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Summary: Going beyond the basics… Interviews and discussions with UFO researchers, authors, witnesses, scientists, and others to talk in-depth about issues related to this very real phenomenon. We bring together some of the best minds from multiple disciplines so that we can put our heads together to try to gain insight into this enigmatic issue. Host Alejandro Rojas is a UFO & Paranormal researcher, journalist, lecturer and Huffington Post blogger. Alejandro is a field investigator for the Mutual UFO Network, the largest UFO investigative organization in the US, and is currently their Director of Public Relations and a state section director in Arizona. Alejandro has been interviewed by media organizations around the world, including the largest cable and network news agencies.

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 Stan Romanek, Abduction Evidence - Jan 23,2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:15:00

Stan Romanek made international news when a still from a video he took, that appears to be a grey alien, was circulated throughout the media. Although a picture alone is hardly evidence, most people don’t know that Stan has an abundance of evidence that supports that he has been abducted by something or someone, including video footage of UFOs, Balls of light, and possible ETs. Stan’s website: www.stanromanek.com

 Richard Lang, UFO Investigator - Jan 21,2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:15:00

Richard Lang is in charge of the Mutual UFO Network’s rapid response team (STAR). The Mutual UFO Network is the largest UFO investigative organization in the country, and has been in business since 1969. MUFON has hundreds of certified investigators throughout the country. Lang is in charge of getting boots on the ground to investigate the biggest cases, and flies out himself to look into cases that warrant MUFON’s full attention. He will talk to us about some of the incredible cases they have looked into recently. MUFON's website: www.MUFON.com

 Richard Dolan, Acclaimed UFO Historian - Jan 14,2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 00:45:00

Author of the definitive multi-volume UFOs and the National Security State, Richard Dolan has spoken about UFOs for audiences around the world. He has also appeared on many documentaries for The History Channel, Sci Fi Channel, BBC, and elsewhere. In 2006, he was host for the TV series SciFi Investigates. He is also the host for the upcoming show First Contact. This is a rebroadcast of last Friday's show. Listen to our shows live at www.OpenMinds.tv every Friday at noon AZ Time. Read more about Dolan at his website: http://keyholepublishing.com/

 Michael Schratt, Military Aerospace Historian - Jan 07,2010 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:00:00

Michael Schratt has been studying top secret military planes and has developed first hand contacts with people who have worked on “black projects”. He has also studied hundreds of UFO cases reports from the Center for UFO Studies (CUFOS) files and others. Schratt has lectured around the world regarding mysterious and secret aircraft. He is currently a private pilot and aerospace draftsman.

 Chuck Wade, UFO Crash Debris - Dec 31,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Chuck Wade, owner of Wade Building Co. in Gallup, New Mexico, received his Bachelors Degree in Civil Engineering from New Mexico State University. Chuck was born and raised in Corona, New Mexico -- the area where rancher Mac Brazel found strange silver "flying disc" debris in July 1947. He has since investigated several UFO crashes and has his own theory on what happened in Roswell. He has also has several pieces of metal that he believes come from UFO crashes.

 Jim Dilettoso, UFO Photo Analyst - Dec 17,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Jim Dilettoso has over 100 projects and 20 years experience in CAD engineering and communications installation. He was one of the early pioneers in Computer Aided Design systems with experience in systems design and application engineering. He was a founder of the Arizona State University Computer Institute and served as its CAD and AI Director from 1984 to 1989. While in that post he also served as the NASA Industrial Application Center Technology Director. Jim currently has hosted news segments on Discovery Channel, Fox Network, MTV and A&E. More recently, Jim has developed software to analyze photos. He has used this to test some of the most famous UFO pictures, including the Billy Meier photos and the pictures taken of the Phoenix lights. He will share his methods and findings with us.

 Nancy Talbott, the 2009 Circle Season and the Robbert van den Broeke case - Dec 10,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Nancy Talbott, a retired music producer with a research background at the University of Maryland and at Harvard College, is now a world renowned crop circle researcher and runs the BLT Research Team. BLT has done the best scientific work on crop circles and documented several anomalies that have yet to be explained by conventional means. While investigating crop circles Nancy began investigating the strange case of Robbert van den Broeke. Robbert is a young Dutch man who has been able to predict the creation of crop circles, as well as take some amazing pictures of strange people and objects that are not seen with the naked eye. Nancy has investigated and documented this phenomena. She has taken criticism for supporting Robbert, but having witnessed it she feels it is her responsibility to share her research. She will be answering questions about Robbert and giving us some information on the 2009 crop circle season.

