Smart and Simple Matters Podcast: Simplify, Organize, and Be Money Wise show

Smart and Simple Matters Podcast: Simplify, Organize, and Be Money Wise

Summary: Joel Zaslofsky from Value of Simple taps into all his simplifying, organizing, personal finance, relationship, and curation strategies in an eclectic mix of interview and solo episodes. Discover how to use unconventional skills and mindsets to find freedom from “stuff,” live intentionally, and maybe even ignite a personal renaissance. Joel’s not an expert, but he’s also “been there, done that” when it comes to the unsexy – but rewarding – side of life. Need help with investing, clutter busting, minimalism, self-improvement, spreadsheets, or being vulnerable? Smart and Simple Matters is your podcast.

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  • Artist: Joel Zaslofsky: Simplifier, Curator, Entrepreneur, Connector, and Spreadsheet Dude
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 5 Simple Tips to Shift from “Go! Go! Go!” to “Slow, Slow, Slow” – SASM 066 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:25

( you ever feel that a simple, intentional life demands an off-grid cabin in the woods? Does the explosion of emails, phone notifications, and social commitment...

 How to Slow Down Your Life, Quiet the City, and Revive Our World with Bill Powers – SASM 065 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:43

( are a funny thing. On one end we have industries like food and fashion, desperately trying to set the next trend, so they can win more market share. But despite all these wonderful product and services – advertised as making our lives “easier” and “happier” – the long-term trend is to a less healthy, more busy, and more sleep-deprived society than ever. What if there was a simple solution that gave us back a sense of freedom? Something important beyond the freedom to choose which Greek yogurt brand to buy? What if there was a way of life that allowed us to eat mindfully, connect meaningfully, and intentionally slow down … even in the world’s fastest cities? Bill Powers, my guest for this Smart and Simple Matters episode, is highly qualified to address these questions. Urban or rural, North American or African, “go go go” and “slow slow slow” … he’s seen and lived it all. You’ll often hear me talk about the crossroads of simple living and community-building from a SimpleREV perspective (, but Bill’s a guy permanently camped as that intersection. Formerly an intentional aid worker and conservationist, he’s now motivating new generations with his book, New Slow City, to sustain a self-paced life. He’s currently living on a permaculture farm in Bolivia with his wife and two-year-old daughter, so there’s authority and sincerity when he says: For 1/5th the GDP, you can have the same happiness without destroying the planet. – Bill Powers Join us to examine what it means to slow down, gain perspective, and experience abundance in some places you might not look (or even know about). You’re about to Learn … * Why most of the world is ecocidal (and how we reverse that). * How to get off the work-and-spend treadmill. * Why you should “W.A.I.T.” before speaking. * What it’s like to live in a twelve-by-twelve foot cabin. * Why slowing down is essential to preserve (and enjoy) our natural bounty. * How Bill found an urban sanctuary on New York City’s “Tar Beach.” * Why Carlos Slim – the world’s richest man – wants a three-day work week. * How you can help make unsustainable systems obsolete … right now. * Why experiencing nothingness can revitalize you. * How Bill uses silent meals to fully connect with his surroundings. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: * Websites: * William Powers Books ( * ( * Resources: * Scott Dinsmore’s Goal Setting and Action Workbook ( (email opt-in required) * Books: * New Slow City * Twelve by Twelve * Podcast Episodes: * Why Simple is So Complex with Duane Elgin, Vicki Robin, John de Graaf, Cecile Andrews, and Jerome Segal - SASM052 ( * Blog Posts: * Opening the Labyrinth from Dave Rowley ( * Bill on Social Media * Facebook ( * Twitter ( Topics * [04:29] Bill’s seeds of awesomeness * [09:19] Using an apartment rooftop as your beach and backyard * [10:42] The benefits of going slow * [18:07] How to maintain healthy relationships when you go offline * [22:01] Making any space a meditative place * [26:36] Silent meals and the intention behind them * [30:40] The role of slow money in the slow movement * [33:53] Becoming more self-aware and thinking about thinking Awesome Ways to Subscribe to the Show If you’re not already subscribed for automatic notifications of a new show, please do so with one of the links below. * Click here to subscribe with iTunes

