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Summary: Every single Resonance FM show which has ever been released as a podcast.

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 One Life Left -- s10e22 -- #240 -- le chat est sur la table | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's a new year so it's time for a new look Team OLL! Well maybe not but Ann was ill on Monday so we had to come up a solution that didn't involve Sega Badawi. Luckily we found one in the Million Dollar Journalist (TM) Cara Ellison who was linking up live to the studio from Paris. She provided us with Le News Du Gaming, coped well with the slight lag in connection and told us how amazing Paris is. Stay amazing Paris. However, despite Cara being both Super and Special she was not this week's Super-Special Guest. That honour went to Ben Maltz-Jones who works for voice over specialists OM UK. He told us how difficult it is doing voices for videogames, spoke a little about the Game of Thrones Telltale game and we tried to get him to tell us examples of bad voice overs in videogames in an attempt to get him blackballed from the industry. We also found out what it's like having Christmas in Ramsay Street, workshopped some Cockney rhyming slang and discovered the official French nickname for Batman. There was a feature from a demoted Sega Badawi and we unveiled the OLL Project For 2015. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. nitro pulse - Hydro Beast 2. Ninten Kwon Do - Close Your Eyes, Listen, Now Dance

 Panel Borders: Non-Verbal Communication | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Panel Borders: Non-Verbal Communication Concluding a trio of shows about ‘untold tales’, narratives not normally depicted in comics, Alex Fitch talks to writer Laura Malacart and artist Daniel Locke about their comic book Yes! which explores the true story of an autistic man who communicates through song, classified technically as non-verbal communication. Daniel and Laura […]

 TSP Christmas 2014 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The Sound Projector Radio Show Christmas 2014 Friday 19th December 2014 Gentle Giant, ‘Pantagruel’s Nativity’ From Acquiring The Taste, EUROPE VERTIGO 842 917-2 CD (1990) Recorded in 1971. Libido, ‘Evolution’ Marcel, ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’ Sparks, ‘Thank God It’s Not Christmas’ From Kimono My House, UK ISLAND 984 341 7 CD (2006) Recorded in […]

 framework #493: 2014.12.21 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

last show for 2014, featuring sounds from framework:seasonal issue #7, winter 2014, as well as works by dallas simpson, mario j consunji, and emanuele cendron.

 One Life Left -- s10e21 -- #239 -- 'Be'ing Jordan | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Ann is in Oslo (which sounds like a cryptic crossword clue) so not only were we down a presenter, but someone else needed to do the news instead. Neither Non-Intern Simon nor Ste wanted to do it (too big and fashionable shoes to fill) but luckily we had just the person in mind. Unfortunately we forgot to tell Intern Simon and had to go to the bottom of the list. Our Super-Special Guest was *INSERT EVERY SINGLE PUBLICATION HERE*'s Jordan Erica Webber who came in to learn from Ste on how to deal with Keith Stuart. We also found out why she uses three names, who she doesn't write for and where she fits into the Guardian family. You might also pick up on the very subtle information that Non-Intern Simon has released his second ever game. It is called Bang Man and is almost on the first page of searches within Google Play for Bang Man. This then led us in to talking about Metacritic, if Metacritic has ever been wrong, if Tom Bramwell has ever been wrong and how to confuse Stuart Campbell. Useful information for anyone involved in video games. Regular features in this show are Doctor Avatar's Surgery, Non-Intern Simon's Wii U Adventures and Does Non-Intern Simon Currently Love Or Hate Telltale Games? Except Non-Intern Simon is off next week so we won't get updates about the last two features until 2015. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: id=com.byronic.bangman& referrer=utm_source%3DAndroidPIT %26utm_medium%3DAndroidPIT %26utm_campaign%3DAndroidPIT Track list: 1. Teomawki - Sugar High!! 2. Yerzmyey - Bizarre Creature 3. Klamm - Monsterland 4. UncleBibby - An UncleBibby Christmas

 Christmas Books Special | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Jack Thurston is joined by a galaxy of stars from the world of cycling literature to pick over the cream of this year's crop of bike books. Nominating their cycling book of the year are Feargal McKay, Ned Boulting, Herbie Sykes, Daniel Friebe, Tom Southam, Richard Moore, Max Leonard and Emma O'Reilly. Guy Andrews, founding editor of Rouleur magazine, is on hand with his crystal ball to look at what cycling books we might expect in 2015 and years to come.

