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Summary: Audio Sancto is a podcast of sermons in plain English on Catholic dogma, doctrine, and devotion.


 (2015-08-02) Saint Alexius: Holy Effacement in a Facebook and Twitter Age | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:58

Sermon titled "Saint Alexius: Holy Effacement in a Facebook and Twitter Age" given on Sunday August 2, 2015. Size: 6.5 MB; duration: 18:58. In a Facebook, Twitter, and social media age, Saint Alexius sought a life of holy effacement. This Man of God was even hidden from his very family, as he lived as a common beggar under the staircase of his family home without his father or mother recognizing him. The life of Alexius was one of great humility, self-denial, and hiddenness. Self-esteem, self-help, selfies, self-realization, self-adulation, self-centeredness, and exposing himself on social media, were never part of his life nor part of his vocabulary. Saint Alexius is a perfect example on how to counteract the prideful Pharisee that is found in all of us.

 (2015-07-26) Purity of Heart Counters the Revolutionary Grammar of Lust | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 25:12

Sermon titled "Purity of Heart Counters the Revolutionary Grammar of Lust" given on Sunday July 26, 2015. Size: 8.7 MB; duration: 25:12. In the year 2003, judge Robert Bork wrote a treatise on the problems facing modern America, entitled: "Slouching Towards Gomorrah: Modern Liberalism and American Decline." As the recent decision from the Supreme Court indicates, we are no longer slouching toward this detestable destination� but have indeed pulled into the station named Sodom and Gomorrah. We should not be surprised at this outcome as revolution always tends in this direction. Revolution is primarily a spoken word, flowing from the devil's mouth, and its grammar is LUST. To counteract this grammar, we need a solid spirituality even as we live in Sodom... and that spirituality is available. It loves virginity, celibacy, chastity... having purity of heart as its aim. With this spirituality, the Church will emerge victorious over this most revolutionary moment in time.

 (2015-07-25) Virgo Potens: Sphere of God's Omnipotence | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 56:53

Sermon titled "Virgo Potens: Sphere of God's Omnipotence" given on Saturday July 25, 2015. Size: 19.5 MB; duration: 56:53.

 (2015-07-19) Renewing the Face of the Earth | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 19:33

Sermon titled "Renewing the Face of the Earth" given on Sunday July 19, 2015. Size: 6.7 MB; duration: 19:33. Before the coming of the Holy Ghost, the face of the earth was desolate. Idolatry and superstition were rampant. Tyranny and oppression reigned. The poor, the sick, and the unfortunate were often abandoned, viewed as being cursed by the gods. There was darkness, coldness, and callousness. But when the Fire of the Holy Ghost descended on that first Pentecost Sunday, the face of the earth began to be renewed. Truth and charity began to gain ascendency and flowed into the minds and hearts of Christians who, in turn, built hospitals, homes for the aged, the destitute, and orphanages. And best of all, churches were built to the glory of the Triune God, where the Holy Mass offered perfect worship to the Most High, and appeased His just wrath. When the pagan world embraced Christianity, it became a better world. A world filled with truth. A world that was far more tender and gentle. But unfortunately, a modern form of paganism has returned as many baptized people begin to reject the Faith of their fathers. And in this post-Christian age, the results are obvious. The face of the earth, once again, becomes desolate. A coldness returns. A culture of death permeates society and the practice of the most revolting of vices is revived. How we need the Holy Ghost to pour forth that Holy Fire to renew the face of the earth again. Unfortunately, it looks as if that fire will come first in the form of a chastisement or fiery conflagration.

 (2015-07-12) May His Blood Be Upon Us | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:49

Sermon titled "May His Blood Be Upon Us" given on Sunday July 12, 2015. Size: 6.5 MB; duration: 18:49. During the month of July, Holy Church focuses her attention upon the Most Precious Blood of Jesus. This devotion is especially needed in these days where many are denying the very notion of sin and its great cost in Blood. The Jewish High Priests and mob sought to condemn the Innocent Lamb on Good Friday. When Pontius Pilate stated that he did not want to condemn innocent blood, the Jewish mob embraced responsibility and cried out: "May His Blood be upon us and upon our children." The Blood of Christ became a mark of Cain upon them, and brought about the destruction of Jerusalem and its temple. But such a curse can immediately become a blessing if we look upon Him Whom we have pierced and mourn for our sins. In fact, we want His Precious Blood to be upon and upon our children. We want to be marked with this Holy Blood especially in the Sacraments. Woe to us who have been redeemed by that Blood, however, if we waste that Blood. By sinning seriously we become worse than the Jews of old. Our sinful hearts become a Calvary where Christ is crucified again and again.

