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The Tour Bus Music Show

Summary: This will be a bi-weekly audio podcast about the Local and Regional Touring Artists that will be performing in Louisiana in the near future. Our show will usually be about an hour or so in length…depending on just how interesting the conversation gets, remember we are talking about rock groups…and you can bet it’s going to be revealing. We may also occasionally feature some in-house acoustic performances that you won’t hear anywhere else and we’ll typically be featuring 1 band or up to several musicians per show. We will be interviewing these groups and musicians in depth to give you the inside story on their successes and failures and have them speak to what makes them unique and worth your attention. We will also be playing tracks from their CD’s and Demos and live tracks to really give you a feel for just how hard they rock.

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 The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode# 45 | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 30:44

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 The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode# 44 – Interview and Music With American Swindle | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 45:09

Welcome everyone to Episode# 44 pf the Tour Bus Music Show. I’m T. Michael Fairchild and I’ll be your host. It’s been a bit since our last show and it’s been time well spent. One of our biggest changes is that our former network, Audios Maximus, is now Thrive Media Network and you can find this show as well as many other great podcasts at our new website: We’ve got a lot of great shows coming up this season with some extremely talented groups and artists. We’ll also be posting some video content of our summer adventures on our network site as well as on our main site at Well first and foremost this show is about great music and today’s show is no exception. Today we are featuring American Swindle which is on powerful rock trio from the great state of Texas. I’ll be talking with lead vocalist and guitarist for the group, Joey Kilcommons, Mike Guidry laying down he bottom end on bass and Don Rosecrans on drums and vocals. I have to say that even though we experienced a few technical issues with our communications provider that night, the interview was a lot of fun talking to a group of guys that are as talented as they are down to earth. I had a great time interviewing them and am looking forward to seeing this group live as soon as the opportunity is available. Our interview ran just over 30 minutes and we’ll also feature four songs from their EP which is available along with a lot of other information about the band at: The songs we will be featuring in this episode are: ·        Goodbye Angel ·        Drifter ·        Where Did We Go Wrong ·        X’s For Eyes Thank you everyone for taking the time our of your day to join us and ask you that if you like the show and want to help others to find it as well, please take just a moment to give us a positive rating on iTunes and tell your friends and family about the show.     

 The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode# 43 - Interview And Music With Oblivious Signal From Deerfield Beach, FL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 48:21

Florida…A great place to visit, but an even better place to ROCK! Florida is known almost everywhere as a world class tourist destination for its attractions, resorts, its bone chilling roller coasters and even a little park that has a mouse in its house. But the thing that this state has produced year after year is some of the best rock bands on the planet. Recently on the Tour Bus Music Show, we have featured several groups from Florida such as Badwolf and Familiar Sin and today’s show is no exception, hailing from Deerfield Beach Florida our featured group is Oblivious Signal. Made up of four powerful musicians; Christina Feliciano, Nick Orisino, Greg Andrews and Jason Talley have together created a musical Juggernaut that is ripping through the rock music scene as a force to be reckoned with. In today’s episode we’ll dig in to an in depth interview with Christina, Jason and Nick as well as feature four songs from their catalog. Push Me Away Inflicted Shame What Drowns Out The Screams The Nameless   In the bands time together their have garnered a reputation for a group that takes no prisoners. Their performances are an electrifying experience of heavy riffs combined with powerfully delivered, edgy lyrics performed with enough energy to power whatever city they happen to be in for the night.   The group has performed notable shows alongside other great bands such as Ecotren (Jump Suit Aparatus’s drummer's side project), The Material, Circle II Circle and has even placed them alongside members of the veteran hard rock group Testament.   Their follow-up album to their 2010 release, Into The Night is projected to be released in May 2013 and will feature their single Push me Away which is, of course, featured on this episode of the show.  Be sure to keep an eye out for the group on tour in summer 2013 and be sure to catch the album as soon as it is released. 

