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Summary: The MMO Reporter podcast is your source for Massively Multiplayer Online Game news! We cover all MMOs, but we focus on WoW, Guild Wars 2, The Old Republic and Lord of the Rings Online.

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 MMO Reporter 210 - I lost my gender in Crowfall | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:44

This week we have all four mmo elemental knights return as they form another hard hitting, car crashing, bikini showing episode! We talk about Crowfall and cover a lot about what the game has. We cover new details about Camelot Unchained, and we also find out secrets of Chris and Harry in the hotel room from this years PAX!

 MMO Reporter 209 - Space Talk | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:58:21

This week, the villain "daylight savings time" strike again, and we lose a host due to his clock being wrong! Chris, Bill, and Layanor talk about Elite Dangerous, a new D&D RPG, and Final Fantasy XI semi closing down.

 MMO Reporter 208 - Post PAX Crush | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:53:37

Chris dusts off Wildstar while Bill goes on a Guild Wars 2 only binge! Also they talk about Skyforge Closed beta and Buy to Play ESO.

 MMO Reporter 207 - Bill like Layanor | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:35:42

This week, we have two MMO Knights, Bill and Layanor. Layanor talks about his new adventures in Guild Wars 2, 140 employees fired from Daybreak, and Bill  talks about Star Citizen!

 MMO Reporter 206 - Pull Up Your Pants! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:10:34

This week we talk about Final Fantasy 14 subscribers, How much money Black Desert made in a week. Also, Bill gets blown out of space! Chris learned to shoot his guns, Layanor got hacked, and , Harry is lost in America.

 MMO Reporter 205 – Dragon Age III Is Like Flappy Bird MMO | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:58

Three MMO Knights on this show while Knight Bill is in Castle Anthrax. We talk about Layoffs in Daybreak, Elite Dangerous 1.2, and how Dragon Age: Inquisition is just like Flappy MMO.

 MMO Reporter 204 - Random Rambling | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:51

We talk about Guild Wars 2. We talk more about Guild Wars 2. We can’t stop talking about Guild Wars 2! Secret World is getting a starter update. GUILD WARS 2!!!

 MMO Reporter 203 - This is my Toilet Time | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:16

This week the four MMO knights are back! We talk about the big bombshell news of SOE this week. We also talk about the big Wildstar update and we say goodbye to Massively.

 MMO Reporter 202 - The one where Celeste and Allona visit | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:35:19
 MMO Reporter 201 - Pre-Plague Pontification | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:45

Chris and Harry bravely venture on with Bill and Layanor unable to record this week. This leaves plenty of time for Harry and Chris to pontificate on this week’s exciting episode. From the posibility of ESO going F2P to the lack of ban hammers in destiny, your intrepid hosts guide you through the world of MMOs.  

 MMO Reporter 200 - Nothin’ Fancy | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:40:53

This just in: Layanor has gone missing, and the Dectectives Chris, Bill and Harry must discuss MMOs until he is found. This case is a tough one to crack, with games of interest including the usual suspects of Destiny, Elite: Dangerous and Guild Wars 2, amongst others. Join as as the terrible trio tries to solve the case of the missing Layanor!  

 MMO Reporter Episode 226 – Bro, Do you even Elite? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Chris, Harry and Bill pull themselves from the virtual worlds of Azeroth, Tyria and Kerbal to talk about the latest and greatest news from the MMO multiverse. This week's show focuses on the new World of Warcraft expansion: Legion, as well as the latest season of updates coming from Elite: Dangerous. Audio Version: What we’ve done in game: Harry: Kerbal Space Program Armada review: Bill: GW2 SMS 2nd-factor verification coming soon Protect your accounts! It’s cheap and easy and frustrates account thieves! Talos Principle Chris: GW2 PvP and Mesmer leveling LOTRO - Ding 100! Skyforge Neverwinter Kickstarter: Kickstarter Success! Stretch goals through Paypal $4,000 video from the Meet Up News World of Warcraft: Legion revealed at Gamescom Level to 110 New Hero Class - Demon Hunter Artifact Weapons Heavy focus on class identity Story and Setting Search the Broken Isles Find the Pillars of Creation Titan relics that were used to shape the world when it was young Only with these relics can we close the portals Stop the Burning Legion Dalaran going to the Broken Isles and will be a main hub for this expansion Val’Sharah Where Malfurion became the first druid Stoping the nightmare lord from coming into this world Going into the emerald nightmare Glimpse into the Emerald Dream Stormheim

 MMO Reporter Episode 225 – Selling Skyforge | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Chris, Bill and Harry dive into the world of MMO games in another episode of the MMO Reporter podcast. This week's show has them talking about the departure of John Smedley from Daybreak Games, Glyph's move away from non-Trion Worlds games, and the cha...