 Panel Borders: A Hole in the Heart of Manga | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Panel Borders: A Hole in the Heart of Manga Continuing a month of shows about ‘untold tales’, narratives not normally depicted in comics, Alex Fitch talks to artist Henny Beaumont about her debut graphic novel A Hole in the Heart, about bringing up a child with Down’s Syndrome, due to be published by Myriad Editions […]

 framework #492: 2014.12.14 [stéphane marin] | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

framework:afield produced in france by stéphane marin, aka espaces sonores. for more information see

 The Doars of Perception | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The Sound Projector Radio Show Friday 12th December 2014 Villalog, ‘Duesseldorf Dub’ From Spacetrash, GERMANY KLANGBAD 67 CD (2014) Esa Shields, ‘Lost Time’ From Ovum Caper, GERMANY GAGARIN RECORDS GR2031 LP (2014) Fujako, ‘The Preacher’ From Soul Buzz, FRANCE ÅNGSTRÖM RECORDS AEP12 10″ VINYL (2014) Radian Verses Howe Gelb, ‘From Birth to Mortician’ From Radian […]

 One Life Left -- s10e20 -- #238 -- Gears Of Warburtons | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Do you remember when Non-Intern Simon had a Wii? And can you remember the ultimate fate of that Wii? Non-Intern Simon doesn't which is why he has now bought a Wii U. Betting is now open for how long that Wii U will be actively used for. The winner will get the chance to throw a sack containing bricks, a Wii U controller (that Ann says is rather nice to touch) and some other 'items' into the canal. This week's Super-Special Guest was the Bionic Man Luke Williams from Bossa Studios (he has had laser eye surgery). He was on the show to talk about his new game I Am Bread and how it is similar to Kim Kardashian's butt. This then caused Ste to get rather existential about raw toast and how it fits in with the world. We found out that I Am Bread was first made during a game jam at Bossa Studios so it could be called a jam sandwich (if you're prepared to give us the benefit of the doubt like Nicholas Parsons on Just A Minute). It's on Steam Early Access now and should be finished early next year. We heard from Sega Badawi and Simon The Intern caught us up with all the gaming news that Ann missed off because she couldn't connect it to Taylor Swift. And we had the welcome return of our Top Five feature, but it might not be so welcome after all the puns Ste made. Sorry. We also learned that Non-Intern Simon scared Ann at night, what magazines Luke used to read in the old days and that Ste has trouble throwing his Vita. Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Uncle Bibby - Pinch Me 2. Kodek - Lazy Fruit 3. MilLs DJ - Like A Kid Again 4. TEOMAWKI - Through My Eyes

 Casserole of Magnetic Tape | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The Sound Projector Radio Show Friday 5th December 2014 Matthias Delplanque, ‘Part 1′ From Transmissions, PORTUGAL CRÓNICA 088-2014 CD (2014) micro_penis, ‘Der trompeten sauber (ich bin ein schwantzkutschen)’ From Der trompeten sauber, UK CHOCOLATE MONK choc.268 CDR Michel Chion, ‘Le Ciel Tremble’ From Musiques Concrètes 1970-71, FRANCE BROCCOLI 016 CD (2014) Michel Guillet, ‘Unstable Distance […]

 framework #491: 2014.12.07 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

1st of 2 regular editions featuring works from the upcoming fund-raising release, framework:seasonal issue #7, winter 2014.

 Panel Borders: Probably Nothing | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Panel Borders: Probably Nothing Starting a month of shows about untold tales in comics, which is to say stories that are underrepresented in graphic narratives, Alex Fitch talks to cartoonist and storyboard artist Matilda Tristram about her debut graphic novel Probably Nothing – A diary of your-not-average nine months, that recounts the true story of […]

 One Life Left -- s10e19 -- #237 -- Orrrn Lrrrrf Lrrrrft | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's been a busy week. We were mentioned in Shortlist magazine in order to try and give a boost to a little known podcast called Serial. Hopefully this will help it attract the listeners it deserves. Ann's Mum's birthday was on Friday, so we were preparing all kinds of amazing treats and surprises for her. And Non-Intern Simon's drinking buddy Stewart Lee was on Lewis Schaffer's Nunhead Radio Show before us. So could this week's show match up to this? PRESS REVEAL TO FIND OUT (Assuming 'reveal' is the play button on your mp3 player) Well this week's Super-Special Guest was Mr Biffo from Digitiser (aka Paul Rose) so that meant there was no way we could fail. Unless we tried to get in our house using an Oyster card. Luckily two of us didn't try this so we got to ask Paul lots of questions about the excellent Digitiser, why he left Teletext, why he's brought Digitiser back and what it was like to write for Dirty Den. Simon also started to write a song for Paul to perform at our Christmas Party which will undoubtedly be amazing. But not as amazing as Digitiser 2000 is. Sega Badawi provided some Local News and Super Roger World told us more tales from the coal face of digital acting. Not only that but Ste got more obsessed about the Chuckle Brothers than he usually is (which is very), Ann forgot the title of the film Small Soldiers and she also cut her nails. Oh! And we sold out of tickets for our Christmas Party! But if you missed out on getting a ticket there is a possible chance of getting a ticket. Just listen to the show to find out! Cheerio! Team OLL x Links: Track list: 1. Klamm - Walkers 2nd 2. VCMG - Milky Way 3. Ocean Palace - The Elders Of Arcturus 4. 8 Bit Universe - Out Of The Woods

 Come the E-Bike Revolution? | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Electric bikes are a rapidly growing area of the bicycle industry, offering the promise of effortless two-wheeled travel. Professor Mark Miodownik of University College London tests a Smart E-bike (pictured, above) as part of an in-depth look at e-bike technologies, for both utility and recreational riding. Plus Dr Rachel Aldred explains the Near Miss Project. […]


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