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Summary: A weekly podcast, letting you know the ups and downs of Taiwan through fellow travelers, learn about this wonderful island from their experiences.

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 About this project | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

One day I watched a foreigner being interviewed by a television news reporter while exiting customs in CKS Airport; she said she couldn’t find any tourism information about Taiwan in all of the traveling agencies in her country. That’s when I came up with the idea of doing this podcast, I like to introduce this interesting island, especially from a foreigner's perspective. 我看到一則電視新聞,一位外籍旅客在中正機場的出境大廳接受訪問,她說在她的國家裡,完全找不到任何台灣觀光團的行程或資訊,使我開始有了製作"What's up in Taiwan"的想法。 Download this intro

 WuiT #064: Terry Hornsby (prequel) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Expat. Download this interview! It’s Chinese New Year again! And here is Terry Hornsby to help you celebrate this important holiday for the second time. We shameless present the prequel of “Kung Hsi Fa Tsai” (May prosperity be with you) to you, also a very special announcement… Rate Episode #064:***** **** *** ** *   

 WuiT #063: Travis & Vega | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Video Game, Women, Learning Chinese. Download this interview! “Male Bonding” is the topic of this week, and it could exist no matter what country or culture you’re from. Travis and Vega have been friends for years, and they are honestly two of the nicest guys to hang out with, very well mannered and incredibly easy going. Just when you think that there is too much testosterone when two guys are running this podcast, it gets worst in this interview. Rate Episode #063:***** **** *** ** *   

 WuiT #062: Catherine & Miranda | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Central Taiwan, Girls Talk. Download this interview! Many of the foreigners in Taiwan prefer to stay in the big cities when they visit Taiwan, but there are exceptions. Catherine is a young lady from Florida; she actually asked the school she works for to send her to somewhere remote in Taiwan, brave girl. Her meeting with her Taiwanese friend Miranda was like destiny, they became real close friends and taught English and shared their lives together. Catherine will leave the island very soon and move on to her next destination, but we are sure that their friendship will not fade no matter where their futures might take them. Rate Episode #062:***** **** *** ** *   

 WuiT #061: Chris & Feelin | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Sailing, Learning English. Download this interview! Like many of our loyal listeners, Feelin has set up a link in her personal blog to our podcast. We tracked back as always and noticed that she has a great spirit for adventure. Feelin enjoys sailing with her foreigner friend Chris, who introduced her to the sport. We wanted to interview Chris immediately and thought this would be a great chance to talk about friendships between locals with our guests to the island. After the interview, we truly understood why certain things between people have absolutely no boundaries. Rate Episode #061:***** **** *** ** *   

 WuiT #060: David M. Niddam (part 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Metrosexual, Shopping Spots for Men. Download this interview! Here is the second half of our interview with David, along with some links that he has sent us. Both of them are interviews he did with Taipei Times (a local English Newspaper). Check them out if you are interested. A mind for brain research Local brews go head-to-head David has also done a television commercial for a Taiwanese car rental company, he has sent the file to us as well. Due to the enormous size of it, we have selected an image for your viewing pleasure. Some people have expressed to us that David shows some resemblance to actor Mel Gibson, he's a good looking guys in our book regardless what or who he looks like. Rate Episode #060:***** **** *** ** *    本週繼續是David訪問的後半段,David還寄給我們一些連結,是他接受Taipei Times的訪問,有興趣的朋友可以前往。 David曾經拍攝過租車公司的廣告片,他也將影片檔案寄給我們,但是因為檔案過大,我們僅擷取畫面供網友欣賞,私下有些朋友表示,David有點像Mel Gibson,當然是善意說他很帥啦!

