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Summary: A comedy podcast with pop culture repercussions, we record our weekly show on Wednesdays 9PM CDT. Join live and chat or tweet with us, or subscribe to the podcast and leave us phone messages with your questions as you listen at your leisure. The more the merrier, so thanks for tuning in!

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 Intermission: The Bridge on the River Kwai | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Welcome back to another classic film dissection with the most notable cinema scholars movie fans you'll find.... Mikey, Pinky and d$ are joined by Dr Earl once again to discuss the film that some people call "the greatest movie to ever reference the Kwai River in the title", ever. According to the American Film Institute, its the 36th best movie of all time, the 13th best on the "Best Cheers" list, and #58 on the "Best Thrills" list, and as of this posting, its 103rd on the IMDb Top 250. However comma The guys might have a different take on it.  d$ had major internet issues and was not able to watch more than the first 30 minutes of the film, but Mikey, Pinky and Doc Earl dished on what they liked (William Holden) and what they didn't like (a longer discussion)... You can hear it all here on this week's Intermission.  Join us on the next The Deucecast Movie Picture Show for our favorite underappreciated movie characters... and on our next Intermission, it's 12 Angry Men!

 Favorite Comic Book Movies | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this episode... we geek out as we go comic book movie crazy... and once again, Dr. Earl joins us as we discuss "The Best Comic Book Movie Adaptions"... In ReFlicktions, we discuss movies seen like Grown Ups 2 and Olympus Has Fallen and Oblivion and Pain & Gain and R.I.P.D. and some older films that Pinky catches up, like The Fugitive and Blade Runner... Box Office Mojo is the source for our game, as we do our best guesses in the Top 200 Movies of All Time (domestic box office)... how much did Batman & Robin make, anyway?! Our favorite comic book films include Iron Man"... various forms of the X-Men films... Watchmen... various "Batman" films... and Josie and the Pussycats"?  And... Weird Science?  You'll have to listen to find out... Our Top Five has a little movement, with Olympus Has Fallen... and a huge roundtable discussion on The Wolverine.  Join us next week for "The Deucecast Intermission: The Bridge on the River Kwai"... and The Deucecast Movie Picture Show takes on Favorite Unsung Heroes of the Movies... you know, those characters that don't get their just appreciation in a film, maybe they get knocked off and are forgotten... Jeff Daniels in Speed?  A hero... blowed up 1/2 way through the film... forgotten by all.  So Sad. Films Discussed In-Depth This Week: The Dark KnightThe Dark Knight RisesGrown Ups 2The Hunt for Red OctoberLittle Black BookThe LosersOldboyOlympus Has FallenR.I.P.D.SpidermanSpring BreakersSuperman IIThe WolverineX-Men

 Intermission: Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this Intermission... the guys are joined by the wise ol' Dr Earl, and in this week's discussion is the 1964 Stanley Kubrick classic, Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb. A political satire, one that the late Roger Ebert called "the greatest political satire of the 20th century", "Dr. Strangelove" is the story of a United States General who goes rogue, sending a nuclear missile towards the Soviet Union... George C. Scott is another general who works with the president to solve the crisis... Slim Pickens is the airman piloting the plane who is about to drop the bomb... and Peter Sellers is the President, named Merkin Muffley... and Peter Sellers plays Capt. Lionel Mandrake, who is being held by the crazy general.  Oh, and it also stars Peter Sellers as the title character, Dr. Strangelove, an eccentric expert with a weird hand problem brought in to advise the situation... Enjoy the episode as we give our insights, our likes, our dislikes and more.. Join us for the next Deucecast Movie Picture Show, when the guys take on "Marvel Movies"... and the next Intermission, with The Bridge on the River Kwai.

