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The Star Wars Collectors Archive Podcast

Summary: The Vintage Pod is a Podcast for collectors of vintage (1977-1989) Star Wars toys and memorabilia. It is intended for both experts and new-comers and features hobby news, market analysis, and insightful interviews.

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  Lumat's Ewok Junk: The SWCA Podcast Episode 122 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:20:58

The Short 79 back season begins with Ewok Bowman, Lumat. Mattias joins to talk about Mechanicals, foreign carded figures, unlicensed ceramics and an epic, consequential market watch game. Part of the 122nd Chive Cast. Table of Contents: 08:00 Grumpy Lumat’s Story and History 16:47 Unproduced Zephee 19:45 Skye-Ku 21:28 Mattias Joins The Show 24:54 What is the deal with 79 Backs 29:21 What are all the Lumats? 33:41 Ledy is NOT THE SAME as Made in Mexico 34:57 Trilogo Madness? 41:02 Vintage Vocab: Mechanical / Final Comp 1:01:21 Unloved Item - Bootleg ceramics 1:04:09 Market Watch Game and Outro

 All About Unlicensed Archive Miniatures : The SWCA Podcast, Blog Log Pod Episode 18 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:17:07

Join Skye, Steve, Ron and Yehuda as they discuss the wonderful world of early, unlicensed miniatures.

  Book of Boba Fett: Vintage Winners and Losers- The SWCA Podcast #121 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:18:07

Join Skye and Steve as they identify which vintage Star Wars collectibles won and which ones lost the “Book of Boba Fett”. Luke, Tuskens, 8D8, Rancor Keepers and all the Boba you can shake a Gaderfi stick at. Table of Contents: 3:43 2D Clone Wars Discussion 6:57 #10 (X-WING / GAMMY) 9:59 # 9 (R2 / 3PO) 11:56 #8. (NIKTO, BARADA, WALRUS MANS, GREEDO / KLAATUS 16:34 #7 (JAWAS / CHEWBACCA , BOSSK AND OTHER BOUNTY HUNTERS) 20:57 # 6 (SLAVE 1 / OTHER OT SHIPS) 26:15 # 5 (BIB / JABBA) 35:40 # 4 (8D8 / 9D9) 35:10 #3.5 (Max Rebo/Other Skiff Folk) 40: 40 # 3 (Rancor / Rancor Keeper) 45:10 #2 (Tusken / Luke) 58:48 #1 (Boba / Fett)

  Keep a Rancor Keeper Episode Free: The SWCA Podcast Episode 120 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:28:22

Join Skye and Steve as the discuss the only toy based entirely on the emotion of grief. Ron joins to teach about rough clay sculpts, Palitoy ads, Dixie cups and Yupis. Plus, quite a bit of bear discussion on this month’s chive cast Table of Contents: 3:58 The value of the Worst Figure ever? Trump Stance? Bored? 10:04 The Kenner and Palitoy Commercial Difference 17:53 Behind the Steve- Everybody is loved and Hardware Wars? 25:54 Skye-Ku 27:01 Ron Joins the Show 44:16 What is a “Clay Rough” sculpt 53:41 Unused Clay Micro Soldier, or, How the Rancor Keeper Sculptor got his job at Kenner 59:04 Palitoy Adverts - Nugget From the Archive 01:04:41 Unloved Item: Yupi 01:11:22 Dixie Cups 01:13:02 Kink? Rancor Keeper is a Bear 01:15:42 Market Watch Game 01:19:46 Bear Focus Collector?