 MMO Reporter Episode 224 – Collectible People | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Chris and Bill tackles this week's show as a duo, talking about ESO's first Super Happy Download Time (aka DLC), Guild Wars 2's new Heart of Thorns info, and a few other tidbits from the world of MMOs. Audio Version: What we’ve done in game: Bill GW2 - streaming PvP on Wed Chris: Skyforge GW2 Guild of Dungeoneering Batman: Arkham Knight Kickstarter: We need your help to get to PAX! 65% funded in just over a week! Thank you so much to all of our backers. News ESO - Liberate the Imperial City DLC Super Happy Download Time Included in the price of ESO Plus membership, or 2,500 crowns ($25) in the ESOTU Crown Store. All content available to players level 10 and up New PvP/PvE space, including six imperial city districts New quests One PvP Public Dungeon: The Imperial Sewers Two new PvE Group dungeons with Normal and Veteran versions: White-Gold Tower and Imperial City Prison Tel Var Stone System 23 new Veteran Rank 16 item sets, only available in Imperial City Treasure Vailts that contant Veteran RAnk 16 jewelery Xlnkyn racial motif style New collectibles (pets, polymorphs and a costume) GW2 Heart of Thorns drops Last legend - Shiro Tagachi (slashing DPS) - Shiro Tagachi lore - Bodyguard for royal family of Cantha; corrupted and assassinated Emperor Angsiyan Melee-dps focus, with mist-shifting/shadow stepping abilities List of legends Jalis Ironhammer - Survivability Mallyx the Unyielding - Condition damage Ventari - Healing/support Shiro Tagachi Solo player game option - Adventures Ranked with leaderboards Not necessarily combat, but also not necessarily jumping puzzles Other players cannot influence the results of an Adventure - solo only Periodic events Quick Mentions: Do We Even Need to Bother? Derek Smart Rants about Star Citizen. HE HAS DEMANDS PEOPLE! Neverwinter Strongholds Launches August 11th on PC No word on XBox One launch (later this year) Shroud of the Avatar sells out of Player Towns? Not all player housing, just that with Overland Access Any more player towns/housing will have to connect to other towns (Player or NPC) that have overland access Contact info: Website: Emaill: Facebook: Twitter: @mmo_reporter Twitter: @harryhol Twitter: @layanor Twitter: @mmobill Voicemail: 616-666-6778 Youtube: Patreon: Kickstarter:

 MMO Reporter Episode 223 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week we have all four reporters in house for a jam packed show. We ponder on the popularity of ESO on PS4, talk about guild wars 2 PVP, and we announce our first kickstarter! Audio Version: What we’ve done in game: Layanor Secret World Ark Dead Space War in the North Witcher Bill GW2 Harry Barony ( Persona 4 Rocket League! Chris World of Warships Batman: Arkham Knight Skyforge Guild of Dungeoneering Launched Crowfall Reporter!   Kickstarter: We need your help to get to PAX! 14% funded in just two days! Thank you so much to all of our backers.   News ESO kicking ass on PS4 via Top selling game on Playstation store in June Top selling add-on as well in June ESO is still $70 (CDN) to buy; not F2P ESO subscription is also the top selling add-on in the PS4 store ESO was also the top seller in the UK when it launched there So why?  Is ESO better on the console?  Is Elder Scrolls in general better on console?  Are next-gen consoles just desperate for another Skyrim?   Final Fantasy XIV OS X Version no longer for sale, refunds offered Post by Producer and Director Naoki Yoshida Issues with the Mac version of the game included 30% performance drop, and the difference in hardware between lower end and higher end macs. Yoshida says that the problem was changing system requirements late in the development process. Also blames Square Enix’s use of Cider, a Mac prot tech that saved on development costs, but didn’t create a worthwhile port of the game. Funny note - Google showed 1.5 pages of results with the exact same headline, mostly from different sites.   Sponsors: Audible Go to Doghouse Use the coupon code mmoreporter for a free 120GB SSD with your purchase!   RaiderZ closing Original developer closed down. Arcgames cannot fix the game without them. Shutdown on August 7th   Notch calls free to play ‘bait and switch’ Notch: ‘F2P is bait and switch and should be illegal’   Quick Mentions: GW2 Desert Borderland data-mined   Crowfall - Pre-Alpha combat testing starting end of summer session-based, team-focused PvP game Not the full game, just testing combat start with pre-alpha testers at the end of summer, then move on to the Alpha 1 group, drawing people in as the system allows/as necessary in order to get the data we need. Star Citizen stories From last week: This week   Contact info: Website: Emaill: Facebook: Twitter: @mmo_reporter Twitter: @harryhol Twitter: @layanor


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