 (2015-07-05) To MERIT and not to Die | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 09:40

Sermon titled "To MERIT and not to Die" given on Sunday July 5, 2015. Size: 8.9 MB; duration: 09:40. Many are concerned about these difficult times in which we live, yet the saints would not hesitate to say difficult times are great times to merit. It may be that some of us, if not all of us, have some tough hurdles to overcome in the future (death itself is a tough hurdle, no?). To help us not fail in this effort, the Good Shepherd prepares us now by sending us trials by which we can build up a store of merits in order to have what it takes to be victorious then. May these moments of great merit not pass you by without profit!!! Here are the links for the duties of state that were given previously, just in case you need them.

 (2015-07-05) God Will Not Be Mocked | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:50

Sermon titled "God Will Not Be Mocked" given on Sunday July 5, 2015. Size: 6.5 MB; duration: 18:50. On June 26, 2015, the Supreme Court mocked the good Lord. Instead of looking towards Mt. Sinai for answers, they looked towards Independence Hall in Philadelphia. Our president called evil good and lit up the White House in the colors of a perverse pride making our nation a target for Divine retribution. St. Augustine said, Lex iniusta non est lex...An unjust law is not a law. Whether a positive human law is constitutional or not is not the primary question. Rather the question of a particular law being approved or not primarily comes down to this, namely, does it mirror the higher law or at least in no way does it violate God's order in creation. Human courts, human executives, human lawmakers, and human voters at the ballot box cannot change the Mind of God. The Most High will not be mocked. Human beings might be physically and psychologically free to choose against the Eternal and natural law, but they are never morally free to do so. We must work to Christianize the governing documents of our nation or else we will continue to have heathen laws. We must also have an uncompromising resistance within our extended families, our workplace, our society, and yes our Church, to any movement that seeks to revolt against the Divine Order of things. Rainbow sashes and Pink Triangles are unwelcome and excluded from our midst, for they broadcast their iniquity.

 (2015-07-04) Declaring Independence from God | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:18

Sermon titled "Declaring Independence from God" given on Saturday July 4, 2015. Size: 7.3 MB; duration: 21:18. The fundamental error of Russia is its definitive split (i.e., second time) from Rome in 1453. Yet, the Russian Orthodox were able to preserve the priesthood and a valid Eucharist. King Henry VIII followed in the same error and split from Rome too. Yet, before long they lost their priesthood and valid Eucharist. The American colonies split from England and cut all official ties with religion...becoming the first purely secular government (becoming a sort of religion in itself). We are now seeing the end results of this!

 (2015-07-02) The Ark of the Covenant versus Dagon | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 15:28

Sermon titled "The Ark of the Covenant versus Dagon" given on Thursday July 2, 2015. Size: 5.3 MB; duration: 15:28. The Ark of the Covenant of old was stolen by the Philistines after the impure and sacrilegious priests sons of Heli were killed in battle. The Philistines placed the captured Ark before their god Dagon, who was a sort of merman...half man, half fish. By acting in this way, they were trying to make the Ark approve of their way of thinking, acting and worshiping. Instead Dagon was knocked down, beheaded and his hands were cut off. Dagon easily represents evolution...where man is claimed to have come from the beasts, even the fish of the sea. The false philosophy of evolution is what lies under the recent efforts to change marriage both inside and outside the Church. The Ark, on the other hand, contains the Law of God, most notably the Natural Law written in stone...and is immovable... unchanging. All the efforts, therefore, trying to make the ARK (also symbolic of God�s marriage to man) conform to evolutionary thinking (symbolized by Dagon) will fail miserably as the Philistines show, many of whom died of plagues striking them in their private parts. (cf. 1 Kings/Samuel 5-6).

