minimal show by john smthg show

minimal show by john smthg

Summary: minimal house and techno playlists, mixed by john smthg.


 april playlist - lower sun side mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hello, a taste of sun with all these fantastics releases. So deep and dirty ! enjoy ! playlist : 01 maya jane coles, something in the air, bonobo remix, hypercolour; 02 rhadow, gave you, mario aureo remix, the sounds records; 03 tom demac, vocoder's revenge, aus music; 04 000, rats and butterfly, amam; 05 max goessler, yemase, somedate records; 06 rar, hool, cocoon recordings; 07 the cheapers, memories, upon you; 08 maceo plex, conjure drama, ellum audio; 09 david k & francesco farfa feat. dr felix, come up from the darkness, souvenir; 10 midland, for (yacht) club use only, vynehall's port side manoeuver, 130 knots remix, aus music. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 march playlist - feroce mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, some really nice old and new releases this month; as the world around us here's the fierce mix. enjoy ! playlist : 01 &me, everless, keinemusik; 02 the white lamp, ride with you, mike dehnert remix, hotflush; 03 simian mobile disco, snake bile wine, delicacies; 04 daniel avery, need electric, phantasy sound; 05 adolpho & franky, go forth, fantastic friends; 06 tiga vs audion, let's go dancing, adam beyer remix, turbo; 07 butric, up, sei es drum germany; 08 chateau flight, chichi devils, versatile; 09 the headless ghost, out, tamed music; 10 juxta position, the darkness, mistress recordings. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 june playlist - hipi mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, a lot of beautiful and amazing tracks this month, with a special one from my friend rafael, hope you will enjoy them! playlist : 01 &me, ashes, saved; 02 leghau, minimalize, ixel remix, flicker; 03 rafael murillo, background feat. jaw, la vie en rose; 04 kiki & chaim, love kills, bpitch control; 05 wahrlich & carbon, stilblüte, der hut; 06 groove armada, oh tweak to me, hypercolour; 07 behr, camino, nixwax; 08 wahrlich & carbon, maki menuett, der hut; 09 paranoid london feat. mulato pintado, eating glue, paranoid london; 10 micro trauma, contrast, max cooper rmx, traum. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 february playlist - sugar waves mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hello, appreciate the 100th minimal show mix. only sugar tracks for your soul ! enjoy playlist : 01 liquid phonk, izey, foul & sunk; 02 yate, snowdown, propaganda; 03 mike shannon, gravitron, cynosure; 04 pig & dan and rachel lyn, this is not love, terminal m; 05 paranoid london with paris brightledge, paris dub 2, paranoid london; 06 simon ferdinand, too much kaviar, night drive music; 07 harvey mckay, lost, drumcode; 08 gary beck, time for baby, bek; 09 tim green, humming syrup, cocoon; 10 eric sneo feat chris the voice, system, 1605 music therapy. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed  

 january playlist - free love mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all I wish all the best for this new year ! a very special selection for a good 2014 start. enjoy ! playlist : 01 nico stojan & mira, hangover, ursl records; 02 dan noel, madame fantome, klimaks records; 03 kiki, sinister 3, bpitch control; 04 martin landsky feat liban, we groove (grooveapella), systematic; 05 green velvet, bigger than prince, hot since 82 remix, circus recordings; 06 tiga vs audion, let's go dancing, maya jane coles in the dark remix, turbo; 07 geddes, waiting, mobilee; 08 thor, yellow sky over reykjavik, baikal remix, connaisseur; 09 dj qu, do this here, yygrec; 10 steve lawler, upsidedown, hector remix, siesta. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 december playlist - street kids mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hello, what a fantastic month with such wonderful releases... enjoy ! playlist : 01 la fleur, nightflow, kenny larkin drama mix, water gate; 02 dominik eulberg & gabriel ananda, dinosaurs in the sky, traum; 03 technasia, I m somebody, suara; 04 martin eyerer, the cake, kling klong; 05 traumer, sofa, skryptom; 06 dapayk solo, it ain't easy to be free, dpk; 07 vito, inside the piece, addicted; 08 yaya & jun, prove, kiara records; 09 &me, blitz, saved records; 10 paranoïd london with mutado pintado, transmission 5, paranoïd london. minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed 

 november playlist - keep head mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, let s go really deep and really dirty, so try to keep your head ! enjoy. playlist : 01 him self her, gone too long feat kieran fowkes, crosstown rebels; 02 matthias wittmann, peregrine falcon, underyourskin records; 03 super flu, jo gurt, mona berry; 04 steffen nehring, mouth of the canal, two birds; 05 ali love, another, crosstown rebels; 06 ben rau, zieglers house, save you records; 07 ted alexander, love walls, stem; 08 mark henning, stash house feat dejan, swing; 09 motor city drum ensemble, send a prayer pt 1, mcde recordings; 10 harvey mc kay, cinnamon kiss, cocoon. minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed 

 october playlist - whispering dreams mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hello, confusing time here... Listen to this mix as a message for someone I love and who really needs our good vibes! enjoy and share... playlist : 01 dürerstuben, gscheids planet, pampa records; 02 malin genie, ked blokken, dialegestai records; 03 coldfish, revelation one, g verrina & g ventura remix, all inn records; 04 die vögel, the chicken, pampa records; 05 jug, the difficult word, bart skils & anton pieete aka district one remix, autoreply; 06 strangers in heaven, set me free feat. jonny cruz, eric volta's higher contrast mix, souvenir; 07 victor munhoz & victor ruiz, so far so good, steven campodonico remix, frucht; 08 mark reeve vs taster peter, move it, truesoul; 09 tim xavier, arco della devozione dub version, rebellion; 10 mark reeve vs taster peter, set your noise, truesoul.  minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed 