 Invaders from Mars! (and other places) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this episode... With the release of Pacific Rim this past weekend, Pinky, d$ and Mikey take on the topic of Earth Invasion movies... and in the studizzy... Dr Earl makes his re-appearance! What makes an Earth invasion movie?  A film where aliens, perhaps otherworldy, perhaps of this worldly, plot to take over the planet either for enslaving us, or to use up our resources and move on... of course, the guys never let the thought process of rules encumber what they try to do... So goes the discussions of Earth Invasions like ID4...They Live...Marvel's The Avengers...Mars Attacks!... and so many more... and is Super 8 an invasion film, or just a movie about an alien who just wants to go home?  Find out. We debate about the good--and bad--of this epic film that will surely lose a ton of jack for DisneyWe have round robin discussions on films like The Lone Ranger--and whether Johnny Depp should have even been a part of this movie or not... World War Z... Monsters University... and the aforementioned Pacific Rim... We also play a little "Which Crap Is Better"? game, taking familiar films like "The Watch", "Battlefield Earth" and "Signs" and match them up against unseen little gems like "Feeders 2: Slay Bells" and the Oscar winning epic "Tribulation 99: Alien Anomalies Across America"... and what was that movie called?  Say what?  Yes.  Its a real title.  Just listen. Speaking of Oscar winning epics... Mikey gives his rundown of how much he loved Heaven's Gate, and how Pinky cried at the majesty that is Double Jeopardy... And our Top Five changes up slightly, with the appearance of new films! Join us next week as our latest Deucecast Intermission takes on the classic Dr. Strangelove Or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Bomb And in our next Deucecast Movie Picture Show, we discuss the best (and worst) comic book films... specifically, Marvel films... and d$ talks about Oldboy... Pinky watches The Hunt for Red October and Mikey relishes in the late Brittany Murphy classic, Little Black Book Movies Discussed This Week: Cloverfield The Day the Earth Stood Still Despicable Me Despicable Me 2 Double Jeopardy Evolution Grown Ups 2 Heaven's Gate Independence Day The Lone Ranger Mars Attacks Monsters University Pacific Rim Signs Super 8 Thank You For Smoking They Live 13 Going on 30 V: The Final Battle (tv mini-series) World War Z

 Intermission: North By Northwest | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Take a suave executive played by a suave'er actor, give him a fine dame to romance played by a fine dame of an actress, toss in a bad guy played by a dude who sounds like a bad guy, then give him an evil henchmen who is played by an actor who always looked like he could be an evil henchmen... you got Cary Grant, Eva Marie Saint, James Mason and Martin Landeau. Directed by Alfred Hitchcock, 1959's "North by Northwest" is sheer art... not a movie--a film.  And this is our film of choice to discuss and dissect on this week's Deucecast Intermission... Join d$ as he discusses a movie that ranks in his Top 60 films all time, and Mikey and Pinky discuss seeing it for the very first time. 

 The Best and Worst of Movies from TV Shows | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this episode... the best and worst movies made from TV shows! First, the guys give their takes on current movies like "Monsters University", "World War Z" and "White House Down", plus the differences in that and "Olympus Has Fallen" (mikey says the latter is better) And d$ can't be the only person who likes loves "Maverick", right?  Right?  Anyone?  (crickets)Our new Top Five of 2013 sees movement on all three guys' lists... while we dig into our "assigned movies", with Pinky discussed "Highlander" and d$ discussing "The Paperboy" Also, a random discussion on the cuteness of character actress Melanie Lynskey.. Our topic takes us all over the map from the worst like "Land of the Lost"... "Bewitched"... and Pinky's heart break over "The Last Airbender"... to the best out there, like "Beavis and Butt-Head Do America"... "Mission Impossible"... and the newer "Star Trek". Did you know there are 17 films currently that have made $400+ million dollars domestically?  Pinky and Mikey try to guess, as we play a round of Mojo... Next episode... we anticipate "Pacific Rim", as we discuss Earth Invasion Films Among the movies discussed at length on this episode: Beavis & Butthead Do America (1996) Bewitched (2005) The Big Lebowski (1998) The Flintstones (1994) Hello I Must Be Going (2012) Highlander (1986) Jack Reacher (2012) Kill Bill Vol 1 & 2 (2003/2004) Land of the Lost (2009) The Last Airbender (2010) The Longest Yard (1974) The Magnificent Seven (1960) Maverick (1994) Monsters University (2013) Olympus Has Fallen (2013) The Paperboy (2012) Pitch Perfect (2012) Side Effects (2013) 21 Jump Street (2012) White House Down (2013) Wild Wild West (1999) World War Z (2013)

 Intermission: Seven Samurai | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this week's "Intermission"'s the film that's inspired everything we know and love about movies today. Okay, we can't back that statement up, but we can offer our take on a movie by a filmmaker who has had a lasting influence on action/adventure filmmakers in generations since. And to say it's critically acclaimed would be an understatement. Rotten Tomatoes currently has this film at a "100% Fresh" rating, which means technically it can't even be listed on the site and can only be looked up on its sister site, Fresh Tomatoes, which shut down last year due to a lack of traffic. But not only is it critically acclaimed, common folk love it too, with it regularly placing in the top of various (and sundry) viewer polls. Does the universal love hold true for us? Tune in and hear our take on Akira Kurosawa's Seven Samurai.

