The Adam and Dr. Drew Show show

The Adam and Dr. Drew Show

Summary: Adam Carolla & Dr. Drew Pinsky reunite the partnership that made Loveline a wild success and cultural touchstone. In each episode Adam and Drew take uncensored, nothing-off-limits, calls about sex, drug, medical and relationship issues. Dr. Drew brings the medicine while Adam's comedy and rants are the spoonful of sugar to make it go down.

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 #364: Vinny Guadagnino | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 50:00

Adam and Drew welcome Vinny Guadagnino into the studio this week, after catching up on Vinny's life post Jersey Shore they turn to the phones and help out some callers. They speak to callers dealing with escalating Adderall use, family strife that extends to a physical level and a comic who is wondering how to address another comic who offended him.

 #363: Redo | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 47:00

Adam opens the show today telling Drew about the numerous crews he has coming over to his house to fix projects that were previously thought to be completed. Adam also gives an update on the custom sectional sofa we discussed in a previous episode that is slowly driving him insane. The guys then turn to the phones and speak to callers about a variety of topics including Adam's thoughts on Dr. Bruce and the ethics of using a device that allows parents to monitor their children's driving habits.

 #362: Yeah, But I Don't Think That Has Anything To Do With It | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 50:00

Adam and Drew open the show discussing some of the more concerning aspects of the recent tragedy in Orlando. They examine how the nomenclature surrounding these incidents tends to change radically based on the narrative that specific people want to paint. They then turn to the phones and talk to callers with a variety of issues including a caller whose mother is suffering from chronic pain and another who is suffering from chronic weakness among others.

 #361: Small Mouth Bass | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 40:00

Ace and Drew open the show today discussing how sayings from the past such as 'The doctor who treats himself has a horrible doctor' are charming and pleasant yet in the future the sayings that will be adopted from today's generation will be far less prolific and insightful. They then turn to the phones and talk to callers dealing with problems ranging from problems with the appearance of their ears to a woman who fears her twin sister is trying to use her identity to fill prescriptions.

 #360: Dr. Bruce | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 46:00

Adam and Dr. Drew welcome good friend Dr. Bruce Heischober into the studio for today's episode which opens with a candid discussion about the recent tragedy in Orlando. They also talk extensively about the father of the shooter and what role the parents play in tragedies like this one, also talking to a caller about how he can talk to his young children about events like these. They also talk to a variety of callers including one contemplating an international relocation to hopefully advance his career.

 #359: Artificial Turf | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 44:00

Adam opens the show telling Drew about some trouble he's been having with the recently returned home Phil E. Cheesesteak and his new artificial turf. They guys then turn to the phones and speak to listeners about their problems including managing a relationship with in-laws you are also in business with as well as a question about the long term effects of taking Abilify when combined with other medications.

 #358: Steven Crowder | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 45:00

Steven Crowder joins Adam and Dr. Drew today for a talk about Steven's comedy, the recent controversies surrounding Social Justice Warriors and the Stanford rape case that's been in the news recently. They also take some listener phone calls and help out callers with problems including deciding weather to have a cosmetic surgical procedure and how to deal with dating a single mom.

 #357: Angles | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 46:00

Adam and Drew open the show today with Drew asking about a diagram sitting in Adam's studio. Adam recounts to Drew the exceptionally frustrating experience of trying to have a custom piece of furniture designed and made for him. They then turn to the phones and help out some callers including one who believes he may fall somewhere on the Aspergers spectrum, and another who is acutely aware that he is isolating himself and looking for advice on how to break out of that mold.

 #356: Now, Life Is Life | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 41:00

Adam and Drew head to the calls early and talk to fans about a variety of problems after Drew receives some thanks from a listener who got his prostate checked after seeing Drew's PSA on the subject. After speaking to a caller who is concerned that his self esteem is not high enough, they speak to another who is an adoptive father trying to figure out if or when he should tell his daughter that he is not her biological father.

 #355: Viper Red | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 42:00

Adam and Drew open the show discussing Drew's recent car purchase and a frustrating experience Adam had years back at a car dealership. They then discuss their mutual affinity for people whose profession involves building and/or problem solving. The guys then turn to the phones and talk to listeners with a variety of problems including family members who are being a financial draw, making a career transition and dealing with a friend who is suffering from schizophrenia.

 #354: They Don't Want A Quick Fix | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 52:00

Adam and Drew open the show taking calls straight away talking to a caller dealing with stress and depression before turning to a caller who is trying to handle strife between his wife and sister over a financial situation. They also speak to a few other fans including one who feels that he has all the tools for success but hasn't been able to realize his potential.

 #353: Adam Ray | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 49:00

Adam and Drew open the show welcoming their guest Adam Ray with Adam Carolla recounting the time he first met Adam Ray at the Peterson Automotive Museum and grew to respect his chops as a comedian. They also take some listener phone calls and talk to a listener who is worried that his wife's being born prematurely has had a lasting impact on her personality.

 #352: Long-Term Relationships | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 48:00

Adam and Dr. Drew open the show talking about Adam's father giving him the one piece of good advice that he ever gave him. They then talk to a caller who is dealing with some recent sobriety and a fear of not maintaining that sobriety. They also speak to a caller struggling with a career transition and another who is struggling with finding his first long-term relationship.

 #351: Kevin Hench | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 46:00

Adam and Drew welcome Adam's buddy Kevin Hench to the show today to help them answer our listeners' questions. They speak to a caller battling agoraphobia and panic attacks as well as a caller struggling with a newly very religious family member. They also speak to a caller struggling with HSV2.

 Memorial Day Best Of, #016: Tiburon | File Type: audio/x-mpeg | Duration: 1:03:00

Adam and Drew discuss the fundamental difference between men and women. They then take calls on marijuana use, high blood pressure medication and Drew has an addition to Adam's bathroom rules.


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