minimal show by john smthg show

minimal show by john smthg

Summary: minimal house and techno playlists, mixed by john smthg.


 double side mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hey hey hey... what a double side month, acid is back!!! enjoy : playlist : 01 Booka shade, planetary (club mix), get physical; 02 Marek bois, kimpton, rrygular; 03 Booka shade, city tales (neon dub), get physical; 04 Dan corco, new world, robert babicz remix, circle; 05 Dusty kid, psika, boxer sport; 06 Dandi & ugo, fetish game, art minimal limited; 07 Käos klub, la musique chaotique, music is music; 08 Rekorder 0.0, rekorder; 09 Marc romboy vs. tyree cooper, lost, ovum; 10 Williams, the unbearable truth, get physical; 11 Maxime dangles, firewire, speicher; 12 Kevin saunderson feat. inner city, good life, mathew jonson’s acid mix, kms;

 special guest mix : A.L.F. (sweet art family) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, this month a dancefloor exciter is in the place !!! I'm happy to welcome the great A.L.F., enjoy !!! 01 Chica and the folder, soufflé, sonja moonear dans ma casbah mix, monika; 02 PanPot, illuminaten, einma leins musik; 03 David mariscal, beeper, freak'n chic; 04 Gummihz, isolate, sebok remix, mobilee; 05 Sleeper thief, full of you, mobilee; 06 Remote, teaser, kill the dj; 07 Supermayer, two of us / glock-a-pella, kompakt; 08 Gui boratto, anunciacion, k2; 09 Dyed soundorom, question, freak'n chic; 10 Dusty kid, psika, boxer; 11 Rekorder 0.0, Rekorder; 12 Dusty kid, psika, boxer; 13 Extrawelt, doch doch, traüm; 14 Marc romboy, gemini, fairmont remix, systematic. check out A.L.F.'s space : A.L.F.

 may we 68 mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

May we or must we ?... what a great month! enjoy : playlist : 01 Smash tv, breath me, bpitch control; 02 Bukaddor & fishbeck, live is life, MBF; 03 Amir and fontes, easy legs, oliver $ rmx, bigcitybeats; 04 Harry axt, der papageientaucher,; 05 Gui boratto, anunciacion, k2; 06 Popof, tempered dance, turbo; 07 Sander van doorn, the bass, jagged up mix, doorn; 08 Alex bau, bullet in your heart, credo; 09 Ortin cam, omerta, drumcode; 10 Brodinski, bad runner, jokers of the scene remix, mental groove; 11 Popof, the chomper/lsd version, turbo;

 special guest mix - LoOdBoY (FFC - BTrax - Play It Back) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, I'm very happy to welcome LoOdBoY with a banging techno set, this guy rocks !!! playlist is coming soon, enjoy : check out LoOdBoY's space : LoOdBoY

 june oh ! mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hi all, great news this month... no words just ears ! enjoy : playlist : 01 Monika kruse, changes of perception, marek hemmann remix, terminal m; 02 Marek bois, now!, rrygular; 03 Laidback luke, break down the house, hardwell & rehab remix, mixmash; 04 Mimo & schmahl, mad rush, marc de pulse remix, takt; 05 Duck butter, the fix, yeah: no recordings; 06 Namito feat. mahan, upload, ostfunk berlin; 07 Solaris heights, no trace, popof remix, renaissance; 08 Oliver huntemann, paris, confused; 09 Marc romboy vs. blake baxter, fly away (version 1), systematic; 10 Audion, against all odds, spectral sound;

 special guest mix - :LiTrO: (art’fact) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, for the last mix of this season, I'm very happy to welcome Eliott Litrowski aka :LiTrO: with a minimal dj set. Well done mec! playlist is coming soon, enjoy : check out :LiTrO:'s space : :LiTrO:

 gousse de july mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

I lied... but I hope you'll forgive me. Here it is the last one... Have some fun this summer ! and enjoy : playlist : 01 Sven U.K. & andomat 3000, O tempora, platzhirsch; 02 2 working donkeys, sex in the jungle, opsm; 03 Sebastian lutz, la danza, dadableep's in arcadia ego mix, bigcitybeats; 04 Brett longman, fragrance, clic'n cut; 05 Alexi delano & tony rohr, machine run 1, plus 8; 06 Bastien grine, single barrel attitude, scandium records; 07 Gavin herlihy, Okay no disco, paradigma musik; 08 Bells & macoye, father figure, ortin cam remix, shadow fax; 09 Heartthrob, apprentice, minus; 10 Alexi delano & tony rohr, machine run 2, plus 8.