 No One Likes That Movie... But Me! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

On this episode of The Deucecast Movie Picture Show, Mikey, Pinky & the Dave discuss the topic of movies that no one likes but us... those crappy films that for whatever reason, we personally just love. A game of Reel or Unreel guesses on movies where chicks get acid throws in their faces (and finds love!)... a knock off of Training Day... and lots of Tyler Perry mentions. We also give full on discussions of the latest films, include This is the End... and a spirited discussion of Man of Steel (one loved it... one liked it... and one say "eh")... and also, a talk on the classic baseball story The Sandlot. Each host's Top Five of 2013 is introduced... and a lengthy ReFlicktions as well. Amongst topics discussed are "How is Amanda Seyfried like a McGriddle?"... "M. Night Shymalan has a real problem"... "The Last Airbender blew"... "When is Mikey's wife Ashley leaving?"... and "How many bases would Mikey cover if he were alone with Kevin Costner?" Films discussed in depth this week: Black Dog Employee of the Month Escape from Alcatraz Extreme Measures Funny Farm Gone Home Alone 3 Home on the Range Honey, I Blew Up the Kid Hot Rod Hudson Hawk Lady in the Water Man of Steel Meatballs II Mo Money Place Beyond the Pines Platoon That Guy... in that Thing The Purge The Sandlot Snake Eyes Super This is the End Upsteam Color Next week... The Deucecast Intermission: Seven Samurai... and the following week, we discuss the best and worst films made from TV shows....

 Intermission: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's our first Intermission! During Intermission weeks, we'll take a single movie and discuss it. Typically a "classic" movie, and typically one that most of us hadn't seen before. This week we start with a foreign film: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Did you know it was foreign? Filmed in Spain by an Italian director, with actors from all over, each actor performed in his native language, and all dialogue was dubbed for each country where it was released. This is the third and final film Clint Eastwood made with director Sergio Leone; Eastwood had grown tired of Leone's temperament and the perfectionist long shooting days, turning down a fourth film a year later, which went to Charles Bronson (1968's Once Upon A Time in the West). Anyway, we spend some time now discussing the film. If you haven't seen it yet, it's not too late; give it a view, and come back to listen. Or, just listen and decide if you want to watch it. But, we think it's safe to say that anyone in our particular audience won't regret watching it. Enjoy!

 Disappointing Summer Blockbusters (and new theme music!) | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This is not the usual yadda yadda yadda! Welcome to The Deucecast Movie Picture Show. We have enjoyed the all-over-the-map format of the last 100 episodes, but we are streamlining things! We share a lot of interests, but our favorite is Movies. So, that's what the show will be about. No more entertainment news, no more Demi Levato tweets, no more Music Minute. Our goal is to bring you an entertaining and enlightening conversation about a particular movie-related topic, do it in less time than before, and do it every other week. In the alternating weeks, we'll be even more focused in what we bring you in our "Intermission" (details below...) And yes, Dr. Earl has ramped up our ADHD meds to allow us to be so focused. We hope you enjoy, thank you so much for listening, and let us know what you think! This WeekIn this first episode of our new format (and 101st episode overall), it's Pinky's first time as a regular co-host alongside d$, and Mikey, and Dr. Earl joins us as well. Our topic of big discussion is "Disappointing Summer Blockbusters," or, "those movies we had high hopes for in summers past... films that we wanted to be so good, but ended up being so bad." Like, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen ... Superman III ... Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull ... Speed Racer ... The Last Airbender ... and Green Lantern.  And, according to Dr Earl, The Return of the Jedi?!?! What are some of yours? Your homework for next week: Watch The Good, The Bad and The UglyNext week we'll bring you our first "Intermission" episode, where we spend a shorter amount of time discussing a single movie. Most will come from the IMDB Top 250 list, or the AFI Top 100, and be movies most of us haven't ever gotten around to watching. First up: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. Does it hold up? Watch it for yourself and then tune in next week for the discussion. No excuses: find it on Amazon (free to stream for Prime members), at your local library, or maybe, if you Google hard enough, you can find it somewhere else online: In two weeks:On the next episode of The Deucecast Movie Picture Show, we feature Hurricane Rhett with the topic of "Movies That No One Likes... But Me". are a few more of the 43 movies discussed this episode: Airport 77 Iron Man 3 Star Trek Into Darkness Gangster Squad Jack Reacher After Earth Fast & Furious 6 The Great Gatsby The Hangover Part III From Russia With Love Lars & the Real Girl GI Joe Retaliation

