The Nikonians Northern Exposure Podcast show

The Nikonians Northern Exposure Podcast

Summary: Out from Canada to the Nikonians world.

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 The Martial Art of Photography – Master Yau-Sun Tong 湯友新 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:45

About Yau-Sun Tong Top of the World Expedition  Kung Fu & Tai Chi Master Yau -Sun Tong and I were able to talk and I learned through his spiritual words about his extensive travel  throughout the world with his camera in tow. The remote area of Southwest and Northwest China have a special spiritual appeal for him. I'm sure you will agree that his artistry  reflects a depth of rapport with his subjects that produces an intriguing cross-section of Tibetan culture and religious life. Yau believes  the spirit is in the place is foremost; taking the photograph is secondary. So take a moment for you,  and listen to this great interview on the perspectives from Yau-Sun Tong.

 Nikonian Northern Exposure #20 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:57

Phototherapy and the Photographer Through Phototherapy, we can become better photographers by understanding why we do take certain photo and what is more important is what we do leave out of the photo. So join Peter on a little journey of how everything has change and grow  with Digital Photography today .           Peter Spence Web Site Peter Flickr    

 Nikonian Northern Exposure #19 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:53

Seeing the World through  Allen Myers Getting out in Wolfville in November I met Allen Myers who was in town for the Devour Film Festival in Wolfville. Allen’s film Col Di Rocca was shown, made in Vendemmai Italia. Allen was hanging up his outdoor exhibit which immediately caught my attention! Allen Myers is a unique and talented photographer, film maker, writer and humanitarian. On January 15th, 2006, he made a life changing decision to change something in the world. With a backpack of clothes, a camera and a journal he headed to Turino Italy which was the first of many destinations. The artistry and vision of his work takes shape as he weaves himself into the communities in which he discovers. He works with, lives with and feels with the peoples he later captures on film and in stories. Nomadsight is a temporary street art instalment of world photography, it moves from city to city and in the manner grows in its collection. is a photography travel blog about Allen’s global adventures. Supported by the loving people of the earth, these photographs tell the stories. ~ Allen Myers Allen Web Site Allen National Geographic

 Nikonian Northern Exposure #17 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:11

Newfoundland Photography Retreat  This Podcast is about Peter upcoming photography retreat to his home area of the great northern peninsula of Newfoundland. Peter talks about the Newfoundland culture that he grew up with and about his people and their way of life Click here to Journey with me back through time and travel to the edge of the earth Newfoundland photos PhotoProShop Come Join US for our Photography Tour to the Northern Peninsula of Newfoundland - August 23rd to 30th, 2014 Exploring from Corner Brook to St. Anthony, we will experience the rich land and sea while enjoying the friendly local people and culture. Highlights include two scenic boat tours, Norris Point, Gros Morne National Park, Lobster Cove Lighthouse, The Arches, Cow Head, Parson’s Pond, L’anse Aux Meadows, and so much more. A modern spacious coach will transport us through coastal and rugged landscape as you are provided guided tours, photography workshops, and one on one instruction. The smaller size of the group will provide an intimate and enjoyable atmosphere while you learn. The Spence’s will make this an unforgettable holiday adventure. Please contact us for more details! 902 999 4077 or

 Nikonian Northern Exposure # 16 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 12:52

The Art of Black and White Photography. Great tips from Peter  on how to Shoot Black and White Photography Peter Web Site Peter Flickr PhotoProShop Big Supporter of the Following Great Organizations: Healing Colombia Foundation founded by Alice Sophia Dow and Mario Roberto Torres with Peter Photos Sharon Katz & The Peace Train Olugu Ukpai and CHAMA          

 Nikonian Northern Exposure # 15 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:22

Thanks so much for coming back to my Podcast. This podcast I'm joined by Rod Ward, he is a professional photographer in Moncton, NB Canada. Ron has been working in the field of photography for over 30 years. In this interview, he talks about his photography experiences from being involved in a devastating car crash to facing frightening circumstances in Bosnia as an International photojournalist. Ron will share how he had to avoid land mines as a photographer and what travellers can learn from war zone photography. Click here to listen to the Podcast Great show Peter Web Site Peter Flickr PhotoproShop Ron Web Site Big Supporter of the Following Great Organizations: Healing Colombia Foundation founded by Alice Sophia Dow and Mario Roberto Torres with Peter Photos Sharon Katz & The Peace Train Olugu Ukpai and CHAMA   What Travelers Can Learn from War Zone Reporters

 Nikonian Northern Exposure # 14 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:41

Whether you are a beginner or more experienced photographer, I will provide you with some tips that will benefit your techniques and give you better results in achieving good photos.  Simplicity in your work can be achieved with a few simple steps...find out how. Taking the simple approach to composition will make your photos even stronger.     Click here to Listen to Peter Podcast Nikonian PhotoProShop Peter Flickr My photos with the Healing Colombia Foundation that we support for their incredible workSharon Katz & The Peace Train Olugu Ukpai and CHAMA  

 Nikonian Northern Exposure # 13 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 9:29

We have been fortunate to travel to many different parts of the world with my photography and Brenda's music therapy.  Most recently we were in Mexico when we got a  message that Brenda's Mother passed away. This podcast is dedicated to her mother  Mrs.  Floy Taylor This episode is about how  photo therapy can  help you deal  with grief and loss   Listen to the podcast Peter Web Site    Come and join Peter Flickr Big supporter- Healing Colombia Foundation founded by Alice Sophia Dow and Mario Roberto Torres. Brenda Music Therapy

 Nikonian Northern Exposure # 12 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:57