 How to Erase Global Poverty with Tiny Teaspoons of Change (via d’Arcy Lunn) – SASM 064 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:38

( “The village is just as important, if not more important, than the home.” – d’Arcy Lunn ***** Do you enjoy funny, well-traveled, and inspiring people? Yeah, me too. Which is why I’m so stoked to present d’Arcy Lunn for your listening pleasure/insight/grooviness. I was introduced to d’Arcy (pronounced “Dar-cee”) by Donnie Maclurcan of the Post Growth Institute and, ever since then, he and I have been members of the Mutual Appreciation Society. More than that, our conversation was dazzling … and I believe you’ll agree. This fella has so many amazing stories (some of them from the world’s most remote places). And now you get his first-hand report of what it’s like to live on $1.50 U.S. a day, how the battle to eradicate polio is going, and much more. I was privileged to spend time in developing countries … and that’s where I got to see humans be human. – d’Arcy Lunn If you’re looking to hone your attention to intention, discover how someone builds a self-sustaining tiny house in fourteen days, why crazy is the new normal, and want to understand one of the simplest, most powerful formulas on the planet, give this episode a few laps around your grey matter. And speaking of matter – I’m 100% serious about this – you matter. I matter. And according to d’Arcy: We’re all just as important and insignificant as everyone else. – d’Arcy Lunn [Tweet That] ( You’re about to Learn … * How d’Arcy lived on $1.50 a day … for five weeks … cycling around North America. * Why active, global citizens are so content (and how you can be one too). * How to hone your “attention to intention.” * Why crazy is the new normal. * How d’Arcy built a solar-powered, self-sufficient tiny house in fourteen days. * How d’Arcy educated 30,000 people with 400 presentations over 14 years. * Why individualism gives him the heebie-jeebies. * How to use the powerful formula: Gift + Passion = Change. * How Brunei’s students are helping immunize Pakistan’s students against polio. * The value in connecting via empathy instead of sympathy. * Why d’Arcy thinks I’m a “wonderful piece of fertilizer.” * The 1,000 km walk around Japan that sparked Teaspoons of Change. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: * Websites: * Happy, Simply ( * Teaspoons of Change ( * Normal Life in the Life of Lunny ( * The Global Poverty Project ( * Live Below the Line ( * Resources: * D’Arcy’s Bio and Portfolio ( * Polio Points ( * Videos * Happy Simply Tiny House on Wheels: People Power ( * D’Arcy on Social Media: * Teaspoons of Change on Facebook ( * Happy, Simply on Facebook ( * D’Arcy on Twitter ( Topics * [05:56] d’Arcy’s seeds of awesomeness * [09:46] Not following the “garden path” to start exploring your own back yard * [12:51] The richness of learning from other cultures * [18:58] d’Arcy’s insight from giving 400 presentations across the globe * [22:26] Building a self-sufficient tiny house in fourteen days * [26:19] Where just enough meets plenty * [29:53] Experiences and organizations about eradicating polio * [36:14] The Global Poverty Project and their wonderful projects * [44:00] Allowing for maximum human contact and impact * [44:57] Teaspoons of Change Awesome Ways to Subscribe to the Show If you’re not already subscribed for automatic notifications of a new show, please do so with one of the links below.

