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Summary: Linux gaming with a side of news, reviews, and whatever the Hell-Elks™ we come up with.

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  • Artist: LinuxGameCast LLP
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 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP174 – Sriracha Novella | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 0:54:24

Street Fighter 5 is headed to SteamOS! SMACH Z nopes, VALVe gets sued, and AMD sees red. All this, plus your hate mail!

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP173 – Autosquirt | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:21:31

SEGA declares war! CS:GO nerfs a gun, Alienware underperforms, and Double Fine goes Full Throttle. Then GRID Autosport faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP172 – Art Arsesets | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:17:59

Psychonauts 2 makes with the penguin! Feral brings the GRID, SOMA gets kittens, and 3D Pokeman on my Linux? Then Vendetta: Curse of Raven’s Cry faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP171 – Discoverable Cock Mechanisms | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:16:01

0 A.D. gets Syllepsis! VALVe doubles down on two factor, AMD releases Crimson, and Leadwerks shites bricks. Then Lucius II faces the CHAIRQUISITION!

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP170 – Op-In-ATE! | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:00:55

Raven's Cry is back! Mad Max drops SteamOS support, NVIDIA embraces X, and Freeciv turns 20. Then Adventures Of Shuggy faces the CHAIRQUISITION!

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP169 – Gravity Ceiling | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:14:47

The Steam Machine launch sale is LIVE! Rocket League leaks, Borderlands Online gets noped, and I'm a MOD! Look at me!

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP168 – Death Procession | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:15:29

Trine 3 exits beta! Rocket League is almost here, WINE gets a pulse, and Epic releases another PC shooter. Then Renowned Explorers: International Society faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP167 – Bradist | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:01:58

Alien Isolation is HERE! VALVe brews another beta, Supertuxkart picks up speed, and the Batmobile is having some engine trouble. Then Xenomorph X121 faces the CHAIRQUISITION!

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP166 – Symmetrical Vibration Glitch | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:14:10

Steam adds 12 new currencies! Unreal Tournament gets 2 SPOOKY 4 U, Descent: Underground enters Early Access, and Divinity: Original Sin insults our intelligence. Then Sword Coast Legends faces the CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP155 – George R.R. Tolkien | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:07:41

Steam tries again! NVIDIA experiments with EGL, Unvanquished brings a towel, and Greenlight ignores the rules. Then Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor faces our CHAIRQUISITION!

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP154 – Shadow Of Hordor | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:22:47

Shadow of Mordor is here! Skullgirls enters closed beta, Distance goes first-person, and Battle for Wesnoth needs your halp! Then Victor Vran faces our CHAIRQUISITION!

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP153 – Gauntlet: Because FK Linux Edition | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:08:40

Steam Curses up a storm! Arrowhead nopes Gauntlet, Aspyr ports a 10 year old game, and Resident Evil 2 on my Linux? Then The Magic Circle faces our CHAIRQUISITION!

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP152 – Moon Language | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 0:56:55

Handegg comes to Steam! Linuxgames call it quits, Skullgirls crashes EVO, and Pedro gets shite-hammered. Then Postal 2 faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP151 – Reliably Reliable | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:05:28

Alien: Isolation on my Linux? Ted Backman leaves VALVe, AMD nopes Mantle, and we contemplate how much time we’ve spent playing games. Then Coffin Dodgers faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.

 LinuxGameCast Weekly EP150 – Training Bullets | File Type: video/x-m4v | Duration: 1:17:46

VALVe sells out! TF2 gets Mettle, developers HATE Desura, and SimCity in my browser? Then LEGO® Minifigures Online faces our CHAIRQUISITION! All this, plus your hate mail.


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