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Summary: Did you ever wonder what causes colic? What a post-baby marriage looks like? What’s up with modern day wet nursing? Who invented Thanksgiving (hint: a mom had something to do with it)? How to get your body back after having a baby? Well, I have, so I started a podcast to find answers to these questions and many more. Think of it as MPR: Mommy Public Radio. I, Meredith, talk with other moms and dads, and sometimes rant on my own, about these topics and many more.


 Marvelous Menstruation [Episode 38] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:57

Is this really a podcast episode about your period? Why yes it is. Birth control has been in the news lately, which means, in a way, so has your flow. In this episode I give a kind of book report of the 2009 book Flow: The Cultural Story of Menstruation by Elissa Stein and Susan Kim. Some of the questions I answer include...Do you actually have a period when on the Pill? Is hormonal contraception safe? When did modern femcare emerge? Is PMS a real disorder? Why are we so grossed out by our own bodies? And is menstruation obsolete? I hope I'm not the only one who finds these questions interesting, or, if I am, I have at least amused myself. Period

 Two Under Two [Episode 37] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:03

Our daughter was 19 months old when our son was born in November. In other words, my husband, Dave, and I are parenting two under two. Sure, this isn't as hard as parenting twins or triplets or having more than two children, but it's new for us. In this episode, we discuss what life has been like the last three months. Why are the children spaced so closely together? What has been hardest? Easiest? What advice can we give, and, more importantly, what advice do we want? Random Reference to Another Podcast (Slate) Two Under Two

 Having Children Makes You Miserable [Episode 36] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:39

Baby number two is here and I'm....happy? Obviously, I'm excited by the birth of my lovely son, but am I happier than I was when I had one child or no children? In my first podcast back after a long long hiatus I examine some of the studies purporting to show a decline in happiness as people have children. What can we make of these studies? Can happiness be defined or measured? When will I sleep through the night again (sadly, that last question isn't answered)? Sources: "One baby or two? Study looks at effect of having second child" by Judy Hill "All Joy and No Fun" by Jennifer Senior Having Children Makes You Miserable  

 Adoption [Episode 35] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:17

After a long podcasting hiatus, I’m finally releasing an episode I recorded a couple months ago. My current pregnancy has been about as much fun as my first (code for no fun), so I apologize to Amy for the late release. I talked with her about the process of adopting her son from Colombia when he was 13 months old. We discussed the ins and outs of the adoption process, as well as the emotional and financial realities of adoption. Many people think of adoption as something you can “just” do if you have trouble conceiving naturally, but my interview with Amy reveals that it is not always an easy, quick process, perhaps not usually. That said, it’s not all doom and gloom either and, of course, you do get a lovely child at the end of the long journey! Adoption

 Raising a Special Needs Child [Ep. 34] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:59

I interviewed Adrienne of the popular blog No Points for Style about her special needs son Carter; this interview affected me more than most and may change the way you look at or even judge other parents in circumstances different than your own. Adrienne talks about the difficulty in getting a single diagnosis and in coming to terms with likely never getting one. She talks about the way parenting Carter has affected her other children and she explains what parents shouldn’t say to someone struggling with a special needs child. Hint: Don’t invoke video games and leave the word exorcism out of your vocabulary. Raising Special Needs

 Dealing with Deployment Part II [Episode 33] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:46

In Episode 25 I talked with Amy, mother to a toddler and wife of a deployed Navy officer, about her experiences dealing with deployment. I got quite a few responses to that episode, so I decided to turn it into a three part series. This is Part II of the series and this time I talk with Melitsa, mother of three boys, whose husband is on a one year remote tour. She is half way through this tour, so I asked her about how she prepared her boys, how she handles the day to day stressors, and how this long of an absence has affected her marriage. This interview left me encouraged about any future deployment I may experience as a mother. Although stressful, Melitsa points out that the deployment can also act a sort of marriage and family reset button. I love that term. Melitsa is a fellow podcaster, so check out her sites raisingplayfultots.com and play-activities.com. Dealing with Deployment Part II

 Feeding Your Toddler [Episode 32] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:41

How do you get a toddler to love vegetables and put the cookies aside? Do you introduce whole vegetables or hide them in more fun foods? What is the feeding responsibility of the toddler versus the parent? How does nutrition affect IQ? In a free form conversation with my cousin Abby, mother to an almost 16 month old son, I try to answer some of these questions. We explain how we arrived at our feeding philosophies and how our own relationship with food affects the way we introduce it to our children. We aren't experts, but we are readers, so we share our own experiences in addition to some of our favorite food/feeding resources. Feeding Your Toddler Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes | Smartphone | RSS | Email

 The Duchess [Episode 31] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:48

If you think your life is complicated, imagine having your husband father two children with your best friend, a friend who lives with you and your husband. Imagine being forced to give up your daughter and lover to stay with your other three children. Imagine being exiled from your children for two years. These are just a few of the facts about Duchess Georgiana Devonshire’s life. She lived from 1757-1806, served as the female figurehead of the Whig Party, and represented the highly elite “ton” of English society. This is the woman who made hairstyles involving ships stylish.  Amanda Foreman’s great history book, aptly titled The Duchess and on which the movie with the same name is based, serves as the source material for this episode. Sure, history may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I couldn’t stop myself from talking about this fascinating woman and mother. The Duchess Subscribe to Podcast: iTunes | Smartphone | RSS | Email

