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Miscelânea Vanguardiosa - World's Number One Brazilian Music Podcast

Summary: World's number one Brazilian Music Podcast - We bring you a weekly show with great tracks and comments about brazilian music - plus our daily playlist with the best music from Brazil - O Podcast da Música Instrumental Brasileira - Levamos até você um belo repertório e comentários relevantes no nosso programa semanal - e a nossa playlist diária recheada com o melhor da música do Brasil ``````````````````````````````World's Number one Brazilian Music Podcast!!

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 Miscelânea 32 – The Incredible Musical Journey of Hermeto Pascoal Part III – From Bairro Jabour to the World (1979 – 1992) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:00

In the last episode of this special series dedicated to Hermeto Pascoal and his music, weacute;re gonna take a look at a very special period of his career. It begins when Hermeto goes back to live in Rio de Janeiro in 1977. He settled himself in Bairro Jabour, in the suburbs of the city and from that point on, started to dedicate all his energy to his own music, after getting tired of unsuccessfully trying to create his permanent group in Satilde;o Paulo and of the many trips he would make to the United States to play on other people's records. Hermeto was also tired of the unsatisfactory results from working with different musicians on his own works. From the moment he went back to Rio, this project (of having a permanent group he could develop his music with) gradually came to reality, finally happenning in 1981. After that happened, they stayed together for 12 years, rehearsing 5 times a week, 6 hours a day, recorded 6 albums and did a huge number of tours around the world. As they say, "the rest is history". This history is what we'll take a look at on today's show. Come in and listen! Zabumbecirc;-bum-aacute; - 1979 1-Alexandre, Marcelo e Pablo (Nenecirc;) 2-Satilde;o Jorge (Hermeto Pascoal) Live at Montreux Jazz Festival - 1979 3-Forroacute; Brasil (Hermeto Pascoal) Ceacute;rebro Magneacute;tico- 1980 4-Muacute;sica das Nuvens e do Chatilde;o Hermeto Pascoal #38; Grupo - 1982 5-Seacute;rie de Arco (Hermeto Pascoal) Lagoa da Canoa - 1984 6-Aquela Coisa (Hermeto Pascoal) Brasil Universo - 1986 7-Era Pra Ser e Natilde;o Foi (Hermeto Pascoal) 8-E Nem Daacute; Pra Dizer (Hermeto Pascoal) Soacute; Natilde;o Toca Quem Natilde;o Quer - 1987 9-Quiabo (Hermeto Pascoal) Mundo Verde Esperanccedil;a - 1989 (Never released) 10-Acuri (Hermeto Pascoal) Festa dos Deuses - 1992 11-Canccedil;atilde;o no Paiol em Curitiba (Hermeto Pascoal) 12-Viajando Pelo Brasil (Hermeto Pascoal) Hermeto also released a Solo Piano album for Som da Gente in 1989 called "Por Diferentes Caminhos". This special period ended in 1992 the group went on it's first personnel change since 1981 when Jovino and Carlos Malta left the group. Since then, Hermeto has released 3 records, Eu e Eles (1999), Mundo Verde Esperanccedil;a (2002) and Chimarratilde;o com Rapadura (2006), and keeps doing solo, duo and group concerts all over the world. Miscelacirc;nea Vanguardiosa will make a show dedicated to these more recent times later this year. For more on the 80s period of Hermeto #38; Grupo, check our show Miscelacirc;nea-27 For more on the most recent Hermeto record, listen to our portuguese show Miscelacirc;nea 15, dedicated to Chimarratilde;o com Rapadura Hermeto Pascoal #38; Grupo Live Teatro Hilton - 1987 - Sharing permitted by Hermeto Part 1 Part 2 Download all Hermeto #38; Grupo out-of-print records from the recovered Som da Gente Label catalog at Abracadabra.