 The Deucecast 100 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

After two long years, we have finally reached the pinnacle of success... the One Hundreth Episode of The Deucecast. And for the 100th go-round, we brought in all the big names... Hurricane Rhett comes in... Pinky joins us... Dr Earl is here for a visit... Tommy and Shawn are in to produce... and the wonderful Deucecast First Lady Stephanie hangs out on the annex couch. We kick it off with Mikey discussing his concert going... his anniversary... the Band of Horses... The Features... Meghan Elliott... Michael Warren... Hurricane Rhett and his adventures with the (literally) bloody guy in the median... Dr. Earl and the Story of the Duck Dynasty Pillow... Pinky's finally finished with finals... Stephanie and her travel buddies (23 months and 5 months old)... d$'s problem with Campbell and why he missed last week... What might be the final Music Minute, Mikey brings back Tune-Yards(Rhett's Favorite Worst of the Worst)... and we declare a winner of the Awesome Bracket, deciding which is more awesome... Steak... or The Empire Strikes Back... The Game of Games is here.  We get Faux or Shaux... The IMDb... Ryan Phillippe... Rotten Tomotoes... and the return of Name That Crap... and its Steph vs Mikey vs Pinky vs Hurricane Rhett vs Dr Earl vs Shawn... We have some Star Wars news, with John Williams... May the 4th Disney News... Demi Lovato comes back... Kelsey Grammer's new villian turn... Pinky discusses The Prestige... and Mrs Miniver... Movies discussed include Skyfall... This Is 40... Parental Guidance... Taken 2... The Bourne Legacy... and a great talk about The Shining themed Room 237 documentary... Now... we take a break for a few weeks... and we will be back in June with an ALL NEW, retooled, redone Deucecast... join us!

 Episode XCIX: Dr. StrangePod: Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deuce | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're back, and one step closer to the highly anticipated Episode 100, but first we bring you Episode 99, sans Dave. Not to fear though, Mike has support from Dr. Earl and Pinky. On this episode Mike talks about his boredom at VeggieTales Live!, Dr. Earl acts like it's no big deal to ski at Breckenridge, CO, and Pinky nods and smiles at the two old dudes talking about stuff that old dudes talk about. Producer Tommy brings in a very special drink from Wally World called Mistic. We, of course, make Pinky try the Carrot Orange flavor. Mike brings us a new music from the "Yeah Yeah Yeahs," and without Dave there is no palate cleanser, so Mike prevails in bringing the listener the best music on a podcast recorded on a Wednesday night from a basement off the 280 corridor. We have a listener-fueled "Dying with Dr. Earl" with some very hard-hitting medical questions for the Good Doctor. A new movie game Mike calls "You're Quite the Character" is introduced, and based upon Dr. Earl's wisdom (not his age) he dominates young Pinky. We wrap up the show with a Big 3 discussion on our most anticipated summer movies, and, of course, Dr. Earl has to mention some random Terrence Malick film. Be sure to join us next week for Episode 100. We are having tons of guests, including a very special guest from out of town.

 Episode XCVIII: Pod & Podderer: When Mikey Met d$ | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's another step closer to silencing the critics who said we'd never make it to 100... or those who never said we'd make it to 10.  That includes Hurricane Rhett, who joins us tonight for our 98th journey into the airwaves of eternal podcastial lore and love. We kick it off by answering the age ol' question... can you still poke on Facebook?  d$ finds out.  We hear another word from our sponsor, and we begin our regaling of sordid tales of StadiumFest and if Switchfoot ducked the Jesus word... what is the name of that Christian clown guy?!.... more trips to the zoo for Mikey and the family... K-Mart's brilliant, edgy ad (and whether we've ever heard the words "edgy", "brilliant" and "K-Mart" in concurrent usage in a sentence... the difference in bike helmets and storm helmets... and McDonald's customer service problem. Mikey has some band that sounds like a mexican Lisa Loeb... d$ has not one, but TWO palet cleansers... and we dive into the Final Four of the Awesome Bracket... Movies discussed tonight include "The Place Beyond the Pines"... "Green Lantern" (!)... "American Loser"... "Django Unchained"... "The Campaign"... and the possibility of Dr. Earl's favorite movie getting a sequel... that's right, the Terrance Malick/Method Man collaboration of a possible second "How High" movie. Our Big Three gives us our favorite TV Finales of All Time, including thoughts on BSG... Lost... 24... Wonder Years and more... Plus, we dig on Disney's plans for more and more Star Wars... the prospect of the Justice League movie... the upcoming Superman film and its lack of kryptonite... the love of The Clone Wars... more rants on Facebook moms... Psy's new cut... Ryan Gosling and ninjas... And of course... Demi Lovato Plus?   Seagal Watch Join us next week for Mikey's Musical Crap, the finals of the Awesome Bracket, Our Summer Movie Preview and more, as our pre-century episode happens... Dr. Earl up in the HIZZZAY on The Deucecast Episode XCIX: Dr StrangePod:  Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Deuce

