Reunion Church show

Reunion Church

Summary: ALL. It's amazing what ALL includes. When churches say everyone's welcome do they mean ALL or just everyone like us? We mean ALL. ALL. Regardless of ethnicity. ALL. Regardless of economics. ALL. Regardless of education. ALL. Why ALL? Because ALL have sinned and missed the mark. Because God loves ALL the world so much that Jesus Christ lived, died on a cross and was raised from the dead for ALL. Because people come from ALL over the Dallas area gather to worship. Because they want to worship with ALL kinds of people. Because ALL of God's children will spend eternity together. So why can't we ALL get together down here? Reunion Church was planted in the heart of Dallas to be a church for ALL. A CHURCH FOR dALLas



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Edweaver says:

Solid Teaching: From an urban church in Dallas, TX, USA, a heart for the truth from the Bible. Straight talk on real issues of life