 My Symphony Of Life – Episode# 33 – Craft Time With Kathy Penney And Ana | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 13:04

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 The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode# 42 - Interview And Music With Familiar Sin From Orlando, FL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 40:26

Some dishes are best served RAW and there’s nothing closer to raw than rock bands. The power, the message and the music has been delivering that message for a long time. With all of the changes and styles in today’s music, it’s good to see that the message that has always been the backbone of rock music is not lost on a younger generation of musicians. Being outspoken, loud, blunt and unforgiving is in the very essence of what makes up some of the best rock bands of all time and it is what gets the message across. Familiar Sin from the Orlando, Florida area is one of those bands. Not only do they play the music, but they live the life. Founded in 2009 the band has spread their own brand of whisky and women fueled original rock music around the nation. I had a chance to catch up with them a few weeks back for a candid, if not “revealing”, interview with the band. In our time together they paint a real picture of life on the road as a rock band bringing the party and all the debauchery that comes with it. They also share 4 of their songs with us to serve as the anthem living life on your own terms and to remind us that being a little bad can feel so good. Welcome Tour Bus Music Show listeners and Leather Ladies around the world, this is T. Mic, your host and this is episode# 42 where again we will be featuring Familiar Sin from Orlando, Florida. Before we get to the interview I just wanted to bring to up to date on what will be going on in the next few weeks here on the Tour Bus. We are currently working on bring you some great interviews this season and we invite you to join in the fun in you are going to be in Louisiana within driving distance of Baton Rouge and Lafayette, LA in mid-March. We be on location at The Varsity Theater in Baton Rouge, LA on March 15th shooting a video interview with Nonpoint that day and will be at their show that night filming and shooting photos at their show with Hinder. So join us at the Varsity Theater that night for a great show, we’d love to meet up with all of our Tour Bus Listeners there! The next day, March 16, we’ll be at The Station in Broussard, LA where we will be attending CrouchStock. This is a concert featuring bands from 10:30am to 10:00PM that will feature both local and national touring and recording artists such as Sevendust, Pop Evil, Trapt, Candlelight Red, CrackJaw, Digital Summer and many more. Then at 10:00 starts an after party in the club that’s not to be missed. Remember to get your tickets early because this event WILL sell out! We’ll be there doing video interviews with several bands including Sevendust and Candlight Red and will be bringing them to you in the coming weeks and of course we would love to meet you there as well! We’ve got lots more coming as summer approaches and plenty of great music. So stay tuned to Tour Bus Music Show for more details coming soon! Now a word from our sponsor and it’s off to the show! Familiar Sin is: CJ – Vocals Chris – Lead Guitar Caveman – Bass Josh – Drums You can find out more about Familiar Sin at: and connect with them on Facebook at: Familiar Sin’s Bio: When you think about rock and roll, does “Sin” not come to mind? Well, the Central Florida based four-piece Familiar Sin is always the first to bring both. Summer 2009 is when the Sin began and they haven’t looked back since. “The reason we started Familiar Sin is so we can Use Our Demons and Make Them Work for us”, says the front man CJ Orazi. Fueled by honey flavored whiskey, greasy rock and dirty women, they bring the party with them wherever they go, leaving a tattoo of their testimony. Familiar Sin IS getting down to the business of Jamming and Preaching the  Gospel of celebrating good old fashioned “Sinning”. This band lives its name and plays from experience. Managed by Mind’s i Entertainment, look for big things in the future from Familiar Sin. And ask yourself, “Am I a Sinner”? See you at the next show.... Familiar Sin. 

 The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode# 41 – Jasmine Cain From Nashville, TN | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:09:38

