minimal show by john smthg show

minimal show by john smthg

Summary: minimal house and techno playlists, mixed by john smthg.


 February Playlist - Time To Eat Our Predators 122 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, may the force be with You. Enjoy! Playlist : 01 Green/Jagg Barcelona, Everything Collapsed (original mix), Real Rhythm; 02 Stereocalypse, King Not Naked, Watergate; 03 Psychemagik, Rattlesnake (original mix), Pets Recordings Germany; 04 Frankey, Dream, Poker Flat Germany;05 Marc DePulse, Think Twice, Sincopat; 06 Andre Salata, Magnetism, Get Physical Germany; 07 Stefan Braatz, Hold On, Stress;08 The Cheapers, M10 (original mix), TAU;09 Lubelski, Impulse Response, Dirtybird US;10 Jun Kimata, Train Music, Forbidden Colours.   minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed    

 January Playlist - Burn Bridges 130 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, let's go techno! Wish you peace, love and happiness. Enjoy! Playlist : 01 Flug, Bass, Suara; 02 Sinisa Tamamovic, Mind Pass, Octopus Recordings; 03 Full Funktion, Malika, Bitten Holland; 04 Coyu , Unite (feat Gabriella Vergilov), Suara;05 Marco Resmann, Mono Jack, Upon You;06 Matrixxman/Bauernfeind, No Rush, Live From Earth Klub;07 Alan Fitzpatrick & Gary Beck, Patterns, Bek Audio;08 DJ Tonio, The King (Pig&Dan remix), Suara;09 Wehbba, Third Wave, Drumcode;10 Devid Dega & Redraft Memories, Astral Collision, HE-ART.  minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed   

 December Playlist - Still We rise 108 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, so deep and so melodic... Enjoy ! Playlist : 01 O/Y, Fliegendes Schwimmbad, Underyourskin; 02 Julian Hival, Real Fiction, Traum Schallplatten;03 Arutani, Babbelas, Akumandra;04 Ground, Tumulus (Dengue Dengue Dengue remix), RouteR;  05 Arutani, Back In Time (original mix), Circles & Stones;  06 George FitzGerald, Siren Calls, Double Six;07 Peter Horrevorts, Siren, Bla Bla;08 Ruede Hagelstein & Justin Evans, Love Over Pyramids, Watergate;09 Holtoug, Noisy Nights (Kollektiv Turmstrasse's Bleeps & Piano version) , Connaisseur Germany; 10 Ivan Latyshev, Art Of Flying (Crazy dub mix) , Dessous Germany.    minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 November 19 Playlist - Spill The Beans 125 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello some beautiful melodies just for you. Enjoy! Playlist : 01 Dominik Eulberg, Funffleck-Widderchen, K7; 02 Joeski feat Liberty, I Want You (original Acid mix), Crosstown Rebels;03 Knives Out, Sugarcoat, Bedrock; 04 Midas 104, Ego, Get Physical Germany;05 Amin Fallaha/Ruede Hagelstein, Aton, DUAT FOLKLORE;06 Roumex, Tantalis, Kittball Germany;07 Yannick Fuchs, Give Up, Skull & Bones;08 Kiko/Citizen Kain, Sundays (James Welsh remix), Suara;09 Kasper Bjorke & Colder, Black Magic (instrumental), Throne Of Blood US;10 Flairs, Truckers Delight (Alex Gopher remix), Third Side.     minimal show on iTunes   minimal show feed    

 October 19 Playlist - Mesmeric 127 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, a lot of great energies this month. Enjoy! 01 Gunnar Stiller, Kilauea, Ballroom; 02 T Raum, The Interpretation Of Dreams, Musica Gourmet; 03 Bizen Lopez, The Dj Stays Here, Moan; 04 DJOKO, Flow Gravity (feat Thalo Santana), Skull & Bones; 05 Tian Karl, Take Control, Moan; 06 Diego Olarte, Domino Effect, Unsorted; 07 Drunken Kong, Repeat, Octopus Recordings; 08 Shogo Ito & Maya Miller, Till You Drop, BeatFreak Recordings; 09 Ronnie Spiteri, Riverside, Knee Deep In Sound; 10 Alias (GB), Body Kontrol, We Are The Brave.   minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed  

