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Summary: The Action Catalyst is a weekly podcast hosted by Dan Moore, President of The Southwestern Advantage, the oldest direct-sales company in America, and Partner with Southwestern Consulting. With more than 45 years in sales leadership and marketing management, Dan has a wealth of knowledge to share on how to make better use of time to achieve life, sales, and other business goals. Each week, he interviews some of the nation’s top thought leaders and experts sharing meaningful tips and advice. Please subscribe below, leave a rating and write a review! You can also get more free insights and inspiration at

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 Stair Story: Patrick Dichter Pays off $32,000, Dave Ramsey shouts out to Southwestern and Take the Stairs! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

One of the blessings of my life recently is that on a fairly regular basis people say “reading Take the Stairs changed my life!” I often wonder what, if any, specific changes they made in their life and if it really (hopefully) made a difference but for Patrick Dichter it definitely did! Patrick was a teenager when I first met him. He’s been a winner as long as I’ve known him and so it was only natural that I played a small role in recruiting him to spend his summers in college working for Southwestern Advantage. After a successful career selling books with Southwestern while he was a student at the University of Denver (my alma matter), Patrick decided to move onto some other things. Imagine my shock and surprise when Patrick sent me an email yesterday telling me this awesome story… Patrick explained that after reading a blog I wrote highlighting Dave Ramsey’s plan for getting out of personal debt Patrick bought Dave’s book, The Total Money Makeover, and began following the principles. Like so many thousands of people (including myself) who have followed Dave Ramsey’s advice and started listening to his show, Patrick paid off over $32,000 in debt in just 11 months!!!! Patrick then called into the Dave Ramsey show yesterday and did the famous “Debt Free Scream”! During his conversation with Dave he told the whole story about the principles he learned from Southwestern about taking action and focusing on the things he could control. That also gave Dave a chance to share some of his thoughts about the Southwestern program and also Dave was nice enough to give us a little plug for the Take the Stairs book. Dave was one of the authors whose endorsement is on the back cover of “Take the Stairs” but you can listen to the his whole conversation with Patrick here: Listen to the full conversation here! CONGRATULATIONS to PATRICK DICHTER for taking action and getting debt free! Yours is a great real life “Stair Story” and we’re so proud of you! For everyone in debt, make sure you check out and start following Dave Ramsey as he has a proven non-scam system for getting out of debt the right way. And may all of you take significant action like Patrick on all good things you learn from what you read! See you in the stairwell, Rory Vaden, MBA is Cofounder of Southwestern Consulting, Self-Discipline Strategist and Speaker, and New York Times bestselling author of Take the Stairs.

 3 Tips for Maximizing Every Minute | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Time management is something we all struggle with, especially those of us in sales.  Here's a quick 8 minute audio featuring Southwestern ConsultingTM Co-founder, Gary Michels, with some of his favorite tips for maximizing his time.   SSW May 20 - 3 Tips for Maximizing Your Time GM

 FREE May Teleseminar Recording Available NOW! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Keys to Unlocking Your Potential:  Finding Ways to Produce When No One is Buying -Teleseminar May 2010 The Southwestern ConsultingTM Team really brings the heat with exceptional, usable value for all our listeners during the Monthly Teleseminars.  This month was no exception.  A few topics included: Keys to unlocking your true potential Improving individual and team performance. Getting better results, improved teamwork, and clarity Maximizing your time Keys to creating maximum results Motivating yourself and your team to produce in tough times And much more! For more information on the Sales Experts, Click Here.   If you missed the call, here's the link for the audio recording:  Keys_to_Unlocking_Your_Potential_Teleseminar_May_2010 Don't miss next month's FREE Teleseminar - the topic will include PROSPECTING & APPROACH.  Thursday June 10 3pm CT.

 Chad Goldwasser’s Top Producer’s Edge Testimonial | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Click above to hear former #1 Keller Williams Agent Worldwide, Chad Goldwasser, share his thoughts on his experience in the Success Starts Now! Top Producers Edge customized consulting program. In 2007 Chad lead the top real estate team in the nation for one of the most illustrious and well-respected real estate companies in the world, Keller Williams. I was fortunate to be Chad's private consultant for over 8 months. He has extraordinary self-discipline and together we were able to take his performance to the next level. Everyday Chad is learning, growing, and striving to achieve the next level in order to provide a premium experience for his customers. The question is what are you and I doing to get better today? You can learn more about Chad at:


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