 The TRUTH about the AT-ST Driver: The SWCA Podcast #119 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:29:07

Skye and Steve chuck the AT-ST driver out of the cockpit in this episode which reveals a shocking conspiracy about the character. Hardcopies, Sculpts, Alternate photo-art, lots of beautiful modern and some Australian cereal madness. Plus, what the hell is a mirr-a-kit? 02:15 The AT-ST talk begins Conspiracy 20:06 Skye-Ku and Skye’s Ninja Story 24:50 -Broc’s Run Explained Sculpt,Mold, Hardcopy,Protomold,First Shot 37:15 The Original Photo art of the AT-ST Driver 40:42 International AT-ST Carded Figures: Tri-Logo, Lili Ledy 42:32 Polish AT-ST Figures 49:16 Nuggets From the Archive – PowerSparks! 59:30. An Interruption! Australian Decoder Discs? 01:03:45 UNOLVED: ROTJ Pyjamas? 01:05: 54 UNLOVED Mirr-a-Kit 01:12:25 Carded Micro Machine 01:18:50 Market Watch “Game”

 Tales from the Sithsonian Crypt- A Very Duncan Halloween: The SWCA Podcast #118 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:38:22

Duncan Jenkins joins us from the cobwebbed cloisters of his Sithsonian Crypt. Every item has a relation to Halloween, can you figure out what it is… before it is tooooo late??? Table of Contents: 3:43. Finnish LIquorice 8:44 Hershey ESB Treys with Collector Cards 12:21 Bootleg Rubber Toys 18:01. Spanish C-3PO Mobile 23:25 Scholastic News Explorer with Rick Baker 28:57 Mexican Googly-Eyed Wicket 30:26 Blue Harvest Rain Jacket 32:57 Jabba the Hutt Finnish Monster Magazine 35:31 Halloween Cards Galore 46:00 Taiwanese Match Book 51:34 Bootleg 45-RPM “Arturito” Mexican Funk Song 53:39 Bootleg 8-Track Star Wars Song 58:31 Bootleg 45-RPM, Italian Ewok Celebration Song and Do Do Phone Me 01:00:00 Jedi Ghost Toothbrush 01:07:33 Spanish Cap Gun 01:10:59 Bootleg American T-Shirt - Costume-o-Rama 01:13:43 Croner Stormtrooper Costume 01:16:36 Mexican Bootleg “Darth Vader- Enemy of He-Man” costume 01:21:30 British Cheryl C-3P0 Costume 01:23:25 Canadian Fameux Halloween C-3P0 Halloween 01:28:25 French César Tusken Raider Mask 01:30:48 Line Art for Ben Cooper Ad 01:32:05 Canadian Fameux Halloween Chewbacca Costume 01:35:00 Outro and Haunted Dead (tape) Story

 Prune Face and the Pennsylvania Collectors Event- The SWCA Podcasts Episodes 116 and 117 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:08:10

Two-pack of an episode! First The action goes boom with Mark Vanis and Jon Peck who talk about collecting the Face of Prune. Then on-the-ground reporting from skye at the Pensylvania International Collectors Event as he visits some of the best collections in the world. 2:53 The Hottest Lego set to get 5:15 Prune Face Discussion Begins. Ablism. 13:52 Behind the Steve 19:10 Skye-Ku 20:37 Figure Development: Painted Hardcopy 23:25 Jon Peck and Mark Vanis join the show. 33:22 Comic Book Men Story 35:12 Nugget from the Archive (Blueprints) 44:28 The Hardcopy Returns 47:15 Prune Swag 48:47 Weirdest Prune Face Item? 53:19 Unloved Item- Store Display 56:38 The Scrapped POTF Coin 59:22 Double Lighting Round 1:06:11 Market Watch Game -- 1:20:28 Episode 117 • Intro 1:21:47 Bruce Lieberman’s House! (Rebo, Prop teeth, Hong Kong Collectibles, 1:32:20 Room Sales Banter (Holiday Special Photo, Elstree Audio Label) 1:39:05 Brad Portnoy’s House (Chewbacca Central 1 – Hoojibs Art and More) 1:42:20 Steve Rensi’s House (Chebacca Cental 2- Japanese Masks for Duncan 1:44:24 Andy Loney’s House (ESB 12” Chewbacca, Japanese Stuff, 1:47:03 Mike DeStefano’s House ( Autographs) 1:52:58 Mark Rusciano’s Shipping Box Story 02:04:52 Bill Cable’s House (A 3P0… and the Box Returns!)