 September 19 Playlist - Magnetique 115 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, a  deep slowdown... Enjoy! Playlist : 01 Silky Raven & Solaris 100, Stars, Connaisseur Germany; 02 Boot & Tax, Sublime, Optimo Music; 03 The Golden Filter, End Of Times, Optimo Music; 04 Tyu, Pieles, Duro; 05 Meggy, Liebe, Suol Germany; 06 Raw District/Rodham, In Maluta, This And That; 07 Tyu, Girasol (Rodion & Mijo remix), Duro;08 Thierry Tomas, Piu Piu, Dessous Germany; 09 BETON, Directions (feat Wevie Stonder), Turbo Recordings; 10 Losless, ShDDr1, Traum Schallplatten.    minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed     

 July 19 Playlist - Your Job 124 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all , the answer is at the end... Enjoy! Playlist : 01 Midas 104, Simplicity, Get Physical Germany; 02 Dennis Cruz, Insane, Moon Harbour Germany; 03 Bruce Loko, Do It Right, Get Physical Germany; 04 Alex Lario, Theory Of Points, Suruba X; 05 Karol XVII/MB Valence, Aqua (Jackspeare original Interpretation), Get Physical Germany; 06 Zoo Brazil, Daydreamer (original mix), Transpecta, 07 Smash TV/Alice Rose, Destruction, Moon Harbour Germany;08 Gullen, Sumatra, Mobilee Germany; 09 Amount, Feathertop, URSL; 10 Bawrut, Your Job Is My Job, Pets Recordings Germany.    minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed  

 June 19 Playlist - Washed Minds 127 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, a special anti washed souls mix !!! Enjoy ! Playlist : 01 Several Definitions,Mountains, BeatFreak Recordings; 02 Matt Sassari, Dramaturge, La Famiglia Recordings;03 Christian Smith & Harry Romero, Neon Jungle, Tronic; 04 Luigi Gori, Tap Drips, Factory Beat Black; 05 Hyperloop, In Your Mind, Drumcode Sweden; 06 Elio Riso, Lucio Spain & Made In Riot, Analog Reasoning (Made In Riot remix),HE-ART; 07 Harvey McKay, Black Horse, Filth On Acid; 08 Alan Fitzpatrick, Eleven Eleven, We Are The Brave;09 LAAT, Mask Yourself (dub mix), Tronic;10 Sian, Acid, Octopus Warehouse Series.   minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed   

 May 19 Playlist - You Will Never Hate Alone 122 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, some pure vibes this month, just for everybody ! Enjoy. Playlist : 01 Few Nolder, Clouds (Boso Reversion), Get Physical Germany; 02 Maceo Plex feat Maars, Mutant Disco, Correspondant Music; 03 Ziger, Disturbed, BeatFreak Recordings; 04 Mike Dehnert, Fraktion Fachwerk 25, Fachwerk Germany; 05 Booka Shade, Hank, Suara; 06 Taran & Lomov, Track Three, Stripped Digital; 07 Za Paradigma, Los Amorosos, Draft Ltd; 08 Carbon, Duration Of Curing (Khainz remix), Phobos; 09 Dedwork, Hybrid, TUSH Music; 10 Helmut Ebritsch, The Maze, Lucidflow.  minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed 

 April Playlist - Laissez Passer 124 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, don't stop the music ! Keep on dancing... Enjoy! Playlist : 01 Emery Warman/Roland Clark, Prove Them Wrong, Moon Harbour Germany; 02 The Cooler, RiP The Cooler (Kolombo Remix), Natura Viva; 03 Blackrachas, Rotary, Kompakt Extra Germany; 04 Marco Resmann, Repro, Poker Flat Germany; 05 Lampe, We Said, Phobos; 06 Darlyn Vlys, Faux Semblants, Upon You; 07 John Monkman, HARMONIX1, Crosstown Rebels; 08 Siopis, Way Of Light, Tenampa Recordings; 09 Massoud Spieth, Manolo, HE-ART; 10 Futur-E, Chromosome, Tulipa Recordings.  minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed

