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Summary: Each week we will be discussing practical organizing solutions for your home. We will do this through sharing our best tips and tricks, having guest contributors, and answering your tough organizing questions! Email us at and we will answer your questions in one of our episodes. This Podcast was created using

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 My Roommate is Driving Me Crazy with Susan Fee | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:50

The kids are back in school, and our college students are just finishing up their second or third week of school. For many, this is their first time with a roommate that is outside of their immediate family. After getting to know each other, they are probably just getting into their first disagreements about living in the same small space. This week we welcome professional clinical counselor Susan Fee to the show. She is the author of a best selling book "My Roommate is Driving Me Crazy" which deals with the issues surrounding living with someone else, especially when you are in college. While her advice is geared towards a college-aged audience, her tips for managing conflict can be used across all age levels and housing situations. We found it particularly useful in our field, as often times there is one tidy person and one messy person living under the same roof. We often come across these situations with our organizing customers, and it contributes to a lot of stress and tension within the household. So take a listen to Susan's advice on how to pick the perfect roommate, how to manage conflict with the people you live with, and a look at the valuable information on her website- About her book: My Roommate Is Driving Me Crazy! Are you living with your total opposite? Does your roommate's boyfriend or girlfriend spend more time in your room than you do? Does your roommate make it impossible to communicate? This book's for you! In My Roommate Is Driving Me Crazy, Susan Fee teaches you how to solve conflicts, set boundaries, and survive even the most challenging roommate.

 Digital or Paper- What You Need to Know About Buying a Planner | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:35

Planners are great for keeping you time organized. Are you using one? While many do, even more people use the "just wing it" method to planning their time. This leads to wasted time, and missed appointments. This week we discuss the pros and cons to buying a paper or digital planner. The idea is that when you've finished the show, you'll be able to head out to get your own. We give some simple ideas to create your own, but you can always go out and buy one at your local superstore. As long as you use it, it doesn't matter what it is. Listen to the show to find out how to enter and win a Neat Receipts and Neat Desk system from Neat Co. Drawing is September 30th, there are four ways to win, and each person can have four entries!

 How to Organize Your Paper and Create a Filing System | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 17:53

This week we talk about one of the organizing segments that is on everyone's mind- paper! Bonnie will introduce a simple to create, and easy to use filing system that will make short work of those piles of papers. Since we have yet to evolve to the "Great Paperless Society" that we have been promised, here are some tips to tackle those piles for good! Listen in for how to win two great prizes from Neat Co! We are giving a Neat Receipts system, and a Neat Desk system to two lucky listeners. Entry instructions are in the show!

 On the Move! The Joy of Organizing Unpacks its Best Moving Tips | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:50

Moving is one of life's top three stressors. But with some organization, it doesn't have to be! This episode focuses on some quick tips to help you get ready to move, and tips to get you up and running in your new home once you are there. If you are moving soon, or know someone who is, spread the word as this is a show that will get you on the path to a smooth move!

 Kathi Burns Tells Us How to Add Space To Our Lives | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:10

This week we welcome Kathi Burns to the show. She is both a professional organizer and image consultant. So she can help you get rid of all of the clothes that don't make you feel good about yourself, and help you find ones that do! We discuss her new book, How to Master Your Muck!, and how to add space to your closet and your life. About Kathi: Kathi Burns, founder of addSpace To Your Life!, is a Board Certified Professional Organizer (CPO) and Image Consultant. Her mission is to empower people to master their environment and personal image by assisting them in taking control, making change and organizing their lives. She believes that when people become organized and look their best they will have more freedom to create and work with their true passion.

 The Joy of Organizing Back to School Event! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:43

It's August, and it is almost time for kids to go back to school. For parents, this is a stressful time of year, as summertime habits need to quickly turn into school year habits. Once the year starts, things get chaotic with challenges getting your child through their morning routine and on the bus, difficulty with your child remembering what is for homework, and ultimately getting that homework done before bedtime. To help our busy moms and dads we have welcomed four organizers from Organize Right Now's Online Team to share their best Back to School organizing tips. They all subscribe to the philosophy that creating a solid foundation of organizing skills for your child early on will pay future dividends as they mature into adults. They also believe that, contrary to what is often practiced, children are capable of being responsible, contributing members of the home at a young age. Which makes your job as a parent easier as your child takes on more responsibility for their own daily tasks. Our Organizing Panel consists of: Britt Morris of A Tidy Solution in Central Maine; Paris Love of Organize with Love in Orange Beach, Alabama; Darcy Munzer of Organize 4U in Kansas City, Missouri; Lea Schneider of Organize Right Now in Pensacola, Florida; and our very own Bonnie Dewkett of The Joyful Organizer in Ridgefield, Connecticut. Check out our prizes that you can win by subscribing to the Organize Right Now Newsletter, blogging about this show and including a link, and tweeting about this show and including a link in your tweet. Email us your blog post, or tweet, and we will count your entry.

