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Summary: Features live performances by the finest jazz artists, songwriters, acoustic, and bluegrass groups in the south-westernmost corner of the United States.

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 017: The Danny Green Trio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

OK, 17 is legal in some states... For our Dirty 17th, we brought back some regulars: Danny Green on fender rhodes, Julien Cantelm on drums, and first-time-guest Justin Grinnell on electric bass. Danny is a pianist and a jazz composer with so much output he recently had to find a bigger apartment to store all his arrangements. He's recently struggled with an addiction to Brazilian jazz, and is a regular at Brazil camp in NorCal where he's rubbed elbows with Chico Pinheiro, Edu Ribeiro, Marcos Silva, and other real brazilians. We get an exclusive preview (all-electric trio versions) of a few tunes from his upcoming CD. click to see pics - dirty thurs on flickr PLAYLIST: -Jellyfish -Under Night's Cover -Unwind Entire episode:  download episode 17 Cut to the Chase (last two songs):  download ep 17 part 2 LINKS: Danny Green (official site) Pacific Coast Jazz (record label - buy Green!) Justin Grinnell - bass

 018: Ruby Blue | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Ruby Presnell came by to play a private show in our living room with her jazz trio "Ruby Blue"... Ruby has been singing in San Diego for the last two decades, and has been a regular at the U.S. Grant Hotel and other venues around town. She's joined by returning guests Bob Boss (guitar) and Rob Thorsen (bass). click for pics Enjoy! PLAYLIST: -Skin -Oh Love -Y 2 K Entire episode:  download episode 18 Cut to the Chase (last two songs):  download ep 18 part 2 LINKS: Ruby Blue (official site) Bob Boss guitar Rob Thorsen bass ***Stay tuned for episode 019 next week-featuring Jesse LaMonaca of Jesse LaMonaca & The Dime Novels in an exclusive duo performance

 019: Jesse LaMonaca | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Jesse LaMonaca has been popping up at bars and clubs all over San Diego with his guitar or accompanied by his incredibly good-looking band, The Dime Novels. He always manages to appear on City Beat's weekly concert picks, and last year's release "Until The Stars Came Out" was up for a San Diego Music Award for Best Americana Album. This week we're bringing you some new tunes from Jesse joined by Dime Novels guitarist Brandon Conway. click to see pics - dirty thurs on picasaclick to see more pics - photographer M. Klayman PLAYLIST: -Shoot The Messenger -Other Side Of The World -Left Coast Sunshine -The Well Has Run Dry Entire episode:  download episode 19-all Cut to the Chase (last two songs):  download ep 19 part 2 LINKS: Jesse LaMonaca & The Dime Novels (official page) Photographer Michael Klayman - see michael's photos

 020: Rob Thorsen Trio | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We convinced 3rd time dirty-guest Rob Thorsen to come back, but this time the bass is in front; Rob's leading a trio  that includes Joshua White on Fender Rhodes and Fernando Gomez on drumset.  Rob is the hardest working bassist in San Diego and is first-call as a sideman in addition to leading his own groups.  This trio exists only 'in-the-moment' and will be playing some originals by both Rob and Joshua. click for pics Rob also gives us the inside-track on the San Diego Double Bass Summit which is coming up this summer.  Rob has been the organizer, CEO, and driving force behind the summit - a yearly concert that brings together upright-bass legends like Mark Dresser, Marshall Hawkins, Burt Teresky, and many others all on one bill. If you are local to Southern CA, you can catch Rob with Louis Hayes on May 10th, 2011 at Jazz Live (see link below). Enjoy! PLAYLIST: -Hall Hawk (Joshua White) -Blues Clues (Rob Thorsen) -Sad Guy (Rob Thorsen) Entire episode:  download episode 20 Cut to the Chase (last two songs):  download ep 20 part 2 LINKS: Rob Thorsen (official site) Jazz 88.3 (jazz live concert series) Joshua White (facebook info page) Fernando Gomez (facebook) ***Upcoming Podcasts: Nena Anderson, Nathan Hubbard, The Mattson 2, The Heavy Guilt, and more... stay tuned and stay dirty!

