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Starkville's "House of El" Podcast (Standard MP3)

Summary: Perspectives of the WB/CW series "Smallville" on an episode-to-episode basis. Hosted by mildly opinionated, and random college students from Starkville, Mississippi.

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 SHoE Unedited: Episode 117 – “Hex” | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It’s the uncut version of the SHoE episode Chloisers everywhere don’t want you to hear! Here is the full, unedited version of Episode 117. No music, no AAC, all tomfoolery. Enjoy! *If you’re looking for the actual episode of SHoE for this week, it will appear below this one.* Audio Date: 4/1/09 | Length: 2:33:56 | Subscribe

 Smallville | Episode 118 – ‘Eternal’ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:26:49

April 2, 2009 - After doing some research, Tess informs Davis that he crash landed to Earth in 1989, during the Smallville meteor shower, alongside another boy. She tells Davis that he and Clark Kent are destined to fight and kill each other, and that Clark cannot accept his role as Earth's savior until he kills Davis. Davis remembers that he was hurt by kryptonite as a child, and has Chloe lock him in a tank and drown him in a kryptonite solution until he dies. Tess tries to convince Clark that she knows who he is, and her theory about his needing to kill Davis, but she fails. In the end, Davis returns to life and is now immune to kryptonite; he informs Chloe that her presence is the only thing that keeps Doomsday at bay. It is also revealed that Tess is in possession of the Kryptonian orb that took Clark's powers. This Week On SHoE – Just wanted to give you all a little something before “Stiletto” airs, so here is our episode for “Eternal”. We’ve got news on the season 8 DVD, and a possible season 10!? Plus a full review of “Eternal”, your emails, spoilers, and more!

 SHoE Unedited: Episode 116 – “Turbulence” | File Type: | Duration: Unknown
Unknown file type. Enclosure URL IS: -

Ever wonder what happens behind the scenes of SHoE? Why those recording sessions go so long? Well, here’s your chance. As a little gift to you for being gone so long, here is the full, unedited version of Episode 116. No music, no AAC, all tomfoolery. Enjoy! *If you’re looking for the actual episode of [...]

 SHoE MP3: Episode 116 – “Turbulence” | File Type: | Duration: Unknown
Unknown file type. Enclosure URL IS: -

Here’s the MP3 version of our latest episode, enjoy! Standard MP3 Date: 3/25/09 | Length: 1:16:44 | Subscribe

 Smallville | Episode 117 – ‘Hex’ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:45:17

March 26, 2009 - A magician, Zatanna, grants Chloe's wish to have Lois's life, and as a result Chloe wakes up with Lois's body. Chloe informs Clark about what has happened, and the pair track down Zatanna. Chloe learns that to reverse the spell she has to not want the wish any longer; at the same time, Clark inadvertently wishes to have a normal life, which deprives him of the knowledge of his abilities. Zatanna visits Oliver and offers to grant him one wish if he can find her father's book of spells. Oliver gets the book, and Zatanna sets out to resurrect her father with it, which will require her to sacrifice her own life. Clark regains the memory of his alien heritage with help from Chloe, and convinces Zatanna not to sacrifice herself but instead use her gifts to honor her father's memory. This Week On SHoE – SHoE is slowly catching up to time now with “Hex”, a fun little episode that offers something for everyone.

 SHoE MP3: Episode 115 – “Infamous” | File Type: | Duration: Unknown
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Here’s the MP3 version of our latest episode, enjoy! Standard MP3 Date: 3/25/09 | Length: 46:53 | Subscribe

 Smallville | Episode 116 – ‘Turbulence’ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:16:44

March 19, 2009 - Clark begins to embrace the idea of a double identity by wearing his blue shirt under his suit, carrying his red jacket in his backpack, and switching into his Red-Blue Blur persona whenever he needs to. Tess orchestrates an elaborate plan to expose Clark's secret, which involves stranding the two of them on a plane on the verge of crashing. Clark manages to get the two to safety without Tess seeing him use his powers. Meanwhile, Jimmy witnesses Davis murdering a man in the hospital, but Davis drugs Jimmy with a hallucinogen to make it appear that he is delusional. After witnessing Chloe and Davis hugging, and having Chloe stun him with a taser before he could hit Davis with a pipe, Jimmy informs Chloe that marrying her was a mistake and he walks out on her. This Week On SHoE – SHoE is coming at you twice in one day to make up for lost time, now with “Turbulence”, a truly epic episode in the Smallville saga. More details and thoughts about season nine are uncovered including lots of speculation about the season finale in this jewel of an episode.

