Deep House, Nu Disco & Jazz Funk in (((HEAVY ROTATION))) show

Deep House, Nu Disco & Jazz Funk in (((HEAVY ROTATION)))

Summary: Different kinds of funky. Deep, dirty, underground dance music. Heavy disco dub and jackin funk house. Electric boogie and cosmic rhythm mixed and sliced by Brad Slyde for broadcast on CKUT 90.3 FM in Montreal Canada.

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 (((JAZZ BEATS))) Jazzy House Beats | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:04:38

Johnny Fiasco "Margarita" Juan Mejia Decatur Revival Remix (Grouper) Wattie Green "Osmosis" (Coyote Cuts) Ramiro Lopez "Sei Shower" JT Donaldson Mix (Smoke City) Castelli + Ackermann "The Psycho Pianist" Castelli's Deep Mix (Soulman) Clan Greco "Rotation" Eric Kupper Remix (Irma) Crussen "Getting Ready" (Central) D-t3ch "Mojito Movement" (Voluptuous) Allan Zax "Just This Night" Morning Edit (Grouper) Mel Rosario "Stuck On Jazz" (Purple Onion) Scrubfish "Improv Blu" (Cabbie Hat) Wattie Green "Mid Tenn Strut" (Flapjack) Lettuce "Madison Square" (Velour)

 (((DISCO BASS))) Disco Funk House Bass | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:33

The Idjut Boys + Quakerman “Radio Rage” (Glasgow Underground) In Flagranti “Hallow Discourse” Pete Herbert Edit (Codek) Sneaky Fox “Major Gruber” (Grande Buffo) La Bionda “I Got Your Number” Linosaur Edit (Audaz) Marcus Marr “Well Alright” (New Finger) Motown Sounds “Bad Mouthin” (Motown) Space “Mixed Up” EDIT Timewarp “Chk” (Kraak) The Bionics “Love Chains” Max Essa Mix (Paper) Crazy P “Eruption” (20:20 Vision) Eruption “Party Party” EDIT The Brothers Johnson “Stomp” Daniel Lucas Edit (Groove Democracy) Messengers “First Left” (Messed) Alexander Robotnick + Stefano Cocco Cantini “Love Supreme” (Hot Elephant) Disco + Co. “Bass Power” (Tubetracks) D.D. Sound “Disco Bass” EDIT

 (((GET DOWN))) Jackin Funky House | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:01:48

Chuck Love "How We Get Down" RTHM Dub (Love Network) Corduroy Mavericks "Get With This" (Juiced) Inland Knights "Waster" (Drop) Kinky Movement "One More Time" (Twisted Minds) Jeff Dougler + Balu "Get Back Alley Cat" (Tastie) Jam Funk "Shady Places" (Midwest Hustle) Paolo Mojo "Play Your Hand" Talking Props Remix (Lokik) Pete Le Freq "Duke It Out" (Blatt Traxx) Freaky Behaviour "Funkamatik Shine Shooby" (Ficus Tree) Wattie Green "You Got Me" (Funk Mansion) Jeff Dougler + Balu "Get High" (Tastie)

 (((BREAKUP DISCO))) Music For Broken Hearts | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:18:54

Crazy P “Twisted” (20:20 Vision) Volta Cab “Magic In Your Eyes” (ISM) Mannmade Music “Circles” (Lumberjacks In Hell) Debonair “Why” (House Of Disco) Loudery “Getting Away With It” (Nang) Mario Basanov + Miss Bee “Just Think About” Art Of Tones Mix (Under The Shade) Loudery “Getting Away With It” Instrumental (Nang) Crazy P “Changes” DJ Edit (20:20 Vision) The Bionics “Love Chains” Max Essa Mix (Paper) Lou Teti “Talk About It” (La Belle) Atfunk + NavyRed “Something About You” Downtempo Edit (Timewarp) Jean Carn “Was That All It Was” (Philadelphia International) Harold Melvin + The Blue Notes “Don’t Leave Me This Way” (Philadelphia International)

 (((HOUSE FUSION))) Funky House Music | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:42

Los Chicharrons "Roots Of Life" (Tummy Touch) Corduroy Mavericks "Don't Ask Me" (Coyote Cuts) Kinky Movement "Climbing" (10inch-Dogg) Stan Kolev "Change" Gion Remix (Dutchie) Trotter "At The Pool" Atfunk Remix (Timewarp) Felipe L "Out Man" Rik-Art Remix (Perception) Ross Couch "One Night In The Bronx" (Body Rhythm) Manjane "Harlem River Drive" (Guesthouse) M+Gors "Radio Meat" (Juiced) Rhythmcentric "New School Fusion" Seb Skalski Club Mix (Look At You) Forrest Avery + Derty D "I'm A Dream" (Flapjack) TJR "Funky Vodka" (Rising) Horny Tones "This Time" (Riffop) Matt Everson "Havana" (Maquina) JD Mals "Little Pixy" (Flapjack) Crussen "Parker's Jam" (Greenhouse)

