The Good, The Bad and the JoBlo Movie Podcast show

The Good, The Bad and the JoBlo Movie Podcast

Summary: Weekly movie news updates, weekend box-office analysis, breaking contest information, review summaries from the site, and a glimpse into our top-notch forums with the "Thread of the Week". We also discuss all behind the scenes action at the offices and all activities from the fanboys running the site. Updated every Monday and hosted by Jim Law. Email him at

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 JoBlo Movie Podcast: Our Skyfalll & Wreck-It Ralph Reviews! Walking Dead & Homeland Shenanigans! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Law and Moreno finally find out what all the buzz is about and review SKYFALL. Best Bond movie ever? Maybe. They also take a gander at WRECK-IT RALPH, THE WATCH, and FUNERAL KINGS. The TV-Round-Up is full of shenanigans when it comes to The Walking Dead and Homeland. Sons of Anarchy, not so much. There's more thoughts on the new STAR WARS films, a return of Literally Literary as Law checks out This Book Is Full Of Spiders, some new voicemails, tons of New Releases, and the return of Moreno's Game of Thrones obsession, which now includes comic books and short stories. Come for the 007, stay for the Ben Stiller bitching.

 JoBlo Movie Podcast: Steven Seagal Joins Us! Our James Bond Extravaganza! Skyfall Reviewed! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Johnny Moreno is on location so time is limited for TV Round-Up talk. We still get all the goods out about Homeland, SOA, Boardwalk Empire, and The Walking Dead. Steven Seagal joins the show for a quick interview about his new film with Steve Austin, MAXIMUM CONVICTION, and then Law and Moreno give their review of the movie. Next up is the obsessive Chris Bumbray and his James Bond celebration. After his raving review of SKYFALL we get to all the best and worst of the 007 franchise over the past 50 years. C-Bum ranks all the Bond Girls, villains, scenes, Bond portrayals, music, and of course, the films themselves. It's an orgy of information for the Bond enthusiast. C-Bum also has reviews of FLIGHT and WRECK-IT RALPH after he blows his Bond-load. It's messy.

 JoBlo Movie Podcast: The Halloween II Commentary! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's a tradition around these parts for the JoBlo Movie Podcast to celebrate the goodness of John Carpenter's Halloween franchise via commentary. Okay, so this is only the second year in a row for the franchise. But we do the 1981 classic Halloween II right, by breaking down the good (boobies), the bad (the fuck kind of hottub is that?) and the ugly (Loomis, put that gun away for like five goddamn seconds.) Why does Laurie just lounge around the whole time? Get up, lazy. Hey, that Leo Rossi guy is dead in real life! Wait, no he's not. Is this the most deserted hospital in the world? Who's watching all those babies!? Is the greatness of Loomis' goatee directly proportionate to how trigger happy he is? Grab a beverage and join us for a look at one of our favorites, Halloween II!

 JoBlo Movie Podcast: Our Halloween Recommendations! The Campaign Reviewed! Tons of TV Round-Up! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Jimmy O joins the show to celebrate Halloween for another year. With him he brings the tale of douchebaggery while trying to watch the re-release of HALLOWEEN. All of us try to figure out why modern film audiences are such hipster assholes. When Jimmy calms down he gives us his Top 5 Lesser Known Halloween Movies you should watch this year. Moreno and Law get deep into the TV Round-Up after James leaves and wonder what the hell is to become of 'Homeland' now. Then the boys review THE CAMPAIGN and take a look at what's coming out this week. Law struggles with the proper way to pronounce The RZA and gets made fun of because he likes the Detroit Tigers. He's an asshole. There's some voicemails before we check out and a little bit of lost footage from years ago that has Law trying to talk Moreno into watching 'Breaking Bad'. So drunk.

 JoBlo Movie Podcast: Katie Featherston talks PA4! Reviews of PA4, Seven Psychopaths, Taken 2, & The Walking Dead! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Jam-packed and epic, The JoBlo Movie Podcast welcomes Katie Featherston to the show as she talks about her return to the big screen in PARANORMAL ACTIVITY 4 with Jimmy O. Then Law and Jimmy have a SPOILERIFIC discussion about the film and why that happened and where that person went and who the hell that was. Moreno and Law check out and review SEVEN PSYCHOPATHS, TAKEN 2, SAFETY NOT GUARANTEED, and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS: PART 1. Moreno catches up with MOONRISE KINGDOM while Law finally sees KILLER JOE. TV Round-Up sees the glorious return of 'The Walking Dead'. New Releases make us wonder what the in the Hell CLOUD ATLAS is all about. All this and one very important conversation about the size of Gina Gershon's bush. Not to be missed.