 WuiT #059: David M. Niddam (part 1) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Brain Research, Diving and Surfing. Download this interview! David is originally from Denmark and has been working and living in Taiwan for the last 5 years. He accepted our invitation and arranged a lovely little tour of his operations in the hospital. We had the privilege of examining equipments that are worth millions and millions, and after his introductions, we were thrilled to find the advancements of brain research here on our island. Most of the people of Taiwan are probably not aware that we are rank very high on the charts globally in this area. David's leisure activities are diving and parties. Looking good is also very important for our well-groomed guest this week. We are very happy and fortunate to meet such stylish and outgoing new friend. Rate Episode #059:***** **** *** ** *    David來自丹麥,在台灣工作已經五年。他答應接受我們的訪問,並在訪問當天安排了一個小行程,讓我們參觀他工作的醫院和設備,並介紹價值數百萬美元的醫療儀器。在他的解說下,我們很驚訝的發現,台灣的腦部手術與研究,在世界上名列前茅,顯然台灣還有許多不為人知的面向等待被發掘。 David的休閒生活是潛水和派對,並且非常重視穿著與打扮,對他來說,這是品味與禮儀,我們很高興認識這位優雅好客的新朋友。

 WuiT #058: Elias Ek (part 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: How to Promo Taiwan. Download this interview! This week’s episode is a continuation of our interview with Elias. It is quite a thrilling experience talking with an enthusiastic entrepreneur, and Elisa shared his thoughts about Taiwan without holding anything back. Especially when he spoke about promoting Taiwan to the foreigners from all over the world, also helping the foreigners adapt, especially those whom have made Taiwan their new residency. There is a lot of space for improvements when it comes to our government and he would encourage the foreign friends here to participate so their opinions and feelings can be regarded seriously and taken care of effectively, another main objective for our show ever since we started a year ago. We would like our listeners out there to help us promote “What’s up in Taiwan”, so more people can be heard through our program. We also welcome any letters of comments and suggestions as well as voice mail, so we can always be bettering this little podcast. Rate Episode #058:***** **** *** ** *    本週繼續是Elias的訪問。和一位精力充沛的企業家聊天,是一件非常愉快的事,Elias也毫不保留的分享他對台灣的看法,特別是在推廣向外國人介紹台灣、或是讓在台灣的外國人更易於融入等方面,我們的政府似乎還有許多可以努力的空間,Elias建議讓更多的外國朋友參與,他們的觀點和感受應該更能切重要害,這也是我們節目的目的。但Elias感覺政府似乎忽略了他們的意見,他們想義務參與都受到冷落。 我們希望聽眾朋友能幫忙宣傳這個節目,讓更多人聽到他們的聲音。也歡迎大家寫信、評論或是語音留言給我們,讓這個節目做的更好。

 WuiT #057: Elias Ek (part 1) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Enspyre, Business. Download this interview! Elias Ek is originally from Sweden, he has traveled and resided in many countries such as the US and Japan, that is until he met his Taiwanese wife and moved here. The Taiwanese entrepreneurial spirit went very well with Elias personality; he generated a passion for new businesses and ideas. He felt that starting a personal business is rarely welcomed and encouraged as much in his mother country. Elias and his wife founded “Enspyre” 4 years ago. His wife passed away from a sudden heart attack on the way of meeting a client a little while back. Still, Elias didn’t pack up and leave this island; he is still working very hard on this project that he and his darling wife started. We hope the very best of things for Elias and “Enspyre” in this New Year! Rate Episode #057:***** **** *** ** *    尹克勤先生來自瑞典,很年輕就旅局美國、日本,直到認識了他的台灣妻子,便來台定居。台灣人對於做生意和創業的熱情使得尹克勤住在台灣如魚得水,他非常熱衷創業和想新點子,但是在他的家鄉瑞典,“自己創業”是很少能得到熱烈回應的。 四年前他與妻子成立了“安石行動商務中心”,不久在一次客戶拜訪,他的愛妻竟心臟病發過世,但尹克勤並沒有因此消沈或是打包回家,他很努力的經營他和妻子的寶貝公司,希望在新的一年,尹克勤和他的“安石行動商務中心”能鴻圖大展! (尹克勤接受天下雜誌的報導)