 (((MORE HEAVY CUTS))) Disco Funk Edits | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:11:16

Dan Hartman "Vertigo" EDIT DD Sound "Cafe" EDIT Sea Cruise "You Could Have Been A Dancer" EDIT Renata Barnes + Company "Dance Express" EDIT Gary's Gang "Do It At The Disco" EDIT Saturday Night Band "Come On Dance, Dance" EDIT Carrie Lucas "Keep Smilin" EDIT Munich Machine "Get On The Funk Train" EDIT District Of Columbia "Hail To The Teeth" EDIT Manu Dibango "Sun Explosion" EDIT Bar-Kays "Holy Ghost" EDIT

 (((HEAVY MOODS))) Chill Deep Disco House | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:12:09

Lou Teti "Talk About It" (La Belle) Kraak + Smaak "Hold Back Love" Lovebirds Instrumental (Jalapeno) Ben La Desh "Doctor Bills" (Outernational) JKriv + Lou Teti "Elisco" Leftside Wobble Version (Deep+Disco) Love Bites "Undersiders" (Electrique) Casual Encounters + Honom "Giovanni's Way" Silver City Mix (Spirit Soul) Proper Heat "Gettin To" Synth Dub (Nang) Rotciv + Zopelar "This Cow" (Pizzico Nobel) The Bionics "Love Chains" Max Essa Mix (Paper) Michael J Collins "Nothing Wrong With Holding On" (Apersonal) Gregory Porter "1960 What?" Opolopo Kick + Bass Rerub (Tokyo Dawn) Eddie Henderson "Explodition" (Blue Note)

 (((ALL WAYS))) Chill Downtempo Disco | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:06:21

Cantoma "Paloma" Mudd Mix (Leng) Jean Claude Gavri "7th House" (Coco Bin) Johnny Adams "Feel The Beat" The Revenge Edit (Z) Led Zeppelin "Whole Lotta Love" Valique Dub (Vehicle) Mathias Stuba "All Night Long" (BBE) Quando Quango "Genius" (Factory) Okyerema Asante "Sabi (Get Down)" (Atumpar) Andromeda Orchestra "Sensitive" Special Disco Mix (FAR) In Flagranti "Restraint Bias" (Codek) Dimitri From Paris + DJ Rocca "Ero Disco Theme" (Gomma) Cantoma "North Shore" Max Essa Mix (Leng) Jean Claude Gavri "Az Alwayz" (Coco Bin)

 (((TURN ON))) Funky Jackin Uptempo House | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:08:03

Corduroy Mavericks "Good Life" (Native Soul) Wattie Green "Feel That Way" Mr. No Mix (Coyote Cuts) Ross Couch "Rockin In Rio" (Body Rhythm) Corduroy Mavericks "Girl What's Up" Kinky Movement Driving Mix (Native Soul) Jazzmopper J "Choof Doof" (Highjack) Brown + Steve Littlemen "Foolin Around" Toby Neal Mix (Mobile Trax) Crussen "Knock It Down" (Caboose) Rescue + Uriah West "Turn Me On" (Flapjack) Gene Farris + Russol "Dance Warriors" Sonny Fodera Mix (Cajual) Onsei "Babadeh" (Replay) Fourfeet "Fade Away" Nate Laurence Mix (Love Network) Swing Kings "Bold As Brass" (Orange Groove) Kinky Movement "Rockback" (Beatdown)

 (((HEAVY DISCO JAZZ))) Funk Fusion Disco Jazz | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:17:06

Eddie Henderson “Butterfly” (Capitol) Norman Connors + The Starship Orchestra “Captain Connors” (BMG) Eddie Henderson “Say You Will” (Capitol) Francine McGee “Delirium” (RCA) Disco + Co. “Cold Coke” (Tubetracks) Lonnie Liston Smith + The Cosmic Echoes “Expansions” (Flying Dutchman) Powerline “Double Journey” (Prelude) Azymuth “Jazz Carnival” (Milestone) Armando Trovaioli “Blazing Magnum” (CDHW) Bernard Wright “Mr. Clean” Gazeebo Edit (Community) Eddie Henderson “Inside You” (Blue Note)

 (((FRIDAY FUNKIN))) Funky Jazz House | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:10:57

