The iPad Show (audio) show

The iPad Show (audio)

Summary: The iPad Show is all about the Apple iPad, the applications, hardware reviews, and the latest news. Your hosts Steve Bostedor @sbostedor and David Buchanan @audiocollective talk you through everything that you've ever wanted to know about the iPad. You can join them for a live recording of each episode on their website every Sunday at 3:30PM EST. All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners and this podcast is not officially affiliated with Apple.

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 The iPad Show – Episode 78 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:05

Sponsor: Sponsor: Mozy for Business Call 877.669.9776 or Code Podcast15 saves you 15% (     Today's news and review will all revolve around the new iBooks app. * App Store Link ( Apple has also released an authoring app for iBooks that runs on a Mac. * Mac App Store Link ( We can't wait for Apple to release more tools to easily build other media apps for iOS devices!

 The iPad Show – Episode 77 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:40

Amazing Holidays Savings! 17 iOS Games for $0.99 each including: Sponsor: Mozy for Business Call 877.669.9776 or Code Podcast15 saves you 15% ( Apple extends Samsung patent complaint to cases ( Samsung adds four more complaints to its German patent offensive against Apple ( Apple's A5 processors made on $3.6 billion Samsung production line in Texas, says Reuters ( IPad Supply to Fall Short After Factory Explosion ( Pilots cleared to use iPad during takeoff, landing ( Grand Theft Auto III now on sale in the Android Market and iTunes App Store ( iPad App Reviews Grand Theft Auto III $4.99 ( Sonic CD $2.99 (

 The iPad Show – Episode 76 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 57:07

iPad News iPad 3 rumor reveiw May ship date Higher rest display... 3D? Fatter than 2 to accommodate high res screene In-app subscriptions arrive for App Store games ( iPad App Reviews Google - Free ( HeyStaks - Free ( Amazon Windowshop - Free ( Topic Idea... open nominations for best 11 apps of 2011 iShred ( snowboard with iPad

 The iPad Show – Episode 74 – Think Different | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:04

Steve Jobs Retrospective * Apps mentioned by Steve Jobs * Steve Jobs Shows Off Zillow on iPad at the OS 4.0 Event ( * He calls an iPad developer whos app was rejected ( * The Pulse app fiasco ( * He hated the NY Times app ( * Emails from Steve Jobs ( iPad App Reviews Facebook Free ( Time Magazine Free ( and $4.99 per issue

 The iPad Show – Episode 73 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:48

**Special Steve Jobs episode coming later this week*** iPad NewsiOS 5 To Be Available To Everyone On October 12th ( Apple Reveals Siri Voice Interface: The “Intelligent Assistant” Only For iPhone 4S ( Forstall Intros New And Improved iOS Apps: Cards, iMessage, And More ( Apple Announces ‘Find My Friends’ — Which Parents Can Use To Track Their Child’s Location ( More Than 1 Billion iOS Apps Are Downloaded Each Month ( Nitobi and PhoneGap’s new home at Adobe (   More News Comcast close to releasing AnyPlay box for in-home live TV streaming to tablets ( Wisconsin library loans iPads for at home e-reading ( Kazaa rolls out music streaming app for iOS devices ( NBC, TNT and TBS iPad apps add full-length episodes, won't bring back Steve Carell (

 The iPad Show – Episode 72 – Having fun and getting it done | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 47:21

iPad News Steve Jobs resigns as CEO of Apple. * Tim Cook locked in as new CEO through 2021. Do not buy an iPad from a dude in a McDonald’s parking lot * source ( HP says they will produce another run of TouchPads for sale in North America * source ( * no information on what the price will be, but it probably won’t be $99 again Financial Times app pulled from the App Store * source ( * they didn’t play by Apple’s subscription rules, so they were pulled Open Source iOS device emulator Kickstarter project * source ( * Aims to bring iOS apps to other platforms * run apps on Android, OSX, Linux, Windows desktop and phone * debug iOS apps on an iOS device * study malware in a sandboxed environment Sponsor: GoToMeeting makes it easy to collaborate online with anyone anywhere. Try it Free (!   iPad App Reviews Prezi Viewer Free ( SimpleMind+ Free or $3.99 for full verion ( Wunderlist HD Free (

