Naked Astronomy - From the Naked Scientists show

Naked Astronomy - From the Naked Scientists

Summary: We look at the latest news from the stars, planets and other heavenly bodies. Plus interviews with professional astronomers and the answers to your space science questions.

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 Hello, this is the International Space Station - Naked Astronomy 15.08.12 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:03

In a first for the Space Boffins podcast - an interview with astronauts in space! NASA's Scott Kelly and cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are on a year long mission on board the International Space Station. They took time out from their duties to discuss how they're getting on so far. Studio guests space scientists Lucie Green and Graziella Branduardi-Raymont add some sun (shine) and a SMILE (mission) to the proceedings. Plus we talk to the first man to walk in space, Alexei Leonov, ahead of a new cosmonaut exhibition at London's Science Museum.

 Rocketing into Space - Naked Astronomy 15.07.13 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:02

The Space Boffins celebrate their 4th year producing monthly podcasts in - aptly - a British rocket lab. Richard Hollingham joins engineer Adam Baker at the University of Kingston to discuss recent rocket failures and talks to the new head of the European Space Agency, Jan Woerner, about his plans for a village on the Moon. In Hatfield, Sue Nelson meets philosopher and author of Nobody Owns the Moon, Tony Milligan, to debate the ethics of space exploration and there's yet another reason to celebrate: the 40th anniversary of Apollo-Soyuz.

 How to Fly a Space Shuttle - Naked Astronomy 15.06.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 21:54

In a Space Boffins special - Sue Nelson meets the first female Space Shuttle Commander, Eileen Collins. The retired astronaut - one of NASA's most experienced - reveals the challenges of flying the Shuttle, the flaws in its design and what happened in the aftermath of the Columbia disaster. They also talk about the way female astronauts are treated by the media and the next generation of spacecraft.

 Rosetta: Six Months Later - Naked Astronomy 15.05.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 28:29

Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson are joined by astronomer, Guardian writer and guitarist Stuart Clark for a Rosetta mission special - six months after it made history by landing on a comet. Pick up your backstage pass for behind the scenes interviews with key players in the European Space Agency mission: Rosetta project scientist Matt Taylor, former mission manager Fred Jansen, spacecraft operations manager Andrea Accomazzo and Koen Geurts from the German Space Agency's Philae Lander team.

 Out of this World: Britain's history in space - Naked Astronomy 15.04.16 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:39

Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson are inside London's Science Museum with the museum's curator of space, Doug Millard, and the original Apollo 10 capsule. Apart from a tribute to Apollo 11's crucial predecessor, they discuss Britain's history in space and hear from Skylon pioneer Alan Bond on the progress of his revolutionary spaceplane. There's also an update on Europe's ExoMars mission rover from the new Mars Yard at Airbus Defence and Space to celebrate its one year anniversary.

 All Systems Go: NASA's new giant rocket - Naked Astronomy 15.03.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:36

This month Richard sees NASA's new giant rocket, the Space Launch System, taking shape in New Orleans. In the studio the Space Boffins are joined by poet Simon Barraclough to discuss the poetic power of the Sun. Sue reports on Europe's new mission to Mercury, they celebrate the 50th anniversary of the missions that made the Moon landings possible and unveil the original recording that inspires the Space Boffins jingle.

 Recovering Beagle 2 from Mars - Naked Astronomy 15.02.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 33:51

Space Boffins Richard Hollingham and Sue Nelson discover why we should recover Beagle 2 from the surface of Mars; why we need the Uranus Pathfinder mission; and how exoplanets are putting a twinkle in the eyes of British space scientists. There's also music from Public Sector Broadcasting, with band member J Willgoose explaining how they use space archive footage as an integral part of their unique sound. They're also are joined by Dr Leigh Fletcher from Oxford University and Dr Sheila Kanani from the Royal Astronomical Society with interviews from Professor Ian Wright and Professor Mark Sims.

 Space Exploration in 2015 - Naked Astronomy 15.01.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:30

Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham are joined by the BBC's Jon Amos and ExoMars' Andrew Coates. They look ahead at the most exciting missions of 2015 so expect New Horizons, Ceres and Tim Peake's forthcoming trip to the space station. There's also interviews with UrtheCast's Scott Larson and Gaia's Timo Prusti.

 Orion: the first step to Mars? - Naked Astronomy 14.12.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 36:27

Sue Nelson joins space fans in Florida to witness the Orion launch and meets Mars candidate Elmo. Meanwhile, Richard Hollingham talks to the DG of the UK Space Agency, David Parker, about the International Space Station and we hear from the people bringing espresso coffee to astronauts. Richard is joined by science writer Stuart Clark and broadcaster Sarah Cruddas, who also discuss the future of NASA's space programme, European space success and luxury items in space.

 Space: triumph and tragedy - Naked Astronomy 14.11.14 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 38:52

Emotions are running high in this month's Space Boffins as Sue reports from Germany on Europe's cometary landing. And, following the SpaceShipTwo tragedy and Antares explosion, Sue and Richard discuss the dangers of trying to make spaceflight routine. With space insurer David Wade (who insured Antares) and space scientist Sheila Kanani, they also meet a man commanding a Mars base.

 ESTEC: The heart of the European Space Agency - Naked Astronomy 14.10.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:02

Space Boffin Sue Nelson is at the European Space Agency's technical heart - ESTEC in the Netherlands - where spacecraft undergo a crucial 'shake and bake' before launch. She's joined by astronauts Paolo Nespali and Andre Kuipers, ESTEC head Franco Ongaro, Rosetta's mission manager Fred Jansen, and Andreas Jung, from Europe's experimental new spaceplane, IXV. Tales of retro re-entry in a Soyuz, the future of space travel and how chocolate can make a comet, in yet another tasty space treat.

 The Spacewalk from Hell - Naked Astronomy 14.09.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:21

Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham hear from the Rosetta mission's Flight Director, Andrea Accomazzo, about choosing a landing site on comet 67P - plus Apollo astronaut and last man on the Moon, Gene Cernan, on the spacewalk from hell. Dr Lucie Green from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory and the lab's poet in residence, Simon Barraclough, are the lively studio guests. Expect space poetry, scientific insight and a song about photons.

 The Last Man on the Moon - Naked Astronomy 14.08.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 27:21

In this special edition, the Last Man on the Moon, Gene Cernan, talks exclusively to Richard Hollingham about the final step, mortality and his disappointment about the way the space programme has developed.

 Rescuing astronauts from space - Naked Astronomy 14.07.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 29:37

How do you orbit a comet? Set up a government in space or rescue a space shuttle crew? These questions and more in the latest edition of Space Boffins. Sue and Richard are at University College London where they're joined by Rosetta project scientist Matt Taylor and UCL space scientist Geraint Jones to look ahead to the European mission's rendezvous with a comet. They also talk to retired Nasa engineer, David Baker, who outlines a Shuttle rescue plan and Richard reports from the Extraterrestrial Liberty Conference on government beyond the Earth.

 Drowning in Space - Naked Astronomy 14.06.10 - | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 34:02

How do you design the inside of a starship? Space Boffins Sue Nelson and Richard Hollingham talk to space architect Rachel Armstrong about journeys to the stars. They also meet Luca Parmitano, the astronaut who almost drowned in space, and take a look at a new hi-tech satellite that will provide Google with close up views of your house.


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