 How to Redefine Rich, Grow Gratitude, and Be Happily Humble with Matt Ham – SASM 063 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:43

( it possible to humble yourself with confidence? And what if living a rich life is more about your heart than your bank account? These are the kinds of questions that I and my special co-host for this episode – Andy Traub – Ask our groovy guest, Matt Ham. Wait. What? Co-host?! Yep … I’m continuing my experiments on Smart and Simple Matters and got a great idea for some co-hosted episodes from my pal, Jared Easley of Starve the Doubts. So don’t be confused when you hear Andy opening up the episode. He’s a total pro at co-hosting and really rocked this for us. We kept the spotlight on Matt, though, and his storytelling had us captivated. I don’t want to give it all away, but Matt has a lot of experience with inner conflict and adversity – stage three cancer, for example – that gives him a powerful lens to share his experiences. But here I am, writing about what it means to live a rich life, and remembering something Matt told us in this episode: It’s easy to write about something. It’s a whole different ballgame to try and live it. – Matt Ham You won’t want to miss a second of this one, folks. You’re about to Learn … * How you can change the world without a wallet or bank account. * The one book you can’t put down until you’re totally done. * How the death of Matt’s Aunt Trish changed him (and will change you). * What the surprising #1 dysfunction of a team is. * How 0.2 millimeters of skin might have saved Matt’s life. * Why infertility challenged Matt so much (and how he was redeemed). * How gratitude takes root and outgrows your invasive thoughts. * Why Andy and Matt believe God has a great sense of humor. * How to “humble yourself with confidence.” * Why Matt’s shattered baseball dreams now lift him up. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: * Websites: * Matt Ham ( * Take Permission ( * Resources: * Young Life ( * Books: * Redefine Rich * From Podcasting Good to Great * The Five Dysfunctions of a Team * Podcast Episodes: * Starve the Doubts: Redefining Rich with Matt Ham ( * How to Be a Giving Tree - SASM 058 ( * Podcasts * Latest in Paleo with Angelo Coppola ( * In The Loop with Andy Andrews ( * Matt on Social Media * Twitter ( * Facebook ( Topics * [03:09] Matt’s seeds of awesomeness * [05:08] What being and feeling rich means to Matt * [07:54] How Matt has handled his cancer at a young age * [11:49] How gratitude plays into the rich life * [20:27] The principle of “compound opportunity” * [26:39] How richness has a foundation in being broken * [31:39] How to “humble yourself with confidence” * [38:18] Where to learn more about a rich life Awesome Ways to Subscribe to the Show If you’re not already subscribed for automatic notifications of a new show, please do so with one of the links below. * Click here to subscribe with iTunes * Click here to subscribe via RSS ( * Click here to subscribe via Stitcher ( Transcript The transcript will not be available until I find a new transcriptionist (if you know someone good, let me know). I’m Grateful for Your iTunes Reviews! If you enjoyed this specific episode or the Smart and Simple Matters show in general, I always appreciate when people go to the iTunes page ( and leave an honest review.

 Hear That? It’s Simple and Better Quality Time with Your Kids from Chris and Sarah Wehkamp – SASM062 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:41