  Teebo the Warrior turned Poet: The SWCA Podcast Episode 115 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:09:57

The Ewok warrior turned poet receives laser focus attention on this month’s episod as Ron Salvatore joins to ask “why in the world don’t more people care about Teebo?” Why don’t they care about alternate sculpts? Forgotten books? QC samples? Unproduced sculpts? Color-Me Cards? Table of Contents : 3:52 The Duality of Teebo 7:01 Roland Welker of Ewoks. 8:57 Skye-Ku 9:47 Joe Johnston’s Ewok 14:56 Ron discusses Sneering Teebo and “Relic Sculpts” 30:13 QC Sample (actually interesting?) 32:38 Nugget A: Unproduced Teebo Animated Sculpt 38:49 Nugget B: Ewoks Teebo Mock-up Photograph 44:06 Advertisement: Pulp Empire by Paul Hirsch 50:05 Unloved “Color-Me Cards” 55:07 Market Watch game 01:03:00 Joe Johnston Revisited and Outro

 WTF...Star Wars Vans?: The SWCA Podcast, Blog Log Pod Episode 17 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:59:46

How big were vans in the 1970s? Bigger than you can possibly imagine. Ron Salvatore joins the show to talk about the fad and how it interacted with Star Wars. Not just Kenner toys and the MPC model kits, but also the crazy custom painted vans of Mr. Van and a failed pitch to Kenner by the mysterious Mr. Van. Plus, what does it have to do with the Huffy speeder-bike promotion.

 Han Trench Don't Give A Ford: The SWCA Podcast Episode #114 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:51:21

Share a half-smirk with Skye and Steve as they work their way through Han Solo in his Trenchcoat and by Harrison Ford in his Ennui. We talk about the figure from his head mold to his signature coat and from Singapore to Mexico. Aaron Longbine joins to talk about focusing on Trenchy and Todd Chamberlain teaches us about the enigmatic John Marco, the illusive first replica prop maker and the first cosplay dealer. 5:09 Behind the Steve: Origin of the trench 9:30 Behind the Steve: Harrison Ford Wants OUT! 14:07 POTF Coin 16:24 Did Kenner Care about Han Trench? 18:44 R-Rated Skyeku 21:02 Han Trench Hardcopy mold, Three Trench Coat Prototypes 28:37 Nugget From The Archive – ERG Han Trench Test 32:47 The Tale of John Marco with Todd Chamberlain 47:20 John Marco the Muffler King? 50:52 Interacting with the man 58:30 How to document disappearing legends of the hobby? 01:02:33 International Han Trench Items: France, Europe, Singapore and Mexico 1:10:09 Han vs. Luke in Cardback form. Optimism vs. Cynicism 1:14:15 Aaron Longbine Joins The Show 1:31:07 The Kenner Hurt Debacle 1:40:41 Market Watch Game with Aaron

  Klaatu in Long Underwear: The SWCA Podcast Episode 113 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 02:17:43

An episode so good it took two months to record! Jump aboard the Skiff with Skye and Steve as we contemplate the background character so good it he gets two outfits. Familiar face Ron joins to talk about “technical renderings” before OG Space Freak Beanie Wilkins talks about his collection. Then we jump across the pond to the east of England with Andrew Plant to talk about a sad childhood memory that led to a happy collection. Finally, we close the show with our thoughts on the legend, John Kellerman. 3:35 Skye-Ku 6:28 Behind the Steve with Corey Dee 11:10 Ron Joins the Show 14:55 The Unpainted Hardcopy 20:19 Cool Cool Cool (internal First Shot/Protomold) 30:37 Technical Renderings 36:05 Topps Cards Mania! 49:50 - Chris Wilkins joins the show. 56:45 7-11 Father/Son tumbler 1:01:17 – Nugget from the Archive- Trilogo MIscard 1:08:15 – Nugget 2: Klaatu-pac 1:14:57 – Market Watch Game 1:27:17 – Lightning Round with Chris “Beanie” Wilkins 1:36:11 – Andy Plant Joins the Show 1:54:20 – Steve’s International Klattu Madness 1:56:20 – Model Trem 1:59:40 – Canadian’s Know you’re disappoiunted in Klaatu. 02:02:26 – Nugget from the Archive: German Klaatu Grail 02:04:00 – Unloved: Good, Bad and Ugly Klaatu Costumes 02:11:15 - Remembering John Kellerman