 JoBlo Movie Podcast: Steven Bauer talks Werewolves! Argo Reviewed! Simon Pegg's Latest! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Johnny Moreno sits down with SCARFACE alumni, Steven Bauer to talk about his latest film, WEREWOLF: THE BEAST AMONG US, his time spent on 'Breaking Bad', and the often overlooked TRAFFIC. Moreno doesn't do one Tony Montana impression. Impressive. From there Law and Moreno check out ARGO and come in with a slightly split decision. Law also checks out THAT'S MY BOY, A FANTASTIC FEAR OF EVERYTHING, and GRAVE ENCOUNTERS. TV-Round-Up is booming with talk of 'Homeland', 'SoA', 'Louie', 'Boss', and 'Boardwalk Empire'. There's also some more voicemails, a new sounder, and talk of the proper age to stop trick-or-treating. It's 39. Get some.

 JoBlo Movie Podcast: Director Kurt Kuenne! Homeland & Dexter Return! Smiley Reviewed! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Jimmy O sits down with Kurt Kuenne, the man behind one of the most powerful documentaries of the last decade (DEAR ZACHERY: A LETTER TO A SON ABOUT HIS FATHER), to talk about his new film SHUFFLE (available now on DVD and Netflix streaming). Law and Moreno take it from there and answer a few emails about remakes and child actors. There's more 'Sons of Anarchy', 'Boardwalk Empire' and 'Boss' talk in the TV Round-Up and we also check out the season premieres of 'Dexter and 'Homeland'. Moreno finally catches THE THREE STOOGES and has an unexpected laugh or two while Law sits through SMILEY to try and get into the Halloween spirit.

 JoBlo Podcast: The E.T. Commentary! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

In preparation for the Blu-ray release on October 9th, Law and Moreno grab a case of beer, suit up in their best Halloween costumes (drunk assholes), and hunker down for the magic that is E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. Become E.T. experts with their E.T. trivia, real ("Know why none of the adults are filmed from the waist up?" "Cause they all have nice butts?") and imagined ("That dog is gay. See? He's in the closet.") Marvel at their obsession with nailing Dee Wallace. And listen as the boys get all "Niagara Falls, Frankie Angel" pissy eyed, when lil' Drew Barrymore starts crying or something. Come for the commentary, stay for the drunken talk of C. Thomas Howell's career, E.T. getting wasted and why the only black kid in town is dressed up as Shaka Zulu (flick be racist, yo). We'd phone home but we don't have bail money.

 JoBlo Podcast: We Get Rocked by Sons of Anarchy & Looper! Reviews of Moonrise Kingdom, Red Lights, & Rock of Ages! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Law and Moreno are back together for another passionate look into whatever the f*ck is going on with 'Sons of Anarchy'. They also declare LOOPER one of the best films of the year (even if they do nitpick the ending), review Wes Anderson's MOONRISE KINGDOM, Robert De Niro in RED LIGHTS, and one of the worst movies of the decade, ROCK OF AGES. The boys also discover that the daughter in TAKEN runs like a retard, try to hang on until the season finale of 'Boss' (they ARE NOT making this easy), and look ahead to the premiere of 'Homeland'. Also, Jax calls in to challenge Law to a fight. He'd do anything for The Club. Stay tuned later this week for our E.T. commentary!

 JoBlo Podcast: Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Joe Dante interviewed! Reviews of Looper and End of Watch! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

The Canadian is headed to Toronto because he forgot his wallet at a strip club in some stripper's cleavage, so the great Jimmy O starts off the podcast and talks about Universal Studios' Halloween Horror Nights. Before Jim Law hits the road, we get to down to a little business with the season premiere of Boardwalk Empire on our asses, Sons of Anarchy's issues (read: Jax) and whether or not we should keep up with Boss and it's sillyness. From there, director Joe Dante stops by to talk about his new flick The Hole and why Gremlins don't multiply with beer (hint, they're drunk as FUCK and don't care). We review The Hole, Eric Walkuski talks with Joseph Gordon-Levitt about Looper then reviews the film. Jimmy O reviews House at the End of the Street, Frankeweenie and End of Watch, and constantly fondles himself. It's gross.