Born To Be Wild… More than a song, more than the theme of a culture, and more than a way of life. It brings visions of life on your own terms, a sense of freedom and adventure. It could also bring to mind the living embodiment of the song in the remarkably talented and lovely Miss Jasmine Cain. Born in the heart of the iron horse territory; Sturgis, South Dakota, her life is the story of how hard work combined with talent can lead to a successful and rewarding music career, all without a record label pulling her strings.   Jasmine’s raspy, soulful voice and gypsy sprit weaves a spell that can enrapture the mind and entangle the heart as your listen to her singing stories that feel like they come from your own life. Combine that with her killing looks and disarming personality and you understand why after talking to her for five minutes you feel like you’ve known her your whole life. She’s friendly, down to earth and has a quick wit. But when she takes the stage in what is often more than crowds of 1000 to 5000 or more her stage presence burns hotter than the bright lights she performs under. Welcome everyone to Episode# 41 of The Tour Bus Music Show. I’m your host T. Mic and it was my privilege to interview Jasmine Cain a few weeks back and I have to say it was one of my favorite interviews I have done in the over 40 shows of The Tour Bus Music Show. Normally our interviews can last from 20 to 30 minutes or so when I realized that towards the end of what was more of an interesting and enlightening conversation rather than interview, it astounded me that we had at that point been talking for almost an hour. It was a frank and honest conversation about her life, her experiences, the challenges of maneuvering successfully through the crazy business end of a music career, our mutual love of music, playing bass, singing and motorcycles. One thing I learned about her in our conversation that behind her warm & charming personality is a brilliant songwriter and musician with a knack for drawing in support, endorsements and recognition of her talents. She is the current JPF Female Artist of the Year and Nashville’s Music City Mayhem two –time Female Rock Vocalist. She also hold a total of 8 JPF awards - the most awards ever to be awarded to any one artist from the JPF Association. I just wanted to let you know about a few things going on here at the Audios Maximus Network and things happening in the coming weeks here on the Tour Bus Music Show. As we announced last week, we will be re-launching another music show of ours that has been on hiatus for some time. The On Stage Music Show will soon be back on the air with lots of great music and interviews with a number of very talented artists and groups from other music genres such as blues, lighter rock, jazz, acoustic and lots of other styles of music. The Onstage Music show will be back on the virtual air, as it is of the internet in mid-March and will be posted bi-weekly. We’ve got some great talent lined up and ready to bring to the world. You will be able to find out more after March 3rd by visiting us at We will also be re-launching our Nue Muzik on the Double Planet show where for an hour per show, we will feature just the music from artists heard on The Tour Bus Music Show and The Onstage Music Show. Nue Muzik On The Double Planet will go live in Mid-April of this year. We also have a big surprise for a new music show that we are currently working on that may launch as early as summer 2013. It is something that has had a tremendous popularity in the past and is still in high demand today. There are still lots of details and legality’s to work out before we can announce exactly what it is, but if we are successful in pulling it off, it will be worth the wait, so stay tuned here to The Tour Bus Music Show where we will be telling you more about this in the near future.  So it’s sufficient to say that we have a lot of great music shows coming in the near future and you will be able to subscribe to all of them soon, we’ll be letting you know how and where real soon. Stay tuned to the end of the show and we’ll tell you about some great contests we will be having starting in March where you can win some cool prizes such as Autographed CD’s  from some of the groups that have been on The Tour Bus Music Show on past episodes. You can find out more about Jasmine Cain by visiting her website or connecting with her online at: www.   Jasmine Cain’s Bio  With so many miles behind and so many miles left to travel, Sturgis, SD, native, Jasmine Cain, has paved a way for female rockers in the motorcycle culture.  Current JPF Female Artist of the Year and Nashville's Music City Mayhem two-time Female Rock Vocalist, she has set the standard and raised the bar. Living her life through her songs and gypsy spirit like a modern day Janis Joplin, she is a ghost on the road sitting  by CouponDropDown" id="_GPLITA_2" in_rurl=""next to you as you take your own musical journey.    With three self-released albums ("The Inside" 2004, "Locks & Keys" 2008, "Highway Prophet" 2011) and a newly released music  by CouponDropDown" id="_GPLITA_0" in_rurl=""video for her title track single, "Highway Prophet," Jasmine Cain has sold over 20,000 albums, and gained 5,000 views in the first week of her music video alone. She holds 8 JPF awards--the most awards ever to be awarded to any one artist from the JPF Association. Her performances are stadium-quality rock shows to audiences of 1,000-5,000 on average.   Jasmine Cain encompasses what a true artist is meant to be, taking the reins as the songwriter, lead vocalist, and bassist for her band of rebel rockers. Her songs are emotional, raw, and timeless. Her voice is a mixture of strong, aggressive, soul-filled attitude, while allowing you to feel a slight vulnerability that takes you on an emotional, super-charged ride. You can hear your own life story in every raspy note.    Her natural ability to capture and hold the attention of her audience has earned her several nationally known tours as the headliner for Easyriders Bike Show & Rodeo Tour for 3 consecutive years, main act for 7 years at the Full Throttle Saloon (which has  by CouponDropDown" id="_GPLITA_3" in_rurl=""now become a TruTV series), and the official touring band for Broken Spoke Saloons nationwide.     "Jasmine Cain is an old school rocker in a modern day package! Her band is loaded with great players, great songs, explosive energy and a bass playing, drop dead gorgeous lead singer who writes, records and rocks the mic on award winning by CouponDropDown" id="_GPLITA_1" in_rurl=""singles and heavy weight albums at every turn. This gal is bursting at the seams of the indie world ready for the biggest stages around!" -Brian Austin Whitney, Founder Just Plain Folks Music Organization (JPF)   "Jasmine Cain is THE REAL DEAL! Few new artists come to mind who encompass the essence of rock n roll.  Jasmine 's songs are filled with emotion as well as detail, putting you in the driver's seat as she takes you on a musical ride of imagery and diversity.  With an unrepentant spirit, Jasmine Cain is ready for lift-off. Lucky for us, the lift-off is NOW!-Mac, 97.1 RQQ- Nashville's Rock Station, Music Director/Afternoon Radio Personality    "In the twenty years that I have bee promoting events, the longest lines I have ever seen at a band's merch booth is at Jasmine Cain's booth.  They leave the audience wanting more and that's how I measure the success of a band" says John Green, Promoter for Easyrider Events.  