( I know many ways to get you or your kids laughing, being silly, and enjoying quality time. But there are few better – and more reliable – ways than literally listening to Chris and Sarah Wehkamp. They are the husband and wife duo behind Imagining Aloud, a series of high-quality, all-original, entertaining audio stories for children and families. You want warmth, humor, and universal human values, without the preachiness, delivered by memorable characters every single week? They gotcha covered. They created Imagining Aloud for their website, Parents Who (, because, like me, they want families to have a screen-free, ad-free, guilt-free way to charge their kids’ creativity. ( I know of nothing else like this. Exhausted parents, curious grandparents, eager educators, and diligent home-schoolers are already cranking their stories up … not to mention a four-year-old named Grant Zaslofsky and his papa. Even if you’re not a parent of young ones or a parent at all, there are great lessons for everyone in this episode. ‘Cause Chris and Sarah are insightful simple living enthusiasts and just generally make people smile. I’m proud to call them friends and jazzed to introduce you to this clever couple. Here’s just one golden nugget you’re going to get: Get out of your kids’ way. There’s a thing happening now where nobody’s quite sure what parents should [or should not] be involved in ... so we’ll just be involved with everything. But for me and my kids, we’ve seen great benefit in going the other direction. – Chris Wehkamp I can’t say enough about the fun and quality of Imagining Aloud and I hope you get in on their launch promo like I did for a 50% discount. It’s only good for the first 100 subscribers, so the bargain might be gone depending on when you listen to this SASM episode. (Side note: Don’t miss the special guest appearance from Mr. B toward the end.) You’re about to Learn … * Some simple ways to hand your kids more – and better – quality time. * Why highly interactive media may be limiting your kid’s creativity. * How to get out of your kids’ way so they can make their own fun. * The talent that landed Chris in the principal’s office and an anime series starring role. * Why forced simplicity can be beautiful (even when it’s via identical twins). * The invisible gifts that travel gives your kids. * How to elegantly avoid the mommy Pinterest competition. * Why planned spontaneity is essential for kids and parents. * How you can help bring Imagining Aloud the success it deserves. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: * Websites: * Parents Who ( * FUNimation ( * Resources: * Imagining Aloud ( * Sparkle Stories ( * Books: * Hank the Cowdog ( * Cartoons: * Laughing Under the Clouds ( (Chris’ anime show) * Social Media: * Sarah on Twitter ( * Chris on Twitter ( * Parents Who on Facebook ( * Etc.: * How to Make Thanksgiving Today (or Whenever You Want) ( * Sarah’s “I’m thrilled about this SimpleREV thing” comment ( Topics * [05:41] Chris’ seeds of awesomeness * [07:30] Sarah’s seeds of awesomeness * [11:49] Leap-frogging from one travel experience to another * [13:58] What simple living means to Chris and Sarah * [19:59] What’s Imagining Aloud and who’s behind it

 Raw and Rocking Stories to Help You Simplify (SimpleREV 2014 Part 2) – SASM 061 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:29

( me while I bust into storytime song-mode, ‘cause here comes the hotstepper (word ‘em up). ***** “There once was a man named Joel Who was trying to fill a big hole Then Dan came along And they both sang a song Now SimpleREV’s on a sweet roll ***** What do ya think? Am I destined for a career in the limerick business? I wanted to lead with a story because this Smart and Simple Matters episode is all about stories. But not just your regular “Ho hum, that was nice (and then I found five dollars)” kinda dealio. You’re about to hear stories of people camped at the crossroads of simple living and community. And this episode – part two of my SimpleREV 2014 event recap – builds perfectly on part one ( Want to know something schuper schweet, though? I have high-quality audio from the event and I edited in some stories, straight from the people telling them. You’ll hear struggles, triumphs, misconceptions, and a whole lot of insight like: It’s OK to want things and not fulfill the want immediately. – Anthony Ongaro Maybe words like this strike deep for you like they do for me? I’m a recovering perfectionist. And I’m getting over the whole all-or-nothing mentality. Little steps really count. – Michelle Russell It’s time for you to learn from these fantastic SimpleREVers, be touched and entertained, and hear about two SimpleREVers who are continuing the storytelling by Imagining Aloud ( (special details at the end of the episode). You’re about to Learn … * How great it can be to have a … tornado destroy your house? * The real and deep social stigma linked to intentional down-sizing. * How little $11,000 might get you on Amazon over four years. * What your own version of “patio furniture” pressure looks like. * How Joshua Becker came this close to quitting Becoming Minimalist. * Why losing $1,000 worth of clothing makes you want to own (and carry) less stuff. * One man’s conviction to prove that tiny houses are real houses. * Why rejecting consumerism turbo-charges self-awareness. * How one woman is buying back her time to contribute to society. * One pilot’s quest to bring meaning to everyone before he dies. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: * Websites: * ( * Enoughist ( * Simple Life Reboot ( * The Tiny House ( * Ashlee Consulting ( * The Collective Giving Tree ( * ( * Becoming Minimalist ( * Pilot Fire ( * Simple Joy Living ( * Cool Products or Services * Imagining Aloud from ( * Resources: * SimpleREV Newsletter ( * Simple Life Together ( * Tiny House Decisions ( (affiliate link) * * Blog Posts * On All the Sentimental Stuff and Clutter ( * Determining If a Sentimental Item is Clutter or a Treasure ( * Finding My Voice at SimpleREV ( * Podcast Episodes * How 55 People Got Simple, Became Friends, and Owned Huggr (SimpleREV 2014 Part 1) - SASM 059 (