 Miscelânea 31 – The Incredible Musical Journey of Hermeto Pascoal Part II – The American Period and Back to Brazil (1970 – 1977) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 65:00

This week we go on with our special series dedicated to multi-instrumentalist / composer / arranger Hermeto Pascoal, and today we'll take a look at the period that begins when he traveled to USA. There, his explosive appearance led him to his first solo record, besides getting the admiration of some of the greatest american musicians like Miles Davis, Gil Evans, Cannonball Adderley and Joe Farrel, among others. We'll also get to know about his way back to Brazil, the recording of his first brazilian album as a leader and the beginning of his search to create his own group. It was a period of many trips to USA and back, participating on the records of many other musicians and that ended after his travel to Los Angeles in 1977 to record one more american solo album, Slaves Mass. Hermeto arrived in New York in 1970, attracted by the invitation and good news sent to him by his friend Airto Moreira, who was playing with Miles Davis and had just signed a deal to record his own album. This travel had a great impact in his career, closing this period in 77 when Hermeto stopped his trips to USA for a long time. He would only come back many years later, after settling down in Rio de Janeiro with his group. Listen to the show and know more... Tide - Tom Jobim - 1970 1-Tema Jazz (Tom Jobim) Natural Feelings e Seeds on the Ground - Airto Moreira - 1970 2-Xibaba (Airto Moreira) 3-Nas Quebradas (Hermeto Pascoal) 4-Papo Furado (Hermeto Pascoal) Sergio Mendes Presents Lobo - Edu Lobo - 1970 5-Sharp Tongue (Hermeto Pascoal) Cantiga de Longe - Edu Lobo - 1970 6-Zanzibar (Edu Lobo) Live Evil - Miles Davis - 1970 7-Nem Um Talvez (Hermeto Pascoal) Hermeto (Brazilian Adventure) - Hermeto Pascoal - 1972 8-Alicate (Hermeto Pascoal) 9-Hermeto (Hermeto Pascoal) 10-Coalhada (Hermeto Pascoal) A Muacute;sica Livre de Hermeto Pascoal - Hermeto Pascoal - 1973 11-Bebecirc; (Hermeto Pascoal) 12-Carinhoso (Pixinguinha) Missa dos Escravos - Hermeto Pascoal - 1977 13-Chorinho pra Ele (Hermeto Pascoal) 14-Aquela Valsa (Hermeto Pascoal) 15-Campo Grande (Hermeto Pascoal)

 Miscelânea 30 – The Incredible Musical Journey of Hermeto Pascoal Part I – The Early Years (1958 – 1969) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 63:00

We're finally back after our extended Carnival break!! In fact, I used this time to change the look of our page and I've been working on some surprises that I'll be very happy to announce very soon. To come back in high profile, this is the first good news: Today we'll begin a series of very special podcasts on Miscelacirc;nea Vanguardiosa, dedicated to the musical pathways of great master Hermeto Pascoal. We'll make a beautiful trip through his music and it's very different periods. At the first program, we'll take a look at Hermeto's early recordings (1958-1969), during the period he lived in Rio de Janeiro and Satilde;o Paulo, after coming from his homeland Lagoa da Canoa (and living in Recife for some years) and before going to the United States and changing radically the direction of his career. Listen to the show and you'll enter a journey through some of the most beautiful sounds ever created... Pernambuco do Pandeiro e seu Regional (1958) 1-De Perna Bamba (Guio de Moraes) 2-Homenagem agrave; Velha Guarda (Sivuca) Conjunto Som 4 (1964) 3-Nanatilde; (Moacir Santos) 4-Inuacute;til Paisagem (Tom Jobim / Aloysio de Oliveira) 5-Deixa (Baden Powell / Viniacute;cius de Moraes) Sambrasa Trio (1966) 6-Arrastatilde;o (Edu Lobo / Viniacute;cius de Moraes) 7-Coalhada (Hermeto Pascoal) 8-Lamento Nortista (Humberto Clayber) Quarteto Novo (1967) 9-Algodatilde;o (Luiz Gonzaga / Zeacute; Dantas) 10-Canto Geral (Hermeto Pascoal) 11-Eu Vim de Santana (Theacute;o de Barros) 12-Ponteio (Edu Lobo / Capinan) Brazilian Octopus (1969) 13-Gamboa (Ciro Pereira / Mario Albanese) 14-Summerhill (Joatilde;o Pegoraro) 15-Casa Forte (Edu Lobo)

 Miscelânea 29 – Armazém – Amazing Musical Factory from São Paulo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:07