 The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 40 – Interview And Music With Dilana From Los Angeles, CA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 49:02

Welcome to episode# 40 of The Tour Bus Music Show. What a ride it has been so far. We’ve had many interesting interviews from lots of great bands and artists both famous and those working towards fame and fortune. We’ve also shared hours of music from those bands, debuted new music on the show and have been able to get backstage access to events and shows that have been both memorable and exciting experiences that we will treasure throughout our lives…and through it all we’ve been able to share it all with you, our listeners.  As we have said on many occasions, without you - our loyal listeners, there would be no us! Furthermore, without all of the talented, hardworking musical acts that have shared their time, lives, and music with us…The Tour Bus Music Show would have never rolled out of the parking lot! That being said, I would like to offer my and the Audios Maximus Team’s most profound thanks and appreciation to each member of our listener nation! On this week’s show we will be featuring Dilana who currently lives in Los Angeles, CA. Dilana originally hails from Johannesburg, South Africa. However she has also lived and performed from several cities including New Orleans, LA and Houston, TX just to name a couple.  Fans of the “Rockstar” series that was hosted on the CBS network during the mid-2000’s may recognize Dilana as one of the contestants on season 2 Rockstar Supernova. Some may argue that she truly should have and when considering votes did win the competition. However, when all was said and done she was recognized as runner-up on the show. Dilana has been recognized as an award winning actress and singer having received awards for her lead role in Angel Camouflaged at the Action On Film International Film Festival (Best Actress) and for her soundtrack contributions, 9 songs, which earned her and award for Best Music at the American International Film Festival. Dilana has performed with rock legends Tommy Lee and Mick Mars (Motley Crue), Dave Navarro (Jane’s Addiction, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Panic Channel), Gilby Clark (Guns N’ Roses). And has opened for Aerosmith, Beth Hart, The Doobie Bros., Lynyrd Skynyrd and many more famous artists and groups. Dilana has a history of helping others and has worked with the Lili Claire Foundation,  the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation and she has served and has received an award from the Mayor  of the City Of Los Angeles for her roles as a spokesperson  for Safe Passage - a foundation for domestic violence. She has helped raise funds for hurricane relief for the victims of Hurricane Rita (2005) and Ike (2008) that struck the Louisiana-Texas Coast. Known for her powerful voice, presence and talent she performed around the United States and the world on solo tours of her own. She has released several singles as well as her 2000 Album Wonderfool, her 2009 album InsideOut and is projected to release her newest album in Summer 2013. You can find out more about Dilana on her website at and connect with her on Facebook at: and on Twitter at:

 The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode# 39 - Interview and Music With Farewell 2 Fear From New Orleans, LA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:25

Welcome back to The Tour Bus Music Show. It’s episode# 39 and on this show we will be featuring an interview and music with Farewell 2 Fear. Farewell 2 Fear is a 5 piece band that was launched in 2010.  With members hailing from several cities, the band is based in New Orleans, LA.  The band was signed to the Silent Majority Group (SMG) label in late 2012 and is currently putting the finishing touches on a new album currently slated to be released in Spring 2013. The group currently has shows scheduled across the south ranging from Louisiana to Florida with more to come in support of their new album in the summer of 2013. F2F Is: Mike Craig: Lead Vocals Bob Bearden: Lead Guitar Mojo: Guitar, Vocals Jimmy Adams: Drummer Jeremy Sevens: Bass To date the group has released a single from their previosly released EP.The chart topping hit “Fire” from that EP is currently being played in heavy rotation on SiriusXM Octane. The group has also released another single, a rocking cover version of Rihanna’s hit song “Diamonds” which has landed as Texas’ Rock 108 #20 on their top 40. As we think you will hear on this week’s episode, this band has a lot in store ahead for them and in our opinion from what we have seen so far, we think we are going to see great things for this group going forward. You can find more information of Farewell 2 Fear at, and you can also connect with them on Facebook at as well as on their twitter account at www.  F2F Bio (From Their Website) Farewell 2 Fear was born out of the huge black hole that mainstream rock radio left during the absence of super rock stars like Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains and Sound Garden.  Farewell 2 Fear revisits that era with big rock riffs, big choruses and big anthems for a new generation of mainstream rockers.  The band has members in New Orleans, Jacksonville and Lincoln. Launched in 2010, Farewell 2 Fear was formed out of a passion for music with a message.  F2F music at the core is that of “empowerment” and endless possibilities. The meaning behind the name: fear impedes all areas of our lives’, the day you say “Farewell 2 Fear” is the day you realize that you are free from any obstacle holding you back from living the life you were meant to live.  Couple that message in with talented vocals, awesome writing, killer guitars, bass and drums and you have F2F. In late summer 2012 the band met former Creed, Sevendust and Paramore Manager, Jeff Hanson.  F2F was immediately singed to Hanson’s ADA promoted and distributed label, Silent Majority Group.  SMG is home to Tantric, Candlebox and Framing Hanley.  Under the A&R direction of Hanson the band co-wrote and produced the album New Blood with Brett Hestla (Dark New Day/Creed). Farewell 2 Fear’s first single from the LP was exclusively released to SiriusXM’s Octane and debuted at number one on their playlist and landed at #8 on the listener generated “Big-Uns” countdown!  The band launched lyric videos on YouTube for “Fire” and a cover version of Rihanna’s “Diamonds” in January and generated over 50,000 views in the first 4 weeks.

 The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 38 – Interview And Music With Badwolf From Orlando, FL | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 41:47

Welcome back to The Tour Bus Music Show. Its season 6 and episode 38 her eat the Audios Maximus Network. It’s been a busy time here at the studio as we have been working on changes and great new shows for this season.  We‘ve got lots interesting interviews with independent, national and international bands as well as new shows where we will talk with music industry experts on how independent bands can plan, market  and manage their music careers to help take their band and music to the next level. We’ll be reviewing albums, concerts and talking about music industry news that impacts both bands and their listeners. On this episode we’ll be talking to Adriel and Joey with Badwolf from Orlando, FL. We’ll talk about everything from the band’s inception, some of their major accomplishments and what’s coming next for this hot group. We’ll also feature 4 of their music tracks and lots more. Members:  Randy Stephens, Adriel Garcia, Joey Parkes, Mike Stebe Badwolf’s Bio: Hailing from Orlando, FL, we are a new-rock band comprised of four extremely passionate and artistically fueled individuals. Our music is the center piece of our worlds--our thoughts, efforts, hopes and dreams revolve around creating it and sharing it. BADWOLF originated in May of 2011 when guitarist, Adriel Garcia (Atlanta, GA) and singer, Randy Stephens (Dallas, TX) relocated to Orlando after targeting central Florida as the launching site for the new-rock project. Thoughout the band's first months in Orlando, the two founding members succeeded in furnishing the BADWOLF project with a home studio and composing a catalogue of recordings. Poised for the band's highly anticipated debut album, BADWOLF acquired its third member and bassist, West Palm's own, Joey Parkes, towards the end of 2011. Shortly thereafter, the final and pivotal addition of South-Florida native, drummer, Mike Stebe, completed the band's line-up. You can find out more about the group at: and Visit us at www.thetourbusmusicshow and to find out more about the band, check out their videos and our entire archive of shows featuring both independent and national acts! Be Sure To Catch The Show And Don’t Miss The Bus!