 Maurizio Baiata, Italian UFO Journalist - Dec 03,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Maurizio is an investigative reporter, magazine editor and UFO researcher He started his journalistic activity in the late Sixties as a free lance journalist and then editor of several Rock Italian magazines, reaching the peak of his career as Editor in chief of "Rolling Stone" magazine’s Italian edition. In 1981 he moved to New York working as radio correspondent for the Italian state network RAI and then becoming editor-cultural page of the daily newspaper “Il Progresso Italo Americano”. Seven years later Baiata moved back to Italy and concentrated on UFO research, focusing on the Roswell incident. He produced many documentaries with large diffusion through all media and released the Autopsy Footage in 1995. In 1997 he published two books of the late Col. Philip Corso, “The Day After Roswell” and “Dawn of a New Age” (Corso’s original diary never published elsewhere). In Italy Baiata directed “Notiziario UFO", "UFO Network", “Dossier Alieni”, "Stargate"”Area 51” and “X Times” and two multimedia encyclopedias: “UFO Dossier X” and "Stargate - Enigmi dal Cosmo". He has presented at numerous lectures worldwide, including two appearances at the International UFO Congress in Laughlin. UPDATE FROM JEFF PECKMAN.

 Antonio Huneeus, UFO Journalist - Nov 19,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Open Minds Investigative Reporter J. Antonio Huneeus has covered the UFO field from an international perspective for over 30 years. His articles have appeared in dozens of publications in the U.S., Latin America, Europe and Japan. He was also the co-author of the Laurance Rockefeller-funded “UFO Briefing Document – The Best Available Evidence” and edited the book “A Study Guide to UFOs, Psychic & Paranormal Phenomena in the USSR.” Huneeus studied French at the Sorbonne University in Paris and Journalism at the University of Chile in Santiago in the 1970s. He has lectured at dozens of UFO Conferences all over the world and been interviewed by many media outlets including The Washington Post, the Sy-Fy and History Channels, Nippon-TV, etc. He received the “Ufologist of the Year” award at the National UFO Conference in Miami Beach in 1990 and the “Courage in Journalism” award at the X-Conference in Gaithersburg, Maryland, in 2007.

 Arthur David Horn, Ph.D., Humanity's ET Origins - Nov 12,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Arthur David Horn, Ph.D., author of Humanity’s Extraterrestrial Origins, and former anthropology professor at Colorado State University, will give evidence that the origins of humanity came from extraterrestrial life, rather than Darwin’s evolution theory.

 Retired USAF Pilot, Col. Wendelle Stevens, 6 Decades of UFO Research - Oct 29,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Wendelle C. Stevens is a retired US Air Force pilot-turned-UFO investigator and researcher. Wendelle began his military career in the Army Air Force in 1942. After WWII, in the newly formed Air Force, Wendelle participated in many top secret programs, including those which had him investigate UFOs. Having this official inside knowledge, he knew there was something to the phenomena, so he began his own private research and investigation. Since then Wendell has collected more than 4,000 actual UFO photographs, and has written and co-authored over 30 books on extensive UFO contact cases. Stevens has also been a Director of the International UFO Congress since its inception, as its original founding member. He has investigated many high profile cases such as the Billy Meier case and the Aztec UFO crash in New Mexico. We will talk to Wendelle about his Air Force days, his collection of photos and books, and ask him to share his special insight during his 6 decades of UFO research.

 Bryce Zabel, TV Writer/Producer - Oct 22,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Bryce Zabel was a CNN correspondent that turned-writer/producer. He has written and directed many television shows on many genres, and of particular interest to us, several in the arena of UFOs and ET conspiracies, his most well-known effort being the Dark Skies series. He also co-produced a movie called Official Denial and was involved with Steven Spielberg’s mini-series Taken. All of these productions demonstrate in-depth knowledge of real UFO research. We will talk to Bryce about his UFO research and the growing focus on UFOs from the media.

 Daniel Pace, Movie Director - Oct 15,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Daniel Pace is a Director, Writer, Producer, Editor, Cinematographer, Art Director, and software developer. His latest movie, Appearance of a Man, centers on a priest who begins to experience strange phenomena beginning the night of the Phoenix Lights UFO sightings. Although UFO sightings are one of the strange paranormal events in the movie, much more high strangeness occurs, suggesting that perhaps there is a link between all of the weirdness. Things are perhaps much more complicated and wonderful than they appear. Daniel will talk to us about his film, the themes he included, and his more holistic perspective on UFOs and other phenomena. He will also give our listeners a chance to see his movie online for free. http://www.theappearanceofaman.com/

 Ron Regehr, Abductions and Hopi and Anasazi ET interaction - Oct 08,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Ron Regehr is a retired aerospace engineer with experience working with space surveillance systems. He is now MUFON's associate Director of Research and their co-state Director in Utah. He heads up their abduction research team. Ron will give us insight into his background, MUFON's Abduction team, and his research into interactions between ETs ad the Hopi and Anasazi Native-American nations.

 Mark Easter, MUFON's New PR Guy - Oct 01,2009 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:30:00

Mark has been an active member of MUFON since 2000 and is also MUFON's Nevada State Director as well as a Certified Field Investigator. Mark Easter has worked in broadcast television and radio communications since 1976 and has operated his own P.R. and advertising agency since 1990. He created the MUFON PSA that you can see at MUFON's website and on MUFON's YouTube. We will talk to Mark about his history as an investigator and State Director for MUFON. We will also discuss his plans for future MUFON press visibility.


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