Bridging the native Mi'kmaq cultures of Canada and the aboriginal people in Colombia, Peter's passion and spiritual journey is apparant in his photographic vision; a connection to this powerful roots of his identity. Peter’s descendants in Newfoundland were the Beothuck people and thought to be extinct; as a Qalipu Mi’kmaq he finds meaning from the relationships of the earth and people and this translates into the powerful and stunning images he will present. Most of us have lived through an experience where we faced some challenges and hardship. In exploring our questions and reflecting on our relationship with the world we can embrace meaningful insight. In loss and living, spirituality has provided necessary meaning to capture the resilience and passion which guide his artistic vision. Peter Colombia photos -click here      Peter Workshop- click here Native Aboriginal Photography      Northern Exposure Flickr Site Peter's images and the Healing Colombia Foundation Click here to listen to Peter Podcast

 Nikonian Northern Exposure # 11 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 24:49

Great interview with André Gallant who is a freelance photographer and photography lecturer who travels the world over. Andre’s expressive work appears in magazines and he generates creativity in his approach and style. Gallant is the author of several books; Expressionism: Digital Dreamscapes & other Techniques, Destinations: A Photographers Journey, Dreamscapes: Exploring Photo Montages and Photographing People At Home & Around ( our interview André talks about his experience from being throw in a foreign jail to helping a family in India       . Listen to Pocast

 Nikonian Northern Exposure # 10 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:04

This is an insightful interview that you don’t want to miss!!! American fine art photographer John Sexton shares his insights and inspirations revealing his thoughts that contribute to his specialty in black and white photography. Sexton worked with Ansel Adams, first as Technical and Photographic Assistant, then later as a Technical Consultant. Stump, Early Morning Mist, Emerald Lake, Canada ©1988 John Sexton. All rights reserved. Sexton has had extensive experience in leading photography workshops and continues to present engaging and inspiring lectures that move audiences. His lavishly produced books and posters are stunning; you cannot help but be moved viewing the black and white photographs of the natural and human environments that have attributed his success. He has lectured at many Museums and Universities. His work is in numerous permanent collections and exhibitions, and he has been the subject of many articles in the photographic press. John Sexton has received many honors and awards during his photographic career, including an Honorary Master of Science degree from Brooks Institute of Photography, along with the Lifetime Achievement Award from the North American Nature Photography Association.Have a listen and learn about the many interesting aspects of his knowledge, equipment and vision to his work John Sexton portrait by Anne Larsen ©2013 Anne Larsen. All rights reserved. John Website . Peter website To download all of Peter's Nikonian show , click here

 Nikonian Northern Exposure #9 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:38

Peter Spence talk with International Photographer Maurice Henri  and Robert Gallant with Raven's Sun Management as we talk about our upcoming breathtaking photographic journey into the heart of Colombia. From coffee plantations to high altitude volcanoes, traditional villages, and modern cities and about the warm hospitality you will see Colombia in a unique light that most people never get to experience                     To listen to our Show Click here This is part of - Camera for Healing We also talk about the Photo Moncton International. We are a photography expo that brings together professional photographers, serious enthusiasts, students, and world-class educators. Please visit Maurice at: Maurice Web Site Robert Gallant at : Click here Colombain Coffee Region Photo Workshop Tour Click here Photo International Moncton        

 Nikonian Northern Exposure #8 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:03

When Canada  Photographer Maurice Henri began his career as a professional photographer in 1988, he never imagined he would be helping hundreds of kids in Africa, Haiti, and other Countries  that his work would be featured in an exhibit in New York. Maurice Henri used the proceeds from a successful gallery show in Canada to build a school for the children , he proved what  is a powerful force for " Camera for Healing " . Come and listen to Peter and Heather interview with Maurice . This is a Show that will melt your heart   Maurice Henri believes that the power of the photographic image can open the heart and change people's view of the world. It also tells a story of the relationship between subject and photographer. It conveys what the image maker sees, feels and believes. Using his methods of art for healing, Maurice has helped many children and adults process stress, illness, and grief. Maurice Website is :     &nbsp

 Nikonian Northern Exposure #7 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:00:45

Peter and Heather talk about their trip to Rome for the Canoniazation of the Blessed Kateri on October 21, 2012.  Peter got lost in the Catacomb, Heather got the creeps and left Peter behind, yet again.  Just when you think their spooky show ended at the last pod cast, October is not yet over.  Peter Facebook   Listen to our Podcast show After Peter and Heather had a picturesque trip to Rome, Peter explains his techniques to go beyond  to get that extra special photo.  Of course, Heather would disagree; but Peter did get the shot he wanted.   Peter talks about why any photographer  should be using RAW.  Once in a lifetime trips enhance the need to know what you are doing; as the probability of travelling to the same location anytime soon it not an option. It is important to know how to capture the shot you want under low lighting situations. Stay tuned, enjoy hearting about their journey to the beautiful Country of Italy! Pictures of Rome>          

 Nikonian Northern Exposure #6 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:43

 In this episode, Peter invites his business partner and fiancee, Heather, to join him. These two make a crazy duo on the funniest broadcast to date.   Just in time for Halloween, discussion will be around the creepy stories while on a photo shoot, and the images captured. Discussion will be on the Famous Haunted House of Hardwoodlands, in Nova Scotia.  The Fallen down church where Heather heard Peter to say stop. Does Peter have insurance, while he scares Heather to get the shot he must have? Discussions lead to other photo shoots such as their trip to Salem, MA.  Previous combined work include their photo shoot on Good Friday. Join Peter on Twitter, visit their sites on Facebook. For future episodes be sure to listen to our journey to Rome.  In a week to visit the Vatican; Heather said she need all the prays to survive the trip with Peter. The fun never ends while you listen to Heather and Peter talk about photography and how they capture a ghostly image link to :Heather facebook   Link to :Peter Pictures   Link to :Peter Twitter Lint To :Peter Flickr      


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