 The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode 37 – Interview And Music With New Orleans’ Own Circle of Light | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 42:37

Welcome to episode# 37 of The Tour Bus Music Show. On this episode we will be doing something a little different. We will be featuring the “rebirth” of a band that was very influential on me, T. Mic, years ago when I was just an aspiring musician. The band we will be featuring is a group of musicians that were known around the southern United States and the original line up of Lillian Axe. But this is not the Lillian Axe that released records worldwide, performing in music videos on MTV and toured extensively throughout the 80’s and nineties. This is also not the current ass-kicking group of musicians that are known as the Lillian Axe of today. No, this was the original, hard rocking, take no prisoners, metal in your face 4 man group of Johnny Vines (vocals), Steve Blaze (guitar), Michael Maxx (bass) and Danny King (drums). As a phoenix reborn from the ashes of yesterday the reformed group now known as Circle of Light has recorded and released its current CD “Rebirth”. The album is comprised of 11 tracks of the band’s music from the early days. What is ironic about the album is even though the music was written 25+ years ago it sounds as fresh and timeless as if it were written in the modern rock era. The album was released on August 28, 2012 on CME Records. The interview that we did with the group was done right after the CD release party at The Howlin’ Wolf in New Orleans on August 11, 2012where they performed a scorching show to a packed house. We covered the performance there as well as having the privilege to see the group in its debut performance ironically opening for Lillian Axe at Fire in Jackson Mississippi a few months before. It was surreal to see a band that had not taken the stage together since the mid 1980’s come out not only sounding as good as they did back in the day, but even better with their audience singing along to every lyric even though they hadn’t heard these songs in over two decades…amazing. Both times we saw the group the completely obliterated the audience with their energy. pounding riffs, scorching solos, and a rhythm section that could give a fleet of pile drivers and jackhammers run for their money. Along with the interview we feature four cuts off of the album in a show that comes in at just over 40 minutes. This has been a reunion a long time coming with fans waiting in the wings for it to happen. They played the anthems that rocked a generation of young southern fans in the eighties and all the while infecting the modern youth with nothing less than pure heavy metal made up of sweat, rock and 180 proof steel string poison.  Sufficient to say “The Boys Are Back In Town” and hopefully won’t be going away anytime soon! Check Them Out At: You can purchase their new album: Circle Of Light – Rebirth through Amazon by clicking on the links below: CD - Click Here To Buy The CD Version! MP3 Album - Click Here To Buy The MP3 Version!

 The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode#36 - An Interview And Music With Jack Andrad From Uncrowned | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 37:10

Welcome back to another episode of The Tour Bus Music Show. On this episode we will be featuring Uncrowned. Based out of Atlanta, GA the band has faced down and beaten challenges in its 10+ years together that would have most bands running for the way out as we will discuss in the show. They have practically lived on the road touring their show through the United States many times over. The ethic that keeps them moving, Party hard and work even harder! The band's line up is: Stephen Bazzell - Lead Vocals Jack Andrad - Guitars/Vocals Stuart Clark - Bass/Vocals Scott Sellers - Drums They have captured the attention of magazines, the press, terrestrial and satellite radio with their music being played in heavy rotation in several national markets. The band was featured in an 8 page article in Spin magazine. Uncrowned was the 14th most requested band overall on Sirius Octane for the first half of 2008 and was featured in an on-air interview with Octane that same year. They have had multiple tracks featured on MTV's Real World, Parental Control and other network shows. Their music has been featured in video games and in a rather extreme nod to their notoriety, they became only the second unsigned band in Hard Rock Cafe's history to have an instrument featured in their memorabilia collection, This is but a few of the accomplishments by a groups whose list of accolades continues to go on and on. In this episode Jack, the guitarist for the group and T. Mic discuss the history of the group, some more of their achievements, stories from the group's time together and some of the more extreme challenges the group has faced and persevered over. Please join us for the show by listening to the podcast! Check them out at