 033: Dangond - Giordano Duo | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The first jazz session of 2012 features Ricky Giordano on guitar and Tony Dangond on Fender Rhodes. The two of them make up 1/2 of the DGQ, who will be playing at UCSDs The Loft on March 15th. Tune in and hear three original compositions. A few shots from the session: photos by darci fontenot - click for more pics Please get out and support local jazz! We here at Dirty Thursdays are doing this just for the love; if you enjoy an artist from the show, please go out and see a gig or buy their music on the web. Thanks for listening and stay dirty. PLAYLIST: -Not Quite Home -Light / Open Doors Entire episode: download ep 33 LINKS: DGQ (official website)

 021: Nena Anderson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

**It's our Dirty 21st! Dirty Thursdays is definitely hitting the bars tonight!** This week's dirty-episode has been in-the-making since January... we finally found time to sit down with singer-songwriter Nena Anderson - and she was even kind enough to entertain my 'professional' interviewing skills. Tune in to hear about her upcoming indie/blues/jazz/country/pop album, San Diego's honky-tonk scene, and a new duo project with Adrian DeMain. click for more pics Nena's debut record "Beyond The Lights" is slated to come out in the next month or two. Until then you can hear her in person at the Grant Grill or Belly Up Tavern. Enjoy! PLAYLIST: -Sink Or Swim -One More -I Fall In Love Too Fast -Beyond The Lights bonus: Hush [outro] Entire episode:  download episode 21 Cut to the Chase (last two songs):  download ep 21 part 2 LINKS: Nena Anderson (official site) Brawley (facebook) Nena on twitter The Neverout (facebook)

 023: Frame Of Reference | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

OK, we're back in introspective-jazz-land this week. Frame Of Reference is Doug Walker on bass, Nick Tocco on guitar, and Tim Nunnink and Peter August on saxophones (well, that's four-fifths of the group... we are minus-drums here at Dirty Blvd Recording Co.). All the members attended the jazz program at San Diego State University, but this band started developing a truly original sound during their three-year residency at South Park Bar & Grill. Tune in and hear a few tunes by Doug and Nick.  click for more pics If you are in San Diego, you can catch Frame Of Reference live this June at Ray At Night in North Park. PLAYLIST: -Out Of Thin Air (N. Tocco) -Digression (D. Walker) -Waterdoor (D. Walker) bonus: In The Know (D. Walker) [outro] Entire episode: download ep 23 Cut to the Chase (last two songs): download ep 23 part 2 LINKS: Frame Of Reference (official site) F.O.R. on Facebook

 024: Noelle Pederson | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Turns out that singer/songwriter Noelle Pederson lives right around the block from Dirty Boulevard Recording Company.  This week we finally got her to drop in with some brand-new material for Dirty Thursdays.  We also chat about music therapy and the San Diego scene... Enjoy and see you in two-weeks.  We're on vacation up in Humboldt next week!  click for more pics PLAYLIST: -Wine of Truth -Night of Candlelight -The Infatuation Trapeze -Just Me Entire episode: download ep 24 Cut to the Chase (last two songs): download ep 24 part 2 LINKS: Noelle Pederson (youTube)

 025: The Heavy Guilt | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

This week we rocked out 'MTV Unplugged' style with local band The Heavy Guilt. They stripped down to a four piece - vocals, acoustic guitars, rhodes, and bass - for this exclusive Dirty Thursdays performance. The Guilt has been a scourge at San Diego bars and clubs for about the last two years.  They're gearing up for the release of "In The Blood", which will be out on vinyl, CD, and MP3 next month.    click for more pics The Heavy Guilt is Erik Canzona on guitar and lead vocals, Josh Rice on rhodes, Jason Littlefield on bass, and Sean Martin on guitar. The full band also includes Jenny Merullo on drums/vocals, and Al Howard on percussion/toys (and he's also the lyricist). Check out their CD release show at the Glashaus Device Gallery on July 16th. PLAYLIST: -God Burning Eyes -The Tangles -When It Comes Down [Outro] Fallen Entire episode: download ep 25 Cut to the Chase (skip the first 2 songs & interview): download ep 25 part 2 LINKS: The Heavy Guilt (official site) The Heavy Guilt (youTube) Guilt on Facebook Bonus [Ain't No Sinner live video]:

 026: Wade Hackett | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Growing up on the plains of West Texas, Wade Hackett rode a longhorn cow four-miles to school every day. Through the tumbleweeds and dust occasionally he would hear the distant sound of a cowboy's guitar floating through the sweltering Texas air. The sounds of the far-away strumming touched his soul and young Mr. Hackett spent the next year shoeing horses in the nearby town until he'd saved enough coppers to buy his first guitar. Then, on one hot autumn afternoon, he forked over his earnings at Papa Joe's Music & Pawn in Wylie, Texas and walked out with a weathered Gibson acoustic. And so he set out on the lonely prairie, guitar in hand and cow in tow. OK, maybe that's a bit of hyperbole. Wade may or may not own a cow, and he now resides in metropolitan Los Angeles. His music is a bit of Old-West-meets-West-Coast; country and city colliding. Think Neil Young, Tom Waits, and Willie Nelson in a three-car pileup. Happy Thursday!  click for more pics PLAYLIST:-Holler-Love Is All We're After-Untitled Entire episode: download ep 26 Cut to the Chase (skip to the last song): for non-flash users - download ep 26 part 2 LINKS: Wade Hackett (facebook)