 video streamed dj set | File Type: application/x-shockwave-flash | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, hope you're nice and easy, enjoying your summer time. Here it is a new mix, in video... enjoy :

 september playlist - paraclouds mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, back in town with a great new vision of the podcast, now you'll find the mix in video : minimal show! enjoy : playlist : 01 Hugg & pepp, smack, dahlbäck recordings; 02 Daniel steinberg, uptown, front room recordings; 03 Hugg & pepp, krook, dahlbäck recordings; 04 Daniel steinberg, revival, front room recordings; 05 Paul ritch, murder, minisketch; 06 Marc romboy & 45 rocks, sunburst, simple records; 07 Marascia & dusty kid, sineless, systematic; 08 Paul ritch, nordbanhof, minisketch; 09 Marascia & dusty kid, sawless, systematic; 10 Audion, just fucking, spectral sound; 11 Avus, furry hat, border community.

 special guest mix - frank wajnryb (deep’n co) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, back to guest mixes, I'm really happy to welcome frank wajnryb (deep'n co) who's just exiled in new york... enjoy : check out the deep'n co 'space : deep'n co

 october playlist - pop tong mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

hey folks, an exciting playlist for this october, with old & new releases and an irresistible beat maker' lesson for beginning ... enjoy : playlist : 01 Paul freak, steal my heart feat. crawford, kalkpets; 02 Adam marshall, black snow, mike shannon's slush mix, new kanada; 03 Lexy, fancy girl, stil vor talent; 04 Eye of style, stick, front room recordings; 05 Stephan bodzin, station 72, herzblut; 06 Eye of style, burlesque, front room recordings; 07 Maxime dangles, alkaline, microdinamic remix, polar; 08 Booka shade, charlotte, dubfire remix, get physical; 09 Radio slave feat. danton eeprom, grindhouse, dudfire terror planet remix, rekids; 10 Housemeister, wake up, bpitch control.

 october guest mix - dj badaboum | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, I'm very happy to welcome the well named dj badaboum, my friend and work mate. enjoy : check out the dj badaboum space : dj badaboum

 november playlist - underage mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi all, I hope you're fine and easy by these times... A bit of happiness with this november pure playlist, just for you ! enjoy : playlist : 01 Onkel brutalo, selva, mri's (smiling faces) remix, resopal; 02 White label, b2, Trenton 27; 03 Hell + rother, bodyfarm, telekraft dub mix, datapunk; 04 Sam taylor wood, pet shop boys, I'm in love with a german film star, gui borrato mix, kompakt pop; 05 Marshall jefferson vs noosa heads, mushrooms, soap recordings; 06 Super flu, rattelschneck, traum; 07 White label, a1, immigrant 32; 08 Davy dee, koala, redhead mix, mb elektronics; 09 Grünbox, sunbox, cmyk; 10 Motor, ice, speicher;

 november guest mix - Florian Parra (Dirty Important Person) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hey, I'm pleased to welcome Florian Parra for this november guest mix. He's the singer of a great electro rock group : Dirty Important Person. You'll find the power of their live performance in this electro clash dj set. The D.I.P. will performed live next week for the release of their first album "I'm a genius". check out their space for more. but now enjoy the florian 's mix : Dirty Important Person space minimal show RSS feeds : audio, i tunes, video minimal show facebook group

 december playlist - front of house mix | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Hi folks, amazing tracks this month, the podcast is a bit late & not played as it should, but the tunes are so good... enjoy : playlist : 01 Michal ho, groove to me feat jonjon, Tuning Spork Records; 02 h.o.s.h., super sick bowl, diynamic music; 03 Modern walker & urban absolutes vs boris fox, no problem, lg04; 04 Pig & dan, subculture, datapunk; 05 Gaiser, trunkated, m-nus; 06 Marco bailey & tom hades, ocean drive, ozgur can remix, mb elektronics; 07 Stereofunk, my ling, pornbugs + deutschmann remix, bondage; 08 Edit select, asperity, mark broom remix, edit select records; 09 Kiko, sunburn hot burn mix, different; 10 White label, A1, svt 027; ulysses remix beatport contest - franz ferdinand - john smthg trojan horse edit


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