 The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode# 35 - Interview And Music With Digital Summer | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 51:05

Welcome everyone around the world back to this episode of The Tour Bus Music Show. I’m T. Mic and I’ll be your host as we once again take this journey into the world of rock music. In this episode we’ll be sitting down for and interview and some great music with Digital Summer. Digital Summer ( hails from Phoenix, Arizona and has been a great example of what a band can accomplish when determination, passion and a plan can do to drive a band’s success in today’s music industry. Regular rotation of their music on major market terrestrial radio, and on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Octane 20, becoming one of the top drawing unsigned acts in the southwest and sharing the stage with major acts such as Alice In Chains, Godsmack, Deftones, Sevendust, Disturbed, Five Finger Death Punch and the list goes on. Add to that their unique way of balancing a successful music career and professional personal careers concurrently makes this band a unique and exceptional talent as well. The band has released four independent albums since 2007 ·        Cause and Effect in 2007 ·        Hollow in 2008 ·        Counting The Hours in 2010 ·        And their most recent  album Breaking Point in 2012 Their sound is edgy, modern and continues to draw a growing legion of fans everywhere they go. In this show we’ll delve into the history of the group, talk about the members and their passion for music that has brought them to where they are, their experiences, what is currently going on with the band and talk about what’s next for them in the group’s future. We’ll also feature tracks from their past four album releases. Before we get to the interview I wanted to take a moment to acknowledge our growing nation of listeners. We have been watching closely as new listeners continue to find and subscribe to the Tour Bus Music Show. I wanted to share a warm welcome to all of you and thank you for tuning in. We would love to hear from you and what you think of the show and if you have suggestions on whom you would like to hear on the show. Let us know about your favorite bands and artists and a little about yourself, we would love to get to know you. You can leave your comments on our site at, or you can register on our new forum at and talk to other Audios Maximus Nation listeners & viewers at  Welcome to the nation! Please listen to the podcast for our interview with Digital Summer! You can also check out everything else that is going on at Audios and all of our other shows as well. Thanks again for listening! 

 The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 34 – Interview and Music with Rudy Sarzo AKA Storm Bringer of Japan-Based Super Rock Group Animetal USA | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 43:14

On this episode of The Tour Bus Music Show we take the bus across the Pacific to Japan where Anime rules as one of the most popular forms of video entertainment. Where there is Anime there is the music behind it. Enter Animetal USA. This group is comprised of four of the world’s top rock musicians. Mike Vescera as METAL-RIDER - Vocals Chris Impellitteri as SPEED KING - Guitar Rudy Sarzo as STORM BRINGER – Bass Guitar Jon Dette as TANK – Drums & Percussion Animetal USA’s Debut self-titled album has already been gold-certified in Japan (since its October 12th 2011 release), and hitting the #1 spot on Amazon's Hard Rock Heavy Metal chart and #2 on Amazon's Anime chart in Japan (within the first 24 hours of the announcement of ANIMETAL USA). The group has also since released its second album simply entitled “W” in summer of 2012. In this interview T. Mic speaks with returning Tour Bus Music Show Guest, Rudy Sarzo about the story of the group and how it is making a name for itself not only in Japanese Anime culture but also is now developing a loyal following around the world. They will also discuss the challenges of creating this group and developing their look and technical sound. We’ll feature two of the group’s tracks in this show: Mazinger Melody and Pegasus Fantasy. You can find out more information of the group, their album releases and upcoming tour on their website at: We hope you enjoy the show!