 april playlist - morning caule mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, let's go techno ! tense, dark and hypnotic... enjoy ! 01 gunston, range & symbol, im:ltd; 02 matt star, rocket, weave music; 03 dapayk & padberg, fluffy cloud, stil vor talent; 04 zoo brazil, slob, nick curly remix, sci+tec; 05 reset robot, moozboosh, truesoul; 06 mark henning, gibson said, watergate records; 07 macromism, ronan point, sci+tec; 08 deepbass, process, informare records; 09 par grindvik, continue me, spectral sound; 10 walls, into our midst, kompakt. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 may playlist - cood wamp mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, what a better day for a cood wamp ! Hope you will enjoy this mix as I do and thank you all for supporting minimal show! It s growing fast. Do not hesitate to spread the word... enjoy : 01 stimming, chemistry, diynamic; 02 format:b, liquid/desire, super flu's two for one price rmx, formatik; 03 martin eyerer, bells a go, bushwacka "just be" rmx, kling klong; 04 marc miroir & andreas henneberg, faces, paso music; 05 maceo plex, deez nutz, ellum audio; 06 schlepp geist, stupid guy, minimal lounge remix, under your skin; 07 radio slave feat. danton eeproom, grindhouse, nic fanciulli remix, saved records; 08 kaiserdisco, aymara, drumcode; 09 dandi & ugo, darkness speechless, italo business; 10 patrick chardronnet, karma, boxer sport. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 july playlist - pounter coint mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, this episode is just dangerous ! be ready : playlist : 01 nina kraviz, aus ft king aus on the mic, rekids; 02 re you, junction, mobilee; 03 popsled & magit cacoon, higher point, be as one; 04 just be, hold on wait a minute, get physical; 05 dachshund & quenum, the mammoth, rebellion; 06 carlo lio, keep grooving, sci + tec; 07 midland, what we know, motor city drum ensemble dub, aus; 08 2000 and one & sandy hunter vs brothers' vibe, baile bass groove, carlo lio remix, bang bang!; 09 danny serrano feat gonzales & gonzalo, fantastique, mihalis safras remix, sphera; 10 claude von stroke feat jaw, le fantome, dirty bird. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed  

 september playlist - dag mods mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, hope this finds you well! enjoy all this energy... playlist : 01 smash tv, matthew pervert, get physical; 02 sam paganini, eros, drumcode; 03 tube & berger vs frank sonic, the swarm, mbf; 04 tim xavier, remember the krome, ltd 400; 05 bukaddor & fishbeck, klipsnot, mbf; 06 safeword, double dutch, mobilee; 07 cari lekebusch, unite, joseph capriati remix, h productions; 08 dj hyperactive, wide open, len faki dj edit, figure; 09 justin berkovi, newmatic, prosthetic pressings; 10 gary beck, round your place, drumcode. minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed

 october playlist - gerge mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, this month is definitely deep, so musical and massive. Enjoy all these fine releases. best! playlist : 01 nils ohrmann, de le depart, arms & legs; 02 monkey maffia, sources from the past ed1, freude am tanzen; 03 nathan barato, back up queen, rekids; 04 benedict, aaptobg, pezzner remix, surface; 05 pezzner, blacklist, stimming remix, freerange; 06 microtrauma, circulate, traum; 07 mod, kyrka 2.0, minilogue's will of wind remix, kontra musik; 08 so inagawa, fukushima, someone else's dooby remix, minimood; 09 fairmont, puppet with glass eyes, areal; 10 super flu & andham, hasoweh, mona berry. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 november playlist - egemon mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hi all, sometimes we don't know where we're going... enjoy this "grand écart" mix ! playlist : 01 soul clap feat. mel blatt, ecstasy, catz'n dogz body language remix, body language, 02 luca lozano, M.U.S.I.C, morris audio; 03 nic fanciulli, wild, lauren lane remix, saved records; 04 paul c & paolo martini, talking hats, terminal m; 05 gary beck, enough talk, wad; 06 gabriel ananda, hey blop, marcel janovsky remix, basmati; 07 maya jane coles, play the game, mobilee; 08 macromism, news from barcelona, sci tec; 09 bodyscrub, another level, jesper dahlback remix, phobiq; 10 gary beck, before the crash, wad. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed

 december playlist - slack bap mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, some really deep and dirty tunes this month, we will explore our souls... enjoy! playlist : 01 peace division feat. pleasant gehman, blacklight sleaze, dogmatik; 02 macromism, groover, saso recyd remix, rawthentic; 03 app, breathe love, fabrizio maurizi remix, wys!; 04 macromism & dj kool dek, take the rythm, be as one imprint; 05 ray okpara, chi this wonder up, rodriguez jr. remix, mobilee; 06 markus homm, owned by her, 8 bit; 07 frankyeffe & enrico sangiuliano, consciousness, truesoul; 08 martin dawson & glimpse, fat controller, hypercolour; 09 marc romboy, the speech, 100% pure; 10 we reset, medusa, wonder wet records. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed 


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