 Every Kenner Star Wars item released in 1977: The SWCA Podcast, Blog Log Pod Episode 16 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:54:32

BOMBSHELL alert! There is a new never-before-known-about Kenner display in this podcast. Ron takes Skye and Steve on a tour through the early, early history of Kenner’s merchandising involvement with Star Wars. What was available in Christmas 77? Table of Contents: 3:15 Was Kenner stupid and lazy in ’77? 6:56 The Early Bird Controversy 11:57 Scholastic News Explorer? 17:58 Escape from Death Star Game 24:38 Kenner Painting Sets 28:39 Store Display Mania! 36:19 Conceptual Rendering of Displays 38:43 Never before known displays Bombshell! 45:07 Market Watch? 8x10s sold on Facebook 49:02 The Foley’s Store Display 50:13 Early Bird Display

 Vintage Winners and Losers from Mandalorian Season2: The SWCA podcast Episode 112 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:07:09

Skye and Steve discuss the impact of Mandalorian Season 2 on the value of different vintage Star Wars collectibles. Boba Fett, Weequay, Troop Transports, Luke and more! Best of all, we introduce a new feature “Ask Ron a Star Wars Question.” Plus, the “Episode 7” effect is theorized and explained, Skye antagonizes Ahsoka fans, spoilers are discussed and the show is interrupted by a Biz Markie alarm clock. Oh Snap! This is our first (last?) ever “video podcast” but the video isn’t super great and Skye looks all twitchy for some reason, but check it out on YouTube if you want to see it anyway. Table of Contents; 00:00 Show Intro 05:53 #10 Winner and Loser – Droids Category 08:11 #9 – Bartender Category 10:25 #8 – Fish Aliens Category 17:11 #7 – Ships Category 20:43 #6 – Imperial Grunts Category 24:26 #5 – Ugly Ass Aliens 29:00 #4 – Cool Guy Category 34:53 #3 – Ugly Aliens 39:31 #2 – Mandalorians 46:28 -Honorable and Dishonorable Mentions- 50:49 #1 – Saga Defining Character Category 01:01:00 Closing Thoughts

 The B-Wing Pilot Returns: The SWCA Podcast Episode 111 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:22:06

It’s a Steve-A-Palooza as we tackle the B-Wing pilot in all of his chin-strapped glory. Photo art, coin art, defining wood Patterns, McQuarrie images, bootleg Knock offs, underoos and Skye discovers a Swear word in a vintage commercial. 6:23 Who is the #1 Focus collector in the World? 13:56 How is a B-Wing supposed to be a “B”? (Making the B-Wing) 20:22 The B-Wing Pilot Sculpt by Bill Lemon 25:55 The McQuarrie “Star Destroyer Destruction” image 27:05 The B-Wing and B-Wing Pilot Commercial 29:05 A SWEAR WORD in a vintage Kenner commercial? 30:14 Skye-Ku 32:09 The B-Wing Pilot Photo Art 34:22 Why Steve Collects B-Wing pilot? 35:52 German B-Wing Commercial 38:50 Miscard Trilogo 39:17 Wood Patterns (Nugget from the Archive) 48:30 Unloved Silver Striker Knock-Off Vehicle 54:24 Underoos* Display and Luke 59:30 B-Wing Market Watch 1:05:42 Original POTF Coin Art 1:14:30 Birthday Cards and Outro Thoughts

 Too Much Info on Vintage Star Wars Stamps: The SWCA Podcast Blog Log Pod Episode 15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:17

Jonathan "Johnny Too-Much" McElwain joins the pod with Ron Salvatore to talk about collecting the vintage Star Wars Harris Stamp Kits.


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