 SASM 050 – A Curated Recap of Episodes 1-49 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:03:32

( Smart and Simple Matters right for you? Maybe you enjoy strolls down memory lane with a curated context? Whether you’re new to the show or have listened to the first forty-nine episodes, there’s something here for you in episode fifty. I’m grateful to everyone who has supported and challenged me in my first twenty-three months of podcasting. From 19 downloads the first month to 10,104 downloads in May 2014, we’ve come a long way, baby! This curated recap of episodes 1-49 was inspired by my friends Dan and Vanessa Hayes at Simple Life Together ( In their 50th episode, they shared their top 20 simplicity websites … but Dan and Vanessa also summarized, curated, and categorized their first 49 episodes in a cool way. I’m using that same approach as a tribute to my amazing guests. But I also want this episode to be a resource for anyone new to Smart and Simple Matters (or with a leaky brain like me). Maybe you listen to simplify, organize, and be money wise. Perhaps you dig getting nerdy about spreadsheets or love exploring how to cultivate and maintain awesome relationships. Whatever you’re into, saddle up … ‘cause we’re about to hit it! You’re about to Learn … * The stories and insights of truly amazing people. * Why I’m happy to be embarrassed about episode one. * How to simplify from the inside out. * Unconventional ways to organize your brain, home, and gizmos. * Which version of money wise will work best for you. * What episode made me almost completely lose it. * How much our perspective can change over two years. * The easy things you can do to help others through this podcast. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: Normally I just give you links to websites, articles, tools, and other items. But I’m thinking you’ll appreciate links to each previous episode of Smart and Simple Matters – categorized by topics – discussed in this episode. Check them out after the typical links below. * Public Speaking Recordings: * How Minimalism Is Changing Entrepreneurship ( (SXSW 2013) * Books: * Experience Curating ( * Podcast Episodes: * Simple Life Together 050: Our Top 20 Simplicity Websites ( Simplicity Episodes * SASM 003 – Healing Your Technology Illness with Ethan Waldman ( * SASM 006 – Habit Stacking, Simplifying, and Your Wakeup Call with Courtney Carver ( * SASM 020 – How to Create Space, Kindness, and Happiness with Tammy Strobel ( * SASM 022 - Minimalism, Intentional Living, and Being the Best You with Joshua Becker ( * SASM 025 - Tetris Theory, Mental Frameworks, and How to Act Accordingly with Colin Wright ( * SASM 028 - How to Grow Abundance and Combat Stagnation with Charlie Gilkey ( * SASM 029 - 4 Reasons and a Moral Imperative to Unsimplify ( * SASM 031 - Why You Need More Nothing (and How to Get It) With Jessie Kinowski ( * SASM 034 - How to Have a Million Dollar Lifestyle for Dirt Cheap with Ryan Avery (

 SASM 049 – How to Have Plenty of Anything (Including Wild Money) with Luna Jaffe | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:22