 Inquiries about Infertility [Episode 30] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:19

**We would like to sponsor this podcast from JustKidsStore Travel Gear. We would also like to offer a special 10% discount to your loyal readers. The special code: "OTMcast," as well as a list of discounted brands, can be found at Travel Gear Sale.** Infertility treatment, specifically in vitro, is a hot button issue in the media because of cases like the Octomom or John and Kate Plus 8. It also conjures up images of older women who waited for their fertility window to pass and now spend tens of thousands of dollars on unnatural procedures, thwarting nature. However, what is the experience of an average couple dealing with infertility? Anywhere from one and ten to one and six couples will confront this issue and their stories are often dissimilar to the extreme media representations. I talk with Kerry of OurStorkGotLost.com who conceived her two toddler twin boys via in vitro fertilization after a three year struggle with infertility. Her story is of course unique to her, but her experience of infertility likely resonates with many other women and couples going through similar measures to create the family they always knew they wanted. Infertility

 Fatherhood the First Year [Episode 29] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:59

A lot of mommy blogs and parenting magazines focus on the new mom, for good reason. We read and write the bulk of these online publications. But what about the new father? What is fatherhood really like the first year and how do the different sexes, generally, each approach new parenting? I talk with Dave, father to a 10 month old baby girl. Oh, and he’s my husband, making for some pretty interesting and candid discussions about the way our reactions to parenthood have differed.  I ask him what he felt when he first became a father? When he actually started to bond with our daughter? If attachment happens differently for mothers and fathers? And if any new fatherhood issues aren’t talked about enough? Fatherhood the First Year

 The Not So Evil Stepmom [Episode 28] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:56

We are all familiar with cultural images of the evil step-mother, the step-mother who tries to steal away a father’s affections from his children, who is a gold digger, who lacks any maternal gene. But how accurate is this trope? Unsurprisingly, not that accurate. I talk with Ashley-Michelle, step-mother to a 2 year old son and biological mother to a five month old daughter. She talks about her relationship with the biological mother of her son, her role in her stepson’s life, the most difficult part of step-parenting, and her focus on being the best parent to both of her children. Not so evil stepmother

 Living with Autism [Episode 27] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:13

Autism has been in the news lately because of the recent scandal surrounding Andrew Wakefield and his discredited study and article linking vaccines with autism. Like most people who aren’t actually living with autism, my knowledge of the subject has been limited to the brief headlines popping up on my online newspaper subscriptions. When I came across the blog The Domestic Goddess by Marj who has two sons on the autism spectrum, I realized to truly understand autism I need to talk with someone living with it every day. Listen to find out how Marj helps her sons function, how she approaches the autism cause controversy, and how autism has actually enriched her life. You can now listen to (Over)Thinking Mom on your smart phone by using the free app Stitcher. Check out my page HERE and download it now. New episodes will automatically be sent to your phone. How cool! Living with Autism

 People Still Smoke? [Episode 26] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:15

We all know smoking during pregnancy can cause birth defects and long term physical problems for children. This is why OBs, midwives, and pediatricians always ask if you smoke or if anyone in your household smokes. When asked this question, I always wonder “Who still smokes?” Sure, I see teenagers outside of Target, but my California non-smoking cocoon has left me clueless. The good news is smoking rates have decreased in the last couple decades, but the bad news is they have rapidly increased in some developing countries and among certain segments of the population. Why is this? I’m looking at you tobacco companies. Is smoking really as bad as everyone claims? Well, yes. Listen to hear about my research into the world of smoking. Disclosure: No cigarettes were actually puffed in the making of this episode. Smoke hurts my eyes and makes my nose all stuffy. People Still Smoke

 Dealing with Deployment [Episode 25] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:20

What happens when your husband (or wife) deploys for months at a time and leaves you alone with a child or children?  How does this differ from run of the mill difficult single parenthood?  My husband, Dave, is in the military, so these are questions I have often asked myself after the birth of our daughter. He, thankfully, has not been deployed yet in our short marriage, but sometimes I wonder how I will handle any future separation.  Honestly, I wouldn’t and won’t handle it well.  To find out about the experiences of the left at home spouse, I talk with Amy, a nurse, mother, and wife to a deployed officer.  What is most difficult about dealing with deployment?  Does she ever worry her daughter will forget all about daddy?  How has she stayed connected during the long absence? Dealing with Deployment

 Early Childcare from a Provider’s Perspective [Episode 24] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:42

Many working parents are often unsure what a good childcare center looks like. What exactly should kids being doing all day? In Podcast Episode 19 I talked with a working mom about how she made her daycare choice, but now I ask a provider, Kate from Community Children’s Center in Connecticut, about what makes childcare good. Should a center focus on early childhood education or on early childhood play, or, are those two things actually one and the same? Listen to find the answer to this question and many more. Mentioned in Podcast:  You Can't Say You Can't Play by Vivian Paley Early Childcare from a Provider\'s Perspective


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