 Episode XCVII: Pod & Podder | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

As we march towards Episode 100... we bring you episode 97.  So if you've never listened, then its a good time to jump right in... Mikey and d$ welcomes Jacob "Pinky" Pinkerton back to the studio for another great excursion into podcast mediocrity... the guys jump right in with their love of America Online and the then-great now-bad internet experiences... Mikey joining Oh Brother Radio on stage... Birmingham getting a TMZ... Pinky's procrastination... The Walking Dead's finale... the battling Hercules movies... Anne Hathaway's new gig... Pinky's procrastination (he'll tell you about that later)... ripping CDs... Mikey hating the library... and the "re-watchability factor" for a movie. Some random band makes it to Mikey's Music Minute, but just wait, as it Warrant's a pallet cleansing... for the first time, the "Top 250" Game from IMDb takes place... with surprising results.  d$ defends the honor and brilliance of ThunderheartThe Big Three has its own random topic, with The Best Movies Released in April All Time... movies like Field of Dreams... Kill Bill: Volume 2... Man On Fire... Thunderheart... Sin City... and Like Water for Elephants or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Pattinson  Really? A great discussion on The Awesome Bracket transpires, as we discuss "Weird Al"'s big charge into the Elite Eight, and the Star Trek (2009) vs Star Wars: Episode V: The Empire Strikes Back battle upcoming... Other topics include director Justin Lin's Fast Series limits... a Breaking Bad spinoff... Morris Chestnut's new role... Warm Bodies... and more on LucasArt's closing. And of course... Demi Lovato!! Next week, join the guys and Hurricane Rhett as they tackle our favorite TV Series Finales of All Time in The Big Three... Mikey has more crappy music... and we discuss the Final Four of The Awesome Bracket.. that's on The Deucecast Episode XCVIII:  Pod & Podder..erer

 Episode XCVI: No Pods Barred | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's a host-filled episode once again, as the boys decide to shed the burden of silly rants... goofy diagnoses... and dumb junior ideals.  Mikey and d$ own the mics again, daring anyone to stop their steam train of average intelligence and wholesome mediocrity! I don't even know what any of that means... Topics include GI Joe Retaliation, and a performance by RZA that should be nominated for a Razzie like, tomorrow... The Rock's arm butter... feeding homeless people over Easter... dieting... Mikey's former heart surgery diet (even though he's never come close to heart surgery)... some dude named Todd English... watching guys puke after drinking 18 year old Crystal Pepsi... and the pros and cons of Del Taco coming to Birmingham soon... Mike's Music Minute serves up some vintage crappery, including Thom Yorke and Atoms For Peace.  He's a creep. He's a weirdo.  What's he doing here?  He don't belong here.  He don't belong here. The WWE takes centerstage as the guys discuss their favorite wrestling matches of all time, including Shawn Michaels taking on Razor Ramon... Hulk vs. Ultimate Warrior... Andre the Giant agreeing to put Hulk Hogan "Over" in WrestleMania III... the joy of the Elimination Chamber... and the very first Clash of the Champions, featuring Sting vs Ric Flair (notably, the last match ever on WCW Nitro in September of 2000) Other news includes "Finding Dory", the new Pixar sequal to "Finding Nemo"... the Hall of Iron Man Armor at Disneyland... Lex Luthor making an appearance in "Man of Steel"... Will Arnett in Michael Bay's TMNT... Wooderson in "Interstellar"... Fast 6... and the closing of Lucas Arts.  Sad day. The 2nd Round of The Big Bracket is complete, as Mikey & d$ discuss surprises like Metallica over Pearl Jam and The Shawshank Redemption over Optimus Prime... tough battles like The WWE taking on The Walking Dead... and big Sweet Sixteen battles, like the aforementioned Shawshank Redemption vs. The Empire Strikes Back--and which is more awesome. And what show would be complete without Demi?  Not ours.


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