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Summary: Join Mai Vu and a handful of provocateurs to have a “No Holding Back” conversation about: Sex, Lies, and Consciousness. Eavesdrop on interviews and intimate conversations with an international cadre of regular folks who are letting us peek into the real deal on their sex lives. We’ll cover the spectrum from relationships and desires to limitations and secrets. Together, we’ll explore the ways that LIES have trapped us or, perhaps, served us. Explore how Sex and Consciousness are forever entwined in this raw, edgy foray into the subject we all whisper about---sssSEX. Mai is a champion of sexual freedom and consciousness. She believes that through having good, clean, open conversations about our relationship to our sex, will we be able to free ourselves for our misconceptions and lies about how we do sex and relationships. She has been an executive coach for 15 years, has trained over 1000 coaches, and has personally broke through at least 15% of her own lies and confusions around her own sex and sexuality. Mai is now focussing on helping successful people reinevent themselves, when their whole life fell apart, and their soul is wanting them to have more: Right relationships, MEANINGful work, and much better SEX.

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 Sex & Men: What Do They Really Want? - Nov 28,2011 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:00

Oh boy, I don't think an hour is enough for this show. I want to talk to the cool men I know and find out what it is that they want for their sex, their woman/en, and their relationships. What's it like to be men in 2011? We also had "The Girls" (Natalie and Sally) dropped in to tell us where they are on their adventure. You can check them out at It's cold out there, and gas is expensive. You might consider donating to them too.

 Larger Size Women and their Appetite for Sex - Nov 14,2011 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:00

How Do Body Image and Size Issues Impact the Sex Lives of Plus Size Middle Age Woman Today? Let's face it, whether we are "skinny" or "fat" most of us women feel "fat" most of the time. Ann Boland and Stephanie Rainbow Bell are going to bust this "fat" notion UP! Ann is from the mid-west and Stephanie lives in the bling bling capital of the world, Las Vegas. They will courageously share their bumpy journey to love and acceptance for their larger size bodies and talk about the impact their plus-size bodies have on sexual appetite and relationships.

 SEX, LIES n CONSCIOUSNESS-Debut Party - Nov 07,2011 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

Join me, Mai Vu, and a handful of provocateurs to inaugurate my new “No Holding Back” BlogTalkRadio show: Sex, Lies, and Consciousness. Meet some of my future guests: Shariann, she is going to talk about sex after cancer; Peggy--on "Sex after HIV"; Sally & Natalie--on "Dating & Being Single On the Road"; Justin--on "Stay-At-Home Dad & SEX"; Peter & Friends--on "Boys On Dating & Women". Just to give a taste of what I am bringing you on this show.


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