The Good, The Bad and the JoBlo Movie Podcast show

The Good, The Bad and the JoBlo Movie Podcast

Summary: Weekly movie news updates, weekend box-office analysis, breaking contest information, review summaries from the site, and a glimpse into our top-notch forums with the "Thread of the Week". We also discuss all behind the scenes action at the offices and all activities from the fanboys running the site. Updated every Monday and hosted by Jim Law. Email him at

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 JoBlo Podcast: Blue Valentine Director, Derek Cianfrance, Thor, & our Summer Box Office Picks w/ Mike Sampson! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The director of BLUE VALENTINE, Derek Cianfrance drops by the show to give us some insight as to how much passion one needs while trying to get a movie made for 12 years (Hint: a lot). Then editor-in-chief, Mike Sampson stops in for a healthy debate about THOR, some shameless love for FAST FIVE, and the revealing of our 2011 Box Office Contest picks. Moreno lives to tell us about SyFy's THE ALMIGHTY THOR, Sampson pops up in Cosmopolitan Magazine, and Moreno's dog hates The Biebs.

 JoBlo Podcast: JoBlo's Summer Movie Preview! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The main man, himself, JoBlo, stops by the Podcast dungeon to help Moreno and me get through a preview of the next four months of movies. Before that, JoBlo updates us all on the state of mobile and the hopeful inclusion of Movie Fan Central mobile. As for the movies, SUPER 8 leads the way for all of us but there are a couple surprises as we figure out who is anticipating what. Yup, somebody wants THE SMURFS, somebody already hates RISE OF THE PLANET OF THE RIDICULOUSLY LONG AND DRAWN OUT MOVIE TITLES, and somebody gets drunk and throws out an awesome scenario that involves all of us fighting hordes of dwarfs. Enter.

 JoBlo Podcast: Super, Scre4m, Fast Five, & Zapped | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Moreno finally checks out SCREAM 4 and comes out a lot less impressed than I was. I take in SUPER and find out what it would be like if KICK ASS and DEFENDOR had a bastard child. Re-visits include the STAR TREK re-boot and the great Scott Baio and Willie Aames in ZAPPED. I get obsessed with how amazing NEVER SLEEP AGAIN is and how horrible 'The Kennedys' was. There's a look to the future with FAST FIVE and Dylan Dog and I give Moreno some more homework (BLOW OUT).

 JoBlo Podcast: Scream 4, Hobo, & more Insidious talk! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

SCREAM 4 takes center stage as I enlighten Moreno as to the good and the bad of the long anticipated sequel. Then Moreno drops a load in his pants while watching INSIDIOUS with a bunch of retarded teenagers. He also checks out our good friend, John Fallon, in 100 FEET and I sit down with PLEASE REMOVE YOUR SHOES, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, STREET KINGS 2: MOTOR CITY, and a little bit of HARRY POTTER AND THE ULTIMATE CONFUSION. Moreno discovers 'Sons of Anarchy', plenty of Movie Jail giggling, our thoughts on Mickey Rourke shit-talking his own films, Apes Rising, who should be the new CROW, and the return of Madea. Joy.

 JoBlo Podcast: Your Higness, Rubber, & Source Code reviewed! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Moreno and I finally let loose on SOURCE CODE and try to figure out when the awesome concept for the film went down the pooper. YOUR HIGHNESS gets a couple giggles out of me but fails to win me over completely. RUBBER gets Moreno worked up like a Mexican in heat. We take a look back at MAN ON FIRE, CLOVERFIELD (again) and the entire SCREAM franchise and answer some voicemails regarding the onslaught of comic book movies and the scariest films we've ever seen in theaters.

 JoBlo Podcast: Insidious, Sucker Punch, London Boulevard, Hall Pass, & more! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Moreno and I spend our week catching up with a ton of movies so we actually have something of importance to talk about on the show. Come in and listen to our thoughts on INSIDIOUS, SUCKER PUNCH, LONDON BOULEVARD, HALL PASS, and RANGO. We also check out all the new releases (great week for Blu-rays!) and discuss the differences between Ultraman and Spectreman. Still not sure how the conversation led to there. We check out the new GREEN LANTERN FOOTAGE, why the JUSTICE LEAGUE film is going to suck, and the editing of Natalie Portman's ass cheeks for television.

 JoBlo Podcast: Chris Bumbray takes on Sucker Punch and Source Code! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The great Chris Bumbray stops by the offices to tell about the travesty he feels SUCKER PUNCH ended up being and to give us a exclusive first look into his thoughts on SOURCE CODE. Moreno decides there's no hope for us after catching INSIDE JOB and Law hangs his head after watching LIMITLESS. There's also a Chuck Norris obsession in our midst, tons of love for the new Captain America trailer, we find out what kind of television Bumbray swears by, and touch on INSIDIOUS, RUBBER, and SUPER, three films that Bumbray loved.

