Adams made a life of manipulating the System or is she entitled to getting the help she needs that many others merely consider a free ride? Should she have shown some restraint and self control if she wasn't financially able to care for her children or should she just continue to throw caution to the wind and demand as she has for someone else to pull her through? And what of the fathers of these children? How much responsibility do they have to the children and how much have they added to the burden in the very public plight of the infamous Angel Adams? Hopefully we can discuss these and so many other surrounding points on this touchy subject and I encourage you NOT to miss this episode of the Lance Scurv Talk Show because we are going to let it ALL hang out!


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