 WuiT #056: Orchid Island | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Travel Recommendation. Download this interview! The show for this week is a special report of Orchid Island(A.K.A. Lanyu), Father Barry was gracious enough to share his memory of the island with us. He thinks of the island as the most beautiful spot on the planet. Around 35 years ago, Father Barry serviced on the island for a year and fell in love with the location. He wrote the book "Song of Orchid Island" as a tribute. We would also like to pay our tribute to Lanyu. If you have photos of the island, please sent them to us and make this special report that much more. Sent them to whatsupintaiwan@gmail.com (Picture of Fr. Barry and the children in Orchid Island way back when) Buy "Song of Orchid Island" Amazon.com or Taubooks Taiwan Rate Episode #056:***** **** *** ** *    本週節目是蘭嶼的特別報導,丁松青神父特別分享他的蘭嶼印象。這個小小的島嶼是丁神父認為全世界最美麗的地方。將近35年前,丁神父在這裡服務過一年,因為實在太喜愛這個地方了,他還為蘭嶼寫了一本書:"Song of Orchid Island"。 我們也希望喜愛蘭嶼,有相關照片的聽眾朋友,可以將照片提供給我們,讓這篇貼文的內容更加充實,來信請寄whatsupintaiwan@gmail.com

 WuiT #055: Fr. Barry Martinson S. J. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Christmas, Chingchuan, Aborigines. Download this interview! It’s Christmas time again; this is the second Christmas since we started this podcast. What can we say? Time flies when you’re having fun! Last year, we had Father Jerry on our show for Christmas, and it was truly the greatest Christmas gift, also the 1st time we felt that we were on the right track. Father Jerry mentioned his brother Barry on the show and we had decided that for this year, we’ll have Father Barry celebrating Christmas with us. Little did we know that it took over 2 hours of driving into the mountain of Ju-Don to meet him in person, and worth every second, not to mention the beautiful scenery along the way. We got to interview Father Barry Martinson S. J., both Martinson brothers have dedicated their lives to servicing Taiwan for over 35 years, Thank you both so very much and Merry Christmas! We couldn't stay for lunch with Father Barry, this is the persimmon he gave us for our trip. One of the many delicious fruits of Taiwan. Rate Episode #055:***** **** *** ** *    耶誕節又接近了,這是我們第二個耶誕節。去年,我們收到最好的耶誕禮物是丁松筠神父的訪問。今年,我們特地在耶誕前夕訪問丁神父的弟弟,丁松青神父。 丁松青神父在竹東的清泉部落傳教,距離台北兩個小時的車程,沿途經過美麗的台灣山林景色,穿過一條單線、無照明的隧道,來到了彷彿世外桃源的清泉教堂。 兩位丁神父各自在台灣奉獻了35年的光陰,我們僅在此致謝!並祝各位耶誕節快樂!

 WuiT #054: Tony Masalonis | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Learning Chinese, Lu-Wei, Matzu. Download this interview! Tony Masalonis if from The U.S. and currently working in Taiwan as an aviation safety consultant. He is very serious about studying Chinese during his leisure hours and gave us a very detailed explanation of his Chinese name during the interview. He enjoys Taiwan very much and shared his love for lu-wei ( a Taiwanese dish with meat or fowl stewed with soy sauce and strained before serving) and the Kinmen and Matsu Islands. This interview was conducted in terminal 2 of Song-Shan Airport, a place where even many locals are unaware of its existence. Mr. Masalonis gave us a brief introduction of the history and background of the building. Tony(his web site) also writes as a hobby. The following is a sample of his work which he tries to capture the harmony of nature and urban intenseness that is Taipei and Taiwan. "The Wind partners with streetlights to light green leaves into sparkle. But the bus’s bright green numbers outshine it all. Despite a high pitched dog, and subdued traffic hum There’s a relative stillness, peaceful waiting Back at eye level the haggard hookers hello-hello aggressively At clearly Asiafied foreigners with faces creased from sorrow and joy of adapting, of being adopted, of wincing quizically, mouths curled garishly from pronouncing x and q pupils dilated from gazing at followed stars, moons and bus-lit trees – perhaps irreparably but if it’s reparable why gaze?" Rate Episode #054:***** **** *** ** * Tony 在台灣擔任航空安全顧問。平常工作之餘,他很認真的學習中文,訪問中並解釋了他自己選擇的中文名字:嗎簡謄。他很喜歡台灣的滷味並推薦馬祖。 本次訪問在松山機場第二航站進行,很多人都不知道台北松山機場有第二航站,Tony也在訪問中簡單介紹了一下松山第二航站的背景。 閒暇時間,Tony還喜歡寫詩、作詞,他特別寄了一首描寫他的台灣(台北)印象的詩,有興趣的朋友不妨將它翻譯出來。