(’m ready to go under the microscope. Are you? My guest for this Smart and Simple Matters episode – Luna Jaffe – just has a way with words. And thoughts. And concepts. And money. I’m an open, “It’s good to be vulnerable” kinda guy. But Luna brought out a whole new level of candor and reflection in me. She’ll probably do the same for you after you listen to our chat. Luna holds a passionate conviction that your relationship with money is critical to having a successful and satisfying life. She’s the Founder and CEO of Lunaria Financial, in Portland, OR where she offers securities and advisory services through KMS Financial Services, Inc. But despite being a Certified Financial Planner and award-winning author of Wild Money: A Creative Journey to Financial Wisdom (, she’s not that interested in bank accounts. In fact, you’ll hear her tell stories of happy accidents that took her from one type of work to the next (and across the world). It’s only through a diversity of experiences and travel – internally and externally – that you gain the wisdom to say things like: It’s possible to heal your relationship with money. Just because the tools or the processes or the people you’ve tried to learn from in the past didn’t work, doesn’t mean you’re stupid. – Luna Jaffe [Tweet That (] Luna also understands something I believe we all know deep down, but don’t often act on: excess time is more important than excess money. Get ready to be challenged. Get ready to grow. And get ready to answer questions like these, because here comes Luna to rock your brain. How do I spend money? Am I intentional or unconscious? How am I when I go to nurture it? Can I sit with it? Can I let it pool around me? – Luna Jaffe You’re about to Learn … * Why you shouldn’t judge how “good” or “bad” you are with money. * How a hand-painted silk picture can change everything. * The hot debate between “enough” and “plenty.” * How a lifetime of accidental changes can create deep intention. * What the voice of money sounds like. * How to define what makes you feel rich. * Why you want to learn from people who share your pain. * How to become self-aware by crafting your money story. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: * Websites: * Luna Jaffe ( * Greg Hartle ( * Events: * SimpleREV ( * Wild Money Monologues ( * The Instigator Experience ( * Books: * Wild Money * Zguide to Money * Experience Curating * Resources * Tony Robbins TED Talk: Why We Do What We Do ( Luna’s ZGuide to Money Giveaway Click here to get Luna’s ZGuide to Money for free. Topics * [03:21] Luna’s seeds of awesomeness * [08:38] The origins of Wild Money * [11:50] How to assess your relationship with money * [17:43] What makes your life feel rich * [20:45] How Luna teaches financial literacy * [25:43] The Wild Money Monologues deal * [32:19] The gender differences in how we view money * [34:47] What it’s like to ride through a heard of rhinos * [36:22] The story of $10 and a Laptop * [42:36] Healing your relationship with money * [43:54] How to get your free copy of ZGuide to Money Awesome Ways to Subscribe to the Show If you’re not already subscribed for automatic notifications of a new show, please do so with one of the links below. * Click here to subscribe with iTunes * Click here to subscribe via RSS ( * Click here to subscribe via Stitcher (

 SASM 048: A New Vision of Simple Living, SimpleREV Style | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:44

( you know why factory tours are so popular? Is it because: * We want to see how the sausage is made, even if we say otherwise? * We feel a deeper connect...

 SASM 047: How to Reclaim the Commons … and Your Attention with Howard Rheingold | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:16

( Commons. How much do you do for them? How much does anyone do these days to preserve and expand the Commons ( I t...

 SASM 046 – How to Organize Your “Lives” (E-Memory Revolution or Not) with Gordon Bell | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:18

( Bell has seen and done things you and I can’t imagine. He’s been, and still is, a major part of computing and engineering history. This barely scratches ...

 SASM 045 – Exploring Innerspace and Bodhi Float Tanks with Chad Johnson and Richard Bonk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 52:33