On today's show we'll listen to Armazeacute;m, an amazing sextet from Satilde;o Paulo and it's explosive sound that combines the structural possibilities of concert music with the rhythmic and expressive elements of brazilian popular music thru compositions and arrangements rich in creativity and new aural landscapes. The result is contemporary brazilian music deeply rooted in the tradition but with it's eyes clearly pointing to the future. 1-Pedra Grande (Seacute;rgio Cardoso) 2-Natal na Ucracirc;nia (Seacute;rgio Cardoso) 3-Metaxote (Seacute;rgio Cardoso) 4-Vertigem (Seacute;rgio Cardoso) ------------- 1-K-Ximbando (Saacute;ergio Cardoso) 2-Marchinha de um Carnaval em Erciacute;lia (Seacute;rgio Cardoso) 3-Frevura (Nenecirc;) 4-Paacute;ssaro Exoacute;tico (Seacute;rgio Cardoso) Armazeacute;m - Official Website CD Pedra Grande - Editio Princeps

 Miscelãnea 28 – Nó em Pingo D’água – A Different Vision of Choro | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:46

Today we have another Choro special, this time featuring Noacute; em Pingo D'Aacute;gua, a group that for eighteen years has been pushing the style towards new directions through original compositions and arrangements that bring new sounds and inject life in brazilian instrumental music's most tradicional(ist) style. 1-Pagode Jazz Sardinhas Club (Rodrigo Lessa/Eduardo Neves) 2-Choro de Crianccedil;a (Mario Seve) 3-Conversa Fiada (Rogeacute;rio Souza) 4-De Soslaio (Rodrigo Lessa) 5-Deu um Noacute; (Mario Seve) ---------------- 1-Travessuras de Maiacute;ra (Papito) 2-Escapulindo (Paulinho da Viola) 3-Sarau pra Radameacute;s (Paulinho da Viola) 4-Chuva Fina Tambeacute;m Molha (Paulinho da Viola) 5-Domingo na Geral (Cristoacute;vatilde;o Bastos) Discography Official Website Buy Choro CD's and other brazilian music CD's here: Biscoito Fino the best label from Brazil, incredibly great releases!!

 Miscelânea 27 – Hermeto Pascoal & Grupo Live – Stockholm 1987 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:39

Come inside and listen to a classic concert by Hermeto Pascoal #38; Grupo. This live recording comes from a Stockholm 1987 radio show, and it captures all the energy displayed by Hermeto's group during the 12 years they've been together with it's classic line-up. It also features some really beautiful unreleased compositions by Hermeto, so this a rare oportunity to listen to some explosive live tracks by the man and his group. 1-Zurich 2-Tupizando 3-Manhatilde; 4-Mente Clara -------- 1-Autumn Leaves 2-Suiacute;te Universal 3-Rebuliccedil;o

 Miscelânea 26 – The Art of Nenê | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:52

This show features the music of brazilian drummer / composer / arranger Nenecirc; that, besides having played with Egberto Gismonti and Hermeto Pascoal (among other brazilian greats) has an incredibly beautiful solo career as a leader. 1-Itiberecirc; 2-Baby Rose in New York 3-Salvador 4-Pablo e Luciane -------------- 1-Garrote 2-Maracatu pra Tu 3-Outubro em Paris 4-Prezado Amigo Zeca All compositions/arrangements by Nenecirc; Nenecirc; Website Buy Nenecirc; Cd Bugre/Minuano - Editio Princeps Nenecirc; CD Ogatilde; - Mixhouse

 Miscelânea 25 – New Choros of Brazil | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:01

On this week's show, we'll listen to Harvey Wainapel and Paulo Bellinati's New Choros of Brazil, a beautiful and delicate collection of Brazil's modern choro compositions and composers. 1-Aos Amigos do Trio (Seacute;rgio Santos) 2-Choro do Adeus (Nelson Ayres) 3-O Cabo Pitanga (Laeacute;rcio de Freitas) 4-Simpaacute;tica (Ricardo Peixoto/Claudio Villela) 5-Pra Quem Quiser me Visitar (Guinga/Aldir Blanc) 6-Seu Laeacute;rcio na Cozinha (Harvey Wainapel)

 Miscelânea 24 – 11 Cabeças | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:26

Beginning our second year and debuting our podcast in english, we bring you 11 Cabeccedil;as, a small orchestra (but great group!) from Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian instrumental music at it's best, full of rhythm and nicely crafted arrangements. 1-Seleccedil;atilde;o Nota 11 (Henrique Band) 2-Mei Caacute;, Mei Laacute; (Henrique Band) 3-Little Sunflower (Freddie Hubbard) 4-Chovendo na Roseira - Double Rainbow (Tom Jobim) 5-Saudade D'elia (Henrique Band) 6-Um Samba pro Paulinho (Henrique Band For More Info: 11 Cabeccedil;as Youtube Videos Bruno Migliari


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