 JoBlo Podcast: Dissecting Battle: L.A. | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Moreno and I finally get our hands on BATTLE: L.A. and live to tell stories of boredom, melodrama, and horrible dialogue. We take a look at why SUCKER PUNCH has me less excited than it used to. A voicemail demands our favorite films of the year so far, Moreno dives into comic book heaven with discussions about DAREDEVIL, WONDER WOMAN, WOLVERINE, BATMAN, and CAPTAIN AMERICA, we announce our 2011 number one seeds in the March Madness of Hotties Tournament, and we give away a copy of THE FIGHTER.

 JoBlo Podcast: Director Neil Burger talks Limitless! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

LIMITLESS director, Neil Burger, sits down in the JoBlo Podcast hot seat to answer questions about the film, working with Robert De Niro, and doing drugs. After Neil, Moreno and I review PAUL, SEASON OF THE WITCH, THE TRANSCENDENT MAN and I catch up with SKYLINE, DRIVE ANGRY, and THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU. We line up our contest for THE FIGHTER Blu-ray, unleash our first "Drunk at a Bar" skit of the new year, wonder what it takes to become a "cult hit" in the modern movie world, and become obsessed with the cover of SHARKTOPUS.

 JoBlo Podcast: Chris Pontius talks Jackass Blu-ray & 3.5! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The great Chris Pontius joins us for some JACKASS 3 Blu-ray talk and fills us in on what to expect from 'Jackass 3.5'. He also discusses the trials of hanging around with the crew, peeing on people, and sleeping with friends' wives. Then the exuberant Jenna Busch stops by for our regular shtick and gives us her thoughts on THE ADJUSTMENT BUREAU and TAKE ME HOME TONIGHT. We also talk CONVICTION, SANCTUM, HEREAFTER, and Jenna has some tidbits about the second season of 'The Walking Dead'. The winner of our caption contest in announced and the Romanian underground crime syndicate try to put an end to our show but fail.

 JoBlo Podcast: 2011 Oscar Talk w/ Sampson & El Guapo! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Johnny Moreno and I welcome Mike Sampson and El Guapo into the studios to talk about the 2011 Academy Awards. Things get a little awkward as we slowly start to figure out there's nothing too special to discuss. Moreno and Guapo check out DRIVE ANGRY, I check out LOVE AND OTHER DRUGS, we argue over the hotness of Anne Hathaway, try to give away JACKASS 3 or 'The Walking Dead' on Blu-ray, wish we were as high as James Franco, and find out who won the Oscar contest (hint: starts with Jim, ends with Law, bitches!).

 JoBlo Podcast: The Return of MegaCast! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Johnny Moreno and I make room for our horror brethren, Ammon Gilbert and Eric Walkuski, of Blood, Bullets, and Broads: The AITH Podcast, for another round of MegaCast. This episode (the first half of a two-part conversation to be concluded on their show this Wednesday) we talk about MEGA SHARK VS. CROCOSAURUS and the important life-lessons it teaches us all. Before that though, Moreno and I look ahead to his DRIVE ANGRY date, laugh in the face of the forthcoming ROBOCOP statue in downtown Detroit, and discuss THE GIRL THAT KICKED SOMETHING SOMETHING, TUCKER & DALE VS. EVIL, BURIED, and CROPSEY.

 JoBlo Podcast: Our Golden Schmoes Picks! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Johnny Moreno and I sit down and fill out our Golden Schmoes ballots so everybody can copy us. Moreno checks out BLACK DEATH. Law has a tearful good-bye for 'Friday Night Lights'. A look at all the new releases, theatrical and Blu-ray, and there's a chance to win a shiny new copy of MEMENTO. All that and we don't even mention Valentine's Day. Instead, we wonder what it would be like to fire-bomb a theater full of Justin Bieber fans on opening night. Awwww...... so sweet.

 JoBlo Podcast: Voicemailapalooza with Stipp! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Our old friend from and A Site Called Fred, Christopher Stipp stops by to help Moreno and I make our way through a ton of Podcast voicemails that we can no longer ignore. Then Stipp checks out ENTER THE VOID while Moreno and I pick apart BLUE VALENTINE for your listening pleasure. We give away a cop of LET ME IN, take a good hard look at the Justin Bieber movie, and celebrate everything with a bunch of new sounders and the flu.

 JoBlo Podcast: First Look At Our Oscar Picks & More From Bumbray at Sundance | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Oscar season is finally here and Moreno and I kick things off by picking who we want to win and who we think will win for the top six categories. Bumbray stops by on his way out the door at Sundance and lays down truth about Kevin Smith's RED STATE, ANOTHER EARTH, HIGHER GROUND, WE WERE HERE, HOBO WITH A SHOTGUN, I MELT WITH YOU, and many more. Moreno finally checks out 127 HOURS and isn't impressed and I check out TAKERS, THE TILLMAN STORY, and, hopefully, the last SAW ever. We're also giving away a copy of LET ME IN. Details below.


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