 WuiT #053: Robin Erik Ruizendaal | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Puppet Theatre, Museum. Download this interview! Robin Erik Ruizendaal is the Administrator of the Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum; he has been living in Taiwan for the last 13 years. Dr. Ruizendaal earned a Ph.D. in Chinese studies from Leiden University in the Netherlands over 20 years ago, and he has been doing research on puppet theaters ever since, including extensive fieldwork in China and South-East Asia. He is also the Administrator as well as the Artistic Director of the Taiyuan Puppet Theatre Company and Museum. He has written and directed quite a number of plays for both actors and puppets. His plays have been performed in over 20 countries. In November 2005, the TTT Puppet Center moved to a permanent residence generously donated by Mrs. Lin, the widow of late Mr. Lin Liu-Hsin. In return for such generosity, the Center changed its name to Lin Liu-Hsin Puppet Theatre Museum. The Museum is located on Xi-Ning North Road, Dadaocheng, one of the oldest districts of Taipei and just a few steps from the Danshui Pier off historical Dihua Street. There are over 7,000 puppets in their collection, and there are over 300 performances each year. The show being presented this particular month is "The Child in the Elevator" about time travel; please check it out if you can. Last but not least, we would like to show our appreciation for Caroline Gluck for her introduction to Robin so we may complete this Interview. Caroline Is a journalist with BBC. Although she has declined our Invitation as a guest for a future episode, we are still hoping she might change her mind. Rate Episode #053:***** **** *** ** *    羅賓先生來自荷蘭,是荷蘭萊登大學漢學博士,他對中國布偶產生興趣,研究範圍遍及兩岸與東南亞,在台灣居住了13年,目前擔任林柳新紀念偶戲博物館館長與台原偶戲團藝術總監。 林柳新紀念偶戲博物館位於大稻埕,鄰近淡水碼頭的西寧北路上,成立於2005年11月,是由林柳新的夫人林錦華女士捐贈。該館收藏各式各樣的布偶七千餘個,每年的大小演出近三百場,這個月將推出“電梯裡的小孩”,歡迎朋友們前往觀賞。 在此要特別感謝Caroline Gluck小姐的推薦,讓我們能完成這次的訪問,Caroline是BBC的記者,雖然她婉拒我們訪問,我們還是希望她能改變主意。

 WuiT #052: One-Year Anniversary | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Henry. Download this interview! Happy Birthday "What's up in Taiwan"! Rate Episode #052:***** **** *** ** *    節目做滿一週年。

 WuiT #051: Rebecca Redhead (part 2) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Filed Under: Women in the Workplace, Approaching Western Women. Download this interview! We are unmasking the lovely Rebecca out of her scuba gear this week, and sharing her with the rest of the world. She doesn’t denied the fact of being a feminist, also stated that she would much rather be developing her business career rather than cooking in the kitchen. She believes that everyone has their special field of expertise, nobody should be limited the traditional portrayal by the society. We dedicate this show to the men of Taiwan. PS. Our gratitude to Mr. Daniel Wallace, thanks again for introducing us to such a great interviewee. We like to encourage all of our listeners to suggest excellent potential guests for our show, we will do our very best to invite them. Our friend Sven Hoppenhoft from Germany did 9 episodes of sound-seeing of Taiwan with interesting photos. You can check them out at Reisecast Rate Episode #051:***** **** *** ** *    本週揭曉親切大方的Rebecca的廬山真面目。她不否認是個女性主義者,也大方的表示,要她在家煮飯做家事,她還寧願去職場工作賺錢養家,她認為每個人有不同的擅長,所以不該受限於刻板印象中... 僅將本集節目獻給全台灣的男性。 ps, 感謝 Daniel 介紹這麼出色的受訪者給我們,也歡迎各位聽眾推薦優秀的受訪者,我們將會盡力邀請。 德國的朋友 Sven Hoppenhöft 以德語做了9集的台灣觀光報導,配合有趣的圖片,歡迎聽眾前往觀賞。


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