 The iPad Show – Episode 71 – Moving Forward | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 50:34

iPad News HP’s 2,000 webOS patents and how they could reshape everything link ( Snatch Up Cheap H-P Tablets link ( Apple Grabs Top Spot in Mobile Computer Shipments Thanks to iPad link ( It's iPad or nothing, survey says link ( Apple's iPad 3 Aiming for Early 2012 Launch: Report link ( Sponsor: GoToMeeting makes it easy to collaborate online with anyone anywhere. Try it Free (! iPad App Reviews Bouncy Mouse HD $.99 ( Sticky HD $1.99 (

 The iPad Show – Episode 70 – The iPad TV | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 46:08

iPad News Vimeo Brings Couch Mode to the iPad ( ( Boxee Delivers a Snazzy New iPad App ( ( Vudu Is Now Streaming To The iPad, Uses Web App To Avoid The App Store Revenue Tax Cablevision Brings Live TV to the Ultra-Small Screen ( ( Cablevision and Viacom settle lawsuit over live TV on iPad ( Does Cinemax’s iPad app violate Apple’s no-porn policy? ( Amazon’s Answer To Apple’s Terms: A Web-Based Kindle Cloud Reader — Brilliant On PC, Better On iPad ( Apple Blocks Sales Of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 In EU, Motorola’s Xoom Next? ( Facebook Just Out-iMessaged iMessage — And SMS Is More Screwed Than Ever ( iPad App Reviews Boxee Free App Store Link ( StumbleUpon Free App Store Link (!/id386244833?mt=8) i. TV Free App Store Link (

 The iPad Show – Episode 69 – This week in apps | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:28

iPad App ReviewsIKEA Free ( Free ( Free ( GoToMeeting makes it easy to collaborate online with anyone anywhere. Try it Free! ( iPad News Push Pop Press purchased by Facebook * source ( * publishers of the iPad book app “Our Choice” written by Al Gore, and that is the only book they published, they will not publish any more * they were featured on TED * their goal was to publish books that were highly interactive and really took full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities and interface * they were working on a publishing platform to make it simple for publishers to make stunning iPad book apps as a business model * Install Link ( Apple manufacturer Foxconn to replace some of workforce with robots * source ( * as foretold by the Dilbert animated series, you can use a computer to buy a computer from a computer that was bulit by a computer. Humans are becoming irrelevant to the process except for consumption. * “Where are the humans? Show me the humans.” -Dogbert The Square reader for iPad has been hacked to be used as a card skimmer. * source ( iPad 2 online shipping finally drops to 24 hours * source (

 The iPad Show – Episode 68 – Blockbuster | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 55:41

iPad App ReveiwsLego Harry Potter $4.99 ( Dark of the Moon HD $3.99 ( Captain America: Sentinel of Liberty $.99 ( Sponsor: GoToMeeting makes it easy to collaborate online with anyone anywhere. Try it Free! ( iPad NewsApple Reports Third Quarter Results iPad Sales Grow 183 Percent Link (’s Tim Cook: The iPad Is Cannibalizing Some Mac Sales, But There Are “A Lot More Windows PCs To Cannibalize Than Macs” Link ( iPad 2 ship times shrink to 1-3 days Read more: ( IPad users like to lounge in easy chairs, browse on Safari, report says Link ( Line2 converts your iPad into a phone for $10 a month Link ( Apples files 3D display patent link (,news-11950.html)

 The iPad Show – Episode 67 – The Key(board) to the iPads success | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 54:36

iPad App Reviews  The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore $4.99 ( Marathon 1 Free ( LetterMpress $5.99 ( iPad News People don't want like tablet keyboards Link ( Keyboard on the comeback! Zaggmate iPad 1 Keyboard case Link ( Zagg Folio Case with Keyboard Link ( Kensington KeyFolio Pro Link ( Clamcase Link ( Apple predicted to report record 8.5M iPad sales next week link (