 (2015-07-01) Marriage and the Potentiality of His Blood | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 18:40

Sermon titled "Marriage and the Potentiality of His Blood" given on Wednesday July 1, 2015. Size: 6.4 MB; duration: 18:40. Many today are trying to follow in the path of Moses by allowing divorce and remarriage. Yet, the rock of Christ has been struck...and out came Blood and Water... out came the Bride of Christ. There is only one bride possible. Later Moses was commanded to speak to the rock and it would produce. But angered by the hard-hearted people, he struck the rock two more times to make it produce. Sad to say, some in our times seem not to want the Bride of Christ that came forth the first time, which is the Holy Roman Catholic Church. They do not want this Beginning...this Foundation. So, like Moses they are not going to speak to the rock but instead strike it a second time (Synod no. 1) and since this did not produce, they are going to strike it again (Synod no. 2) in order make it produce. Moses was punished for this and could not enter the Promised Land. Surely, this effort will bring down punishment upon us all.

 (2015-06-28) A Thought That Does Not Think | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 20:10

Sermon titled "A Thought That Does Not Think" given on Sunday June 28, 2015. Size: 6.9 MB; duration: 20:10. The devil likes to provide two errors at the same time so that people will have a choice as to which is most preferable to them. It seems two of these paired errors for some time now has been Collectivism vs. Individualism. We have both of these present now in our country... and the consequences are on display for all to see. The true that counters these errors is the ONE, HOLY, CATHOLIC and APOSTOLIC Church which is a living Body, wherein we are saved in a supernatural corporate reality...based on faith, hope and charity.

 (2015-06-21) Good Fathers Produce Holy Helpmates | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 16:45

Sermon titled "Good Fathers Produce Holy Helpmates" given on Sunday June 21, 2015. Size: 5.8 MB; duration: 16:45. Good fathers produce holy helpmates that have incredible potential to change the world. If fathers fail in this duty, the devil is not slow in becoming the replacement father.

 (2015-06-20) The Sacred Contract of Marriage Kept Safe Under His Wings | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:08

Sermon titled "The Sacred Contract of Marriage Kept Safe Under His Wings" given on Saturday June 20, 2015. Size: 7.3 MB; duration: 21:08. God likes places His goods in containers... in special boxes, even sacred vessels. Marriage is one of the goods given to us by God from the very foundation of the world. Many are toying around with this good, making light of its proper use... even trying to trample it underfoot. Yet, as the Old Testament typology of the Ark of the Covenant shows, it is indestructible... and ultimately will survive and prevail. Those trying harm it, however, will bring a curse, plagues, and death upon themselves and the world. Yet, for those who place their holy bond of matrimony in the Ark, a 1000 may fall at their side, 10,000 at their left hand...but it will not come neigh to them (cf. Ps 90).

 (2015-06-14) The Ninety-nine Left Behind | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 23:54

Sermon titled "The Ninety-nine Left Behind" given on Sunday June 14, 2015. Size: 8.2 MB; duration: 23:54. Have you ever wondered what the ninety-nine sheep went through while their Shepherd was away seeking that one lost sheep? How did they get along without the Shepherd around? What were they supposed to be doing while He was away? Throughout salvation history, there have been many times when it seems that Our Lord, the Good Shepherd, the Shepherd of shepherds, went away for a spell. Many of the saints relate how they had to go through periods of darkness� times in the desert� when they felt spiritually dry and alone. Job in anguish said: �I cry to Thee, and Thou hearest me not: I stand up, and Thou dost not regard me� (Job 30:20). St. John of the Cross asks the Lord in the Spiritual Canticle, �Where have you hidden?� This is one of those times! We are the 99 left behind in the desert while the Lord re-ascends Golgatha to save the lost sheep... but this time, He is doing it in and through His Mystical Body, the Church...

 (2015-06-04) Corpus Christi: Eating Fire | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 04:46

Sermon titled "Corpus Christi: Eating Fire" given on Thursday June 4, 2015. Size: 4.4 MB; duration: 04:46. Saint Ephrem teaches us that in the Holy Mass, the faithful soul can EAT FIRE at each Holy Communion. This is also taught by the desert fathers. May we always receive Holy Communion with a pure heart, mind and body and we too will be eating Fire from above.


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