 027: The Mattson 2 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

©Andrew Paytner At long last - the The Mattson 2 podcast!  Yes, I know that was redundant.  And these two identical-twins could almost be the the same person. Good luck telling their voices apart during the interview. Their new CD Feeling Hands recently came out and has been featured on NPR. [link to buy] Without further ado, enjoy San Diego's post-rock-surf-jazz golden boys. ©Michael Klayman ©Michael Klayman ©Michael Klayman ©Michael Klayman ©Michael Klaymanclick for more pics PLAYLIST:-Black Rain -Pleasure Point -Man From Anamnesis Entire episode: download ep 27 Cut to the Chase (skip to the last song): for non-flash users - download ep 27 part 2 LINKS: The Mattson 2 (website) The Mattson 2 (facebook) Photos from photographer Michael Klayman

 028: San Diego Jazz Piano Vol. 1 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're proud to premier the first podcast of an occasional series: San Diego Jazz Piano.  In each edition we'll bring together a few different local pianist for one-off solo performances.  This week we'll get things in gear with Danny Green, Joshua White, and Mikan Zlatkovich.  click for more pics Mr. Green was kind enough to host 'Volume 1' at his new townhouse, and we made good use of the Baldwin. We're getting used to recording in the very live room but everything came together with some incredible performances. PLAYLIST:-Lullaby for a Poet (Danny Green) -Nocturne in C minor (Danny Green) -Untitled (Joshua White) -Souly Soul Soul (Joshua White) -Chick's Song (Mikan Zlatkovich) -Jazz in the AM (Mikan Zlatkovich) Entire episode: download ep 28 Cut to the Chase (last four songs): for non-flash users - download ep 28 part 2 Cut to the Chase (last two songs): for non-flash users - download ep 28 part 3 LINKS: Danny Green (website) The Official Joshua White Music Page (facebook) Mikan Zlatkovich (website)

 029: Nena Anderson live at the US Grant with Adrian Demain & Rob Thorsen | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're getting our mobile recording set-up in gear here at Dirty Boulevard. For our first live podcast, we checked out Nena Anderson live at the Grant Grill inside the historic U.S. Grant Hotel in the Gaslamp. She's joined by Rob Thorsen on bass and Adrian Demain on guitar. When she's not picking-up (even more) SD Music Award nominations, Nena plays in about a jillion bands, designs very snazzy merch cases, and posts on her foodie-blog. Check out her new record that just came out on Kalinda Records: For our first live podcast, it came off without a hitch (minus a little bit of strange guitar-amp interference). Enjoy, and stay dirty! Sorry for the dark pics... My camera hates low-light situations.  click for more pics PLAYLIST:-Roses and Kisses -Win Your Heart -Say You'll Be Mine -Five 'til Eight -Daggers -[OUTRO] I Fall In Love Too Fast Entire episode: download ep 29 LINKS: Nena Anderson (website)

 030: Al, Erik, and Sean of The Heavy Guilt | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

We're back, and as usual, dirtier than ever. This week Al Howard, Sean Martin, and Erik Canzona (from the Heavy Guilt) dropped by the new pad to chat and play a short set. Check out their new record just out a few months back: A few shots from the session:     photos by darci fontenot - click for more pics Get out and listen - The Heavy Guilt will be at the Lafayette Hotel (on El Cajon Blvd) December 31st, 2011 for a New Year's Eve party put on by our friends at the Casbah! Info here: http://www.casbahmusic.com/ PLAYLIST:-Thoughts -The Cost -Fallen -[OUTRO] Wyoming Entire episode: download ep 30 LINKS: The Heavy Guilt (official website) The Guilt on Facebook

 031: Lexington Field | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Happy New Year! We're kicking off 2012 with local "fiddle-rockers" Lexington Field.  They've been out on the scene since 2007 and just got distribution through New Folk Records (in Minnesota) for their two most-recent releases. The podcast features an in-studio performance from the acoustic edition of the band: Beau Gray on guitar and vocals, and Cami Smith on violin. A few shots from the session: photos by darci fontenot - click for more pics Check them out live on Saint Patrick's Day at ShamROCK in downtown San Diego. PLAYLIST: -Laurel's Reel -Poor Troubled Life -Tumble Entire episode: download ep 31 LINKS: Lexington Field (official website) Lexington Field on Facebook


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