 March Playlist - Mid Night Disorder 123 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, groovy month, let's dance! Enjoy! 01 Coqui Selection & Jorge Montia, Simple & Good, Natura Viva; 02 Riva Starr/Dennis Cruz & Gene Farris, Play, Snatch!; 03 CJ Jeff, Eight, 8 Bit Germany; 04 Ed Saez, Come On Freak, Natura Viva; 05 Rogue D, Come To My House, Snatch!; 06 Jansons, Love The Feeling, 8 Bit Germany; 07 Vitalic, Ooey, Correspondant Music; 08 Srvd/Radio Slave/Patrick Mason, Elevate, Rekids; 09 Uto Karem, Outsider, Tronic; 10 Peter Horrevorts, Fire In The Disco, Kanzleramt Germany. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed  

 February Playlist - Idleness 126 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hello, love and idleness... what else Enjoy ! Playlist : 01 Veerus, Acid Mode On, Octopus Recordings; 02 Mario Ochoa, Strobe, Noir Music; 03 Mark Reeve, Fragile, Drumcode Sweden; 04 Sian/Will Clarke And Amok, It Ainat Nothing, Octopus Recordings; 05 Marciano, Hold Your Breath, La Famiglia Recording; 06 Shelley Johannson, Intensify Me, Octopus Recordings; 07 Superstrobe feat Paula P'Cay, Our Love, Phobiq; 08 Balthazar & JackRock, Physical Addiction, Suara; 09 Gary Beck, Just One More, We Are The Brave; 10 Ambivalent/Alden Tyrell, Detente, Cocoon Germany. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed 

 January Playlist - Grand Crew Classé 123 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, energy is the key... enjoy! Playlist : 01 Bawrut, Pioneers, Pets Recordings Germany; 02 Super Flu, Doppt, Monaberry Germany; 03 Jonathan Kaspar, Panem, These Eyes Recordings; 04 Kellerkind, Decatune, Hive Audio; 05 Nico Cabeza, Regret All, Tronic; 06 Audion feat Troels Abrahamsen, Dem Howl (Michael Mayer instrumental mix), Kompakt Germany; 07 Dalfie, Outlaw, Pets Recordings Germany; 08 Luis Junior, Energy Success, Monaberry Germany; 09 The Analog Roland Orchestra, Monofunk, Pets Recordings Germany; 10 Peter Horrevorts/Daniel Sanchez, Crack In The Clouds, Bla Bla. minimal show on iTunes minimal show feed  

 December Playlist - Whispering Sapphire 125 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Back to the roots, acid core minded mix baby... enjoy! Playlist : 01 Mixhell/Joe Goddard/Mutado Pintado, Strong & Wrong (Craig Williams remix), Delayed; 02 KiNK, Throwing Elbows, Dame Music; 03 Dillon Nathaniel/Golf Clap(Feat Mc Flipside), Machines, This Ain't Bristol; 04 Dysart, Tribaleee, Kneaded Pains; 05 Sian, Fly, Octopus Warehouse Series; 06 Roman Lindau, Crasse, Fachwerk Germany;  07 Riva Starr & Green Velvet, False Claim, Snatch!;  08 Mike Dehnert, Biface, Fachwerk Germany;  09 Claude Vonstroke/Eprom, Grenade, Dirtybird US;  10 Dense & Pika, Project Zeus, Kneaded Pains. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed   

 November Playlist - Raveller 128 Bpm Mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, lot of energies this month, techno! Enjoy! 01 Dense & Pika feat Melody'S Enemy, From Nothing, Kneaded Pains; 02 Diego Infanzon, I'm A Chongo, Tronic; 03 Teenage Mutants, Rochechouart, Octopus Recordings; 04 Alberto Ruiz, RV5, HE-ART; 05 SCB, Traffic On The Hyperway, Hotflush Recordings; 06 Beautiful Noise, On Glass, Resopal Schallware Germany; 07 Carlo Lio, Real Cats, Inmotion Music; 08 Luigi Gori/Frankye Lova/Stephan Seddel, Empty Two, BeatFreak Recordings; 09 Alex Rubino, Physical, HE-ART; 10 Spartaque, In The Shade, Terminal M. minimal show on iTunes  minimal show feed    


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