 Smallville | Episode 115 – ‘Infamous’ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:53

March 12, 2009 - Lois Lane returns to Smallville and is not happy to see Clark. Linda Lake comes back and threatens to expose Clark's secret if he does not agree to provide her with the inside scoop on all of the "Red-Blue Blur" heroics he performs. Instead, Clark has Lois write his story as a means of controlling the inevitable. In response, Linda announces that Clark is part of an alien invasion, and that he killed Lex Luthor. With the police after him, Clark uses his Legion ring to go back in time and stops Linda from writing her story; Clark destroys the ring afterward. Davis begins taking antipsychotic medication to keep his alien side from coming out. When Linda tries to bring out Doomsday, in an effort to escape from going to prison, Davis keeps the creature from coming by killing her. This Week On SHoE – SHoE is back after more than 6 weeks off, but with the return of Smallville we’re back to cover “Infamous,” the first episode back after it’s equally long break. Plus tons of news to catch up on, including the fate of the show’s ninth season.

 SHoE MP3: Episode 114 – “Requiem” | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Here’s the MP3 version of our latest episode, enjoy! Standard MP3 Date: 2/5/09 | Length: 1:34:55 | Subscribe

 Smallville | Episode 114 – ‘Requiem’ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:34:55

February 5, 2009 - Just as Oliver is announcing to the LuthorCorp board of executives that Queen Industries has bought controlling interest in LuthorCorp a bomb detonates in the meeting room. Clark and Lana investigate the bombing and discover that the bomb was made with kryptonite. Lana also discovers that her suit not only gives her strength and speed, but absorbs kryptonite radiation as well. The bombmaker, Winslow Schott, a former Queen Industries employee now under the employ of Lex, plants another bomb on the roof of the Daily Planet. When Lana absorbs the kryptonite in this bomb to deactivate it, she becomes so irradiated that she and Clark can never again be near each other. Clark tracks Lex down, but Lana stops him from doing something he would regret, and Lex's mobile safe-house explodes and kills him. To keep from harming Clark, Lana leaves Smallville, again. This Week On SHoE - It’s the last episode of SHoE and Smallville for a few weeks, so we thought we’d be doing you guys a disservice not to get this one out as soon as possible for a truly epic episode last night. “Requiem” brings us the end of the ‘Clana Trilogy’ and makes us look to the future. Also, a full discussion on the “return” of Lex Luthor, your emails, spoilers and more. Enjoy!

 SHoE MP3: Episode 113 – “Power” | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Here’s the MP3 version of our latest episode, enjoy! Standard MP3 Date: 2/3/09 | Length: 1:10:54 | Subscribe

 Smallville | Episode 113 – ‘Power’ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:10:55

January 29, 2009 - Believing that Lana has been kidnapped, Tess tells Clark that she believes Lex took her. She also informs Clark that the reason Lana left after coming out of her coma was because Lex had her taken into custody when she woke, and forced her to break up with Clark via a video. After Clark talks with Chloe, he realizes that Lana never returned because she was busy plotting her revenge against Lex. Clark and Chloe discover that Lana was not kidnapped, but intends to use Lex's "Prometheus" technology, which harnesses alien DNA to give an individual super-human abilities, on herself. It is a success, and Lana is imbued with super-powers of her own. Later, she tells Clark that he no longer has to worry about her, and that they can work together to make the world a better place. This Week On SHoE - Smallville is staring down the barrel at two more episodes before another 4 week hiatus. Sigh. We know, we know. In the meantime SHoE is here to talk about the “Clana” trilogy, which started in ‘Bulletproof’ and continues this week with ‘Power’. We’ve also got news for the next couple of weeks, emails, and spoilers for ‘Requiem’. Enjoy!

 SHoE MP3: Episode 112 – “Bulletproof” | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Here’s the MP3 version of our latest episode, enjoy! Standard MP3 Date: 1/27/09 | Length: 2:05:10 | Subscribe

 Smallville | Episode 112 – ‘Bulletproof’ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 2:05:10

January 22, 2009 - John Jones is shot by an unseen assailant while on duty, and Chloe and Clark suspect that the shooter was another police officer. Clark goes undercover as a cop to identify the shooter. Clark discovers that a group of officers are taking the law into their own hands, and killing criminals. The group realize who Clark really is, and frame him for John's attempted murder. Believing that Green Arrow is on to them, the cops attempt to kill him as well. Luckily, Clark's words of encouragement persuade one of the cops, a young Dan Turpin, to turn on the others. With some help from John, who has recovered, Clark is cleared of all charges. Lana informs Tess that Lex inserted a nano-transmitter into her optic nerve so that he could keep an eye on everything she was doing. As retribution, Tess offers Oliver the chance to buy LuthorCorp. This Week On SHoE - SHoE is back with an all new episode for the 12th run in season 8, “Bulletproof”, an amazing episode full of all kinds of Superman goodness. in addition to that we’ve got a great discussion about the final 5 episodes of this season, and what it could mean for the end of Smallville itself. Plus news, emails, spoilers and more as the second half of season 8 continues.

 SHoE MP3: Episode 111 – “Legion” | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This Week On SHoE – Smallville returns with a glimpse to the future, as the Legion of Superheroes visits town! SHoE is ready to kick off 2009 with the second half of season 8, and “Legion” was a great way to start. If this one sounds a little different it’s because we did it live [...]


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