 The iPad Show – Episode 66 – Rare Earth iPad | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 53:08

iPad App Review  iChromy Free ( Tiny Tower Free ( iPad News Georgian president's son claims 'iPad typing record' Link ( Apple: iPhone, iPad Builds Trend Higher, Says Pac Crest Link ( Apple iPhone 5, iPad 3 Will See Fall Release: Report Link ( Japan's 'Rare Earth' Mineral Discovery Could Fix iPad Supply Shortages Link ( Apple iPad 3 mockup emerges with 3D edge-to-edge AMOLED display Link ( Executive Pleads Guilty to Leaking Apple Secrets Link ( Google+ App for iPhone, iPad Awaiting Apple's Approval Link (,2817,2388063,00.asp) Jailbreak your iPad 2 via the web with leaked utility Link ( Tablets Are For Men, E-Readers Are For Women? So The Research (And Ads) Say Link (

 The iPad Show – Episode 65 – Summer Reading List | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:08

iPad App Reviews  Zinio Magazine Newsstand & Reader * Free ( Discovr Apps * $0.99 * iTunes Link ( Sponsor: Protect your Home with ADT Security Services! Call 1-866-778-3127 ( ( iPad News  Apple Granted Broad Multi-Touch Patent * source ( * what you need to know is this could potentially be a disaster for every other smart phone sold in the U.S. * Apple has a few options * Sue to collect royalties for other companies using/infringing on the patent * this could bring in a lot of money * it also raises barriers for competition because the patented technology (filed in 2007) is now pretty much the standard for the industry * Sue to block import of devices using the patent * this is less likely, but it depends on whether Apple wants to make obscene amounts of money with competition or obscene amounts of money without competition * this could also lead to a judge invalidating the patent because it would destroy an existing, vibrant, and otherwise mostly non-infringing marketplace New York Post website blocking Safari access on iPad * source ( * You can use other browsers like Mercury and Skyfire to access the site still. * This is because they have an app * $6.99 per month * $39.99 for six months * $79.99 for 1 year * no single issue purchases Facebook reportedly working on an iPad app Link ( Narrate Zoosh - NFC with the NFC chip * source ( * uses ultra-sonic frequencies that humans can’t hear * might piss off dogs, bats, and dolphins People spend more time in phone/tablet apps than on the web * source ( * 74 minutes per day on web * 81 minutes per day in apps Apple’s new iPad 2 ad: YouTube Link (  

 The iPad Show – Episode 64 – In check | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 1:01:21

iPad App Reviews  Peek Free ( MyPad+ $.99 (about:blank) or free ( Death Worm $.99 ( Sponsor: Protect your Home with ADT Security Services! Call 1-866-778-3127 (   iPad News We have a keynote!!!! New features in iOS 5: * Notifications * Newsstand * iMessage * Airplay Mirroring * Twitter * Safari Improvements, tabbed browsing on iPad * Reminders * Camera Improvements * Mail * Wireless Sync * Game Center Verizion iPad 3G recalled - duplicate MEID’s link (  

 The iPad Show – Episode 63 – iShow | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:20

iPad App Reviews  Stitcher Free ( Sponsor: GoToMeeting makes it easy to collaborate online with anyoneanywhere. Try it free. (   iPad News iCloud * might be a replacement to ( * supposed to stream music purchased on iTunes to any iOS or OSX device * might also feature storage for your to upload your own music * no idea on how much it might cost * some speculation that it might feature streaming of TV shows and movies from ABC, Disney, and Sony (to name a few) * There is some conflict with some studios on the HBO window, where movies aren’t allowed to be sold when they are playing on HBO. * Whatever the speculation, Apple has confirmed that Steve Jobs will be there to present. iPhoneIslam brings phone calling and texting to unlocked iPad 3G (1st gen) * source ( * These are the same guys that brought FaceTime to the iPhone 3GS, so it seems for real * They say it will be on Cydia “soon”. * There’s a video if you click the source link. FAA approves using iPads for flight manuals * source ( * replaces 25 pounds of hard-copy flight manuals * Alaska Airlines the first to adopt Sponsor: Protect your Home with ADT Security Services! Call 1-866-778-3127 (


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