 The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 33 – Interview and Music With Patrick Kennison Of National Recording & Touring Artists Heaven Below | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 44:12

On this episode of the Tour Bus Music Show: Raw Rock Power is what powers this bus and let me tell you that after today’s show the tank is full and the bus is ready to roll. This T.Mic of The Tour Bus Music Show and our featured guest is no stranger to the Audios Maximus Network. We first interviewed him back on The Tour Bus Music Show – Episode# 7, he returned for the 2010 year end special. Heaven Below, is Fronted by Patrick Kennison on lead vocals & guitar, lead guitarist Jesse "Bawls" Billson, and rounded out by rhythm section John Younger on bass guitar & Aaron Rossi on drums, the band and their music has become a force to be reckoned with in the rock scene. Of course tonight’s featured guest is Patrick Kennison of Heaven Below! Heaven Below has to its credit: Number 1 in sales at, top 10 on New Hard Rock Release Chart, Top 20 on Music Choice." These types of recognitions are typical of veteran rock bands, but Heaven Below has already taken home these honors in the short time this Los Angeles based unit has been together. "When Daylight Dies" took the radio airwaves by storm in 2010 with syndicated radio shows such as Hard Drive and The Rock 30 were spinning the Ben Moody (Evanescence) and has since been played on 50+ radio stations across the country. Press outlets such as Hard Rock Haven have hailed Heaven Below as "the next Guns N' Roses". The New York Examiner referred to their live performances as "unbridled balls to the wall ferocity". With the buzz and momentum of the band growing, the opportunity to tour and spread the word beyond radio and internet hype has been inevitable. The band has put 4 successful club tours under it's belt, sharing the stage with major artists such as Buckcherry & Avenged Sevenfold along the way. Since the release of their most recent album “Falling From Zero” the band has had some great opportunities that have presented themselves to bring their music to an even wider audience (more details on this coming soon) as well as pairing up to perform with great bands such as Queensryche , Steel Panther, Lynch Mob and many others. Patrick shares with us on this episode what has been happening with the band, talks about the new album and some of the stories behind the music on their new album. Yes, Heaven below is going places and at a break-neck pace to be sure. They are also an exceptional rock act to see live. If they are coming anywhere near your town they are definitely a band to make the trip to see. In the meantime be sure to check out their album “ Falling From Zero” which is packed with some great tracks and a few surprises (but you will have to listen to the album to find them).  You can find out more information on Heaven Below at and remember you can also hear our previous interview with Patrick and Jesse on Episode# 7 of The Tour Bus Music Show at & or at You can also subscribe to and hear The Tour Bus Music Show at iTunes and on Stitcher Smart Radio at: 

 The Tour Bus Music Show - Episode# 32 - Interview And Music With Guitar Center's 2011 King Of The Blues, Jonathon "Boogie" Long | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: 01:15:56

Blues… It’s roots go back to the Mississippi Delta. It has told the stories of heartache as well as life’s pleasure and pain. It’s notes forged from the soul. It’s music has been grinded out of beat up acoustic guitars on front porches on hot southern nights and burned out of electric guitars, piano’s and blues harps in dark juke joints from St. Louis To Chicago. But on today’s show we’re goin’ to Baton Rouge, LA to sit down and talk to a modern bluesman who won Guitar Center's 2011 "King Of The Blues" competition, Jonathon "Boogie" Long. In an interview that runs almost one hour we'll dig into Boogie's story of how his life has been shaped by the blues and has recently come to be one of the hottest young blues players in the South. We'll also feature 3 cut's off of his soon to be released, self-titled album, Jonathon "Boogie" Long and The Blues Revolution. The tracks we will be featuring are: Blues Revolution Bad Karma Bad Day The interview was recorded in early summer of 2012 shortly after the Baton Rouge Blues Festival.  We welcome you to join us for an interesting interview with a very dedicated and talented guitarist & vocalist and some great blues music. You can find out more about Jonathon "Boogie" Long at: Some great upcoming dates to catch Boogie performing at are: Live After 5  - Downtown Baton Rouge - 9/21/2012 Homegrown Harvest Music and Arts Festival - New Orleans - 9/23/2012 5:15pm Knuckleheads - Kansas City, Missouri - 9/28/2012 Jammin in JC Blues Fest - Junction City, Kansas - 9/29/2012 Sunday in the Park - Downtown Baton Rouge 11/4/2012


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