(’ve heard rags-to-riches stories, right? But when’s the last time you heard a mindlessness-to-consciousness story? Chad Johnson went from drug addict to float center pioneer over a very rocky road. But he has arrived, and boy am I ever grateful … on behalf of the world and for a selfish reason too. Richard Bonk went from unquestioning religious kid to rapid explorer of what’s out “there.” And by “there” I mean everywhere. He’s all about what hides undiscovered – and untapped – within us all. If you’ve never heard of float tanks before, a.k.a. sensory deprivation tanks or isolation chambers, you’re in for a serious treat! If you have heard of float tanks or heck, even have been in one, just wait until you get a load of what these two “consciousnaughts” are doing to help you. [Float tanks] are simple technology. Nothing is done to you. You just put yourself in this environment where you can be, and things naturally go back into balance. – Richard Bonk [Tweet that (] I kind of understand what Richard means. After all, I’ve floated before ( But I had no idea why float tanks unlock this unique environment inside us until I heard Chad and Richard dive into it. What the tank facilitates is the opening of states that are natural to us. It can be very powerful. It’s a non-drug, a non-invasive way of inducing these states of consciousness. – Richard Bonk If you’re ready to explore innerspace or learn an “awesome technique” – and I know you are – crank up this episode and get your mental float on. You’re about to Learn … * How to overcome gravity … in an instant. * The surprising potential of exploring innerspace. * Chad’s winding path from drug addiction to simple-living. * Why Richard felt betrayal – and freedom – from his faith. * What kinds of physical and mental pain float tanks can help with. * Why we should pursue community enlightenment over personal enlightenment. * How to get some cheap REST (Reduced Environmental Stimulation Therapy). * What alpha and theta brain waves have to do with your health. * The simplicity of “nothingness.” * How the AWSIM technique creates lucid dreams. * How you can become a “consciousnaught” (and why you want to be one). * How to explore your mind … from the inside. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: * Websites: * Bodhi Float Center ( * SimpleRev ( * Resources: * Alternate Waking States Investigation Method ( (AWSIM, or “Awesome”) * Movies: * Float Nation ( * Altered States ( * Innerspace ( * Connect with Bodhi Float Center * Twitter ( * Facebook ( Topics * [06:33] Chad’s seeds of awesomeness * [08:12] Richard seeds of awesomeness * [11:06] What a float is and does * [14:15] The fascinating history of float tanks * [19:38] Varying experiences in and the science of float tanks * [25:00] Details on the Alternate Waking States Investigation Method * [28:35] The research Chad and Richard want to generate and facilitate * [35:44] More benefits of floating * [42:00] How you can support Bodhi Floatation Center Awesome Ways to Subscribe to the Show If you’re not already subscribed for automatic notifications of a new show, please do so with one of the links below. * Click here to subscribe with iTunes * Click here to subscribe via RSS ( * Click here to subscribe via Stitcher ( Transcript

 SASM 044 – How to Find the Crossroads of Passion and Simplicity with Mohamed Tohami | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:33

( Tohami of Midway Simplicity has declared 2014 as the year passion meets simplicity. Can I just say one thing about that? I’m in. Way in. I’m passionate about bringing people together and simple-living. So it’s no surprise that I’m co-organizing – and Tohami’s supporting – SimpleRev (, an event for 200+ simplicity enthusiasts. Tohami (as he’s called by his friends) knows more about the inseparable bond between passion and simplicity than just about anyone else. He’s also Egypt’s #1 motivation expert, a dynamic public speaker, an Amazon best-selling author of books like The Pharaohs’ Code and the aptly titled Midway Simplicity, and the father of a tiny little guy named Adam. Let’s get inside this humble and wise man’s head, shall we? Some people think that you should lead your life by logic, which is a big mistake. The leader should be your heart. It should tell you what it wants to do. And the mind's role is to find ways on how to fulfill your heart's desires. – Mohamed Tohami Get ready to develop a new passion for passion ... and simplicity! You’re about to Learn … * What transforms an ordinary person into an extraordinary person. * How to stop your paycheck from controlling your life. * Why simple-living is addictive (and how you can get addicted). * What’s written in books … and what’s hidden in the back stories. * How to find your life’s purpose in less than 30 minutes. * Why passion acts like a sweeper to clear away the excess. * A go-to and fail-safe approach to decluttering anything. * Why simple-living is about abundance, not sacrifice. * The one core principle of Midway Simplicity. * Why you should lead with your heart, not your mind. * The three great pillars that empower passionate work. * Tohami’s challenge to you … and your chance to connect the dots. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: * Websites: * MidwaySimplicity ( * ( * Live Your Legend ( * Becoming Minimalist ( * Paid to Exist ( * 365 Less Things ( * Resources: * The P.A.S. Technique ( (affiliate link) * Midway Simplicity YouTube Channel ( * Live Your Legend’s Goal Setting and Action Workbook ( * Simple Life Together’s Edit & Forget It Challenge ( * Books: * Midway Simplicity * The Pharaohs’ Code * Videos: * Joel and Tohami Talk Passion and Simplicity ( * Blog Posts: * Are You Overwhelmed by Decluttering? ( Topics * [05:26] Tohami’s seeds of awesomeness * [08:22] Tohami’s struggles in listening to his heart * [16:23] Why simplicity is addictive * [23:36] Role models for the intersection of passion and simplicity * [26:36] Slowing down and listening to your heart * [30:12] Ways to express gratitude * [32:35] Finding simplicity’s middle ground * [39:33] The P.A.S. Technique and finding your purpose Awesome Ways to Subscribe to the Show If you’re not already subscribed for automatic notifications of a new show, please do so with one of the links below. * Click here to subscribe with iTunes * Click here to subscribe via RSS ( * Click here to subscribe via Stitcher ( Transcript The transcript will not be available until I find a new transcriptionist (if you know someone good, let me know).