 JoBlo Podcast: The TIFF Wrap-up, Sons of Anarchy Returns, and the Best Worst Shark Movie Ever - Bait! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Chris Bumbray is back with an inspired wrap-up to this year's TIFF. Oscar talk for Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lawrence? The best film festival you've ever attended? Chris goes on-an-on about how great Toronto has been treating him and has nothing but great things to say about films such as ARGO, SILVER LININGS PLAYBOOK, THE ICEMAN, AFTERSHOCK, and Rob Zombie's latest, LORDS OF SALEM. From there, Law and Moreno hit up the TV Round-Up and bask in the glorious return of 'Sons of Anarchy', say good-bye to 'Damages', and get caught up with 'Boss'. Law reviews MEN IN BLACK III, BACHELORETTE, MUNGER ROAD, and the awfully good Australian shark-in-a-grocery-store movie, BAIT. All that plus New Releases, our love of the older movies getting a theatrical run trend, and the art of getting drunk on NyQuil.

 JoBlo Podcast: Episode 200! TIFF report: Reviews of Cloud Atlas, Looper, Dredd, & The Perks of Being a Wallflower | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Come celebrate Episode 200 with Law and Moreno. As if we needed more reasons to drink. Chris Bumbray accepts our invitation (because he's bombed) and joins us from the Toronto International Film Festival to talk about CLOUD ATLAS, LOOPER, DREDD, THE PERKS OF BEING A WALLFLOWER, ON THE ROAD, and much more between shots at the bar. We also take a look back at the half-season finale of 'Breaking Bad', answer some tough voicemails concerning cliff-hangers and the best usage of 3D ever, cover all the New Releases, and take a look back at some of our favorite moments of the past 200 episodes. All this and 8 brand new sounders out of Moreno's lab and a glorious tribute to all our favorite films (thanks Pete!). Put your party hat on, we're wasted.

 JoBlo Podcast: The Canadian Roadtrip! Breaking Bad & Travolta's Movie Jail Trial! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Law and Moreno head out on their great Canadian road trip and make a pit-stop in Niagara Falls to add big brother, John Law to the show for insight and poop stories. John Travolta goes on trial for Movie Jail, everybody waits impatiently for the halfway break of 'Breaking Bad', and John drops the truth about what happened the night Jim crapped his pants at a Cheech & Chong double feature. Stay classy, Niagara. We also discuss JAY AND SILENT BOB GET OLD, the struggles of reviewing movies in newspapers, and how fanboys functioned without the internet. All as we get ready for the greatest strip club in the world.

 JoBlo Podcast: Sam Raimi talks The Possession & the Evil Dead Remake! The Raid vs. The Expendables 2! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

Jimmy O answers one of my long time prayers when he brings legendary director, Sam Raimi to the Podcast to talk about THE POSSESSION and the EVIL DEAD remake. Tim Burton gets in the Movie Jail spotlight. Moreno checks out THE RAID: REDEMPTION and THE KID STAYS IN THE PICTURE while Law sits through THE EXPENDABLES 2 and SAFE. Between all that we drink bad beer, check out some New Releases, look deeper into what every second of film means during 'Breaking Bad', and plan our JoBlo Movie Podcast road trip next weekend. Come out and see us if you're in the Detroit, Niagara Falls, or Toronto areas. Or don't, whatev'.

 JoBlo Podcast: The Jaws Commentary! | File Type: audio/mpeg | Duration: Unknown

It's one of my 5 all-time favorite films. It features one of my all-time favorite characters. It's has one of my all-time favorite moments in the history of cinema. Let's do a JAWS commentary. Law and Moreno get nice and drunk (like most of the characters in the film) and tackle one of the most important movies ever made. Come listen to how we fit Bruce the Shark on to Mega-Shark's family tree, discover the importance of 1975 internet, reveal the most unimportant line of dialogue ever written, and consider banging Mrs. Brody. We sing, we dance, we get pissed at Hooper for being a douche. It's all inside, waiting for your ear-holes. Do dis!


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