 How to Sell, Donate, or Recycle Your Unwanted Stuff with Tanya Whitford | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:35

This week we welcome LA Based Certified Professional Organizer, Tanya Whitford. We often get asked, "What are some of the best ways to get rid of the stuff I no longer want in my home?" Both of our companies, The Joyful Organizer and Organizing Wonders are committed to keeping discarded items out of a landfill. This episode gives you some fantastic ideas on places to sell, donate, or recycle your old stuff without taking a trip to the dump. Learn about sites like Freecycle and Dressed For Success, and how they can help you get rid of your unwanted items. About Tanya: Tanya Whitford's first memories of organizing were fixing her kindergarten teacher's desk. Signs that she was destined to become an organizer showed up in every job along the way until she found out there actually was such a thing as a Professional Organizer. She started Organizing Wonders in 1999. Tanya loves making a positive difference in people's lives by helping them overcome the things that have been holding them back. Whether it is clutter, an overwhelming project, a mental block, or simply something nobody else wants to do, Tanya is there to get the job done! Getting organized is an amazing, life changing event, and she loves to help people achieve that. Tanya was recently nominated for "The Green Award for the Most Eco-Friendly Organizing Service" at the 2010 Organizing Awards!

 Faith Manierre talks Chronic Disorganization and Hoarding | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:24

Certified Professional Organizer, Faith Manierre of Busy Bees Professional Organizing joins to to discuss a segment of organizing called chronic disorganization. Chronic disorganization impacts many people, and truly has a negative impact on everyday life. It is defined as having a past history of disorganization in which self-help efforts to change have failed, an undermining of current quality of life due to disorganization, and the expectation of future disorganization.

 Donna Goldberg of The Organized Student | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:49

This week we welcome organizing pioneer Donna Goldberg to the show to talk about getting your child/student organized for school. She is a nationally recognized expert on organizing students, and she shares some wonderful tips that will make a difference in your home once school begins again in the fall. About Donna: Donna Goldberg founded The Organized Student in 1990 while working at the Dalton School in New York. Combining her background in psychiatric research and child development with her skills as a librarian, Donna devised a unique method to help students succeed in school. Donna has been a member of The National Association of Professional Organizers (NAPO) since 1992. She has served on the NAPO-NY Board of Directors, and conceived and chaired the Golden Tips Booklet Project, for which she was the recipient of the 2003 NAPO Presidentâ??s Award. Donna is currently the NAPO-NY Golden Circle liaison. She is a consultant to the NAPO in the Schools program and will lead a NAPOâ??s SIGs program, focusing on students. Donna is also a member of the International Dyslexia Association and NSGCD. The International Dyslexia Association awarded her book The Organized Student: Teaching Children the Skills for Success in School and Beyond the 2007 Margot Marek Book Award. She has been seen on CNN, CNBC, the Today Show, and Good Morning America. In print, she has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post, among others.

 Getting Organized For When Disaster Strikes | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:22

This week we chat with Pamela from Creating Clarity organizing. She tells us about her organizing business, and we get her best tips for getting organized in the event of an emergency. When disaster strikes, seconds can be precious, and looking for emergency supplies should be very easy. If it's not, chaos can make an already stressful time overwhelming.

 Cut Kitchen Clutter with The Joy of Organizing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:29

This week we talk about organizing the heart of your home- the kitchen. The kitchen is where we cook and eat our meals, but often it is used for homework, and projects due to the large flat space in the kitchen table. We will share our best organizing tips and tricks to help you tackle clutter and keep the heart of your home healthy!

 Organizing tips for the recent college grad! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 32:51

Well, it's mid-June, and most recent college graduates have started their careers, or will be shortly. Taking your first step in the "real world" can be challenging, but with a little organization you can ensure you put your best foot forward! Even if you're not a new college grad, these tips are certainly applicable to anyone!

 Summer Yard Sale Success with The Joy of Organizing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 22:37

This week we discuss our best tips to start getting rid of clutter, and make some money in the process by having a successful yard sale. Whether you have experience with hosting a yard sale, or this will be your first time, we have tips for every level of experience.

 The Joy of Organizing introduces NACKit! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:39

This week we are excited to introduce our audience to a great organizing product guaranteed to keep your boxes, totes, and anything that needs a label- organized! We are joined by owners Nancy Andreotta and Colleen Kachele as they tell us about all of the ways you can get organized using the NACKit line of products. They have kindly given our listeners the opportunity to get 10% off their NACKit purchases by entering the code "Joy" at checkout. So take a look at their website

 Ellen Delap, CPO Talks Organizing Your Family | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 31:29

Do you have "House Rules" and "Standard Operating Procedures" at your home? If you don't, you should! Find out what they are, and how they can change the way your home runs when Certified professional organizer, Ellen Delap stops by The Joy of Organizing radio show. She gives us some wonderful tips to organize your family unit as a whole. When your family runs like a well-oiled machine, you have more time to do things you love to do! Be sure to listen for her advice on how to get your kids to to buy into doing household chores! About Ellen: Ellenâ??s passion for organizing, as well as her desire to assist and empower others, led her to create in 2000. Ellen is a Golden Circle member of the National Association Of Professional Organizers (NAPO) and a founding member of the NAPO Houston Chapter. In addition to being a member of the education and certification committees in NAPO, she has been 2008 NAPO National Conference Chair and past President of NAPO Houston. She currently serves on the national associationâ??s Leadership Development Committee and Statistics Database Committee. As a member of the National Study Group on Chronic Disorganization (NSGCD), she holds two certificates of study concerning Chronic Disorganization and ADD issues and the Level II Chronic Disorganization Specialist Certificate. In May 2007 Ellen earned the highly esteemed and elite title of Certified Professional Organizer (CPO®) through the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers. Ellen has trained with Coach Approach for Professional Organizersâ?¢ and is a Certified Family Manager Coachâ?¢.


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