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Dirty Thursdays

Summary: Features live performances by the finest jazz artists, songwriters, acoustic, and bluegrass groups in the south-westernmost corner of the United States.

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 022: Summer Mencher | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're continuing the girl-meets-guitar theme here at Dirty Thursdays. Gotta stay the course... This week we got a surprise preview of Summer Mencher's new disc "Break The Mold" which is slated to release in August. Tune in to hear stories about her incomparable swimming prowess, as well as the low-down on the record.  click for more pics Next week we are back in jazz-mode with Frame Of Reference bringing on some two-tenor-sax jams. PLAYLIST: -Love is Love -One Hit Wonder -Lead With Love -Stranger to Stronger bonus: The Maze [outro] Entire episode: for non-flash users - download ep 22 Cut to the Chase (last two songs): for non-flash users - download ep 22 part 2 LINKS: Summer Mencher (official site) Summer on twitter ***9:00am PST: All the links should be working properly now. Sorry if you tried to access the post for the last couple of hours.

 6000 pageviews! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

A huge thanks to all you dirty-fans; we just passed 6000 views! Please spread the word and keep listening ;-) Our stats show we're getting listeners from every continent except Africa. Lots of folks are tuning in from Japan, Australia, Europe, and Brazil.  -The Lovebirds (Dirty Thursdays 001) are playing their first gig tonight (5-17-11) at the Tin Can Ale House.  -Saxophonist Jason Robinson (Dirty Thursdays 003) is giving a "farewell San Diego" concert at Dizzy's on June 2nd. -The Smart Brothers (Dirty Thursdays 016) killed it at the North Park Festival of the Arts this past weekend! Keep an eye on their facebook page for upcoming shows.  -Miss Erika Davies (Dirty Thursdays 013) has her new CD 'Galaxy Lakes' available for pre-order. -San Diego pianist Sir Edward Kornhauser (Dirty Thursdays 002) quit the scene for a while and took off to the far-east.  You can get updates on his blog at whiskeythunder.blogspot.com -You can catch bassist Rob Thorsen (Dirty Thursdays 020 and Dirty Thursdays 005) this Wednesday (and most Wednesdays) at the El Camino Latin Jazz Jam Session as part of the smoking house band.  -Some upcoming episodes: Summer Mencher, Frame of Reference, The Heavy Guilt, Irving Flores, etc. Also, there will be an exclusive live podcast/concert with alt-jazz-surf-rock-indie-fabtastic duo THE MATTSON 2 coming up this summer. We hope you can join us for this special event - stay tuned for the time/date/venue!


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