Wattie Green "Brazilian Heat" (Coyote Cuts) Corduroy Mavericks "Close Tight" (Flapjack) Diem + Romano Arcaini "Time" South Of Roosevelt Mix (Native Soul) The Sound Republic "Up The Council" Frankie J Mix (Guesthouse) Soul De Marin "Pimpin" (Dufflebag) Wattie Green "The Prophet" (Coyote Cuts) Emil Lanne "Rhode Trip" (Guesthouse) Kinky Movement "In The Middle" (Replay) Brown + Steve Littlemen "Foolin Around" Toby Neal Mix (Mobile Trax) Jackin Box "The Grill" (Flapjack) Jam Funk "Roll Rock" (Funk Mansion) Freaky Behaviour "Turbo Daddy" (Cleanhouse) Moshun "Raw As Funk" (Roundhouse) Corduroy Mavericks "Doo Wop" Kinky Movement Mix (Beatdown)

 (((THROWDOWN))) Deep Nu Disco | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:16:26

Johnny Dynell “Nu Throwdown” (Smash Hit) Crimea X “Liubov” Daniele Baldelli Mix (Hell Yeah) Gwen Guthrie “Hopscotch” Rotciv Edit (Mister Mistery) Gazeebo “Gushing Climax” Lou Teti Mix (Community Recordings) Smoove + Turrell “Beggarman” Crazy P Mix (Jalapeno) Basement Freaks “Disco Life” (Jalapeno) Mash + Munkee “Make A Difference” Neighbour Mix (Funk Weapons) James Curd “Through All This Stuff” Tad Wily Mix (Smash Hit) Casual Encounters + Baxter “No Limits” Instrumental (Space Walker) Frankie Goes To Hollywood “Relax” Instrumental (Island) Jean Claude Gavri “There Goes A Supernova” (Coco Bin) Chris Nemmo “Cendrillon” (Klik) Incarnations “Punta Paloma” Frisvold + Rune Lindbæk Mix (Love Monk) Bonar Bradberry “Raum Strasse” Ray Mang Mix (Under The Shade) Jas Who + Sunshine Jones “Eye 2 Eye” Sunshine’s Mix (Temple)

 (((WERK THAT))) Funky Jackin House Music | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:54

Corduroy Mavericks "Werk That" (Dufflebag) Freaky Behaviour "Funkamatic Shine Shooby" (Ficus Tree) Mark Stevens "Prom Night" (Flapjack) The Shuffle Club "Late Night Cats" Wattie Green Mix (Central) Inland Knights "Do It Again" (Drop) Kinky Movement "One More Time" (Twisted Minds) Tom Drummond "The Kinda Break" (Chunky Traxx) Giano "Disco Dancer" RTHM Mix (Soul Fuel) Emil Lanne "Make My Body Move" (Guesthouse) Hugh Cleal "Fool's Play" Wattie Green Dub (Juiced) Corduroy Mavericks "That's Your Love" (Serial Sickness) Darlyn Vlys "Cent Complexes" (Time Has Changed) Bobby + Klein "Music Sounds Better" (Guesthouse)

 (((HEAVY DUB))) Jamaican Dub Classics | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:19:54

George Dudley “Gates Of Zion” Steel Pulse “Steppin’ Out Dub” Prince Lincoln + The Royal Rasses “Second Sight” Lee Scratch Perry “Upsetting Dub” Prince Lincoln + The Royal Rasses “Interstellar Overdub” King Tubby + The Skatalites “Roots Dub” Butch Cassidy Soundsystem “Rockers Galore” Prince Lincoln + The Royal Rasses “Cosmic Silence” Sly + Robbie “Mickey Mouse” Jackie Mittoo “A Night In Ethiopia” Lee Scratch Perry “Lee Perry Special Dub” Gregory Isaacs “Feeling Sad Tonight” Prince Lincoln + The Royal Rasses “Gravitational Echoes” Prince Lincoln + The Royal Rasses “Universally Dubbed” Studio One “Running Dub” Sound Dimension “Rockfort Rock” Prince Lincoln + The Royal Rasses “Nebular Dub” King Tubby + The Skatalites “Fugitive Dub” Bob Marley “Exodus” Bill Laswell Remix

 (((CALL ME))) Funky House Disco | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:03:27

Wattie Green "You Got Me" (Funk Mansion) Sonny Fodera "What Ya Want" (Drop) Joshua Heath + Colette "Call On Me" Chuck Love Mix (Candy Talk) J+M Brothers "Mass Funk" (Candy Music) South Of Roosevelt "Boom" (Flapjack) Andru Pozzatron "Funk That" Corduroy Mavericks Mix (Deepfunk) Little Man Big "This Is The Way" Tom Special Interest Mix (Mobile Trax) Wattie Green "This Way" (Funk Mansion) Malente + Dex "In Nightclubs" (Exploited) Neighbour "Stars On 45" (Homebreakin) Marcus Marr "Well Alright" (New Finger) Mix Chopin "Bonne Nuit" (Shiny Disco Club) Audio Jacker "Jacker's 5th Symphony" (Tasty)


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