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Summary: From industry news to techy trends to newsmaker interviews, no technology angle is too small or obscure to explore. Our reporters take you there in this video series that aims to bring you even closer to the tech news you find daily on CNET News.

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 News: Tech Minute: Tech keeps you in the game | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 60

The 2012 Summer Olympic Games opened last week in London. CNET's Kara Tsuboi brings you some high-tech ways to stay on top of the festivities, in this week's Tech Minute.

 News: Stamping out aggressive mobile app ads | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 86

If you've ever downloaded a free mobile app on your Android smartphone, there is a pretty good chance you've been the target of an aggressive ad or other app malware. But there is a new sheriff watching the app store, keeping an eye on so-called "aggressive ad networks." CNET's Jonas Tichenor takes a look at the best ways to protect yourself.

 News: Apple, Samsung are new contenders in patent battle | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 79

On Monday, a federal trial between Apple and Samsung gets under way in San Jose, Calif. Both technology giants are claiming the other stole their patented technology for use in their mobile devices. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on the trial details and what the outcome could mean to consumers.

 News: Control your computer with a wave of your hand | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 136

CNET's Rafe Needleman demos gesture-control software for Windows 8.

 News: Google unveils superfast internet | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 95

Google Fiber made its debut today. It's a new ultrahigh-speed Internet network that's supposed to run 100 times faster than typical broadband connections.

 News: Tech Minute: How to stop Facebook face recognition | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 57

Recently, Facebook announced that it has a new way to recognize your face in photos without your permission. This feature could spell trouble for a lot people who get caught in embarrassing pictures, and raises issues of privacy rights to boot. In this Tech Minute, CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on how to prevent Facebook from using this technology.

 News: Electric vehicles: Why they're stuck in the slow lane | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 100

Steve Jurvetson of Draper Fisher Jurvetson talks about why he's so excited to drive his Tesla Model S--and what it means for the rest of the electric vehicle industry. But will consumers ever bite? Sumi Das reports.

 News: Tech Minute: Learn a new language via Google | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 64

These days, we turn to Google for help with just about everything. So why not use it to help learn a foreign language? Google is in the middle of experimenting with a new, free program that immerses you into your foreign language of choice while you surf the Web. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports.

 News: Can Marissa Mayer save Yahoo? | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 97

Yahoo's new CEO, longtime Google exec Marissa Mayer, will be the the sixth person to occupy the CEO office in the past five years. Can Mayer turn around the struggling search company? Correspondent Sumi Das reports.

 News: Marissa Mayer on Women in Tech | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 372

Google executive Marissa Mayer joins CNET's CES 2012 panel on Women in Tech and reveals her tips to avoid job burnout and on becoming and staying successful.

 News: Microsoft gives new Office a Windows 8 look | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 231

Microsoft's Steve Ballmer and Kirk Koenigsbauer show off the new Office for consumers and businesses, with redesigned apps including OneNote, Sharepoint, PowerPoint, and Excel. The cloud-based software will be available for tablets, smartphones, and desktop devices.

 News: High-tech doggie daycare | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 102

New sites like Dog Vacay and are connecting dog-sitting hosts with local pet owners who can't travel with Fido this summer. Kara Tsuboi brings you the latest in high-tech dog sitting.

 News: VC firm banks on the poor | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 95

Venture capitalist companies are notorious for trying to make big profits by investing in startups. But Sumi Das talks to the founder of one firm that's looking for a different return on investment: social good.

 News: Tech Minute: Tips for older job seekers | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 72

Finding a job is never easy, but especially not for older workers who have either been out of the workforce for a while or whose technology skills may not be as up to date as the market demands. In this Tech Minute, CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on a handful of useful Web sites and resources for the over-50 job seeker.

 News: Impending Internet darkness for thousands | File Type: video/mp4 | Duration: 96

On Monday the Internet may go dark for tens of thousands of computer users here in the US. That's because several years ago hackers sent out a debilitating virus that affected several thousand users worldwide. CNET's Kara Tsuboi reports on how the DNSChanger malware works and what you can do to protect your computer.


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