 SASM 043 – How to Slow Your Home, Be Simple Enough, and Enjoy Zero with Brooke McAlary | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:03

(’s a quandary: Is it possible to be positive when you’re experiencing zero? Brook McAlary of Slow Your Home thinks so. And I agree. Brooke joined me fo...

 SASM 042 – Experience Curating, Part 2: The FAOCAS Framework and Tools | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:10:31

( Note: This episode is part two of two in the Experience Curating series. Listen to SASM 041 ( first to get the most out of this one. ***** Sometimes, you just gotta let loose. This episode of Smart and Simple Matters was one of those times. My brain said “Let ‘er rip!” to a bunch of things like: * The FAOCAS box analogy (a.k.a. the inspiration for my book cover). * Two initial testimonials for Experience Curating’s grooviness. * How to use awesome tools of the trade like Evernote and LibraryThing. * Why I love Excel so much … and still would even if I didn’t curate with it. I also expanded on items like why I live/love this quote so much: Without a filter, a man is just chaos walking. - Patrick Ness [Tweet that] ( But as much as I enjoy the “why” and “what” of Experience Curating, I realize that some people just want to know how to do the damn thing. So this episode is all about how to get your Experience Curating on! How about it? Have you already gotten your Experience Curating on? You’re about to Learn … * How to spend 0.1% of your time maximizing the other 99.9%. * Why Experience Curating is descriptive, not prescriptive. * Who owns your Facebook experiences … and it’s not only you. * Why FAOCAS is like a box (a seriously awesome one). * What the building blocks, road signs, glue, and river of Experience Curating are. * The simplicity of the “Everywhere Doctrine” and how to use it. * How to avoid the “Click here! I’m awesome!” trap. * Why Evernote rocks (and sucks) for curating. * What the killer apps of spreadsheets are. Resources and Items Mentioned in This Episode: * Resources: * The Curator’s Code ( * Robin Good: Content Curation Tools ( * Research * Daniel Kahneman TED Talk: The Riddle of Experience vs. Memory ( * Your Memory is Like the Telephone Game ( * Books: * Experience Curating * Tools * Excel ( * Evernote ( * LibraryThing ( * Podcast Episodes: * SASM 041 - Experience Curating, Part 1: Origins, What It Is, and Best Practices ( * Blog Posts: * Spreadsheets and You: How and Why to Put Your Life in Them ( * How and Why to Keep a Commonplace Book ( Topics * [02:42] Caveats and quick notes * [06:10] Introducing: The FAOCAS framework * [08:05] “F” is for Filter * [13:46] “A” #1 is for Archive * [22:10] “O” is for Organize * [31:30] “C” is for Contextualize * [34:15] “A” #2 is for Access * [35:38] “S” is for Share * [45:38] The major curating tool decisions * [53:36] Specific curating tools and how to use them * [1:07:08] Episode recap Special Thanks A big-time special thanks to my wife Melinda for giving me the freedom to express myself in funky ways. And a major shout out to Erin Kurup – the idea architect ( for Experience Curating – who helped to turn 36,000+ words of crap into something worth reading. Awesome Ways to Subscribe to the Show If you’re not already subscribed for automatic notifications of a new show, please do so with one of the links below. * Click here to subscribe with iTunes * Click here to subscribe via RSS


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